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I somehow beat the storm and made it home on time yesterday, which ensured a fun-filled afternoon and evening of emptying buckets of water in my basement.

The good news, and I know this was keeping many of you up last night, is that I kept my hockey gear out of harm’s way. Phew….

Anyway, the Rangers are back on the ice at 11. Today’s story focuses on the “Rangers’ poised play in the first two games”:http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070416/SPORTS01/704160361/1034/SPORTS., both in holding onto leads, and in steering clear of needless penalties.

More from the rink later…

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  1. Sam, quick question but something I’ve been wondering about. Does anyone on the team have any weird playoff superstitions? (Besides the beard thing, which everyone does.)

  2. I only got half a snowday =\

    At this point, I think i’d rather have the rain. I know I could live without this wind!

  3. I know this is from the past but what is the real story behind Ted Nolan being ousted in Buffalo? Also, what is the story behind Brendan Shanahan and Sean Burke?

  4. Its windy up here too. We get that horizontal snow. It also gets so cold sometimes they tell us to now wear jewlry outside, it may freeze to your body.

  5. I have a non-hockey related question if someone can help me: How do you post youtube videos on your blog? Thanks in advance for any advice.

  6. Sam, do you think the Rangers would really use Staal if the timing worked? I’ve heard all about how great he is, and I want to believe, but does the brain trust really think the playoffs are the time to promote and insert someone (even a staal)?

  7. Dave,

    Seriously that has always been the rumour, which is also a supposed big reason why he was black balled…..

  8. unless there were major injuries, no chance staal gets in the lineup…based on pock ice time on saturday is pretty much a gaurantee hes out once rachunek is healthy…to be honest i dont have a problem with that either…pock has a bad habit of drifting out of the crease leaving guys alone in front….

  9. Sam….sorry bout the basement bud— Same thing happened to me, only it was my actual apartment…saved what I could (computer stuff, amps, guitars, and put my matress on stilts) and got the F outta there! I take it youre in Rye,no? Good luck with the cleanup man…

  10. Sam,
    Not sure if anyone has asked this previously but do you have any idea why the Rangers are the only team in the first round to have two back-to-back games scheduled? Thanks again for your great blog!

  11. Andy – the 1st back to back is due to the knick game tonight or game 3 would have been tonight. the 2nd is due to NBC on Sunday and I think VS on Monday but maybe Sam or someone knows more. Hopefully we’ll win before the 2nd back to backs since 5 games in 7 days starting tomorrow is a real tough grind.

  12. Chris – re Staal – his playoffs 3rd rd are starting this week so his availability would not be until 2nd rd at earliest.

    If the Rangers get what happened to Buffalo last yr with all the injuries to their dmen and last long enough I could see him coming in to the lineup. He is playing like a total stud in the playoffs from what I hear.

  13. I think that this is the reason Renney has not suited Hollweg…..not needless penalties. I actually find myself agreeing with Tom Renney.

    hell must be freezing over……

  14. Andy,

    you should see later in the series (i hope we dont) where there are back-to-back games in different CITIES!

  15. Andy,

    PITT/OTT were b2b Sat and Sun and even had to travel in-between.

    DET/CAL will be b2b next Sat/Sun if games 5 & 6 are needed.

    There seems to be no anti-Ranger bias scheduling issue, if that was your point.

  16. Ah, two separate back to back games, misread that as two back to back being redundant. Sorry.

    Shouldn’t be much of an issue after tonight with the Knick season at MSG wrapping up.

  17. Sean – When you go to the individual YouTube video page, there will be two little, rectangular gray boxes to the right of the video itself. One says URL, the other says Embed. Highlight the code in the Embed box, copy it (ctrl-C), and then paste it (ctrl-V) in your blog entry.

    Sam – How long are you in this house? When you did a home inspection, were there any indications of previous flood damage?

  18. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Sam – Until you install a sump pump:

    Buy a large wet/dry vac. Put it on top of your basement sink. Suck the water in off the floor, let it out into the sink. I did that twice yesterday. Much easier than buckets.

  19. Reminds me, I gotta build a new goalie gear rack in my garage today. Taking it up the basement steps has become too much of a hassle.
    Yes we have basements in Southern California.

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