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This being our first time at a game together, Josh and I seized on our recent advancements in technology to provide a first-ever blog podcast.

It’s basically us reviewing tonight’s proceedings, but if you can get past the fact that I’m all stopped up from a cold — and that Josh, being from BU, just isn’t that smart — maybe it’ll be worth your while.

And if not, just lie to me and pretend like it is.


Also, it’s old news now, but if you’re interested, “this is my pre-game segment”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070417/VIDEO0602/70417011 from tonight on RNN.

Again, more lying is encouraged.

More later…

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  1. Sam, I’m impressed — I had no idea THE reason you don’t play in the NHL is your weak mental game…

    Renney should show a video of the Yankee collapse to the Sox. Good reminder of what can happen. Let’s not forget the Yanks scoring a jillion runs…and losing the series.

    That being said, Let’s Go Rangers! Looking awesome. Complete domination. Hope Atlanta doesn’t get so dirty they injure someone.

    Go Rangers!!!!!!!!

  2. I know this may sound somewhere between crazy and stupid, but any way Renney considers resting Henrik?

  3. Good work guys; so much for MSG podcasts! Sounds like you’re doing a good job responding to the blog responses, as well.

    Chris F. – good call on the Yankees – Sawx series. That was an unbelieveable comeback which could happen to anyone. Bad call on the resting Henrik. A sweep means about six days of rest (excluding practice).

  4. Hey Sam. Your opening. On the RNN Segment. Was a little. Stilted.

    You’ll get better the more you do it, but my advice is to just let it flow, don’t try to unnaturally punctuate words, and maybe drink a little beforehand.

    Either that or just go “RAINJUHS RULE!” and give the metal horns.

  5. Great game last night. I’ve been having problems posting, so I’ll do it now from work.

    Tommy Pock played a solid game last night. He jumped up on the attack and made some great moves. He also played a strong defensive game.

    I was very impressed with the dicipline on Colton Orr. He should not have received a penalty at the end of the second. He played a smart game and didn’t take any studpid penalties.

    I thought that was the Tomahawk Chop Chant I heard comming from the fans. I love sticking it to the ATL!

  6. Great Podcast! I’m still shocked cause I told my friend a half hour before the game that I predict a 7-0 win! Good guess, huh? So, Hedberg again tonight?

  7. I will be the first to admit that I said all year the rangers wouldn’t make the playoffs and to get rid of the circling idiots but Sather makes two trades and the rangers bring up a couple of there young players and the next thing you know the rangers went from a dead team to a dangerous team. I can’t believe that the circling dummies aren’t circling as much anymore and playing a more north south game which I never thought I would see. This is a very pleasant surprise and hopefuly they can keep it going and the key in my eyes is to stay healthy.

  8. Nice job guys.

    Let’s not forget to mention that the PP was 3 for 9! I got the sense that when the skill players like Kozlov and Hossa started taking penalties, Renney was putting Jags out there to run up the score a bit. Fine. He should have. Basically he was saying, “You guys chip it up and try and goon it and we’ll bury you even further.”

    Last bit for now….I hope to heaven that Orr goes right after Exelby this evening. We are up 3-0, our PK has been stellar, we need to tell those punks from ATL that their chippy elbows and high sticks and liberties with our big guns will not be tolerated for a second.

    I have been going to games at MSG for 30+ yrs now….I was like 6 at my first game! Sadly I was living overseas in 1994 and lived vicariously though phn calls and tape delayed games back then. But I gotta say, last night was one of the most memorable, complete games in my NYR playoff history.

  9. So Sam, who’d you borrow the jacket and tie from? Were you wearing shorts down below or jeans? Did anyone in the locker room recognize you or did you change first?

  10. I’ll have to check everything out later on when I get home. Won’t open for me at work!

  11. Come on Sam, not that bad.
    Good info provided but loosin’ up a little bit.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    It was a two cigar night for me last night…hopefully tonight too. Seriously, what a fun game to watch and a duplicate would be nice.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  13. Very nicely done boys. Sam, I still can’t help but hear a Marty McFly behind your voice…

    I asked this in the other section, but I am still very curious about this statement:

    “Words were said after the game�

    Am I the only one who is not clear as to what this implies? Of course there were words…..what kind of words?

  14. Newman, you want to really show the chippy guys from ATL that they won’t be tolerated? Send em home tonight to make golf plans rather than practice. Or have Orr put in three.

  15. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    BTW, Sam, your boy (Malik) played pretty well last night…pisses me off but Renney’s making most of us look like jerks. Hope it doesn’t backfire somewhere down the line.

  16. Chris F,
    Henrik will get his rest after we finish them off tonight and get a week off!
    Go Rangers!

  17. No way does Henrik rest because:

    1. It’s the playoffs and you play your best.
    2. If the NYR win tonight, they will get a full week to rest up for Round 2.

    Summertime is for rest. Henrik will be fine.

    I know it all starts with goaltending and Henrik has been great these last 2 games, and I know Avery is the heart and soul of this team, but to me, Jagr is still the key to this team. As he goes, so does the team. Right now, he’s playing his best hockey of the year. Anytime Atlanta gives him space, he creates offense. Anytime they throw more than 1 guy at him, he hits the open man. Perfect example was our game winning goal 32 seconds in. Jagr had 2 men come to him ready to paste him into the boards. He got the puck to Nylander who was open and took the hit.

    I’m sure I’ll get chewed out for defending Jagr on here, but no one is going to change his mind. We need him to play like this for the next 2 months. If he continues to play like this, it makes the Rangers an even scarier team.

  18. Sam, tell Josh not to squeeze your balls so tight when you guys do your padcasts… just kidding buddy… great stuff… good insight… one request, please give us a little more about comments made in the locker room after the games so we have a full picture of their state of mind… for example, more detail about Avery comparing himself to Kovlachuk. Otherwise, well done!!

  19. Nylander is really showing us what he’s got. I’ve been so pissed about his circling, but man has he looked great. Although, they have been playing more north-south and it’s helped. But, still, all the guys who have gotten pilloried on this site — including Renney — have been just awesome lately.

    Great to see Holik frustrated. Wish we hadn’t paid him so much money just so he could spend a few years giving Larry Brooks quotes.

    By the way, I wasn’t saying I would rest Henrik — but the Thrashers seem determined to hurt someone if they can’t win.

  20. Not that I’m suggesting the Rangers find a way to needlessly extend this series, and God knows this is a high class problem to be faced with, but the thought of a lay-off as long as a week before the next series does not fill my heart with gladness.

  21. Great podcast. I must admit though, Salty & El Sid kind of screwed up my listening experience because all I pictured was Marty Mcfly and Jimmy Kimmel talking to each other.

  22. Tal – but the alternative might be a game 6 and more physical pounding. I’d rather win tonight and save some of the wear and tear. The sweep vs the Isles in 94′ lead to great things.

  23. “”I know it all starts with goaltending and Henrik has been great these last 2 games, and I know Avery is the heart and soul of this team, but to me, Jagr is still the key to this team. As he goes, so does the team.””


    the proof is in the pudding. the Rangers were floundering and going nowhere until they acquired Avery, and Henrik started getting hot.

    when they were playing all season with jagr, and no Avery and no hot streak for henrik, they were mediocre crap. but after Avery arrived, the team took off.

    the record proves it, 20-6-6, the performance proves it. Jagr is no key to anything.

    as AVERY goes, so goes the Rangers

  24. it’s all of the above. we have a team going on all cylindars – three scoring lines, decent 4th line – d all playing well and of course the KING. there’s plenty of praise to go around.

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