Colton Orr in, Ryan Hollweg out…


I knew something was up when I saw Orr as part of a group of players kicking the soccer ball around in the hallways in their warm-up clothes.

In other news, don’t look now but the Thrashers have their own ice girls. I’m assuming they’re different ones, although I’m sure these Atlanta ice girls received a scouting report from the Islanders ice girls. It is the playoffs, after all.

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  1. wow, those moves by Hollweg were leeegit. And no team should have ice-girls… this is hockey, not football

  2. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    why is Orr playing? He does nothing. Renney is always an idiot.

    Hollweg or even Isbister are way more useful than Orr

  3. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    without Hollweg, Rangers don’t have much hitting.

  4. hahahaahah!! Jagr’s shift was very long, easily a minute-plus. As I was watching, I told myself, “Dammit, they’d better get either a coverage or a goal, because they need to get off the ice…”

  5. Can anyone see them bringing back Rachunek and putting Pöck at forward again? Especially since we don’t think much of Hollweg, Orr, Orts at this point. I would rather not see Rachunek at all in the playoffs over any other move.

  6. Brandon – I thought of that, but I dunno. While I like the idea of having seven defensemen and easing Rachunek back into the lineup, I don;t think it’s wise to screw with Pock’s head by asking him to play defense on one shift and forward on another.

    Plus, Pock-Betts-Ortmeyer (Orr) doesnt sound like a cohesive line.

  7. I guess he felt a makeup call was in order. Neither call should have been made in the playoffs.

  8. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    after 1 perior Rangers 5 hits, Thrashers 11 hits. Where is all the grit?

  9. Yeah but other than hits, Rangers were clearly the better teaM. ATL made one good play.

  10. hey..overall a good period by Blue. Jagr was flying…we played tight D for the most part. We got banged up a little but didnt lose our composure. We have to play smart and keep it going. 19 minutes went right for us and refs gave back a cheap call on Rosie…

  11. He walked off–

    I don’t think he returned yet.

    I get the game on Thrashers Sports South on Center Ice and
    it showed him leaving-

  12. OK, I’m here now. Got the game on TV! Had a dinner to go to, nice to see they were able to get out in front.

    HOSSA, HOSSA, HOSSA…O’lay!!!

  13. DanTheRangerFan on

    Nylander is ripping up the ice…he is def one of the best puck handlers in the league…Its funny when people say drop him. He is only a problem when hes with jagar and straka zig zaggin everywhere…crap alant awith another one

  14. It seems like I have. Hope in continues to be good. I’ll have to catch Rangers in 60 later tonight. I was at a dinner honoring the scholarly writing of myself and a few friends. We’re getting published!

  15. smiling a-hole Renney giving Atl. reason to get mad and come back, leads to instant pressure and goal.

  16. Rangers can’t play trap in the 3rd.

    They have to keep going to the net wearing Atlanta down
    till the end.

  17. DAMMIT!!!

    Always burns us…players we trade

    We had no room for him here, but still…

  18. Seriously, if they blow a 2-goal lead one more time…I don’t even know what I’m going to do…I don’t even want to think about it!

  19. Did I hear that correctly on the radio? Malik runs into Lundqvist? Girardi makes a bad mistake? One expected and unexcusable, one unexpected.

  20. Yes, Girardi made a mistake. But it’s OK, he didn’t get any help deep in his own zone against Holik, who forced it.

  21. It seems like some of these ATL guys are leaving thier feet before the hits. Is that still not a charge??? It would be nice to have Hollweg right now to retaliate the physical play.

  22. Oh, I’ve seen this before…looks like the Rangers thought they had this one in the bag and started to relax…They forgot that the hockey game actually lasts 60 minutes, as per NHL rules…They need to start putting their asses in gear or they’re going to lose the game.

  23. I still don’t agree with the Hollweg scratch.

    They have tripled us in hits tonite-

  24. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    Renney is truly retarded by playing Hossa for 2 reasons:

    1. he can easily reinjure and make his knee worse

    2. he is not as reliable with a hurting knee, let him rest the rest of the game and check the knee afterwards.

  25. These ATL fans are so dumb…They boo on a clean hip check by Tyutin on Hossa for no penalty called-

  26. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    Orr is beyond useless he keeps receiving big hits that pump up the other team and their fans.

  27. 2 reasons i would take Holweg over Orr is Hollweg can skate better than Orr and there is almost never fighting in playoffs

  28. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    “2 reasons i would take Holweg over Orr is Hollweg can skate better than Orr and there is almost never fighting in playoffs”

    main reason is that Hollweg is one of the best hitters in NHL

  29. There’s some bull for you. They make that call but won’t call Atlanta for supermaning the Rangers for every hit

  30. AngelusMortis on

    Erase that ten-year playoff victory drought…let’s hope this one isn’t a fluke.

  31. Rangers needed to be stronger in the 3rd.
    Renney NEEDS to bring back Hollweg.
    He thought ATL would not be so physical
    and they took advantage..

    WOW Parise just scored an UNREAL goal for the Devs 4-3 Devs now

  32. And your 3 Stars of the Game

    * Jaromir Jagr
    ** Pascal Dupuis
    *** Michael Nylander

    Heave Ho!

  33. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    Rangers with 10 hits in a playoff game, simply disgusting.

  34. AngelusMortis on

    And Atlanta with 24 hits. I think Renney will reconsider scratching Hollweg in game two…

  35. czechthemout!!!!! on

    orr should not play another game in the playoffs.if they don’t start hitting back they will be run out of this series.our kids played well even with girardi’s mistake.but he will learn from this and improve,won’t be nervous next game.the only forward hitting today was callahan that has to change.

  36. Rangers had the puck the whole time, that makes hits interference. But agreed, they need to be more physical. Except for when the lead got trimmed to 4-3 and they played shellshocked for 5 minutes, the Rangers were the better team by far.

  37. Rangers played a great road game, there never trailed which is a must on the road. They stole game 1, thats huge, now put Hollweg in and let him run wild a little bit. I doubt the Thrash will come out as hard as they did in game 2 after this defeat.

  38. i understand renneys thinking dressing orr, but he non existant..hollweg should dress saturday and plant exlby..

    cullen and jagr line were great…hope hossa is ok…

    want to see more from avery/shanny/straka….

  39. czechthemout!!!!! on

    shany was awfull tonight,he did nothing.hossa was good as was jagr and nylander.ortmeyer did not look like he threw a single hit.if he doesn’t at least do that than he is also useless.

  40. The Rangers need to learn how to effectively play a 3rd period with a lead.

    Either learn to play the trap (which they can’t do well), or keep up real pressure upront and continue grinding-

  41. Orr is a good retaliatory guy and a good fighter.
    He is not quick enough to constantly hit clean and hard.

    Hollweg needs to and deserves to play-

  42. Engblom on Versus just said that the Thrashers didn’t hit often enough and effectively-


  43. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    Shanahan is almost done, hopefully he is not coming back next season. I was very impressed with him in the first half, but now he looks like a fossil that needs to retire.

    “i understand renneys thinking dressing orr”

    you do? I am impressed

  44. Thats it baby GAME 1 IS OURS!!!!!


    We hit them on the scoreboard and that is all that matters.

    I liked that interference by Tkachuk on Avery apparently you can tackle when the puck isn’t even close.

  45. rangers were twice the team ATL was tonight…. Henrik needs to pick it up and it will be on to the 2nd round…

    great effort boys!!

  46. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    and again thank Renney for riding on Shanny’s back for the first half of the season.

  47. Rangers only took two penalties all game…nice surprise there-

    The timing of the 2nd one was really bad though-

  48. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    “Thats it baby GAME 1 IS OURS!!!!!”

    stop rejoicing, Atlanta is the weakest team in the playoffs–no depth, not much scoring after the top line. Everybody else is more dangerous than them.

  49. Malik’s laser guided poke check up your ass,

    Woooooow your a dope, Too bad we couldn’t go one night without your fantastic insight, shove your keyboard up your @$$

  50. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    1994 I bet you masturbate to the video of Messier jumping with the Cup.

  51. czechthemout!!!!! on

    vogs-henrik needs to pick it up?are you serious?the kids made some mistakes tonight but they won.they will play with alot more poise on saturday.

  52. seriously guys, it’s a win and we can disagree on Orr but I thought there were more serious mistakes. Girardi made his first major booboo in a long time and Henrik wasnt stellar but Jagr, Nilander and Straka stole the show for us. And of course Avery was a huge A+ for us – he took the hits and abuse and didnt retaliate and his clear at the end of the game with pressure on was huge – a major big plus for us. Enjoy it!!! Yahoo! I’ll sleep good tonight….

  53. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    Maybe it was Hanks cold that was bothering him but it didn’t look like he was right to me.

    They win 15 more straight games and the cup is ours.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!

  54. they got game 1 and thats great but boy they have to come out stronger on saturday b/c atlanta will be charged! It will be a much tougher game to win so i hope they are ready for it and not too overconfident

  55. Henrik saved them. He came up big at the end there. So shut up. If he didnt save us in the last minute, we would be in OT

  56. Henrik did come up big but the unsung hero was Avery again with that clearing pass when he came across the ice and drilled it out of the zone. big big play…

  57. czechthemout!!!!! on

    to any one who thinks th king was so so ,exactly wich of the three that he gave would have been saved by a different goalie?

  58. Czech is right all three goals were not Henirk’s fault, just bad blunders. I’ll take the win!!!!

    Sam, any post=game word on HOSSA?

  59. I didnt think Lundquist had a shot on any of the three goals – a tip in and sceened twice. Beyond that he didn’t need to be spectacular. Those last 2 Atlanta goals were gifts. The Rangers carried the plat 80% of the night.

    Atlanta does not appear very capable of playing team defense. Our big guns – the Jagr line, Shanny, Prucha and Cullen, Avery, Callahan – all were pretty much able to do whatever they wanted all night. They need to play just like that for 60 minutes. Lehtonen’s got nothing. The big question marks is still the Rangers’ defense – too many times they had too much trouble controlling the puck and clearingg the zone especially in the third.

    Should have been 4-1 or 4-2 at worst. Once Pock and Girardi settle back down and the defense improves, this team will fare very well.

  60. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Peter –

    good one of the many posters on here who bashed hossa,i hope he is ok because we are a better team with him in the line up.

  61. Shitnik hit Hossa against the boards and he jammed his knee on the boards.

    Hope he is ok, that goal He scored was unreal.

  62. The rangers played great but they got killed physically. You know why, because we were missing are best and hardest hitter Ryan Hollweg. I don’t care what you say but we need him to play in this series. Mark my words, if Hollweg does not play they will not win the series. Orr is a fighter not a hitter. They can only take so much hits. Hollweg is the guy that would knock exelby on his @ss, after he hit jagr,, like the last time he did it. He will intimidate the other team, and cause them to think twice before running our guys. Right now atlanta realizes they can run the rangers all night w/o worrying about getting anything back if the rangers don’t start protecting are guys we will lose. Hollweg is one of the biggest hitters in the league, and in the playoff’s it’s the tougher team that wins.

  63. Glad to see you guys comming back to Hollywood and realizing he does have an important role on this team. He plays that role rather well and is missed when he is not in the lineup.

    I know his offensive skills are lacking right now, but he has shown in the past he has them. When his role eventually expands and he gets some other offensive minded guys around him, I’m sure he will be able to put the puck in the net.

    There are two things he does great right now which could be utilized. The first is hitting. The second is his forecheck, which creates many turnovers that lead to chances. The reason he doesn’t have many points is his line mates cannot capitalize on the turnovers he creates.

  64. czechthemout – I do remember the radio announcers saying once that Orts had a good hit. I hope Hollweg goes in for Orr, not Orts.

    On a totally unrelated note, was anybody watching Versus? They said they were giving the “quest for the cup” word “next” but I didn’t hear it. Could anyone help me out with that?

  65. Hey, the Rangers looked pretty good. Not great, but good. And they WON, BABY! Jags scored. Prucha scored. They put it on net, somewhat, on the PP.

    Girardi looked a little tentative, but that’s probably just nerves. Now they need to refuse to be pushed around and Shanny/Straka need to chime in with some O.

    But still, HUGE WIN in game 1.

    Why, oh why, does the lighting suck so bad on non-MSG feeds? Some shots you can’t even see the darn puck.

  66. Malik's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    next game Thrashers will be fresh, while Rangers will be playing all bruised up. Renney might have won a battle, but it is possible he already lost the war.

  67. Oh, yeah, he didn’t deflect that goal. That’s what happens when you tivo through the crap Hotlanta feed on the West Coast. My bad. Still, sweet win.

  68. Ma, lick my dick's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    hmm, I was about to complain about the icetime, but surprisingly it was a very good distribution.

  69. I hope Hossa is alright. He played really well tonight (especially for his 1st game back). I never thought I would be saying this but Hossa could be key in the Rangers really doing something here. Sam an update on Hossa (not that I think that there is anything available on his post game condition) would be MUCH appreciated.

    Don’t worry about LASER GUIDED… anyone who has nothing better to do than to spend such a large portion of his time on this blog pretending to be a Rangers fan, just to shit on our team and it’s devoted fans every chance he gets, deserves nothing more or less than our pity. He needs to be ignored, not encouraged by people responding to his idiocy.

  70. Hossa looked great and I sure hope he’s all right, but I don’t think Isbister gets the credit he deserves for really contributing to the play of the top line in the last month of the season. he may not finish, but he does a damn good job of keeping it deep and letting Jags and Nylander play their game.

  71. Ma, lick my dick's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    Ma, lick my dick’s theme song:

    Laser guided, automated, precise stick control
    The enemy’s stripped of puck and embarrassed
    Pinpoint accuracy certain death sent down below
    No mercy, no regret for the unknowing foe

    Mission completed heading for bench
    Objective neutralized
    One more kill, one more plus for his stats

    (I modified the song by Jag Panzer, called Take to the Sky)

  72. I was going to come on here to post about how the Rangers aren’t hitting enough and they are getting hit too much and it is going to wear them down as the series goes on, but it looks like that has been covered already.

    Luckily they have the day off tomorrow and they can rest up a little bit and get ready for Saturday. Hopefully they can do the unthinkable and sweep the road games, but that is unlikely. Then, they will have two days off to prepare for the BACK TO BACK home games. That Tuesday game is going to be PIVOTAL in this series. The Rangers DEFINITELY need to be more physical as a whole. but that game will be ULTRA important because they will be coming back and playing the next night.

  73. Laser – simply – yoy’re the most disgusting person I could ever imagine! You complain almost every time I see you post, we win, we lose, we score, we play good – bad, doesn’t matter, you complain, complain, complain!!! But. I guess, you’re 16 year old dumb girl, so no offense.

  74. Ma, lick my dick's laser guided poke check up your ass on

    Manowar was raving about Malik way back in 1986:

    Ride like the wind
    Fight proud, my son
    You’re the defender
    God has sent”

  75. Not only that, but the dumbass does it in the most disgusting, inappropriate, insensitive and immature way I’ve ever seen.

  76. wooz I’d like to be there to watch if he/she is brave enough to even email you, which is doubtful.

  77. Sam,
    Can you get rid of laser – he brings this otherwise great blog down…enjoy the win and stop the stupidity.

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