Back full-time tomorrow, but in the meantime…


Back from Augusta this afternoon, I see I am again chasing other people’s tail lights. At least here I have an excuse, having been knee deep in azalaeas for the better part of a week.

Anyway, John Dellapina is “reporting on his blog”: that the Rangers have locked up Thomas Pock for a two-year deal worth $1.33 million. This is good news for those who want to see the Rangers invest in their young assets; and somewhat surprising news given that Pock had been underutilized earlier in the year, and may have been able to fetch some more tempting offers elsewhere. But Pock has come into his own in recent weeks, and the Rangers apparently didn’t want to lose him.

Meanwhile, one last curious nugget before I go. Last Wednesday, my stellar fill-in Josh Thomson received some abuse on this site for not posting an earlier update that day. There are a couple of reasons why this was ill-advised. For one, Josh did a phenomenal job filling in for me, to the point that I wonder if I can match up now that I’m back.

But here’s the real kicker: last Wednesday was the day Josh was in the process of getting engaged, so for at least one day, catching you up to speed on Fedor Tyutin’s knee probably wasn’t a priorirty.

Well done, Josh, and congratulations. Us pathetic married guys are happy to welcome you to the fraternity….

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  1. congrats Josh ..

    and to those how b & m …. remember that this is a FREE blog … you are not subjected to advertising and this is done at a volume at the discretion of the writer .. this (I believe) is above and beyond their column inch job requirement.

    So in the words of someone immortal .. if you don’t have something nice to say .. Shut the ….. Up ;-)

  2. Josh was great and the majority of us appreciate all that he did. Welcome back Sam.

  3. Sam, what is Prucha’s and Lundqvist’s contract situations at the end of the year? I know Lundqvist will get a big contract, but I hope Prucha does as well. What do you think?

  4. Josh – great job in Sam’s absence – you’re welcome back anytime. Congrats on the engagement.

    Sam – is this your 1st hockey road trip out of the local areas? And welcome back!

  5. Josh,

    Congrats on your sentence LOL ! You did an admirable job in Sam’s absence.

    Not worth worrying about what a few rotten apples have to say anyway.

  6. Josh,

    You did a great job in your coverage. Whether it is hockey or girls basketball (what a weird combination) you get the needed facts out there to us, which I appreciate. Good luck in taking the plunge.

    Welcome back Sam. I am happy to hear Pock resigned with the Rangers, but who knows. He may be right back in the same position next year.

  7. Josh did good, but it’s nice to have such a wordsmith in you back, Sam. Why take Madonna’s children’s books when you can read Leaves of Grass?

  8. Anything that is contributed to this site by Sam or Josh is very much appreciated. They don’t deserve any abuse due to their opinion, time of postings, and so forth. This is the first site I check everyday and a site that I check 5 or more times per day. This is the best Rangers blog on the net in my opinion and they don’t go into what songs they may know from the 60’s or 70’s like some other writer does. Thanks for the great work guys!!


  9. Yeah, that abuse was asinine and I hope it didn’t give Josh pause about contributing here. You both do us a favor by keeping up this blog and most of us really appreciate it. Great work all year long. Hope your editors know you’re bringing in a lot of readers from across the country to their web site who would never be seeing the Journal News otherwise.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  10. Congrats to Josh and he did do an outstanding job filling in and we are grateful for all that he provided to us. Anyone that wants to claim otherwise doesnt understand the courtesy being provided to us.

    Thanks to Sam, Josh and the LoHud Crew.
    Let’s Go Rangers!!
    Greg C

  11. in reference to the boys having so much time off, jed was at the trenton titans’ (the echl team his brother, jake, plays for) first playoff game tonight. as was lou lamoriello. it was an interesting cast of characters.

  12. In reference to the boys having so much time off, Jed was at the Trenton Titans’ (the echl team his brother, Jake, plays for) first playoff game tonight. As was Lou Lamoriello. It was an interesting cast of characters.

    Go Blueshirts!

  13. Salty Throbber on


    congrats…..FWIW…busting chops became more of a joking/ribbing after a while on weds…i dont think too many people were ser about it.


    haha thanks again, nice job

  14. D-Man, are those minor league salaries what they make, or what they would make in the NHL?

    And how did we end up burdened with Ozo for this full year? What’s up there?

  15. GuitarWizard on

    Chris F-

    Contrary to popular belief, even if someone is injured, they still get counted towards the cap.

  16. GuitarWizard,

    Never has a man made so much for so little. Okay, maybe not “never,” but you get understand. Thanks.

  17. GuitarWizard on

    Just imagine if someone like Forsberg got hurt the first preseason game and didn’t play another game all year… His $5.75M would be there against the cap.

  18. pretty sure we could have claimed disability on ozolinsh and not been charged fully but the powers didnt do anything, no harm no foul i guess

  19. Ozolinsh’s salary should have subtract dollars from our as long as he was playing, seeing as though he was A)losing games at an alarming rate and B)was preventing any other team on the planet from making the colassal mistake of starting this guy on the blueline.

  20. ozo bs’ed his way to the injured reserve instead of hartford to screw the team. That is why he counted on our payroll and against our cap all season

  21. Neil Katcher on

    Does anyone know anything about Jordan Owens, a recent Wolfpack signing (signed when they Kveton was signed). He played for Mississauga in the OHL, the last 3 seasons.

  22. Congratulations Josh! There are some people who post on this blog who do nothing but complain. Nothing is good enough for them. They know it all,or so they think. There are a few who by their tone you can tell they think they are above the rest of us. Arrogant would be the word i’d use to descibe them. They want to tell the coach how to coach,the players how to play, and you guys how and when to write. Everyones entitled to their opinion but,some of them need to remember that they are just commenting on a hockey blog not running the show.

  23. josh you made it to the 1st of 3 rings, next is the wedding ring, then the suffer-ring;) enjoy!

  24. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    Pock signing makes very little sense for both Pock and for the Rangers.

    Rangers have a lot of better and younger defensemen in the system: Girardi, Liffiton, Baranka, Lampman, Potter, Taylor, Staal, Sauer, Reese, etc.

    and Pock know he will not get a very good chance here.

    Or is he supposed to be some trade bait or are they finally buying out Malik?

  25. onecupin67years on

    Josh, Good Luck ,don’t give in an inch or your balls will be hers.I wouldn’t get married again but what do I know ,I root for the rangers.

  26. GuitarWizard,

    Thanks for that site ( I have been looking for a site like that for a long time. Good to see we owe Malik another 2.5 Mil for next season…….

  27. Jordan Owens is a six-foot and 180 pound LW who has played three years in juniors. In 60 games with Mississauga. he scored 32 goals and 42 assists with 51 PIM and a Plus-17. He was selected as the OHL’s most underrated player and the second best defensive forward in the OHL.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    MLGPC, I think you underrate Pock. I’ll compare him to all of the defensemen you’ve listed:

    1) Girardi: I’m not arguing here, he’s a stud.

    2) Liffiton: I think he’ll mature into a solid 3-4 stay at home defenseman. I think he still needs a little positioning work and learning to keep his intensity every night. One more season in Hartford won’t kill him, but at the same time, I wouldn’t mind seeing him as our 5-6 man instead of Malik.

    3) Baranka: After a strong camp he’s been very disappointing in Hartford this season.

    4) Lampman: AHL lifer.

    5) Potter: Has at least one more season at the AHL level.

    6) Taylor: Has struggled to even stay on the Pack. I doubt he ever sees the NHL.

    7) Staal: He’s a stud, but he’s going to be better than ALL of the D-men on the Rangers, so the comparison isn’t fair when applied only to Pock.

    8) Reese: At least a whole season in Hartford.

    9) Sauer, Sanguinetti, etc.: None of these guys are going to be able to jump straight from juniors. Only a stud like Staal is doing that. These guys have at least one season in Hartford. I think Sanguinetti might not be old enough to play in Hartford next season, so I think he’s still got a year of juniors in front of him.

    So none of the guys behind Pock in the depth chart are really a threat to him. It’s the six in front of him (Malik, Rozi, Girardi, Mara, Rachunek, Tyutin) that are the threat.

  29. The funny thing is that if Rachunek is ready to play either Thursday or at some point against Atlanta, Pock will be the guy to sit!

  30. Josh,

    Congratulations on the enagement and great job filling in for Sam. You guys truly a provide a great service. To fully appreciate it, maybe a little perspective is in order. Back in the days before the internet and Center Ice, a Ranger fan living outside the NYC area was totally screwed. I had to resort to reading week-old NYC papers and sitting in my car on cold winter nights trying to tune in to constantly fading/static filled broadcasts of games on A.M. radio. Don’t mean to sound like Grandpa describing how he had to walk four miles to school in barefeet, but some of these negative posters need a reality check. Going from where we were to getting post-practice reports within an hour or so is truly remarkable.

  31. Smart move to tie up Pock. He’s shown that he can log top 6 minutes, play the right side as well as the left side, and contribute on the PP. By accepting the deal and not testing the market, he acknowledges that he needs work in his own zone.

    Even with Staal’s anticipated arrival next year, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see the Rangers make a play for Souray. He might be a big ticket item, but by buying out Kaspar and Ozolinsh (and letting Weekes walk), and the Cap being increased, there should be ample funds to bring him in. Sure would give the PP a different wrinkle and add toughness to a very passive D corps.

  32. Renney is quoted today in Newsday saying he has to know Hossa is 100% to play b/c this is the playoffs, if not he mite as well be zero. But then he says Rachunek will probably miss the beginning of the first round, but he wouldnt be surprised to see him in it.

    Now how could Rachunek possibly be up to game speed and ready to jump in at game 3 or 4? I think it would be a big mistake to put in Rachunek at all, but he is one of Renneys boys, so Pock will have to get a better look from the press box in all likelihood

  33. As I mentioned yesterday here I think, Pock has done a solid job and deserves a contract. But once Rachy is back, he has the playoff experience. Pock has played 15 games in the NHL. He is just not ready for the different world that is playoff hockey.

    I agree with Doodie on the D prospects. Aside from Staal, everyone else has to prove that they are worthy of the Blueshirts D. Someone above mentioned Souray as a target for the Blueshirts’ Blueline but I was hearing he is like 99% done for the LA Kings next year. But we could use a stud veteran D to shore up the blueline next year. Malik and Strudwick should be sent packing. Trade Malik for someone, something, a used puckbag or a zamboni, I don’t care.


  34. Rick- I would not be suprised if the Rangers make a play, but word is Souray wants to go out west. I guess he really wants LA.

  35. Congratulations and belated happy birthday Josh! You did a great job covering for Sam – there will always be someone who complains. Welcome back Sam – see you at the game! Hope your boy Malik has a great playoff!;-)P

  36. Thanks and congrats Josh. Be prepared for the onslaught that is a woman preparing for a wedding..!!

    For anything to open up for Pock (or Staal) next year either we have to move someone or not sign Rachunek and play someone on their not preferred side (Raccoon is a RFA i think).
    Obviously most Ranger fans (including me) want Malik to be gone as he is the most obvious in terms of poor play and being a lefty. However, Staal is also a lefty so barring injuries this means more competition for Pock even if Malik is a goner.
    Personally i think Toots, Girardi, Mara and Roszy are locks for next year, Rachunek could be in there is he gets back to his play just before injury and not the early part of the season, and Pock and Staal shold be too. I hope Glen and Donnie get something good for Malikstein…

    Bring on the play-offs. Lets Go Rangers!!

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    Does anyone think that Renney’s job could be in jeopardy if they are swept or out in 5 this year? He had a lot of good excuses as for last year (Devils being ON FIRE, Jags’ shoulder injury, Henrik’s Migraines, no PO vets), but all of those aren’t really applicable this time. Management made it clear from the offseason they expected some PO improvement by bringing in PO tested vets Shanny, Cullen, and Ward. If they flounder again, do you think he’s on his way out?

  38. I think Renney’s job is pretty secure as far as the organization is concerned. If you take what the team was able to accomplish this season that alone will be enough for him to keep his job.

  39. Pock and Mara can both play the right side, so don’t forget about that. Pock played the right side in Hartford all of last year and also played there this year with the rangers.

  40. reginald dunlop on

    Haven’t you guys been watching lately? ……..Pock has been way more solid than Girardi, natural for him to tail off……his D zone coverage has been lacking and getting beat to the puck in his zone, maybe shying from the hit a little? watch him closely

  41. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    Lampan is almost a Pock clone, only faster and more prone to injuries.

    Baranka had some bad luck with injuries.

    Staal, Potter, Baranka and Liffiton are probably ready for NHL next season.

    Pock hasn’t impressed me much, he is not very fast, not very physical, not very good defensively and not that great offensively. I don’t even see him as better than Rachunek, who is a much harder hitter and better skater. Baranka, Ptter or Liffiton would be an upgrade over Pock. I don’t get why they signed him for 2 years. Hopefully they package him with Betts or Immonen to get Lundqvist’s twin.

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