First intermission update


You have to love the afternoon game, if only because it relieves the tension of deadline.

A couple of thoughts:

  • So much for the laissez faire officiating of Game 1. Of the three calls against the Rangers, only the Brendan Shanahan high-stick appeared justified. And I didn’t even see the hooking call until Alexei Zhitnik until they announced it on the P.A.
  • Question of the day: Was Johan Hedberg to blame for Sean Avery’s goal or do you chalk up to just a horrible bouce? I suppose you have to ask whether a goalie is always instructed to try to get a jump on a puck being dumped into the zone, or if he should wait until he knows its going to get behind. Something to follow up on….
  • One important note: I’ve been getting a lot of e-mails from many of you, which I honestly love. If you don’t get a response back it’s not because I’m a complete jerk but because I’m having problems with my e-mail. It basically has to do with my inbox being so full that it won’t let me respond. Pathetic, yes. But you’re talking about a guy that almost forgot to vote for the Hart Trophy.

    Either way, it’s something I’m working on correcting.

  • And speaking of pathetic: in an effort to thwart John Dellapina’s imminent mockery of me, I’ll instead mock myself. Yes, there was a piece of pasta that rolled off my plate at lunch, and onto both my shirt and pants. Yes, there is now a big stain. No, I am not new at this whole eating thing.

    More later…

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    1. These Thrashers are playing downright friggin dirty!

      High hits to the head..this is the playoffs..c’mon!

    2. Renney needs to put Orr out there and have him flatten Kovalchuk before one of our guys gets seriously hurt. They don’t have any fight in their game today. That worries me.

    3. Renney better start putting Callahan out there more often. He’s got about 3 minutes of ice time so far!

    4. Going back to Sam’s picks, I would put Brodeur in as the MVP over Kid Crosby. 12 shutouts is VERY good; I pretty much disregard the win record because every game has a winner, but he stilll led the league in that category and played 78 games, which is almost as many as Crosby. Devils ahead of Penguins in Atlantic, Brodeur ahead of Crosby in Hart.

    5. LOL, I like that – Larsen said it would be the end of period for Pöck if he fought Exelby.

    6. Jezmund – I remember you asking if Magoo was refereeing in the postseason and I said I didn’t know. Well, I just saw him on the Pens – Sens game getting tied up with players going for the puch. BOO MAGOO!

    7. Jagr is killing us. He refuses to pass the puck to the point. He loses it and Atlanta gets another shot on. Jagr must change. He is totally ineffective.

    8. hey sam any idea why orr is in over hollweg? im a big fan of orr and what he brings to the table but he looks completely lost out there. he looked lost in game one, i was shocked seeing him in again, he looks like he doesnt belong, id rather see hollweg, at least hes fast and can hit hard, he would prob do a lot better

    9. If Renney was smart, he would leave Jagrs line on the bench in the third and play the other three for the first 10 minutes. It will screw up Hartleys line match.

    10. czechthemout!!!!! on

      renney is a bad coach,case closed.on the 4on 4 he puts avery with hossa.what a dope.why would you not put cullen out there,with all that open ice,he and avery could wreak havoc on the thrashers slow defense.what an ass he i said his in game coaching is what really hurts us.

    11. Here’s what’s gonna happen.
      Renney is waiting to unleash Hollweg in NYC. The Thrashers will enjoy hitting people at will in these games and then when Hollweg gets in there it will be the other way around. I think Renney still thinks Boulton is gonna get dirty and need to be fought,so he is keeping Orr in there, but the entire rest of the team is hitting the Rangers. Boulton gets about 3 mins a game.
      SO, hopefully Renney realizes this and plays Hollweg in the games next week.
      Cause physically we are getting creamed! (Although most of the hits are illegal and the refs better get their heads out of their asses).

    12. P.S.
      Seems like Renney is coaching for a 1-0 win. Nice D, but hardly any shots on goal.

    13. czechthemout!!!!! on

      actually,renney is coaching for a shootout,i hope someone tells him there is no shotout in the playoffs.

    14. Sam,

      Look for a woman with a baby. Ask her for a couple of baby wipes. Blot the stains with the wet wipes. OR, get two paper towels. Wet them, squeeze out excess water. Put either towel or wipe under the stain and one on top of stain.

      BLOT, NEVER WIPE the stain.

      Wetting the paper towels with Club Soda even better than water.

    15. If Renney is coaching for a 1-0 win he will be burned as he has all year. And as it has been all year, there will be no time to recover from it. Jagr should be playing as a decoy since he is being outplayed by Holik. But Jagr refuses to be a smaert selfless player. He continues tgo try to beat Holik and wastes shift after shift on open teammates who Jagr refuses to dish off to.

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