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Wow, the playoffs really are different. And to think, today I actually brought my lunch.

Meanwhile, Jaromir Jagr is not on the ice for practice. I don’t know why but I’ll update later.

Good to be back….

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  1. Well, I’m sitting here…logged onto… watching the clock creep closer and closer to noon so I can have a shot at getting 4 tickets to the home opener next Tuesday!
    Can’t wait!!!!


    Beyond all that give me a fattie fat girl and a Rangers-Pens conference finals and I’m all set!

  3. Salty Sausage Nips on

    While I don’t care for Imus….I’ve heard much worse from guys I do like….

    Overreaction, to say the least.

    Calhob, good call on the ticketbastard reminder, almost forgot to try myself.

  4. went on at exactly noon with a ridiculously fast internet connection and couldn’t get playoff tickets to any round anywhere in the garden. Ticketmaster is rigged for scalpers.


  5. Ticketmaster is a freakin scam. I’m telling you, I had the fastest internet around and couldn’t get them EXACTLY at noon. BS

  6. Salty Sausage Nips on

    Yeah d00die, kinda seems like bullshit to me…..absolutely no sporting chance of scoring a pair on ticketbastard…..f*cks.

  7. They hold alot back for presales, promoters, etc. Check the days leading up to the games. There are almost always drops in the days leading up to events.

  8. Salty Sausage Nips on

    RUMOR: Jagr wasn’t on the ice cause he was busy stuck on ticketmaster website trying to get tix for his mother.

  9. I don’t think I could ever find myself on the side of Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson about anything. Both are racists who have made lots of racially-based nasty comments.

    However, I took a different approach to Imus’s comments.

    Suppose you are one of those girls. Since you were little, basketball has been your passion. You have worked your entire life for this moment in the spotlight…reaching almost as high as women’s basketball can bring you. You have sacrificed a lot to get there, including dates, going out, and have kept your body in its best shape devoted to basketball.

    You finally get to that pinacle….that spotlight. And some man on NATIONAL radio reduces you to someone known for the color of your skin, the texture of your hair, and an immoral lifestyle. This is broadcast throughout the whole nation. Everyone is laughing at you, at first.

    It would be a tough thing for anyone to hear about themselves.

    I’d like to see Imus retire. I don’t watch him anyway. had it bee Sean Hannity that said it, or Bill O’Reilly, there would not be talk of a “two week punishment”. It would be significantly worse.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s OK fellas. Try and look at the bright side: You won’t be watching the game next to a fan that think they should recall Kasparaitis and Ozolinsh because Girardi and Pock are too inexperienced. Beer is cheaper and there won’t be any lines to take a whiz. Best of all, you’ll have 90+ dollars in your pocket to buy some pizzas or wings or somethin and have all of your buddies over because they couldnt get tickets either. Best of all, you’ll have a night at home without your girlfriends, wives, children, etc. nagging the shit out of you, because they’ll know that you’re so pissed that you couldn’t get tickets, you’ll FLIP if they even think of disturbing you.

  11. Ticketmaster is a huge crock…I was on 4 comps at the same time at 12..Got 1 ticket in sect 412 for 2nd round 2nd game.

    I was on the phone as well with them and were told that all games sold out at 12:15…not even singles.

    Meanwhile, Atlanta tickets in ATL are on sale on EBAY now for 30 bucks a pop!

    Anyone wanna charter a flight?

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    You’ll notice there are two best of alls; I couldn’t decide which was better.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    next season I’m buying a micro plan, I saw those people got to buy tickets at 9 AM today.

  14. Don’t bet on the presales either. I tried to get a few extras via a presale yesterday and couldn’t get squat.

    You really need season tickets. This is exactly why I have them.

  15. Salty Sausage Nips on

    We’ll also get to watch the down and dirty replays at home….Nothing like that playoff buzz in the air though. Nothing.

  16. Matt is 100% correct when he says to check Ticketbastard in the days leading up to the games, and especially ON the day of the game. (This holds true for all “sold out” events, not just hockey games.) Lots of suits, executives and media members wind up not using their tickets, but they don’t inform MSG until the last minute, and then they’re put back into the Ticketbastard pool.

    I easily got tickets to Game 3 last year about two hours before the game over the Internet, and another one on the morning of Game 4. I’ve been doing this for concerts and sporting events for years, and I’m pretty much batting a thousand.

  17. Lurker

    Thanks for the tip

    I call Ticketmaster in San Jose

    Less traffic and it usually works-

    Why are we giving away our secrets :)

  18. The rumor of Jagr’s “injury” better just be BS….. Sam please verify this asap.

  19. thanks for the info lurker. i’m was gettin pissed i even opted for the $1G tickets to see if there would even be any…NOTHING! anyway, i’ll wait and try again.

  20. ticketmaster has nothing to do with it, the tickets were gone that quickly…a LARGE percentage of the garden are season tickets and those people all got to buy their seats weeks ago and then there were atleast 2 presales. tickets were gone by the time they went on sale to the general public but thats not ticketmasters fault.

    you can get tickets on stubhub for 4-6 times face value

  21. Try Craigslist too…But always meet in person and get HARD tixx.

    TicketFast can be a huge scam due to multiple copies sold-

  22. Getting them from a company is the way to go. My mom’s company buys group Rangers tickets all year, and she always manages to snag playoff tickets for me. (Well, I shouldn’t say always, considering the long drought, but you get the point).

    I’ll be in sec 325 on Tuesday night :)

  23. BlueClue – I was thinking the same thing about “giving away our secrets,” but since I already have tickets to Games 3 and 4, I figured I should spread the wealth. :)

    You don’t have to believe me, but you can almost definitely get a ticket on the day of the game through Ticketbastard. It happens ALL the time.

  24. Salty Sausage Nips on

    “My mom’s company buys group Rangers tickets all year”

    Hmm….we’re gonna need pics of this so-called mom of yours…pronto.

  25. Michael April 10th, 2007 at 12:28 pm
    Enough with the political garbage.

    Michael, do you need to control what people post?

  26. Salty Sausage Nips April 10th, 2007 at 12:29 pm
    RE: Imus & Nappy Headed Ho’s
    It was humor, not hate. Big difference.

    Salty Sausage Nips,

    would you find it funny if your daughter was on the team?

  27. Salty Sausage Nips on

    “would you find it funny if your daughter was on the team?”

    I wouldn’t find it *funny* either way, it was a bad joke, by a bad DJ, *reaching* for a laugh. That’s all it was. Imus is terrible.

    People are too sensitive today, and that soft skin is only encouraged by taking a chump like Imus and making great big news out of it. If Imus called me out personally and called me a short greasy Italian, sure it might rub me the wrong way….but it’s my place to either GIVE him him the attention for that or not. It’s my place to take it and not make a big f*cking deal out of getting my chops busted. Not a big Imus fan but its my understanding that he’s somewhat of a shock jock himself…..guy gets paid to be controversial, no? Again, humor over hate.

    Have you ever heard Opie & Anthony? Those guys make Imus look like Malcolm Luther X….

    So to answer your question, if Imus called my daughter a nappy ho….I’d probably turn the dial. People are acting like this is the first time in history someone has busted on someone on the radio….have you heard of Stern or O&A? I dunno….I guess I just learned to have a thick skin instead of crying about name calling.


  28. Salty Sausage Nips on

    PS before any of you Napsters get excited, “Malcolm Luther X” was a joke


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