Jagr has a cold


Or in playoff-speak, an “upper nasal excess mucus” situation. No, the Big Fella isn’t hurt, and was just kept out of practice as a precaution.

Meanwhile, as I alluded to earlier, there is definitely an extra charge around the Training Center today, with so many camera crews they actually had to set up a separate room for our session with Tom Renney. I mentioned to Brendan Shanahan the muffins and coffee set up for the media, and the right wing, without missing a beat, replied, “Hopefully that’s not coming out of our revenue.”

Speaking of Shanahan, the veteran today was the recipient today of the Rangers’ annual Good Guy Award for his cooperation with the media this season. John Dellapina presided over the brief ceremony in the Rangers’ lounge. It was actually quite nice, although it should be noted there was at least one protester.

“If I got here 20 games earlier, there’s no way he would have gotten that award,” Sean Avery chimed in.

Shanahan chuckled at that, and said he was going to make sure to rub the award in Avery’s face now that he had it. He also said he’s going to use the plaque to his advantage when out in public.

“Anytime someone gives me a hard time,” he said. “If a cop pulls me over, I’ll say, ‘Look, I’m a good guy.'”

Jokes aside, as Dellapina noted, we vote on a number of awards, but the Good Guy Award is the most important to us. And as he also said, the Rangers have a long tradition of their best players being their most cooperative. Naturally, Shanny follows in that tradition.

As far as other updates:

  • Marcel Hossa skated again and looked sharp alongside Michael Nylander and Jagr’s body double, Brad Isbister. He also returned to the second power play unit with Shanahan and Avery.
  • Karel Rachunek did not skate. Tom Renney didn’t call it a setback, but he said Rachunek was pushed hard on Monday and was using today to catch up.
  • As of now, Stephen Valiquette is still the No. 2 goalie, mostly because he’s seen more pucks. But Renney said he could change his mind.

    More later…

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      SAM: Welcome back. If God forbid Lundqvist had to miss a game in the playoffs, who would get the start? Weekes, Valiquette, or Montoya?

      BTW Jessiman was voted man of the year and Immonen got player of the week.

    2. Thank God the big fella isn’t hurt.

      Congratulations to Shanny.

      Avery is the man.

      Anyone snag tix today I didn’t even try.

      Sam, Was Lunqvist on the ice today?

    3. Lundqvist was in goal today

      Jagr won the award last year so he can’t win it again. And speaking of which, that was a reason a lot of guys didn’t vote for Lundqvist, who has also been great with the media. We figured he’ll have plenty more years to win it.

    4. Sam–Does Hossa on the 2nd unit mean Cullen wont see PP time? Or is he playing the point? Seems to me that since Hossa is coming back from injury, that he should earn that PP time and not push Cullen out…especially since we have Avery in front of the net on that unit.

    5. Adam, Yea it’s a race against the clock, that is why I can’t stand ticketmaster, unreal, they can’t get their money fast enough. Thats why I didn’t even try. They suck.

    6. Thanks Sam, one more ? Did Renney say anything about the PP? because it has not been effective of late.

    7. GuitarWizard on

      If you chopped of Jagr’s hands, then Isbister could be his body double. Until then, no way. Unless Isbister grew a wild curley mullet, then I’d consider it.

    8. Malik's laser guided poke check on

      How did Nylander not win the Good Guy award? He is so good he doesn’t even want to hit anyone.

    9. Malik's laser guided poke check on

      repost: Lampan is almost a Pock clone, only faster and more prone to injuries.

      Baranka had some bad luck with injuries.

      Staal, Potter, Baranka and Liffiton are probably ready for NHL next season.

      Pock hasn’t impressed me much, he is not very fast, not very physical, not very good defensively and not that great offensively. I don’t even see him as better than Rachunek, who is a much harder hitter and better skater. Baranka, Ptter or Liffiton would be an upgrade over Pock. I don’t get why they signed him for 2 years. Hopefully they package him with Betts or Immonen to get Lundqvist’s twin.

    10. I tried to get tix for game 6 but no luck. I’ll buy 2 if someone wants to sell ;) Please e-mail at: stfraw@yahoo.com
      Unfortunately, I’ll be in Chicago when they play game 3 & 4 at the Garden.

    11. SAM, how are the playoff beards looking in the dressing room? Who do you think is going all out?

    12. You may be waiting a while on Prucha. I don’t think he can grow one if you put him on a Soviet 5 Year Plan.

    13. My question is what the hell is going on in that Ranger locker room that has them sick all the time? I mean, it’s good to be a tight knit bunch but…

    14. was able to get 2 single seats (3rd game both series) and my buddy also got 2 single seats (game 2 and 3 of 2nd series) while we were on the phone coordinating efforts. when the time got too long – showing 15 min went back and tried again. people either get credit card rejected or whatever but if you try several times 1 time usually shows a ticket avail. also got games 1 and 2 from ebay – paid approx double.

    15. Doesn’t Mess endorse Cold FX. Shouldn’t they all have a lifetime supply. These guys always have a cold.

    16. Salty Sausage Nips on

      “My question is what the hell is going on in that Ranger locker room that has them sick all the time?”

      Wouldn’t *you* like to know?

    17. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      Why is our to best players getting sick NOW…Err…hopefully not to bad

      Does anyone think Prucha will grow a beard…or crosby..lol

      I just got tickets for game 3…I cant wait….

      Lets go NYR

    18. Good news everyone, a lot of my co-workers as well as myself have/had what Lundqvist and Jagr seem to have and it isn’t much of anything, it went aboust as quick as it came, and unless its something else we have nothing to worry about.

    19. Welcome back Sam. It just isnt the same when your not around giving up daily updated from practice and games. Good to have you back. We know how fond you are of Golf, but come on, aside from both sports involving club wielding maniacs there is just no comparison.

    20. ahhh I see. Well Shanny is a good guy too just that I have always enjoyed Jagr’s quotes, he cracks me up.

    21. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      I got my tickets!!!
      3 seats altogether round 1, Game 4. (200 level)
      3 more seats altogether to round 2, game 4 (300 level). And another 2 individual seats to round 2, game 6 (200 and 300 level).


    22. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


      I got them on ebay…Thats the best way for me to get them..I dont like dealing with anything else…..

    23. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      Does anyone know if Colton Orr will break in the lineup this series….Hopefully he will i rather him then hollywood…i say that so many times but i think its a good idea….

    24. ORR kicks Ying Yang : I think Hollweg should get game one…to set a physical up tempo game…and if things get scrappy during a game…put Orr in the next…I tihnk just playing one of them and not leaving it open for making a gametime decision, or at elast game day decision is a bad Idea…they both bring difrent things to the ice, and I tihnk depending on how the games are being player as the series moves along, one may be better than the other…HOPEFULY Renney uses the right guys opn the right lines on the right nights

    25. Malik's laser guided poke check on

      Thrashers have only 4 players with 40 or more points this season. Rangers have 8. I think their only chance to beat the Rangers is to injure Lundqvist.

    26. Neil Katcher on

      Sam or anyone… When players sign ATO contracts with the Wolf Pack but then get released, does that mean they’re now free agents? Or does it mean that these players are still rangers property and can come back to camp next season to compete for the job?

      In other words, are Pyatt, Zaborsky, Roche, Kveton are released from their ATO, does it mean they are free game around the league or are they merely not available for the playoff run? I would hate to think we just lost Pyatt or Zaborsky that fast.

    27. czechthemout!!!!! on

      just came back from aruba,wanted to chime in a little.
      first,thrilled with the post season appearence,can’t wiat for game one.i wanted to give out my regular season grades on the players still with the team regardless of games played.here it goes.

      lundquist-A started off a little bit rusty but came around big time when nneded most.would have been a+ if he played same way all year.

      weeks/valliquette-D not much playing time for either,in effective when they played.

      rozy-B+ was really good most of the year.cleaned up alot of malik’s errors.

      malik-D+ was brutal most of the games he played,should pay rozy part of his paycheck.he may have had only a dozen or so games that he played well in.very disapointing.

      tytin-B his play was very un even first part of the season,then got better and better.would have been an A with more consistancy.

      girardi-A was a revelation with his play after being called up.one of the most consistant players on the team.maybe had
      one bad game all year.

      mara-B+ was a great aquisition by sather at the deadline.made us all forget the horrid play of a.ward.wolud have been an A if he played in more games.

      pock-B was abused by renney most of the year even though he out played both rachunek and malik when in the lineup.has improved his play with every game,is a player who will never be a star,but will score 12 to 15 goals and add 30assts every year if given the chance.

      rachunek-C very inconsisant,was very good in some games,bad to very bad in most.more of a liability on the d than pock.would not resign next year.

      jagr-B played hurt first half of the year .but still at times looked disintrested and lazy.much better after the team made the changes that have turned the season around.not a good leader in my opinion,can not inspire the team.however he says that he is now healthy.if true look for him to have a huge playoffs.

      nylander-b+ was good and consistant most of the year.had a career year.would be an A if he would shoot more and stop the ice capades.

      straka-A was consistantly outstanding every game until his shoulder injury.would have been a career year if not for that and would than have desereved an A+.

      hossa-C was awfull most of the first half,better in the second half.if he can play like he did before he got hurt,he will be a major part of the team.

      shitsbister-D- enough said.

      avery-A++ co team mvp along with the king.his trade could go down as the anti rick middleton deal.

      shany-A- a true leader,was great in the first half,only pretty good in the second before renney wore him out and the injury.

      cullen-B- very poor in the first half of the season.i blame renney on that as much as cullen.toatly misused.should have been number three center and power play point man from the start of the season.is much better now.

      prucha-B another player misused by renney.despite that,still scored 22 goals.is a spark plug and gives his all every shift.i look for big things from him in the playoffs.

      callahan-A 30g 40asst man.was a huge spark when he was called up late in the season.tough and gritty type of player who shines come playoffs.renney should have called him up months ago,he would have solved part of our offensive issues.

      betts-B he is good at what he does on the ice and that is why i gave him such a good grade.but i think he is easily replacable by some one like tom pyatt next year.

      orts-C+ he gives his all when he is out there every shift, but he is too one dinensional to get a higher mark from me.

      hollweg-D+ see orts.

      orr-D seeorts and hollweg

      renney-D he is the reason we “only” had 94 pts this year.a good coach can steal a half a dozen or so games evry year.a bad one does the opposite.he is another one who owes a piece of his paycheck to several players on the team most of all to the king.the one thing about renney that was consistant was his misuse of players,his stubborn streak about using young players,and his poor in game coaching dicisions.he will cost us a play off series this year and than hopefully be let go so that we can bring a coach in here who has the killer instinct needed to take the next step.and also we nned a coach who is not afraid to play young players and hold lazy vets accountable by benching them when needed instead of pock.

      sather-A this was probably his best season as gm in many years!!.not only did he fix some of the mistakes he made during the off season,he actually dramatically improved the quality of the team and the chemistry that is so important in a team sport like hockey.good job slats!! finally!!where have you been all these years?


    28. Malik's laser guided poke check on

      Renney F

      Jagr C+
      Straka B-
      Nylander B
      Shanahan B
      Avery A+
      Prucha B
      Betts C+
      Malik D+
      Cullen B-
      Rozsival B
      Rachunek B-
      Pock B-
      Mara B
      Tyutin B
      Strudwick D+
      Callahan A
      Lundqvist A
      Weekes B-
      Valiquette C+
      Hollweg B-
      Ortmeyer B+
      Orr C+
      Hossa B-
      Girardi A
      Isbister C

    29. Malik's laser guided poke check on

      Roche is probably gone, the other 3 will probably sign. Kveton and Zaborsky are Rangers property for another year anyway. I can’t imagine them not signing Pyatt.

    30. czechthemout!!!!! on

      Malik’s laser guided poke check –

      pyatt is already signed to an nhl contract.

    31. Malik's laser guided poke check on

      “pyatt is already signed to an nhl contract.”

      weird, why would he need an ATO then?

    32. Fruity Cupcake on

      An allusion to one of the greatest stories Esquire ever published? LOVE it! Although had you titled it “Jaromir Jagr Has A Cold” it would have the same beat as “Frank Sinatra…” An A for effort for Sam :-)

      Speaking of old-time classics, anyone in the press corps call Shanny “Shecky?” Very funny revenue comment!

      MAN, I wish it was Thursday!!! Thank goodness for this and other swell blogs to read others’ thoughts on the Rangers until the puck is dropped.

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