Second intermission thoughts


After talking it over with a few supposed experts, I guess the Avery goal was nothing more than a goofy bouce. Johan Hedberg did what every other goalie would do in that situation, which is to try to get a jump on the puck as it wheeled around the boards.

Naturally, this is important for at least two reasons:

1. It may well be the only goal of the game.

2. Hedberg is otherwise standing on his head, making Bob Hartley’s bold move appear prescient.


  • Telling stat of the first two periods (which I can’t take credit for uncovering): the Thrashers are out-hitting the Rangers 17-8. But look how many giveaways the Rangers have: zero.

    The Thrashers, meanwhile, have nine, which means that for all their efforts to knock the Rangers off their game, they’re not succeeding in getting them to cough up the puck.

  • After struggling a little on Thursday in his playoff debut, Dan Girardi has been brilliant today.

    More later….

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    1. REPOST

      If Renney is coaching for a 1-0 win he will be burned as he has all year. And as it has been all year, there will be no time to recover from it. Jagr should be playing as a decoy since he is being outplayed by Holik. But Jagr refuses to be a smaert selfless player. He continues tgo try to beat Holik and wastes shift after shift on open teammates who Jagr refuses to dish off to.

    2. Hossa’s lack of intensity, hustle, desire and effort is pathetic.

      and I’m talking about the clown who plays for Atl. it is easy to see why Ott. got rid of him. he is a playoff dog who just doesn’t care.

    3. The Thrashers only had 1 hit in the second, according to the announcers. Also a repost for Jezmund – I saw Magoo getting in the way in the Pens – Sens game. BOO MAGOO!

    4. How come everytime a Thrasher goes to the net, we just let them walk in with a free pass?! This does not look good at all. Avery’s breakaway was our chance.

    5. If they lose this game, I place the blame solely on Renney. He’s had them playing to protect that 1-0 lead, and he hasn’t had them hit back. Hopefully, Henrik will steal one for us!

    6. Today they play a traditional prevent game instead of going for the kill. Pathetic. Bad coaching. Second string goalie in for Atlanta and no one in front of him because Renney wants a 1-2-2

    7. Henrik can only steal this if we can manage to score another goal-

      Who’s gonna step up and school the Moose?

    8. Yeah, and also remind Renney that you don’t get 1 point for making it to OT.

      Lets go Rangers!!

    9. We have the better goalie, I don’t care how good Hedberg has looked today. He bites. We got to get one past him eventually, we just have to.

    10. WOW! YES! He almost tipped that with his blocker. Comes off another miscue by Hedberg with the puck behind the net. I guarantee Lehtonen in game 3 because of the puck not being able to be handled by Hedberg.

    11. Look at Avery! That guy is incredible how he fights and never quits! I wish we had 18 of that guy!

    12. In Game 3, Renney should put Orr out there for 1 shift against Kovalchuk. Let him flatten him.

    13. HOW CAN KOVALCHUK NOT GET AN ELBOWING CALL! Unbelieveable; that’s what Shanny was arguing about because his hit was clearly a penalty, as well.

    14. tremendous game by Avery. he took a real beating from Atl, because they know HE is the player they have to key on, and yet he overcame all the hits and still made the key plays.

      no question HE is the difference between the mediocre Rangers of the first 4 months and now.

    15. I hope the NYR fans boo that piece of trash everytime he touches the puck. Renney, I swear, you better have Orr out there for Ilya’s 1st shift in Game 3.

    16. What rhymes with Kovalchuk? Hmm, that’s a tough one. I’ll keep my opinions to myself.

      Way to go boys! Avery should be signed to a 5 year extension immediately!

    17. It has to be noted that the turnover that set up the Shanahan goal was created by 2 , count em, 2 Rangers forchecking behind the Atlanta net. That’s what creates chances. Not the 1-2-2 crap.


      GO AVERY!!!!!

      we can all breathe again…



      They can’t wait to play in the GARDEN…..OK BLOW THE FUC*IN ROOF OFF THAT PLACE!!!!!!

    20. many Ranger fans are such clueless homers. This is playoff hockey, it is supposed to be dirty and brutal.

    21. Avery must act more proffesional. He already won the game. He must show he is a leader. I love em. But he needs a talking to by Mess.

    22. YENNER MOT,




    23. Yeah, playoff hockey is supposed to be brtual…but not dirty and cheap and illegal, like almost every one of Atlanta’s hits. Not to mention the one after the horn blew.

    24. Clueless homers? Please. These guys on Atlanta are playing like goons, period.

      Renney better have his boys ready to fight back, or else one of them is gonna get killed.

    25. What a game! Avery has got balls, and the big F-U to those front-running fans was awesome. If you want “professional” go watch another sport. This is playoff hockey, and you’ve got to love it.

    26. Shanny, Jags, Nylander and Avery combined for 27 shots tonite alone…

      The Trashwhores had only 28 as a team all game-

    27. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      WOW…Shanny is the man….He comes through big for us..All Red Wing fans would say is how Shanny doesnt come thorugh in the playoffs and doesnt show up

      Tyutin is playing great since his injury..He has his strength back..and he has 4 assists..Good for him

      Sean Avery is flat out the man..I looooooved the big F*** You he gave to the Atlanta crowd…

      Hank made 2 of the best saves in the playoffs right now..Also Kipper of the Flames made a great save…But the save on KT..then Kovalchuk..then another one…..Wow were getting a look at the real Playoff Hank..Last year was a fluke he was just injured…..

      LETS GO NYR…..MSG awaits

    28. If it was Rangers in the same situation I would love if Malik cheapshoted someone at the end on the game to send the message, at least it would show me that he cares.

    29. Malik very well could have saved the game with that block late in the third. Cut the guy some slack

    30. It would show he cares…
      Hollweg and Orr better be in there at MSG now. I don’t know who would sit.
      Orts maybe, but he is great on the PK and as a forechecker.

    31. this game was beautiful. a little scary after K scored but we played tough, disciplined hockey…damn it was nice to win like this. jeez, folks, this is playoff hockey…ur supposed to send a message, they were running around at the end but that’s to be expected. the only thing that counts is the score. and the icing on the cake to the thrashers fans from sean was beautiful!!! music to my ears! i just dont want to face buffalo!!!!

    32. Sure looks like it’s good that Bob Hartley has the Thrashers more interested in hitting Ranger players than hitting the net!

    33. ren and tommy on

      they are running the rangers because Hollweg is not in there. orr is a fighter, not a bodychecker. the rangers have no one who can throw hits consistently except Avery.

      Straka plays on Avery’s line, and he is such a puss that he gives Avery no physical support whatsoever.

    34. Orr does absolutely nothing, and no Thrasher will drop the gloves with him. Try telling that to Renney, he just plug his ears and start screaming.

    35. True… sit Betts (who was banged up last game anyway) and move Orts to center, Hollweg and Orr on wings. And start the game with that line.

    36. Callahan with 7 minutes, I love it, that will show the bastard not to be under 25.

    37. Betts actually registered 2 hits. Rangers used to be a physical team in regular season, what the hell happened?

    38. Ren and Tom-
      Hollweg is not going to change the fact the Thasers are running the rRangers D-men.

      And You have a problem with Staka? Straka?

      What are you kidding? He is all heart. He has proved that to this team all year.

    39. Lundqvist looked great, Jagr, Nylander skating great, Girardi looked much better, Avery took major punishment and got a lucky bounce and set up a beautiful goal to Shanny. Shanny still doesn’t look great but he looks alittle better atleast. Rangers up 2-0, life is beautiful!

    40. ren and tommy on

      I don’t have a problem with straka’s playing ability. I have a problem with his soft pansy lack of toughness support for his linemate.

    41. Ren and Tom
      I just dont see Straka as the problem with the Rangers toughness. Its Malik and Rosival. They have no physical presance what-so-ever. They are soft and they play 25 min a game.

    42. ren and tommy on

      I totally agree with you about those 2 softies. but you have to include straka right along with them. when he played on the Jagr line, and he got pushed around, straka just skated away, and now that he is with Avery, and he gets attacked from all sides, Shanny has to back him up because straka again just skates away.

    43. Sam, the same goal incident happened to Dunham the year before the lockout in the Garden. I forget who it was against, maybe the Isles. It wasn’t his fault either, though it was one of the few that season that wasn’t his fault.

    44. And in another really funny twist, the Atlanta media just cannot bring itself to award stars of the game to either Shanny or Avery (honestly, those two and Lundqvist were the 3 stars) and instead gives them out as follows (not that this matters, but its amusing):

      3rd star – Kovalchuk
      2nd Star – Lundqvist
      1st Star – Hedberg

      Really, since when did being the losing goalie in any playoff game merit a star of any kind, particularly ahead of the winning goalie.

      Better talk to your colleagues down there Sam…

    45. ren and tommy on

      but give me straka any day over that loafing piece of crap Hossa of the Thrashers. his lack of desire and hustle and don’t-care attitude is really helping the rangers.

    46. Mike

      I love Avery. He is the number two reason we are 2-0 in this series. Henrik is number one.

      BUT… He is a team catalyst. IF and it is a big IF, Avery want to turn into a team leader, he must not curse at the public. Don’t misinterpret me. Avery is a major major reason for our win today. And his mental toughness is major league. We just do not want him to become THEO FLEURY.

    47. Avery has been amazing, I’m glad Sean said that they were serenading Lundqvist, so tough, that team is a bunch of punks, but Shanahan i’m sure had a talk with him, He was tired ATL’s fans and players…..Thats it SEAN….Go Get ’em Buddy.

      SAM, YOU OK? Did you get lost in a scrum too?

    48. Sam you is one of the few who had some perspective on Malik this season. Just thought id pass something along.

      The expert for Swedish TV who doesn’t see Malik all that much called him a monster several times tonight, said that Mara should take a few pages out of Maliks book ect. Especially on the PK.

      His first star of the game would have gone to Marek.

      Malik had a great game tonight no doubt.

      I am not saying that Malik is a great D, he really struggled early in the season and for a few weeks right before the end. Though, when he plays like he did tonight he contributes to this team, no doubt. He deserves allot of credit! He should be a story tomorrow, its SICK if MSG booes him in the next game.

    49. John M nobody said Avery was mature as a person, probably why he’s hated so much. He even had a rep of being a cancer in his own lockeroom. He’s w/o a doubt great to have, hated by all on the otherside. Hopefully he’ll grow, but not out of what irks the other side. But I agree there is no way he should be talking to their fans, that’s inciting a riot. Imagine a trash player trying that at MSG. Shanny needs to explain it to him ASAP, if he can get thru. You never want to give your enemy a rallying cry. They’ll probably have it in the Atlanta newspapers, loud and clear.

    50. Stop knocking Avery.
      He is one of the main reasons we won the game and also why
      we are here in the first place.
      You weren’t there and you weren’t in his situation.

      Who even knows what was said to him by the fans to provoke his response?
      Maybe it struck a nerve, but he’s been pretty good in that regard since he came to NY.

      Main thing is GAME OVER- RANGERS WIN!!!!

    51. I love these half-drunk, third row, sheet-of-glass-in-front-of-me fans in Atlanta… take the glass away and you got a half-drunk fan who’s mouth will stay shut and his hands in his pockets so not to give any of the players on the other team the “bird”.

      These fans have no idea who they’re messing with, not one clue about how tough these SOB’s are who play in the NHL. These $100 a seat pansies who would be running for their lives if one of these guys went ino the stands.

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