Dolan: “I love hockey”


That was Garden chief Jim Dolan a few minutes ago on Mike and the Mad Dog.

I have to check this, but wasn’t this the same Dolan who, when the Rangers were missing the playoffs year after year, claimed to not understand hockey at all? Now all of a sudden he’s Ken Dryden.

The interview is going on right now.

“I’m really happy for (Glen Sather). I’m really happy for the team,” Dolan said. Is that vindication?I’m not sure I ever felt indicted.”

More later….

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  1. What a tool. How nice of him to appear on Mike and the Mad Dog.

    Must be fun listening to 3 buffoons sitting around and talking about hockey when they don’t know anything about the greatest sport.

  2. Yenner mot good thought for once.

    Jim Dolan knows hockey like I know curling.

    Happy for the team, and should be happy for the fans who have endured his shi* over the years.

    Dolan: What’s that black rubber thing they keep passing around?

  3. Yeah, he said during the season that if the Rangers made the playoffs that ticket prices would be raised next year.

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