The playoffs are off to a rollicking start


Bad omen of the day: I am stuck in Charlotte, N.C., of all places, where Elton John’s “Rocket Man” (“I think it’s going to be a long, long time…”) is playing above. In other words, I’m not making it to the morning skate.


If that’s not torture enough, at airline terminals, I have an uncommon knack for always sitting next to the annoying guy with the Bluetooth headset who insists on letting the free world hear his entire conference call (something about scheduling *another* conference call. It’s obviously very important, seeing how he’s pacing back and forth and now yelling).

Anyway, fear not, dear readers: I will make it for the drop of the puck even if it means crawling there. And at least now I have time to fill out my ballots for various end-of-the-year awards, all of which are past due.

In the meantime, here’s “my story from today’s paper”: about how the myriad hiccups the Rangers endured this year probably made them a better team in the process.

Meanwhile, “Atlanta is getting excited”:

And by excited, I mean people are reading the paper and saying, “Hey cool, we have a hockey team in the playoffs!”

Before adding: “But wait, what’s hockey?”

More later…

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  1. omg you’re gonna miss the game! Hurry! I can’t wait for the game to start, it’s raining like crazy today.

  2. Feel sorry for you, Sam. Keep your head up. You’re going to make it.
    That article in Atlanta newspaper is ugly…

  3. Salty Sausage Nips on

    That Atlanta article is a joke….

    Anyone hear that ATL goalie Letohnen has a blue mohawk going into tonights game? I can’t wait for this.

  4. Charlotte, NC airport is terrible…but its only a 3 hr drive from ATL. I’m making the drive in a few hrs…you can hitch a ride id you need to :)

  5. See the comment after mine on that article, the person said “chant Potvin beats his wife, the Rangers fans hate that.” I’m confused, why would we hate that?

  6. so wait – the paper didn’t pay for a direct flight from NYC – ATL?

    Please tell me you flew from Westchester or something and they didn’t have direct flights to ATL for whatever reason.

  7. Hey everyone! I’m now awake following the Van/Dallas game last night. 4 OTs and 1:54 until headed to the 5th.

    Sam, if you had woken up a little earlier, you could have caught the end of the game!

  8. hi everyone,
    i am soooo nervous …
    btw, there was guy writing comments, who wanted rangers to get peter forsberg by all means, forgot his name. now its too late, but i am with you man. a forsberg like yesterday (8!!! hits, 5 takeaways …) in a “blueshirt” and i would be very confident for the whole playoffs. nonetheless the management made some good moves in the last couple of months (avery, mara, re-signing pock …)
    let’s go rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So what time did the VAN/Dallas game actaully end? If it started at 10:00 Eastern, It must have been like 2:00 am???

  10. Forsberg is made for the playoffs. Thats why I lobbied for him to be a Ranger. Can you picture Avery Forsberg Shanahan as a line? Or Forsberg Jagr Straka. Or …. Woulda coulda shoulda.

  11. GuitarWizard on

    We would have had to give up something like Prucha, Callahan and 2 picks for Forsberg. I’ll keep the kids.

    The Rangers did the “let’s go get every big name player we can” thing for a while and where did that get us?

  12. @guitarwizard
    prucha, callahan and 2 picks >>>>> upshall, parent and 2 picks
    and yes, most likely too much to give up for forstberg.

  13. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Is that true???Is the “blue mohawk” supposed to be a little parody of the blueshirts…

    ALSO….Some guy here..said Avery and Orr got into a scuffle and are suspended..Something like that

    Is that true or BS…I figured it was a loser Isles fan..

    Eh im just nervous..After all these games…I mean if a guy like Hartnell would play dirty and injure Cheechoo..Then someone that IS dirty like Kovalchuk WOULD…Ive seen it before.

  14. I cant believe after all the old man, injury prone free agent missteps of this organization over the past 15 years that the name Forsberg is even mentioned at all.

  15. The refs are off to a GREAT start in playoffs. Loads of 5-3 play…

    Dallas/Van game was NUTS. I am just mad i fell asleep at ten after 3 and missed the goal.

    Rangers 4
    Thrasher 1


  16. First, anyone who wants to get fired up, just go here:

    I start with the Matteau moment….that gets the blood flowing.

    Second, we don’t need Forsberg. You know that he would get injured in a Blueshirt the moment he hit the ice. Meanwhile, everyone talking about the Red Wings and Bertuzzi, the guy isn’t even playing tonight cuz of a concussion. I am happy with the team we have fielded. 3 lines that can score, one bump and grind line that can be a nuisance to the other team’s scoring line, and Henrik! We will be fine.

    Third, who caught the Sens Pens last night? Everyone notice how the Sens were slamming everything within 2 feet of the puck. THAT is playoff hockey. And, they were forechecking like crazy forcing the Pens to stand around their own net with their feet cemented to the ice. That is what we need to do tonight to the Atlanta.


  17. I got my Ranger jersey on along with my fellow Ranger buddies…two cases of molson canadian…the center ice package up and ready to go…all I need now is a big win tonight!!!! LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  18. — Colton Orr was amused when I asked him about the queries I’ve received from a couple of you about a supposed altercation between him and Sean Avery during a recent practice.
    “Between me and Sean?” he said, laughing. “We’re roommates!”
    When I asked if that meant that he was kept up all night while Avery yaps at him, Orr insisted that his roomie shuts it down at the appropriate time so they both can get their rest.

  19. — Colton Orr was amused when I asked him about the queries I’ve received from a couple of you about a supposed altercation between him and Sean Avery during a recent practice.
    “Between me and Sean?” he said, laughing. “We’re roommates!”
    When I asked if that meant that he was kept up all night while Avery yaps at him, Orr insisted that his roomie shuts it down at the appropriate time so they both can get their rest.

  20. GuitarWizard on

    I don’t think Forsberg would have blended well with the current team. We’ve got a good thing going with what we have.
    Not sure if we had cap space for his $5.75M either.

    And it’s the Flyers who get in fights in practice…

  21. Tonight would be a good night to end the string of losses in first games of playoff series. How many series is it now? Eight? Something like that, almost dating back to the Cup year.

  22. Sam, I have a question for you that I have not been able to find an answer to. Because Tommy Pyatt was released from his ATO with Hartford, does that mean that he is no longer “Rangers property”?

  23. Salty Sausage Nips on

    Ditto on the “Screw Forsberg” tip…. So glad to see NYR stepping away from damaged goods these days…. The idea of bringing Forsberg on board made me shudder. Broken ankle first night, guaranteed.


    YING YANG, I think Letohnen has the mohawk just to get himself excited…don’t forget, ATL wears blue too. Can’t wait to see that dipshit get pulled one of these games and have to have him sitting on the bench with that retarded hair-do….g@yl0rd.
    Also, I doubt Avery/Orr scrapped….

  24. kenny albert said yesterday on that it was 10 game one’s in a row dating back to 94.

    Devils 94
    Canucks 94
    Quebec 95
    Pittsburgh 95
    Montreal 96
    Philadelphia 96
    Florida 97
    New Jersey 97
    Philadelphia 97
    New Jersey 06

    Remembered that all off the top of head too, some one check?

  25. jane–pyatt being released from his ATO has nothing to do with his status with the rangers. it just means he’s going home for the summer instead of sticking around hartford. pyatt already signed with the rangers and is all set to turn pro in the fall.

  26. baloney tits on

    i agree with salty sausage nips. im at work and all i can think about is the blue shirts!!!! playoff hockey isnt condusive to a good work environment!!!

  27. That means we’ve won at least half of those series in which we’ve fallen behind 1-0, so there’s no reason to panic if we just so happen to lose the first game.

  28. GuitarWizard on

    Yes, the last time we won a Game 1 was against Washington in 94. Since then:

    06 New Jersey 6-1 (Lost Series)
    97 Philadelphia 3-1 (Lost Series)
    97 New Jersey 2-0 (Won Series)
    97 Florida 3-0 (Won Series)
    96 Pittsburgh 4-1 (Lost Series)
    96 Montreal 3-2OT (Won Series)
    95 Philadelphia 5-4 (Lost Series)
    95 Quebec 5-4 (Won Series)
    94 Vancouver 3-2OT (Won Series)
    94 New Jersey 4-3OT (Won Series)

    You can check out the info on wikipedia (you have to look at each season and you can see all playoff series results for each year)

  29. DanTheRangerFan on

    Stop this forsberg sillinesssss…..We did good leave it alone. Stop looking back and look foward, I cant wait for the game tonight. Avery and colton getting wrapped up hahaha Nolans Finest Fish Sticks made up a good one there. Lets Go Rangers 07 !!!

  30. Yeah, I don’t think the blue mohawk thing is a shot at the Rangers, it is more pride for his team. They refer to Atlanta as “Blueland”.

    And I could totally see Sean and Colton rooming together lol… That has to be hilarious.

    Please please please, make these hours go by faster! LET’S GO RANGERS!

  31. I’m going to be screwed. I know I’m going to get shafted with the Buffalo game tonite on MSG and I’ll have to watch the Fishsticks get smacked and listen to the Rangers on Gameradio. This BLOWS!!! What is even more funny is Islander fans won’t get their game on FSNY because the Devils will be on.

  32. Sam,

    ESPN ran a story, about mid-way through the season, involving Marian Hossa’s encounter with a local waiter. The waiter casually mentioned he had never heard an accent quite like Hossa’s before, to which Marian replied, “I’m from Slovakia.”

    The waiter says, “Slovakia, huh?” and asks, “What brings you to Atlanta?”

    Marian replies, “I play for the Thrashers.”

    “What are the Thrashers?”

    “Atlanta’s hoecky team……”

    “What’s hockey?”

    So, to anyone who thought your last line was just a joke – it’s not. :)

  33. SaratogaRanger on


    Where do you live?

    In most upstate NY markets east off Rochester, the Rangers will be on MSG tonight and the Sabres/Isles will be on FSNY. Devils fans get screwed since they will be shut-out.

  34. GuitarWizard on

    Thanks Saratoga- I was about to post that…

    The Sabres only end up on MSG if the Rangers are not playing or are blacked out. When both teams are playing, Rangers are on MSG and Sabres get bumped to FSNY.

    So we should see the good stuff tonight.

  35. f0rk teh updatessss sam!!! what was the flight movie? good meal? chicken or……chicken?


  36. Saratoga

    I go to SUNY Potsdam. I’ve been getting screwed all year by Buffalo games, so hopefully I won’t tonight. It would suck.

  37. Anyone know what the deal is with NHL Center Ice?
    I can’t seem to find the game in the guide. [I have Comcast.]

    The inDemand site shows the Rangers game on NH02.

    I know that in the past, if it said NHL02 on the “main” NHL Center Ice channel, it would be on the second NHL Center Ice channel (in the lineup). But . . . . I don’t see it in the guide . . . . for 6pm (I’m Central Time).

    Anyone know what’s up? If I can’t *watch* tonight’s game, I’m gonna be . . . well, let’s just call it upset.

  38. an early goal would absolutely devastate the Thrashers crowd. Also, Im not sure what the crowd is gonna be like. Could be quite few Rangers fans considering you could get tickets to the games last night.

  39. I was in Atlanta in early March and I got to see a game at the Philips Center. The Thrashers were down 2-1 to Ottawa in the 3rd when they scored 3 times to win 4-2. Very impressive.

    It happened to be “figurine night” and I received a Marcel Hossa figurine at the game.

    I’m starting to think about getting out my wife’s sewing needles tonight and doing some “acupuncture” if you know what I mean… a little voodoo…

  40. PW, I think we had this convo before. I’m at SUNY Cortland and the same thing happens to me. But only when the Rangers are on at 7:30 and Buffalo is on at 7. I don’t think it should be a problem today since we are on at 7 as well. Keeping my fingers crossed though.

  41. Actually, Sabres start at 8:00. So you guys shouldn’t have a problem if Hollweg44 is right.

  42. SaratogaRanger/Forechecker on

    Basically, MSG made a deal with the NHL & Sabres: Upstate markets that usually get blacked out in favor of Sabres games (Albany, Plattsburgh, Utica, Watertown, Syracuse, Binghamton, etc.) will get all Rangers MSG playoff games on MSG, with the Sabres being moved over to FSNY. When the Rangers are on NBC, the Sabres will be on MSG. Btw, only Albany & Utica will get Saturday’s Rangers game on NBC, the rest of Upstate will see the Senators crush the Pens.

    I believe Watertown gets its NBC feed from Syracuse, so Watertown & Plattsburgh area folks will see Crosby.

  43. Wow, I’m so glad I get the NYC NBC at college in eastern PA so I can get to see one (or two if it goes that far) Rangers games this series, since they’re showing The Whiney One on the Philly station.

  44. JR

    On your Center Ice package, do you have Comcast service?

    With me, all the games are in the 770’s channels.
    Tonight, game 2 is NYR-ATL, game 3 is TB-NJ, and game 4 is

    Either way, Center Ice shouldn’t screw you. From what I gather, every playoff game except for the ones on Versus will be shown on Center Ice. So far, i’ve seen every game-

  45. JR

    And games on NBC may not get shown on Center Ice…unless they are regional NBC games.
    The centeR ice package basically ensures that you will be able to see every hockey game-

  46. Pierre:

    You’re correct.. Marian Hossa or as we like to call him Hossa the Greater. Our Hossa is Hossa the Lesser.

  47. – BlueClue
    Yeah, I’m on Comcast.
    Thank you _so much_ for the info. I’m dying over here. I (of course) NEED to see this game. All of ’em, in fact!

    Thanks again for the info.

    Do toho Rangers!
    Let’s go Rangers!

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