Rangers playoff schedule


Here it is, y’all.

I’m still in Georgia, but will be back Tuesday, before coming back here on Thursday.

Note that the networks listed are just the national broadcasts.

Until later…

*Thursday, April 12 7:00 p.m. NY Rangers at Atlanta TSN*

*Saturday, April, 14 3:00 p.m. NY Rangers at Atlanta NBC, TSN*

*Tuesday, April, 17 7:00 p.m. Atlanta at NY Rangers TSN*

*Wednesday, April, 18 7:00 p.m. Atlanta at NY Rangers TSN*

*Friday, April, 20 TBD NY Rangers at Atlanta TSN*

*Sunday, April 22 1:00 p.m. Atlanta at NY Rangers NBC, TSN*

*Monday, April, 23 7:00 p.m. NY Rangers at Atlanta VERSUS, TSN*

(Game 5 through 7 only if necessary)

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  1. Well, Augusta produces the odd champion every now and then. Art Wall, Doug Ford, Tommy Armour, Larry Mize, Zach Johnson….

    Here’s hoping ATL is so overjoyed at finally making the post-season that their hunger to win is compromised. I like the Rangers in 6, but it ain’t gonna be easy.

    Repost: The Devils are done. Tampa Bay in 5. You read it here first. I only hope we’re not wishing we drew NJ ten days from now.

  2. God I hate living in Connecticut with Cox Cable and without MSG. Looks like three games, if that, for me.

  3. So if you live in NYC you better hope we win this series in 6, as TWC doesn’t offer VS HD and they have the exclusive for game 7.

    Seeing as game 1 (among others) will be televised by MSG, anyone know if they will give us the game in HD? I’m really hoping this will be the case.

  4. Sam or Josh (or anyone else who might know),
    This is the 3 vs 6 series. Assuming we win, which series winner would we face in Round 2? 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, or 4 vs 5?

  5. LI Den.

    It depends on who wins. Basically, the teams are reseeded.

    Buffalo = 1
    NJ = 2
    Atlanta = 3
    Ott = 4
    Pitt = 5
    NYR = 6
    TB = 7
    NYI = 8

    In the second round, the highest seed plays the lowest – and the middle two play each other. Maybe combos are possible, but I’ll use my own first round predictions as an example.

    Buffalo, NJ, Ott, and NYR will win. That’s 1,2,4, and 6. In which case NYR would play Buffalo and NJ would play Ottawa.

    If Buffalo, Ott, NYR, and Tampa win, that’s 1,4,6, and 7. In which case Buffalo plays Tampa and NYR plays Ottawa.

  6. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but with the way the Dev’s have been playing lately I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Tampa beats them. WHEN the Rangers defeat Atlanta they will hopefully not have to face Buffalo.

  7. This might be looking too far into the future; the series with ATL will be tough but IF we succeed it’s probably a good thing the Islanders are playing Buff. Buff will win, but I think the Icelanders will bang them around quite a bit.

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    MikeA, are you serious?

    All the Isles will do is give them a headache with the whining of Witt, Hill, and Nolan as the Sabres skate around on the frozen tears of players from a classless joke of a franchise.

    Buffalo in 5.
    Tampa in 7.
    Rangers in 6.
    Ottawa and Pittsburgh, I don’t know.

    I really think the Rangers will play Ottawa or Pittsburgh.

  9. C’mon mike. Don’t defeat my ultra-positivity. I use it only to counteract statements like this…”I only hope we’re not wishing we drew NJ ten days from now.”

  10. Thank goodness I’ll be able to see the games, I looked it up and they will air them on MSG also except the ones NBC has.

  11. Yea. It’s probably only a matter of time before they try to charge us extra for MSG again.

  12. Hopefully Ottawa gets used to be short handed real fast. The pens get ridiculous penalties called in their favor.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    repost from last thread:

    I saw the Pack get a big win tonight over the River Rats. They looked great. But I actually wanted to comment on one player form Albany: Jakub Petruzalek. He looked TERRIBLE. Completely lost at all times. Finished the game a -2. I know it’s hard to judge a player on one game, but man, he was AWFUL.

    Addition to the repost:

    Considering how important Isbister was down the stretch when Hossa went down, it’s beginning to look like another great trade this season for Sather. I think he made a bunch of stinkers the past few years in order to lull rival GMs into a sense of confidence when dealing with him, and then he just swindled everyone he dealt with this season.

  14. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Martyd, its amazing you, myself, and Dave Maloney (who I actually really enjoyed on the MSG color commentary) all noticed that.

  15. Martyd,

    I think many people notice that and many are now wondering how this will play itself out in the playoffs.

    Let’s hope the refs are fair. I hope nothing has come down from the NHL about protecting the Pens. Let them play.

  16. I’m used to hearing Maloney on radio, so I’m used to his idiosyncracies, but he was amazing during that Pittsburgh game. It was nice to discover that his radio stuff carries over nicely to the TV.

  17. I likes Maloney myself. He so knowledgable and analysis the game so well. Its almost like taking a class in hockey sometimes. Hes usually right about the pregame keys to the game too. Michallette is more entertaining, but Maloney is more interesting. I like them both. Put them both in the booth make it a 3 man team.

  18. Is there any truth to the rumor that Thomas Pock has signed or agreed to a 2 year deal?

  19. Sidney and his Pens are definetly protected and it is disgusting to watch their games because everytime you look at Crosby you get a penalty. That is why I call him the NHL’s bit**. Avery was pushing Crosby around and also told him a few other choice words and crosby looked at the refs, and that did it for me. I knew right then and there that crosby and his pens are going far because the refs are their mommies who don’t want to see their precious ooys get hurt.

    I hope Ottawa wins that series….somehow, but more importantly.


  20. The trades have worked well for the Rangers but I am not sure he swindled anybody. They potentially gave up a lot for Avery (who the kings wanted to get rid of) if Cliche turns out to be a good player and Marek ever comes over(tho he doesn’t seem to want to); Mara for Ward was both teams trading underperforming defenseman; dupuis trade was atlanta getting rid of a former first rounder who has reportedly been out of shape and underachieving since being drafted; as far as ibister trade goes, i heard a very disturbing rumor the other day which i hope isn’t true which is that sather offered jessiman for isbister but carolina turned him down. even if that is not true, isbister has worse hands than ort and hollweig so the fact that we traded anyone for him is upsetting.

    not saying the trades havent worked out, but Sather didn’t really fool anyone out there. Every player he got was a player the original team wanted to move

  21. hopefully there won’t be a game 7. Versus doesn’t have HD on Time Warner in NYC which SUCKS. Hockey is the best sport in HD by FAR

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    “Every player he got was a player the original team wanted to move”

    Pete, that may be so, but we gave up nothing that is of value to THE OTHER TEAM on each trade. I’ll explain:

    1) Ward is locker room cancer and we got a good return. Boston had no incentive to make that deal other than Mara hadn’t been playing well. Well, neither had been Ward! Not to mention all of the rumors that had been circulating at the time about Ward causing trouble on the team. There was no reason for Boston to have accepted that deal. Somehow we convinced them to do so, and you’ll notice that before the trade, Boston was still in the hunt, but then after the trade, they went 5-13-2 in their last 20 games.

    2) Avery trade. We gave them Jason Ward. Marek is never coming to the US. He’s 25 years old and has never really even tried to come to America. Cliche is at least 3 years away, and even then, he’s just another 3rd or 4th line depth player. Two Jason Wards for Sean Avery is a steal and a half. Ward was so valuable to them that he lasted there for all of 7 games. Not to mention we freed ourselves of some dead weight.

    3) Dupuis trade may haunt us because he’s a good penalty killer. But really, we didn’t need him, he’s UFA at the end of the season, and we got a grade A prospect in return. So he was underachieving in the ATL farm system. Big deal. Their farm system sucks. I’m confident that Jimmy S will turn him into a solid player. He somehow has turned sure-fire bust Hugh Jessiman into a potentially good player! A 1st rounder who is still developing For a UFA penalty killer. Let’s not forget what this trade actually is: Dom Moore for Bourret. I’d make that trade 10 times out of 10.

  23. Two sets of potential back-to-back games???? That is crazy. I know it has to do with arena availability, but the Hawks and Knicks do not play on those second day of back-to-back games. No other series has one set of back-to-backs nevermind two.

  24. @Minusthebux
    he is quoted with it in almost all austrian newspapers, its also on the official site from the austrian hockey association.
    but no further details about money, trade clauses etc.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Wow, if thats true, Pock is dumber than I thought.

    LI Joe, 3rd rounder for a first rounder. Again, a no brainer. Not to mention that this year’s draft isn’t a very good one, both in terms of upper echelon talent and depth.

  26. Devils in 4
    Rangers in 6
    Buffalo in 4
    Pitt in 7

    Nice job by the NHL putting all three NY markets on at the same time. Great way to maximize the NYC market!

  27. Doodie – obviously a 1st rd pick is more than a 3rd. my pt was IF Atl really think Bourret is a bust would they try to get a 3rd rd pick for him. Would the Rangers trade Jessiman for a 3rd rd pick – some would say they should.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    LI Joe: Like I said, I agreed with Pete’s comment that the other teams were looking to unload, but my point was that we took advantage of those teams and gave them almost nothing in return.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Does anyone have any links for the Pock resigning?

    Also, Josh, you need to get on top of this one.

  30. Doodie good rebuttals on the trades.

    Sather is a dick but his last few moves have been good. The minors are looking good.

    We have plenty of young Dmen with Potential, they of course need 1st line scorers then again who does not except Buffalo….

  31. doodie i hear ur points and well noted. i’m just hesitant to give sather that much credit and avery is clearing exceeding the expectations of fans/management. I mean no one could have predicted he would have played this well and matured (amongst his own teammates at least) so rapidly after being traded. bourret could still turn into a productive player but he does not look like the player who was scoring 40+ goals in juniors. i hope he works out but could easily be another ward/hossa ie a kid who was drafted first round but plays like 4/5th rounder ie a third line player, which we have an abundance of in our system

  32. If I were the GM, and thank God I’m not, I think that regardless of what happens you trade Avery in the offseason because his value will never be higher. I guarantee you he wears out his welcome here sooner rather than later. A leopard never changes his spots! Avery is a ticking time bomb! Don’t be surprised to see this guy do something really stupid in the playoffs that costs us BIG!

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I tried to post the google translation of the Austrian Hockey Association report, but it’s “awaiting moderation.” Here’s what the translation says:

    Thomas Pöck draws also in the future its circles on Broadway. The Kärntner defender extended its contract with the New York Rangers by two Jahhre. The team player stands since 2004 with the Blueshirts under contract and provided directly with its debut against Pittsburgh with a gate for sensation.
    This year Pöck came in 44 plays on 4 gates and 4 Assists and qualified themselves with the Rangers for the Playoffs. First opponent at the way to the Stanley Cup are starting from Thursday the Atlanta Thrashers.

    I’m guessing (not exactly going out on a limb on these) that Jahhre is years and gates is goals.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Sean, you’re just jealous that you have the same first name but he’s on the team and has a *hot* girlfriend.

  35. Very funny Doodie!!

    More importantly, I agree with Larry Brooks that it is time to get rid of the four on four. What I would really like to see is the shootout and the four on four scrapped all together and just do it like the playoffs. Play 20 minute sudden death overtimes. Have a Win and Loss column and that’s it. I know quite a few marginal fans who think it is just too confusing the way it is done now. I know it is simple to most of us. But the NHL needs to attract fans by making things more fan-friendly. Although the shootout is exciting, it diminishes the sport a bit.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    Sean, I’m not against those ideas, but I think the problem with that is that the season is already very brutal. Imagine if everytime a game was tied they had to play for another 20-30 minutes to decide it. The players wouldn’t make it to the playoffs.

  37. Sean wrote:

    Sean April 9th, 2007 at 1:00 pm
    If I were the GM, and thank God I’m not, I think that regardless of what happens you trade Avery in the offseason because his value will never be higher. I guarantee you he wears out his welcome here sooner rather than later. A leopard never changes his spots! Avery is a ticking time bomb! Don’t be surprised to see this guy do something really stupid in the playoffs that costs us BIG!>

    Is he under contract for next year? Honestly, I did not think of this, but you may have a point…..I know he said something about getting a fresh start and his trade value is VERY high….NYC can be a place where he can get himself into a lot of trouble.

    I don’t know if I agree, just yet…….but it was a very interesting and intelligent post. I am enjoy those rather than just juvenile fan rantings. Like a response: What are you an idiot? the guy rocks!… that sort of thing.

    I think learning more about why they got rid of him, what kind of trouble is he prone towards…etc…would help.

    great post. Caused me to stop and think.

  38. Yeah, I see your point. Maybe they could test it out in the AHL for a season and see how the players react.

  39. Seamus thanks very much. I’m very apprehensive about commenting on blogs because of all the flames. Glad to see I didn’t get any flames….yet!

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Seamus, Avery’s biggest problem in LA is that he hated playing for a loser. He started in Detroit, and got very used to a highly winning and succesful culture. I mean, this goes back to something I had hear about Avery and Shanahan last season. The Kings were playing the Wings and Shanny went over to the Kings bench and told Avery to stop complaining to him about how bad his team sucks and how he wants to get out of there. I’m only telling half of the story, but if that part were true(that Avery complained about how bad his team was), I’m glas he’s here. Someone that won’t settle for mediocrity.

    Also, Avery is RFA.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Sean, I think that if you don’t want to split points (although, football has ties, so I don’t understand why most mainstreamers can’t understand it), they should just do what they do now but have it be wins and losses, 2 pts or 0 pts.

    Alternatively, what they could do is make a regulation win worth 3 pts, and keep the OT/SO split the same. That will see less games go to OT because teams will be motivated for the extra point they can get for a regulation win.

    Other suggestions:

    Maybe you could keep the shootout but make the OT a little bit longer than 5 mins.

    3 on 3 OT instead of 4 on 4.

    Two man advantage PPs – in other words, if you take a penalty, you go down two men instead of one.

    No icing or offsides in OT

    Goalies can’t go behind the net in OT.

    Instead of creating the mythical 3 pt game, create the mythical 1 pt game for shootouts, where the winning team gets only 1 pt and the loser gets none. That’ll encourage more games to end in OT.

    Man, it’s fun thinking of these.

  42. All these new suggestions on OT, 3-3’s, 2 man advantages etc… are starting to sound like a bad tricked out hockey video game.

    Althouh the game is still evolving, changes IMO should be very subtle and kept to a minimum-

  43. Sean
    I don’t agree about Avery. He has the combination of skill and toughness that is rare in the NHL these days. He has been a major contributor to the team this year, he works hard and obviously really cares for his teammates and about winning. Most impressive is his ability to make really good offensive plays. He also has a hell of wrister. His mouth is a tool on the ice and so far he has been utilizing it effectively. I have seen no indication that he will do anything to jeopardize the success of the team, and every indication that he has played within the bounds set for him by Renney and co. Getting rid of Avery (with everything he has brought to this team) based on something he MIGHT do would be unfair to him and unfair to the organization.

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