Hedberg in tomorrow for Thrashers


Johan Hedberg, who did stone the Rangers in making 38 saves in a 2-1 win last month, will start Game 2 for Atlanta.

Talk about a quick hook for Kari Lehtonen in his playoff debut.

I’ll have more in a bit…

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  1. Let us prove to them that they made a terrible mistake on Saturday when we wipe the floor with them. True he played well in the 2-1 win, but Hedberg is too inconsistent. When it gets down to playoff quality game, you cant put your faith in an inconsistent goaltender.

  2. WOW!! No faith in there young number 1. Once we run the table on Johan tomorrow. Their gonna run right back to Kari and offically give no confidence to both their goalies. I’ll take it!!

    Hey Sam: Any more on Marcel? Is the knee ok. Did he skate today? I know he played the entire game, but looked like he was in a lot of pain onthe bench!

  3. good to see hartley panic, but he’ll continue having his guys charge on hits, which are intent to injure. Renney needs to address that with the officials before tomorrow’s game Trying to give body blows is one thing but leaving your feet are like blows below the belt……Sam you have ‘competition Strudwick has a blog on NYR site.

  4. there was a play during the game last night, i think it was during the 2nd but not 100% sure where lehtonen looked like he hurt himself. he looked pretty shaken up for a couple minutes. i wonder if that has anything to do with this decision

  5. Hey Sam, are you or Josh making a little extra green by writing Strudwick’s blog? It reads as if it’s just paragraphs culled from interviews he’s given. Not too sure Dolan would let a player air his real thoughts…

  6. Sam, this is the best Rangers blog on the internet. Just wanted to make a point of saying that. I’m a little surprised at this quick hook but I think Hartley is doing it to wake up his team more than anything. He’ll look really bad if the Rangers put in five against the Moose tomorrow afternoon. Quick note: Rangers always start slow in daytime games. Beware the first period tomorrow! Henrik is going to have to be stellar for us to survive!

  7. geesh aren’t they panicking a tad bit? Pulling their goalie after only one game. It’s not like it was a 12-1 blowout.

  8. Ma, lick my dick's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    I am pretty sure Renney told Rangers to not hit because he is scared of penalties and Atlanta’s PP.

    When Rachunek is healthy, Pock should sit.

    Orr should not play any more games even if there are lots of injuries.

    No matter how much blogging and soccer playing Strudwick does he still sucks and should not be back next season.

  9. I posted this a few blogs ago, but apparently I was late cuz a few blogs had come out since…..

    Can I ask a question?

    What it is with you guys and your socially retarded nicknames?

    Salty…. and Ma, lick…..

    You guys have some issues…..see a shrink or something? Go on a date with a girl. Do something. Do you suffer from some sort of incsecurity in that area?

    Or, are you guys like 15 years old? If that is the case, then I take it back, keep it up…you only get to be like that at one time in your life before people start calling you sociopathic…

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