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You may have expected today would be one of celebration for the Rangers, or at least one that would include a little morning-after haze, but the MSG Training Center had an upbeat feel during and after practice. In fact, much to our surprise, everyone took the ice for the skate with the exception of Henrik Lundqvist and Brendan Shanahan, both of whom were mingling around the rink and the dressing room in street clothes. (OK, OK, OK, that’s my first error for today. Lundqvist, for whatever reason, was actually wearing a suit for whatever reason.) Everyone was clean-shaven and ready to grow their playoff beards, even the ever-scruffy types like Jagr, Hollweg and Tyutin.

For me, the message of the day is that the Rangers emerge from last night a confident team. They feel the acquisition of Sean Avery has balanced the lineup and the distribution of ice time, which has allowed them to have more strength for all three periods, especially on defense. I can tell you from our conversations with Jaromir Jagr last night and then again today that he feels particularly strong because of the commitment to four forward lines.

“If I was chasing some records or something, maybe I’d like to play more,” Jagr said. “But I’m not chasing anything.” And then he went on to mention how all that matters now is the playoffs. If you play too much, he said, “you might feel good in the first game. But if you play a lot, you might not be able to play your best in a sixth or seventh game.”

Jagr seemed incredibly loose today, which is exactly how he’s been all week, what with the constant math problems and all. He also feels much more confident in himself, and I’ll have more on that for the paper.

Tom Renney continued to reiterate his stance that the team is headed to Pittsburgh to earn itself the No. 6 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. He said he didn’t want to reveal too much as to why he preferred a matchup with Atlanta or Tampa Bay, just that his personnel is better suited to play those teams rather than the Devils. I don’t think it takes a Boy Genius like Sam to figure out why.


A couple quick news items before I go:

*1. Steve Valliquette remains the backup.* Renney was asked about Kevin Weekes, who he says is “ready to go.” Valliquette is still eligible to play for Hartford in the playoffs, and though the Wolfpack remain alive they have yet to secure a berth. We’ll have to wait and see if the Rangers make a move after Hartford’s situation is determined.

*2. Probably no Hossa tomorrow.* But Renney stood by his statement all week that the big forward will return for Game 1 of the playoffs.

*3. Rachunek took the ice today.* He wore a yellow jersey. Renney estimated that he’d need another week, which would put him in line to dress for Game 3 of the playoffs. The Rangers will need to dress seven defensemen in the playoffs, so I guess someone else will be needed in Games 1 and 2. Obviously, Hartford’s situation, as well as Staal’s in juniors, will be worth watching for that.

*4. Tentative playoff schedule.* I guess they gave one last season and it quickly changed. But as of now, the Rangers will play on the road on April 12th and 14th, and at the Garden on the 17th and 18th. Obviously, we’ll let you know when it is final.

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  1. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    One of the coolest yet biggest waste of information is knowing that Patrick Roy and Dominick Hasek had a fight on 3/23/2002. But the coolest part of that fight is knowing who else played a role in precipitating that melee…anyone guesses??

    …Sean Avery!!

    Lets go Rangers.

  2. Really proud of our boys they never stopped coming and got hot at the right time. anyone who doesnt think we are dangerous in the playoffs is crazy. It’s time to shine and surprise some people

  3. Really proud of our boys they never stopped coming and got hot at the right time. anyone who doesnt think we are dangerous in the playoffs is crazy. It’s time to shine and surprise some people

  4. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Your right….they will surprise everyone i believe..

    In some ways if this works out in a good way..I think the devils sweeping us can be good..Like last season everyone thought we were an 11th or 12th place team..and we finished 6th and surprised the nhl…Now teams MAY thing were pushovers in the maybe will surprise them big time..

    Also any word on who will replace hossa..?????

  5. Good update, Josh. The Big MAN is loose that means the entire team knows what They are capable and makes me the most excited to be a Ranger fan since 96-97.

    Josh, I’m guessing when Hossa comes back Isbister sits?
    I would hope, I just hope Callahan stays here.


  6. I think it’s just a simple move for Renney. Hossa for Isbister…Lets not just harp on how Isbister can’t score or how bad he plays, this guy has been a major part of this team on the Jagr line, he did all the dirty work and got little or no credit. Isbister has been a great Ranger this season but Hossa does all he does 10X better and can finish. Keep all the other lines the same and plug Hossa in for Isbister, but if someone goes down, we know Isbister can come in a do a good job.

  7. Back to back playoff games? I didn’t know they scheduled them like that…
    Oh, well…hopefully I’ll be at one of them!

  8. When Hossa is back. He should be on Jags line where he was before the injury. The second and third lines should stay the same. And the fourth line should have Isbister in it.
    To make it easier:


    Sit Orr and Hollweg. The playoffs will be no way near as physical as the regular season. Therefore, leaving Colton and Ryan somewhat useless. We would have four very solid lines with each getting atleast 10 minutes of play and Isbister and Orts on with Betts may may spark Betts’ offensive play a bit, while all three will pay great attention to defensive detail then Orr and Hollweg. We cant afford stupid penalties which both are prone to take.

    Also, Pock IMO should stay in over Rachunek, but i find the two interchangable. Both make more mistakes then anyone else, but both have more of an offensive upside.

  9. when Hossa comes back Renney will finally get rid of Callahan. It is his gut feeling, and he follows his gut religiosly, because he has no brain.

  10. WeWantFishStix on

    I disagree Dom, I dont think ive ever seen an nhl playoff game that hasnt been very very physical. They are in most cases more physical then regular season games, ill agree that Orr may be expendable but i think we still need a few bangers in the line up.

  11. Josh,

    Can you tell me where I can find the preliminary playoff schedule? And do you know what station will televise the Rangers game Thursday night? I will be away in Las Vegas from Sunday-Thursday, but I don’t land until midnight that Thursday night. So I will need to tape the game, but not sure if I should set it for MSG or VS.

    I’d appreciate any info you can provide!

  12. Anybody else think they should have split the Extra Effort award between Ortmeyer and Avery?

  13. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    The Rangers are 17-4-6 when Avery’s in the lineup, bob. You have a good argument.

  14. WeWantFishStix:

    Maybe “physical” wasn’t the right word. What I’m trying to say is, that I think Orr is no longer needed in the playoffs and that Hollweg’s style of player is not worth playing over Isbister’s. We have Avery, Shanny, Ortmyer and ever Callahan who aren’t affraid to through a hit. I don’t see the need of and enforcer who will drop the gloves in the up comming games (except for the devils). Orr and Hollweg wil not see more that 6 minutes a game in the playoffs. Therefore making them almost useless.

  15. I love it when Jags is confident, that means he’s dangerous just in time for the playoffs.
    Josh about Henrik in a suit, I heard a couple of buddies were in town from Sweden maybe he’s got plans with them.

  16. not a fan of back to back games in the playoffs. I see the Knicks play Mon which is 1 reason. NBC is prob another (I’m not sure if they are doing Sat or Sun or both in playoffs early games).

    they need more than 20 guys ready willing and able to go since the playoffs are a battle of attrition (remember the black aces in 94′ guys like Lister helped a lot).

  17. “Everyone was clean-shaven and ready to grow their playoff beards, even the ever-scruffy types like Jagr, Hollweg and Tyutin.”

    awwwwwww yeahh

  18. jagr—““If I was chasing some records or something, maybe I’d like to play more,â€? Jagr said. “But I’m not chasing anything.â€?”

    selfish son of a beach. if he was chasing a record, he comes before team play, screw the team. that confirms everything we thought all along about Prince Pout.

  19. Jagr was chasing that 30 goals big time, he even saved the puck. All he cares about is his own personal glory.

  20. I think Josh meant to say that the Rangers will carry 7 D-men…No way do they dress 7 d-men…With a healthy Hossa, there is only one line-up decision to make, Isbister or Hollweg..I like the potential speed and forechecking of the HBO line, but Isbister with his cycling and boardwork also brings a needed element..I would go with HBO but I could see wither..Either way, if the 4th line can give quality minutes while not getting scored on and wearing down the other team, that’s all we can ask..

  21. we need to trade for Lundqvist’s twin, Joel. 63% on faceoffs and averages 3 hits per game. he would be a great upgrade over Betts in terms of physical play, offense, maybe faceoffs.

  22. Is this schedule 100% ??? For me it’s not nice while I’ll be away in Chicago for 17th & 18th… What kind of schedule is that? Back to Back home games???

  23. I don’t think Jags meant it the way some of you are taking it. And if you think the guy does’t care about winning, you’re insane.

    Here’s a guy who tool’d himself in the playoffs last year, if you think he’s going to come into this tournament without a bloodlust, you are bonkers. What you have seen in the last 2 weeks is VINTAGE Jagr. Go on youtube, lookup the Jagr’s 10 greatest goals video, and what you will find is an old video of younger years, but you will notice the same style of playing that he has turned on again very recently.

  24. a casual observer on

    Me thinks you will see Hollweg and possibly Orr both playing in game 1 of the playoffs. Isbister will get his chance again don’t worry. We are gonna need extra guys (including Dubinsky I hope) due to the fact that playoff games ARE so physical! We need to wear down the opponents while keeping our stamina going. Each best of 7 series will be played at an intense level. like someone else said earlier. It’s a game of attrition. Go Rangers!

  25. Here we go again with the Jagr haters. Get over it already.

    Besides Orts/Avery for the award, what about Henrik? AHas anyone given more extra effort than him the past 2 months?

  26. NJ Mark – Henrik would be my vote. I think he did get the mvp from either his peers on the NYR or the media and Shanny got an award from the other.

  27. Oh please, guys. You think if Shanahan was chasing a record, he wouldn’t want to play more? This may be a team sport, but a big deal is always made about individual records. Just look at the hype about last night’s Devils game where Broudeur broke Parent’s record. Or a week or so ago when Modano became the highest-goal-scoring American player ever. You think these players, knowing they were so close, would want to SIT more? Gimme a break.

  28. As for the Extra Effort award, it was VOTED BY THE FANS. So it wasn’t exactly “given” to anyone. Ortmeyer won it, that’s that (though I would have bet on Avery winning it).

  29. I hope you’re not putting me in that “Jagr hater” category. If I am anything it is a Jagr lover,(that came out kinda wrong) and I am really happy about how he has stepped up his game recently. I just thought that the way Jagr phrased his comment was amusing and rather insightful about his attitude toward the game, and his team in previous years. And I truly am glad that he is no longer chasing records.

  30. I disagree with not having a need for Orr or Hollweg. In the playoffs you don’t necessarily need the enforcer, but it will definately come in handy to have somebody in the lineup that is willing to drop the gloves and throw a big hit. I think Hollweg provides a certain spark to the team if he is utilized properly. I know Avery has been in his fair share of fights, but he has been very offensive for us. Having Hollweg/Orr in the lineup will help keep the physical play of the playoffs from turning into taking advantage of Jagr, Straka, Nylander, Prucha, and anyone else that doesn’t play physically.

  31. Angel24 : THANK YOU! I am so glad someone else sees that players, although on a team, are still aware of their individual numbers…at least when they get close to a record…and if you all dont think that the rest of the team wouldnt push them to go and try for it your crazy. Its amazing…they cant comlain about “real” problems so they look for crap to bitch about…what a joke… LOL

  32. Orr is not needed unless maybe the other team is playing their enforcer. Hollweg’s hitting could really help if he sends several people to the IR. Hossa is an upgrade over Isbister. So Orr and Isbister should sit unless there is an injury.

  33. I guess it’s just the way he phrased it…”CHASING records.” That is much different than simply being “aware” that you are nearing a record. Also, if you read his statement he is fully aware that chasing records, as he admits to having done in the past when he states that he now no longer is, requires that he get more ice time, sometimes at the at the expense of an overall team concept and performance. I’m glad that he does not care to chase records anymore because Renney would probably let him do it, and the rest of the team would suffer. GO Jagr – Go Rangers!

  34. jagr just said what every other player thinks. he is not politically correct and isnt fake like derek jeter who smiles to the cameras but doesnt go to bat for Arod as team captain. jagr has done everything in his power to help this team win. lay off, he is the man.

  35. Bob I agree with you about Orr and Isbister sitting, although there probably will come a time (maybe even in the first round) when Orr will need to play, and yet again he will prove his usefulness to this team.

  36. GB, I think you’re splitting hairs here. Also, I don’t see how Jagr “chasing” records would necessarily hurt the team, since it would mean he was scoring a lot more. He “chased” records last year and basically carried the team, along with Lundqvist. You may think that hurt the rest of the team because they over-relied on him, but that’s not his problem, it’s management’s because they didn’t give him a great supporting cast (in terms of scoring, anyway). This year, he doesn’t have to “chase” records because he’s got the teammates to pick up the slack.

  37. He said that his chasing records would hurt the team. The whole point was that if he were still chasing records he would not be happy getting less ice time, which he admitted was a good thing because it made the team better by spreading the work load, and getting more contributions from the other 3 lines.

  38. Yes he said all of that himself. You should read the article posted on this very site.

  39. Last year Jagr played too much, as did Nylander and Straka and you know what the results there were.

  40. Jaromir Jagr is great player who’s finally got healthy this year and is playing great,and you Jagr bashers can’t stand it. so you twist his words to mean something else something you can bitch about. I wanted him to get that 30th goal and i’m glad he did.

  41. Avery – Straka – Shanahan?

    The ASS line, lead by the NHL’s biggest and proudest ass, Mr. Avery! I like it. :)

  42. I like Jagr as a player. When he is unselfish and happy he is the best in the league. He is playing really well right now and I am extremely glad he has started to score more. When he plays well the Rangers can win. And when the Rangers win I am happy. That said, his fragile temperament and self important nature have in the past led him to put his personal desires over what is good for his team. I think that he is now beyond that, which is a really good thing.

  43. and yaaaaaaay for his 30th goal I’m glad too. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

  44. Oh no, we’re not really going to call it the ASS line, are we?
    I may be in the minority here, but I have to give Tom Renney at least a little credit for pulling this season out of the toilet. He has a very tough locker room to deal with. Any locker room with Jaromir Jagr in it is tough. I’m sure things are easier now that Jagr has decided that he’s interested in playing hockey. I just get the feeling like we’re boring him sometimes. There was a time when this team could have easily collapsed, and Renney (with his staff) was able to hold it together. He needs some props for that. He makes mistakes, I’m not disputing that. Benching Petr Prucha was a HUGE mistake. But I make mistakes, and I’m sure you do as well. And chances are that any other person that could have coached this team would have made mistakes. Would you have ridiculed him like you are doing to Tom Renney? Take it easy on him. And to the person (I don’t remember who it was) who wrote that they didn’t care if the Rangers got swept in the first round…get off this message board and don’t come back. I’m pretty sure that Sam and Josh are posting this information for RANGERS FANS. And you aren’t one of those.

  45. The ASS line, thats cruel. Besides from what i read all the asses are on here posting everyday.

  46. I liked the SAS line in honor of Avery, but I guess ASS covers it just as well.

  47. Correction Rangr Girl… Renney AND the “ASS” line pulled the season out of the toilet… or did the ASS line put it in the toilet to begin with? ;)

  48. RangerGirl – that was Bob – I believe he said he wants them to lose in 4 straight not that he didn’t care. I would agree with you that if he stopped posting crap like that I would be happy.

  49. Watching the Thrashers play the Canes (I know slow night). The Trashers are good. Well built team all around, good mix of youth and vets, finesse and grind, could very well be this year’s version of the Canes. I think it’s somewhat arrogant for Renney to suggest he’d like to play Atlanta, be careful what you wish for. I would much rather play the Devils, it’s not even close.

  50. He completely diminishes what the team has done and gives all the credit for the team making the playoffs to Renney

  51. Matteau- There is one reason why everyone wants to avoid NJ at all cost. Martin Brodeur. The Thrashers goalie is good but no where near as good as Brodeur is. PLus the Thrashers are playing a heartless eliminated team

  52. LI Joe – You’re right. I remember that now…and I’m pissed off all over again.
    Thanks for the catch.

  53. Fair point but Lundquist just as likely as Brodeur to steal a series so I don’t think Brodeur should be a reason to fear the Devils. Regardless of the weakness of Thrashers competition tonight the fact is if you look at their line-up they are very well constructed…Hossa, Kovalchuk, Tkachuk, Holik, Kozlov, Mellanby, Zhitnik. With the Rangers peaking I would like their chances against the Devils much better.

  54. Well, seeing as Tampa is losing 6-0 to FLA and Atalnta just beat the Canes, unless Tampa pulls one out of its you-know-where tomorrow and beats Atlanta we’re in the 6th seed no matter what we do. And don’t understimate New Jersey, they’ve won 5 in a row and are hungry again under Little Debbie. They give us fits.

  55. GB–

    “He said that his chasing records would hurt the team.”
    Actually, that’s not what he said. Maybe YOU should read the article on this very site.

    “Last year Jagr played too much, as did Nylander and Straka and you know what the results there were.”
    I already addressed this point in my eariler post, but I’ll repeat: Those three were overplayed because they HAD TO BE. What other line on that team was going to score? Jagr said it himself after last night’s game, that last year was one scoring line and this year there’s three.

    Anyway, players don’t actually chase records until they’re already close. And that usually doesn’t extend into the postseason, which is what Jagr was referencing when he was talking about playing too much. So let’s just celebrate the fact that we’re in for the second year in a row, with our two best players (Jagr and Lundqvist) at the top of their games.

  56. im convinced TB is tanking because they want NJ. They’re down 7-0 to FL and being outshot 30-16. Seems impossible unless there’s a reason behind it.

  57. “Angel”

    They had to be overplayed so that the we could get swept in the 1st round? HA! HA! HA! Yeah great plan! Last year the other lines would have been forced to contribute more had the trio not played the ridiculous minutes that they did. Them playing less means everyone else gets better.

  58. Tampa isn’t making past round 1 regardless of who they play. If they are throwing the game I guess they just don’t realize that yet.

  59. TB clinched a spot last night. Atl clinched their division tonight, They might not play too hard tomorrow. So if TB wins and we lose in reg we can still finish 7th. I believe their game starts 1/2 hr before ours.

  60. Bob – again give me a break. There are other possibilities besides losing in 4 or 7 (and I don’t mean in 5 or 6 for any wiseguys). How about some confidence and lets win a series or 4.

  61. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Jeez give it a rest you loser…Go watch the devils…Your a pathetic excuse of a ranger fan..Jagr is stepping up .he might not be the best captain in the league but hes as deadly as any other top scorer and if hes on top of his game then he can be dangerous..Technically we havent seen him in the playoffs..last season he played 1 game and got injured and the other game he wasnt really there…But this year i think both him and shanny will be dynamite..

    Seriously if NYR fans come in here to bash the team..go somewhere else and do it..I mean BOB shut up already why do you want the team to get swept again..i rather them lose is game 7 this way i know they fought there way in the series…as long as they didnt blow a series lead….

    Hmm….NYR blows goal leads…I sure as shit hope they dont blow series leads….but anyway quit bashing jagr and the team…the teams playing good and jagr is as well if he wants to get that 30th then he can..Its jagr’s party and he’ll cry if he wants to….cry if he wants too

    LETS GO NYR….lol TBL sucks

  62. LI Joe
    Since beating the Habs we cannot finish lower than 7th. Also I hope we don’t lose tomorrow, I don’t care who we have to play 1st round (excluding Buffalo, but that luckily isn’t an option).

  63. GB–
    I don’t see how them playing less “forces” everyone else to play better. Last year, Jagr, Straka and Nylander averaged over 19 mins a game (Jagr 22mins). Rucchin, Rucinsky, and Sykora averaged about 16 mins a game (Rucinsky over 18mins, sometimes a first-liner). Prucha got about 14 per game but spent half the season on the 3rd line. So maybe 3 mins difference between first and second line. Now let’s look at points: Jagr-123, Nylander-79, Straka-76, Rucinsky-55 (in 52 games, too bad he got hurt), Sykora-51, Prucha-47, Rucchin-36.
    You really think 3 mins a game would have made a huge difference in the numbers these guys put up?
    And do you really think the Rangers would even have made it to the first round to be swept if the Jagr-Nylander-Straka line hadn’t been so productive? Lundqvist was good, but he wasn’t THAT good.

  64. No, I don’t think that they would have made it to the first round. If you ask me they might as well not have. Last year the emphasis should have been on the developement of the team, not to get into the playoffs at all costs. The minutes eaten up by the top line, which served only to tire them out and make them more injury prone, should have been dispersed through the 3rd and 4th lines. These extra minutes would not force anyone to do anything (I used the wrong word) but it certainly would have built the confidence of these players and encouraged them to contribute more in all aspects of the game. Who knows we might even have gotten some offense from a few unexpected places. You cannot sustain winning with one completely dominant line. Each line and each player within that unit must feel that they can contribute as much as any other. This is what was sorely lacking last year, partly because of staff, but partly because the team was forced to win in a way that was absolutely not sustainable over the course of a season. Due credit to the trio of Czechs, as their sheer will and determination got them as far a it did.

  65. This is what was sorely lacking last year, partly because of staff, but partly because the team was forced to win in a way that was absolutely not sustainable over the course of a season.
    …by staff I meant the players, not the coaches.

  66. jesus only on this blog would the comprehension of jagr’s specific quotes here be misinterpreted. if we could just turn off the comment section i would lose so many less brain cells per visit to this site.

  67. “Bob- Have you ever heard of karma? It is not wise to wish injuries on opponents”

    heard of karma, but I don’t believe in it. and I didn’t say wish it, I said that is what Hollweg will do with his big hits.

  68. i would have liked tampa to clinch the division because they have serious goaltending issues. atlanta is stronger, but i don’t think they are a very dominant team. i’m feeling confident, though, so either way, go blueshirts.

  69. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    This was the reason i wanted TBL to clinch there division..We can man handle them…any team can..but im rooting for them against the devils…as will most of you im assuming…But i cant wait for the playoffs and i want to face ATL..I think Leitonen is good but he may fold under the pressure..with guys like Jagr and Shanny..and how will he handle Avery..Boulton will be in the lineup so i say no hollweg…but definently Orr..for the time being of coarse…id prefer isbister and hossa to stay in the lineup for the playoffs…

    Is there any possibility that the coaching staff would consider putting Pock as a foward..He’s had a nose for the net recently so who knows…We just gotta get past Sid the Whiner and the other Pens and then its playoff time baby..i cant wait..


  70. Orr Kicks…
    Where would you put Isbister (asuming Hossa is plugged in on the top line?) Also, you can’t keep Orr in if you keep Isbister in the lineup and add Hossa, even if you take Hollweg out. That’s one too many players.

  71. kovy27-i agree.Jaromir Jagr has always been my favorite player and the Jagr bashers on here drive me crazy. i understand not everyones going to like him and thats fine,but they should have a little respect for their fellow Rangers fans who do like him. For the most part i like all the Rangers,but there are some guys i’m not crazy about,but i don’t get on here and bash them day after day.that would be and is stupid.

  72. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Id put him on the 4th line with Betts and Ortmeyer i guess..then put Orr in the lineup if you want a tough guy,….hollywood isnt tough and he takes bad penalties…sometimes more then minors

  73. Lay off Jags! I can’t believe how ungrateful some fans are.
    And I agree with mike scott’s comments about Jeter, I think he is such a fake at times but the media kisses his ass so much and this is coming from a yankees fan too.

  74. matteau : the Thrash are near the bottom of the NHL in special teams in both PP and PK…the Rangers might not be the best but they are better than that. Also, 5 on 5 the Rangers are playing supper right now and that is were the Thrash usually win…by scoreing 5 on 5 and holding onto the puck…the Rangers IMHO are better at that game than many teams in the NHLas they are playing right now…and even if it is a draw 5 on 5 it comes down to the guys between the pipes…and no team right now save Colorado has a goalie playing so well…I dont think ATL wants to see the Rangers in the first round…and that would probably be a mental advantage…I mean if the Rangers THINK they can beat the Thrashers than they will have an easier time doing that.

  75. I think fans in Pittsburg, Washington and New York all have a kind of love/hate relationship with Jagr.

    At times, they love him. He scores, he is engaging, he backchecks…..

    but when he goes dark (losing at the craps table?), he is moody, sullen, not scoring, not playing defense, and prone to lazy penalties.

    He is one of the most talented in the world, but also moody.

    I think that is what so many fans from these 3 cities have said, consistently, over the years.

    He refuses to take part in a shootout. He is hounded by the press. He scores in the shootout. He is happy. He makes demands. He gets wingers he wants – he gets kids pushed aside. We have a waived player on the first line because Jagr wants him. Jagr is very complicated.

    When he first played with the Rangers, I remember seeing him backcheck and thought, “maybe it is sour grapes for losing him…” but time only proved that the fans criticisim of him to be accurate.

    Let’s hope his gambling goes well, he is happy, and he rides a wave of goals until June.

  76. I recommend everyone to see Jagr’s top 10 goals in his career on youtube. A M A Z I N G ! Crosby compared to Jaro from these days it’s nothing. And now, for about 2 months already I see that good, old Jagr again!

  77. Jagr is a complicated guy. But I think he has been a really good team guy the last 2 years and deserves some respect.

    Imagine being the guy, every team puts their biggest, toughest, and best D tandem on the ice to stop along with their best defensive forward.

    Jagr has taken some lazy hook and holding penalties this yr but overall in an off year to score 96 points or so is very good.

  78. Rangers will go as far as their talent allows them to go in the playoffs. The teams albatross is their coach. Renney can lose a playoff series with his tinkering.

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