Tyutin in highlights morning skate (and no suspension for Henrik)


*From the MSG Training Center:* Fedor Tyutin will indeed skate tonight after missing the last 16 games with a sprained MCL. We suspected this yesterday, “and in today’s story on LoHud.com,”:http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070405/SPORTS01/704050401/1108 but it’s official. Coach Tom Renney said Jason Strudwick will sit.

I asked Renney about what his forward combinations may look like and it appears Petr Prucha will return.

“I’ll make possibly a game-time decision, but I anticipate that Petr will probably go back in,” Renney said. “At who’s expense? I’m not sure yet.”

With that, it led to a question about the power play, which tossed up an 0-fer on Tuesday vs. the Islanders.

“We may toy around with a couple things on the back end,” Renney said. “It comes down to (playing) two units and trying to get pucks on the net.”

So I asked about Matt Cullen possibly getting some work at the point.

“There’s a possibility of that,” Renney said. “Matt’s got a good shot from the point and he can bring the puck up the ice too. I don’t mind him as a forward on the power play. When we’ve tried him on the point in the past, he’s had some tough luck with some shorties against him but that shouldn’t discourage me from using his assets on the point if I choose to.”

It is of note that Montreal has one of the best power plays in the league, so tonight isn’t the night to take dumb penalties. Les Blues are tied with San Jose for first in the NHL at 22.6%.

“Their specialty teams are good,” Renney said. “We have to make sure ours outwork theirs. Obviously, the fewer penalties we take the better for us. We’re a good team 5-on-5, so we want to play as much of the game under those circumstances as possible.”

Obviously, the coach hopes his team takes care of its own business tonight, rather than have to scoreboard watch.

“It’s sort of like the fourth game of a best-of-seven,” Renney said. “We have to nail this down and we have to do it properly. We’d like to do it ourselves and not get in through other mechanisms by someone else beating whomever. We’d like to do it on our own.”


A couple other items:
*1. Henrik Lundqvist will not be disciplined for the incident with the Ice Girls.* I e-mailed the league and was told the case is closed.
*2. Steven Valiquette will serve as the backup.* Obviously Hank is in net. (Again, no one asked.)
*3. Marcel Hossa and Karel Rachunek remain on the comeback trail.* Renney still isn’t sure about Hossa. He said there is a “remote” possibility he could play Saturday in Pittsburgh, but probably not until the playoffs. Rachunek skated yesterday and today but not with the team.
*4. Brandon Dubinsky???* Renney said the team has been OK there (with there obviously being center) but that a return by Dubinsky is possible. “It’s certainly something we could entertain,” Renney said.

The question is, with Dubinsky at second-line center, what would the rest of the team look like? Straka to first-line LW? Hossa to third line? Or is it Avery to the third line to grind alongside Cullen? Or is it Hossa back alongside Jagr and Nylander and Straka on the second line?

Obviously, this would give the Rangers several different options. It’s definitely interesting. Tell me what you think…

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  1. brandon is killing it in the A right now leave him there honestly when hossa comes back it will be crowded. rangers don’t need to throw the kid into the playoffs for no reason.

  2. I would hope it would be at the expense of Orr who is too slow to play against a team with Montreal’s speed.

  3. I’d play Orr over Hollweg. I know it sounds crazy, but I think Orr contributes more these days.

  4. I’d scratch Orr too. They don’t have enforcer in the lineup and they’re really fast team. I don’t like latest performace by Ortmeyer & Hollweg but I guess both have no choice but play better tonight. I’m only afraid about them getting dumb penalties…

  5. With montreals PP ortmeyer will def be in the lineup…orr gets the press box tonight..i still dont get renneys despise for petr puck…the kid gives everything he has, he’s scored 20 goals this year, in VERY limited ice time, yet he can’t seem to gain the coach’s confidence…
    i dont see dubinsky getting the call again this year, unless theres an injury…hossa takes isbisters spot on top line once he returns…the real question is if we make the post season does renny put rachunek back in for pock, whose been great lately…

  6. Thanks for the update …

    Orr needs to sit …

    It would be nice if Dubinsky was here today and they can sit Hollweg also.

    I like the Avery, Cullen, Callahan line …

    I would also like to see Callahan play with Jagr a little bit … Isbister is basically a waste … he has a little value – but very little.

  7. I would sit Hollweg (worried about his getting penalties) or maybe Orr. Put Orts on 4th line and Prucha in his spot. Pruch has to play tonight and not on the 4th line.

  8. I too think Orr brings as much if not more than Hollweg these days. With Avery being the primary agitator, Hollweg has even less of a role. Also, Orr gets better with each game (with setbacks here and there). Not sure Hollweg has much more upside than what we’ve seen.

  9. It should be the same line-up we had against Toronto.

    The one exception is Tyutin for Malik.

  10. These should be the lines tonight:

    Isbister (Can’t believe I just wrote that) – Nylander – Jagr
    Avery – Straka – Shanny
    Prucha – Cullen – Callahan (How fun would this line be)
    Hollweg – Betts – Ortmeyer

    Putting Prucha on the 4th line, does nothing for us. I hope Renney understands that.

  11. Also, has Cullen really been burned for many shorthanded goals? I don’t remember. I hate how Renney refuses to use him on the point on the PP. It’s a waste of such an asset.

  12. Ortmeyer needs to be dressed for the PK. Tough call between Orr and Hollweg . . . Hollweg’s been for sh*t lately, but my gut would be to go with him over Orr in this match up with the Habs.

  13. If Dubinsky plays this would make sense (without Hossa tonight)

    Isbister Nylander Jagr
    Straka Dubinsky Shanahan
    Avery Cullen Callahan
    Prucha Betts Ortmeyer

    Sitting Orr and Hollweg on home ice is less significant that on the Road. Having Ortmeyer play versus the leagues best power play makes sense, and witht the above lineup, rolling all 4 lines is a possibility.

    Montreal has a bunch of chippy forwards, but Dubinsky adds grit, the 4th line is scrappy, and the Cullen unit will be an ‘in your face’ line all night…

  14. If Renney puts Prucha in 4th line that’d be another mistake… The guy just doesn’t fit there. He should be on 3rd and PP.

  15. Josh,
    Great info , thanks!
    How does Malik not sit tonight? He’s been slow, indecisive and out of position on so many plays I’ve lost count. His breakout passes are either icings or turnovers. I don’t get it.
    I’d go w/ Hollweg tonight only because he’s a little faster skater…

  16. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    When Rachunek and Tyutin are ready, who’s going to sit? I can tell you I’d rather have Gerarardi, Pock, and Mara over the other 3 stiffs any day of the week.

  17. The TrueBlue Vermonster on

    Dubinsky is a special talent. I’m sure Hossa will be back in the lineup in some capacity. The thing to remember here is that, it’s the hot teams that succeed in the NHL playoffs. Last year, the Rangers stumbled cold and got wiped by a red-hot Devils team. This year, Tom Renney & his coaches have to ride the most consistent and energetic team he can put on the ice.

    Prucha Nylander Jagr
    Straka Cullen Shanahan
    Avery Dubinsky Callahan
    Hossa/Isbister Betts Ortmeyer

  18. damn Josh, you sure took those criticisms to heart. That is in the top 5 for updates for the entire season. Great work.

  19. if doobie doo comes back i think its something like

    hossa nylander jagr
    straka dubinsky shanahan
    avery cullen callahan
    prucha/hollweg betts jorts

    I don’t see a need for him back up personally, though I wouldn’t be against it.

  20. Dubinsky isnt coming back this year. Renney wont play him if they make the playoffs. He barely plays Callahan and he was the best player on the ice in the first two periods.

  21. Where's Bure? on

    “good luck trying to get through Renney’s thick skull. this guy is worse than the previous 5 morons that coached this team”

    I believe it was a chap named “bob” who typed that. Let me say this simultaneously cracked me up as well as confused me to the point of migraines.
    Are we REALLY supposed to believe that Tom Renney, the man who led the Rangers back to the playoffs after a 7 year absense (helmed by said 5 morons) is worse than Bryan Trottier who coached the Rangers to the most losses ever in an NYR season or John Muckler who benched Hall of Famer Pat Lafontaine or Glen Sather who stepped down as coach because the chants of “Fire Sather!” were “distracting to the players?”
    I can understand the Renney criticism, but honestly, that comment is unnecessarily ridiculous. What redeeming qualities can be found in Trottier, Sather, Muckler, and Lowe? (I’ll admit, I liked Colin Campbell).

  22. Matt Cullen was abused on two short-handed goals this year – both by Jordan Staal, both at the Garden, both practically carbon copies of each other. I only liked them because Staal is on my fantasy team and short-handed goals are a very difficult stat to win.

  23. Anthony- Muckler didn’t coach Ottawa tho (did he?)
    Asmos- I dropped Staal prior to those 2 SHG’s! hahha
    Lowtide10- you KNOW we will never see Malik sit

    Hollweg over Orr for speed tonight

  24. I couldn’t fathom sitting Prucha the other night. I think a Prucha-Cullen-Cally line would be exciting to watch, but that’s all of the team’s speed on one line. I’m a big Ryan Hollweg fan, but personally, I think Orr brings more to the team at this point.

    Last time the Good Guys played the Habs I was completely shocked by the amount of physicality on their part. There’s gotta be one big body in against them.

    I see an Avery-Lapierre incident coming tonight.

  25. truth of the matter is as the rangers youth develops guys like hollweg and ortmeyer r gonna have a more difficult time justifying there spots in the lineup.
    as evidence with callahan…just wait til dawes and dubinsky get fair shots….tonight is so huge, obviously to make the post season, and if we can clinch tonight, maybe we can give henry a night off to rest in pitt..
    hossa – nylander – jj
    avery – straka – shanny
    prucha/ortmeyer – cullen – callahan
    hollweg betts ortmeyer/prucha

  26. My biggest problem with the lineup is the need to play Jed O. on one of the top 3 lines. He should be in the lineup because of his penalty killing and how much he means to the team, but he couldn’t hit the net with a puck on his best day. Prucha is useless on the fourth line and therefore should be playing on the third line. When Hossa returns, the lineup should simply look like this:

    Hossa, Nylander, Jagr
    Avery, Straka, Shanahan
    Prucha, Cullen, Callahan
    Jed O., Betts, Hollweg/Orr

    I don’t see the point of bringing up Dubinsky with the logjam of forwards already here.

  27. i’d just like to say i hope the rangers dont make jaroslav halak look like the second coming of patrick roy tonight, and LETS GO RANGERS!

  28. If Hossa comes back healthy and is ready to play, there are your lines:

    Avery-Cullen-Callahan (this line played great when together)

    Play the first 3 lines evenly.

    Josh: How has Hossa looked? Does he appear to have his confidence level up and pick up where he left off before the injury?

  29. Hollweg or Orr does not matter.


    He has to be the worst defenseman in the league. He is slow and soft. He makes 4-5 bad turnovers a game. He has deflected 5 goals past Henrik (2 game winners in one week) and he get too many stick penalties becuase of his lack of speed.
    Malik is the weak link on this team and he plays 25 min a game. Please explain this to me. Sombody?

  30. Where's Bure? on

    You echo my sentiments exactly. Everyone is ready to christen Halak as Patrick Roy reincarnated because he shut out Boston twice. Whoopdy-doo, his save% and GAA are still around Cam Ward numbers and remember what happened when Cam Ward was crowned as the next elite goaltender?
    Mediocrity and missing the playoffs.

    Muckler turned Ottawa into a good team as a GM not as a coach.

  31. the lines should be for tonight

    Isbister Nylander Jagr
    Shannahan Avery Callahan
    Prucha cullen straka
    Orts betts Orr/Hollweg

    When Hossa comes back isbister should sit. Realistically we have 4 fourth liners…. betts, orr ortmeyer and hollweg. Betts is good at faceoffs and penalty kills. Betts is the only one of these guys that needs to play every game. I like ortmeyer too but he is not that good. On a good team he is a 4th liner. Rotate Orts, orr and hollweg where 2 play every night. Not necessarily evenly but more as needed. PRUCHA SHOULD NEVER SIT AGAIN. Renney has got to have his head checked. I would even try prucha on the top line. Maybe he could hit an open net. We know isbister cant

  32. NJ Mark…Hossa has looked strong but his conditioning probably needs to improve. Not that I know how they feel, but I thought both he and Tyutin were sucking wind earlier this week. Hossa was definitely skating strong though, in my humble opinion.

  33. Thanks for the quick response, Josh! I was really worried there for a while! Those Islander fans were getting pretty malicious very quickly.
    Anyway, I agree (although it pains me to say it) that Hollweg should sit instead of Orr. Orr has been playing with purpose and discipline. Hollweg has been running around taking too many chances just to hit any moving target he can find and being way too undisciplined. But I think that in the end Renney will play Hollweg and sit Orr. I don’t really know his reasoning for that, but I didn’t know his reasoning for sitting Prucha the other night either. (and I really missed hearing that Prucha song!)
    I also love the way Avery and Shanahan play together, but put Callahan in the middle. Avery isn’t the best at getting back to play defense.

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