More proof that I can’t do two things at once…


Yes, if you’re wondering what just happened, I’m not very bright.

Away for the week covering the Masters, I mistakenly posted an entry for my “golf blog”: here, perhaps a Freudian slip that indicates where my heart really is.

Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience. It sounds like you all have plenty to keep you busy between the ever-changing playoff picture and Henrik Lundqvist pulling a Billy Smith on the Islanders Ice Girls. Man, you step away for a week..

OK, back to your regularly scheduled program….

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  1. Sam

    Best of luck covering The Masters. Enjoy and we/Josh will man the fort here in Rangertown.

    Enjoy and thanks for stopping in.

  2. I think Sam doesn’t realize he posted this on the hockey blog, instead of his golf blog. Nevertheless, let this be a lesson to you, Josh Thomson, about frequent blog updates.

  3. onecupin67years on

    Sam ,Rumor is that your smitten with the southern life and have a penchant for nascar,marlboro’s and bud and that you will soon have the nascar blog up and running soon.Y’all have nice day!

  4. Honestly, I know it’s your job to cover golf, Sam but if I were a Rangers fan and somebody told me I have to do something else for that most exicting part of the Blueshirts season so far I’d be freakin mad! How do you feel, Sam?

  5. hmmm watch a mediocre hockey team and an idiotic coach try and sneak into the playoffs or watch the Masters at Augusta….tough call there and i dont even like golf that much

  6. Pete – but it’s Rangers! You either have it in your blood or you don’t. It’s that easy for True Blues.

  7. four more points, fore, forward, forecheck, don’t forget, 4 wins each round for 4 rounds. 4×4

  8. I’ve been lucky enough to go to the Masters once. I’d go there again in a heartbeat rather than watch the Rangers struggle to get the 7th/8th seed, especially if my employer was paying. It’s a beautiful course and an unbelievable place for people watching as the weather is usually nice and the southern belles are out in force….oh yeah and the golf is pretty good too.

    Enjoy it Sam, lots of people would love to be there.

  9. Tonight, in honor of Sam, we should refer to the corner to the right of Lundqvist as Amen Corner when out man Malik is out there!!

  10. Rangersforlife on


    “I’ve been lucky enough to go to the Masters once. I’d go there again in a heartbeat rather than watch the Rangers struggle to get the 7th/8th seed”

    I don’t know how you look in a mirror and call yourself a Rangers fan. This is what it is all about, rooting for you team in an exciting finish to a season. So they didn’t do well at first, but they have been rolling lately, but that doesn’t matter, true blue is there on the good days and the worst of days.

  11. Don’t give me all this True Blue garbage, I have been a diehard fan for 23 years, but frankly I find it very hard to root for Sather, Dolan and Renney especially when they bench talented young players. Of course I am still watching them and hoping they do well, but its just frustrating knowing that all we will really accomplish if we make the playoffs is another year of Renney and Nylander with Jagr running the team yet again and no real spots for kids. Oh yeah and my season tickets will go up 15%…great, as i’ve really gotten my moneys worth this year not to mention the previous 30+ years (except 94 of course) the tickets have been in the family.

  12. pete no kids. how about girardi, tyutin, prucha, callahan, lundqvist, avery, hossa, and etc.

    7 guys 26 or younger.. Pock is 25, they have many of good players in the minors..

    they are young except for the big 4; jagr,straka, nylander, and shanny7….

  13. hockeymanrangers on

    I’m with you Twin, We can complain and bitch about the Rangers and Renny. But we do this b/c we are fans, through thick and thin. I have to work at, not getting emotionally involved and that it is only a game but it is hard, we do this b/c we are fans. They have done alright this year, nothing incrediable great but look at last year. They did good for most of the season and lost 4 straight in the playoffs. I think we are in better shape this year than we were last year. Not saying they are going to get any farther but they look better this year than they did last year at this time. GOLF OVER RANGERS HOCKEY, WHAT KIND OF SO CALLED FANS ARE ALLOWED HERE. That said, I think we can do better next year with a new coach. Renny still must go.

  14. man first its lets ban fighting. now they’re gonna ban spitting. and snow, you cant make snow anymore. don’t skate hard, and make sure your blades are dull.

  15. I agree with ‘Rangersforlife’. This is exciting part of the season and you deny to watch it because we “struggle”? How you can call it like that, Rangers are on the roll, they play the best hockey in the league since All-Star! Really, if he had a little more of a luck during the season we’d be probably competing for 1-3 spots in the East. I agree, Malik is bad, Rachunek & Hossa were not sharp at the beginning but the’re better and better. Now we have Callahan, Girardi, Prucha, Lundqvist and you guys still complain it’s not enough youth in the team. New York Rangers will always contend, in this city there is no time to rebuild. Also, latest trades (Avery & Mara) made by Sather are more than fair. So, please cheer for them tonight. We were far, far away from making Playoffs in January, look at them now, we’re just an inch from making 7th spot that gives us chance to take revenge on Devils. I’ll take that.

  16. i know they have kids, but they don’t give most of them a fair shot and I don’t see this changing. The exception here is Lundquist and Tytutin and lately Girardi. Callahan has gotten more time lately but he still isnt given powerplay time even though he looks better than jagr and shanny out there and he gets benched when Renney needs to play his better “positional players”. Prucha has been yanked around all season by this team, it is a wonder he still has any confidence left. Pock they are only playing because of injuries as Renney & Co. has chosen to play Rachunek all year over him. Hossa was playing better before he got hurt but he still should not have been playing all year over callahan, dawes,etc. They appear to have talent in hartford but how many of those kids will make it next year if we resign shanny, nylander and keep orts, hollweig, isbister and hossa around?

  17. Hey Adam why don’t you walk in Josh’s shoes before you whine again. Give the guy a break. I’m sure you know nothing about his typical day and the things he goes through to bring an ungreateful jerk like you some information.

  18. not trying to be combative here just an observation and in my opinion if you could go to a once year event with one of the greatest individual athletes of our generation and still watch the rangers on tv at nite, it would be an easy choice for me. to each his own

  19. Rob, I applaud your post. I am sorry for being ungreateful. I didn’t realize I was that ungreateful, but now I realize how ungreateful I am. I’ll try not to be so ungreateful in the future.

  20. so stf how does u watching golf till it gets dark then going to a bar and watching the game on tv make you an untrue ranger fan. so i guess that means u are physically going to tonights game and saturdays game in pitt. i mean a true ranger fan would miss work just so he can go to every game in person, wouldnt he?

    just havin fun but c’mon lock up your reasoning a little

  21. – but you said “an easy choice” so for me sounds like putting golf over hockey, maybe I misunderstand you… ;)

  22. Pete. rookies always get less chance to overcome screw ups… Look at their roster they are young, Mara is 27. they really play 1 d man over 30 and he is Malik everyones favorite.

    have we dealt with yrs. and yrs. of stupidity and futility? Yes, but things are finally looking up..
    Dubinsky will be on the team next yr. day one, they will have one more young d man on the team or more. They are making strides… Do I disagree with Renny on occasion? Absolutley but they do have a plan finally and they are sticking to it.

    The plan is to be competitive as they get much younger and improve their long term chance of winning. They are not a cup contender this yr. but they in my opinion can beat any team in the east in the playoffs except Buffalo…

    If they get in I predict they will beat NJ if they play them…

  23. its all good in the hood, would just be hard to pass up an all expense paid trip to warm agusta as opposed to snowy nyc right now. that being said ill be at the game tnte rooting for the rangers (and kovalev as well)

  24. ok you all are right, I’m not a “true” Ranger fan because I’d pick going to the Masters over watching the Rangers.

    You people judging what a “true” fan is. What a bunch of hogwash.

    And if you think attending the Masters is the same as “watching golf” then it’s pointless “discussing” the topic.

  25. stuart, i sure hope dubinsky is here next year from day one but does that mean he is our 2nd line center? it would be great if he was but then what do they do with straka, cullen or betts not to mention immonen. if i had my way id trade cullen, betts right away and try and lock up briere or drury and let nylander go be mediocre (which he would be without jagr) elsewhere.

    mara is by no means old and if he finally becomes the player he was drafted to be it would be great. he is playing ok right now but he does fit the mold of the rangers trading for former first round picks who never really lived up to their draft position (hossa, ward)

  26. Twin – no hard feelings, maybe it’s just me but I don’t get how you can watch golf over game like tonight’s.

  27. Pete. My opinion is only sign FA’s that can make a big difference and play a complete game.. My offensive choice would be Drury, he does everything well maybe not great but well.

    I say go with young guys and get Drury, stay away from guys like Souray(best slapper in the game)but undisciplined and not that great on D…Mara has played well, I think against the Islanders he had a poor game but has overall done well. I am no expert but Pock as your 6th D man looks pretty good to me. Betts is good, he is a 4th line center that has a place on the team. The Rangers need to add secondary scoring. They cannot have both Hollweg and Orr on the team next yr. scoring 1 goal..

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