Henrik v. Ice Girls


The story of apparently has gained a little steam on the Island, where the Islanders Ice Girls claim they were harassed by Henrik Lundqvist and his teammates.


“The story can be found here on Newsday’s website.”:http://www.newsday.com/sports/hockey/ny-spice0405,0,4880642.story?coll=ny-main-bigpi It’s definitely worth taking a minute to read it.

Big thanks to LI Joe for bringing this story to my attention.

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  1. I seriously doubt any of the Rangers spit on any of these girls.. if they did I’m sure some of the 1000’s of fans in attentance would have seen it..
    yeah maybe Henrik didnt want to move out of the crease and
    sure they complained to the refs just look at the picture..

  2. Henrik never moves out of the crease during the game and whoever is cleaning the ice just goes around him. I’ve gone to plenty of home games and the last 3 on the Island and the only place I have ever seen him get a hard time is on the Island. Really, only the last 2 games was Lundy actually talked to and then last night required to move.

  3. Gee, it’s very easy to test wet liquid for amylase to prove saliva. My bet is we’ll never hear the results of such a test, nor any report that such a test was formed.

    I like how this woman never saw it, and has no witnesses, but knows *beyond a shadow of a doubt* that it’s spit.

  4. ORR Kicks Ying Yang on


    To figgin bad ice girls…You’d think after the first 3 games on the island these ditzty chicks would realize hes not moving…They are crybabies…and if anyone spit on him then its hollweg cause theres a rumor goin around that he allegidly pissed on a girl in a bar..True or not…he seems like the guy to do it..I think the one girl was pissed about the stick thing that she made up the other spit thing..


    The isles are classless…the organazation is classless…the coaching staff is classless…the fans are classless…and now the ice girls are classless…..this is really pathetic….But you gotta love hank….LETS GO NYR…lets destroy the habs….

  5. Hahhahahah, bunch of dumb 18 year olds making up a story if ya ask me. Go get an education little girls.

  6. onecupin67years on

    These girls are no strangers to spit or other bodily fluids ..GULP- GULP-swallow

  7. let buttman figure out what the rules are and if a goalie has to move or not. Guys on the bench swig water and spit it out. Nothing like a sideshow. Let the team decide on apologizing or not and move on, there are bigger FISH to fry!

  8. Total bs. Excuse me but “Newsday” has no class publishing so stupid, nasty-lying-dumb-ice-girls made up stories. I have NO RESPECT for their writers at all. Logan is the talent-less dumb a**. Shame. I’d never, ever buy that sh**-paper in my life. KING HENRIK IS THE MAN!

  9. I don’t know what these girls are making a big deal about, their last day of work is tonight.


  11. This picture kind of makes me want to be a goal judge. You know the girls can’t resist that sexy black NHL blazer.

  12. Nickyfotiu22 on

    I can’t believe what I read… That is hysterical… Not only do Islander fans whine and cry all the time, but it seems the whining has spread to the “Ice-Girls”…

    Then Liberal-Newsday has to print this garbage, to stick up for the “women’s lib” folks… Henrik should’ve smacked the Ice-Chick on her bum, with his goalie stick…

    Silly… Just silly…

  13. onecupin67years on

    dave to be an NHL goal judge ,one must be bald,fat,have poor eyesight and wear adult pampers .Only the best qualify.Must NHL goal judges come from Long Island,predominately suffolk co.

  14. I’m sure it was a water bottle not spit, guys were probably clowning around or were pissed about them messing with Hank’s head earlier.

    I smell a lawsuit. Good thing they don’t work for the Knicks…..

  15. too funny…

    So i got an idea tonight lets move Jagr off the first line and put Nylander centering orr and isbister. Then Bench Prucha again because its not like he has any offensive upside. Maybe we can call up Purinton and sit pock.

    Just Kidding Guys. Sadly tho with renney its always a possibility

  16. HAHA! They are so lucky Hank is the goalie, and not Sean Avery. What would He have done? lol.

    Henrik never moves, during stoppages that is the way the guy focuses, why should the guy change his entire routine for the fishie-girls. Josh, tommorrow you should do a story on how that encounter may have cost us the game because it broke Hank’s concentration.

    Ice Girls? Are they for real? I would have told her to squeegee Auschwitz or Dubilewicz’s head.

    Logan must need something to write about these days. I already cursed at him for blaming Avery for what happened to their 15 year man.

  17. By Jim Rich & T.J. Quinn

    Leak to press is bad Pee R. for Ranger

    The Rangers were hoping that rookie Ryan Hollweg would turn out to be a real whiz, but this probably wasn’t what they had in mind.

    The Score has learned that Hollweg showed up at The Stephen Talkhouse on Long Island over Memorial Day weekend and turned the club’s bar area into his own private urinal, according to an unlucky fan.

    “I went up to him and started talking to him about the Rangers,” says a 25-year-old female fan, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Then I noticed something dripping on my feet and I thought he was spilling his drink. But then I realized he was urinating.

    “Most beers aren’t that warm.”

    She added that Hollweg had been drinking, but up to that point had been a perfect gentleman and was “speaking coherently.”

    The alleged game misconduct took place on Saturday night of the holiday weekend and sent the Blueshirt diehard scurrying for cover – and in search of a bar employee.

    Nick Kraus, a promoter at the club, says that the woman complained to him about the incident, but that when he went looking for Hollweg, the alleged pee-brain had left the premises.

    “I’ve heard of things like that at other places, but not here,” Kraus said, adding that he had seen Hollweg in the club ealrier in the evening and that “eight or nine” club revelers had pointed out the Ranger to him.

    Kraus said the fan in question is a regular at the club, and that other Rangers – most notably Mark Messier about three years ago – occasionally frequent the establishment.

    Hollweg, through a Rangers spokesperson, claims the story is a prime example of yellow journalism. The Ranger rookie says he was at the Talkhouse with his girlfriend and a group of friends, but did not have a conversation with anyone outside of his group.

    The fan says she wishes no ill will on Hollweg and will continue to root for her team.

    “I love the Rangers,” she said. “I just thought it was disgusting. It’s not something you expect someone to do.”

    No word yet on whether the Blueshirts are planning a move to Flushing.

  18. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    LOL…You gotta love these stories though…Whats next…Colton Orr comes out with a celeb sex tape with paris and nicky hilton…Tom Renney gets fired by Len Sather with 1 game left!!!!!…….You can only hope……for both

  19. HockeybasedNYC on

    Watch Colin Campbell step in and suspend Hank for 3 games including 2 in the playoffs.

    Cmon now, nobody spit on them, they have a bare back and theres snow and water bottles everywhere on the rink. My guess it was an arrant water bottle or slush on someones skate that flew off when they jumped over he bench.

    What a crock.

    Let’s play hockey.

  20. Salted Meats on

    “slush on someones skate that flew off when they jumped over he bench”

    my first impression. Here’s a tip, keep the skirts off the ice during the games.

    Also, I disctinctly remember Cullen opening the little side door and talking to some of the skirts and wondering what he could possibly be saying to them….probably “don’t enter his crease until he enters yours”

  21. A spoiled daddy’s girl heard “No” for the first time in her life, and it makes the news. Amazing.

  22. Ok Josh, back to hockey now, Look forward to the morning skate update, Lets focus on the game tonight…the biggest of our season…This story is there to sell papers and aid the fishheads in their bit**ing and moaning so…Moving on, Tyutin is supposed to be playing tonight I just hope Pock stays and Strudwick sits because (Strudwick)He’s been ok at best, but Pock has shown a lot. A WIN tonight would def. lock up at least 7th….Lets Go RANGERS!!!

  23. WeWantFishStix on

    i actually just spoke to a co-worker of mine, and he said that his friend who was at the game saw the incident and that it was in fact Sean Avery who spit on one of the girls, now i dont see any reason for him to lie and he hasnt seen this blog or newsday.

  24. He made a stupid comment and that’s probably the best he could came up with.

    “Watch Colin Campbell step in and suspend Hank for 3 games including 2 in the playoffs.”

    That was good! Hehehe…

  25. “The tip of my squeegee kind of hit the tip of his stick. I don’t know if he thought I did that on purpose or whatever, but he took a big windup and slashed the squeegee pretty good. It startled me a little bit. It didn’t feel great, but I wouldn’t say I was injured or in a ton of pain. I was shocked.”

    LOL, yea, hunny, he took a big ‘wind-up’ and slashed you…

    This is so ridiculous

  26. LOL…I DOUBT very much that the Rangers spit at them. If they did curse at them, they deserve it. I think it’s a load of crap that they allow them to clean IN the goal crease when the opposing goalie is trying to stay focused and in the game. Whether this is the Rangers we’re talking about or another team, it’s stupid to have them do that.

  27. The Daily news had a similar article. This is total crap. I hate the Isalnders, I hate Long Island. I guarantee one of the guys wiped their skate blade and threw it at the silly girl. Although it would be awesome to see the Ranger Ice girls fight the Islander fugly’s. I just hope my tickets for tonight come through so I can be there when we clinch.

  28. Salted Meats on

    He probably refused them his salty tip and the girls got all frustrated because they had to settle for Jason Blake’s lord of the rings impression again….

  29. Only the classless Isles, voted last in the league of where players would most likely want to play, would come up with this story.

    Stay away from the hockey player while he is on the ice if you’re not suited up… that be the lesson for the day.

    Ice Girls skating in front of you prior to the shootout? Give me a break!

    Can the Isles be any more of a mickey mouyse organ-eye-zation?

  30. Strudwick has been the necessary defensemen. I’d been calling for him all year, good team guy, never does anything spectacular but never screws up, but it’s time for him to take a seat seeing as how he won’t be able to play in the potential playoffs anyway.

    I’m assuming Orr is sitting tonight, too?

  31. its a freaken hockey game– if the underaged girls in skirts cant handle the cursing and spitting then get off the f**king ice. they deserved what they got from the rangers, if it did in fact happen, because they’re freaking idiots.

    and talk about “respect”. thats all the islanders want, right? well how bout that organization shows some respect to ryan hollweg and apologizes to him for attempted murder? and how bout they stop insulting players, i.e sean avery, b/c apparently he’s not a “real player”?

    the islanders are classless, we’ve established that, and all they want to do is created more distractions for the rangers. what crap.

  32. This Ice Girls thing is ridiculous! I’ve often commented at games about Henrik’s refusal to leave the crease when they’re cleaning it up – no one else has had a problem with that….and why hasn’t it occurred to someone that these players spit from the bench all the time, and even if one of the Ice Girls was hit, it could have been accidental? Until now, I thought I hated the Devs the most – now I’m back to hating the Icelanders again! Enough Ranger bashing from the Island already!

  33. The funny thing is, to have any prayer of making the playoffs, the Islanders need the Rangers to win tonight. And yet they do everything they can to be a distraction.

  34. I have a question for Josh – Is there a possiblility of suspensions with this situation? I was just reading some stuff from some other blogs and websites, and Islander fans are calling for Lundqvist to be suspended!!! Can that happen? And if so, the Rangers can appeal it before the playoffs, right?

  35. No way in hell would the NHL take the side of the ‘Ice-Girls’ against one of their own and suspend him for these fantasy-land allegations.

  36. lol, good for henrik, he doesnt want to move, he doesnt have to move. I doubt someone spit on the icegirl, they probabley were all bent out of shape because Henrik whacked the sqeegee or whatever, when they hit his stick.

  37. rule #1 in hockey = do not mess with a goalie when he is in his concentration zone.

  38. Henrik should sue those strippers, whoops I mean professional “ice dancers” (note sarcasm). They are a joke, why does Lundqvist have to move, he’s trying to keep his concentration during a super important game, and he has never had to move before and now these bimbos are whining?? Who cares about them anyway? Tell them to get a real job! Henrik sue them!!!!

  39. Next season, at every Ranger game at the Mausoleum, all must sing-song chant ICE-SLUTS . . . ICE-SLUTS . . . ICE-SLUTS whenever they make an on-ice appearance.

  40. For sure, next Islander game there are gonna be some chants directed their way!

  41. this is attempted suicide since i seem to be the only islander fan on this website, the problem isnt that he doesnt move, its that how disrespectful do u have to be to swing a stick at a girl? im not taking a side, because its an islander fans instinct to believe their team is right, and its the rangers instinct to believe their team is the classiest in the nhl and would never do such a thing, as for avery spitting at her, i wouldnt be suprised if its true, but theirs ice and water every where, so in the heat of the moment what ever it was could easily have been called spit

  42. the ice girls also clean the ice at every game, and lundqvist seems to be the only one who has a problem with it, and the spitting and stick swinging i dont think calls for a suspension, but at least a fine if what happened is proven correct

  43. Lundqvist didn’t swing a stick at the girl! He moved her sponge, or whatever that thing was away cause she wouldn’t leave him alone! They are dragging his good name through the mud, thats why Henrik should sue them.

  44. a late reply, i understand he likes to concentrate in his crease, but the islander girls clean the ice at every game and do their job, she accidently touched him and he retaliated whether he swung, pushed, smacked, etc. and any ways i believe the issue is over with and i dont think any one was fined or punished in any way so what ever

  45. I have a clip from the Paris Hilton video on my site. To bad it got relased onto the net for everyone to watch. She did not want it to be public as it was her ex Rick Salomon that released it.

  46. haha they did spit on the girls. I was friends with a player on the rangers at that time and asked him about it. Sure enough they really did. I think its funny

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