Rangers win 3-1 and are headed to the playoffs


I’m writing a final post…be patient please…


The Rangers are going to the playoffs.

You have to say it, great game so far by Jagr, who seems to be skating with a real purpose.

Also, the third line some of you asked for looks terrific, and has really given the Blueshirts a lift.

For anyone who is curious, this is Huet’s first appearance in net in 21 games.


Despite the lead, only a so-so period by the Rangers. Montreal seemed to take command in the final few minutes, with Saku Koivu nearly scoring a goal on Lundqvist on the drop pass.

Obviously, the Petr Prucha goal must’ve felt good for Rangers fans and for Prucha. And that new third line of Prucha-Cullen-Callahan has easily been the best so far, right up until Souray walked up Matt Cullen’s back. (Cullen just had a TO where he looked spooked by Souray.)

No penalties so far, which is what Tom Renney wanted. The defensemen have shot more, which is something else he wanted. But I’d still be a little worried. The last 17 minutes weren’t all that impressive.

OK, more later…

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  1. Glorious crowd reaction to the announcement of Malik’s goal.

    Rangers goal,his second of the season scored by number 8, Marek Malik! *universal cheers, about 90 decibels.*

    Assisted by number sixteen, Sean Avery! *universal cheers, about 100 decibels*

    And number sixty-eight, Jaromir Jagr!! *universal cheers, about 110 decibels*

    Nice to see the big guy get cheered. :)

  2. AngelusMortis on

    Way for Malik to make up for that goal he put up earlier by taking a stupid penalty at a crucial time.

  3. Say what you will about Jagr but just take the time to think about the players who came to NY for the money and didnt deliver. Big guy came through…for now…

  4. Shanahan’s last 30 seconds was a microcosm of what the Rangers have done these past 6 weeks: just keep fighting and fighting. His last shift was incredible on the penalty kill.

    Way to go Rangers! Lets hope they have 2 more months of hockey left in them!!

  5. That’s it baby We are in !!!!!

    NJ MARK WE are IN

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


  6. NJ Mark

    Shanahan’s last 30 seconds are also why he’s getting a contract if he wants one…and every kid in the system needs to watch that film. No backing in tonight…the played very smart and disciplined hockey. Nice one, boys…WE’RE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!

  7. Not only did they clinch, but by winning they guaranteed themselves no lower than the 7 seed. So they will now NOT face Buffalo in round one, which is a good thing. Instead we’ll get the Debbies or TB/Atlanta, all of whom I think they have an excellent chance of beating.

    Meanwhile, the Leafs blow it on the Island anyway…

  8. Congratulations to the N Y Rangers and to all its faithful fans. Thanks Guys.

    Damn,its been one hell of a stressful season.

  9. Joey Dag April 5th, 2007 at 10:01 pm

    Damn,its been one hell of a stressful season.

    The stress has only started.

  10. I also take issue that the last 17 minutes of period one were weak. In fact, other than a period of about 5 minutes where Montreal stormed the net and Hank earned his keep, I thought the Rangers owned the first 2 periods, and most of the third until the penalties started coming. The two on one play was ridiculous.

  11. Congratulations to the Rangers!! Kudos to Girardi, Callahan, Avery and Mara for making Sather look like a genius, also to HL for his fantastic second half, Cullen for picking it up when the new acquisitions arrived.

    Wonder where we would be if we still had the two Wards, Kasper, Ozo and Hall??? UGHH!! Our of that, we got Mara, Avery, and Bourret

    Well, my vote for MVP has to be Sean Avery. Team had a totally different way of playing before he came along. Shanny helped there.

    Other highlights, Hossa, before being hurt, started to put pucks in the net. Orr, when he plays, proved to be a good enforcer.

    The play of the rookies, Girardi and Callahan, has been outstanding and Dubi looked like he belonged too

    Pock has improved greatly also.

  12. So glad that Prucha scored in this one. Maybe Renney won’t make the mistake of benching him again. I was also happy to see Henrik’s focus wasn’t tainted by some Icetitutes who sought to throw him off. Excellent job on all levels tonight…except for the last 10 minutes or so, where the Rangers tried to give me a heart attack.

    By the way Josh, how much is it killing you that BC is playing in the Frozen Four right now!? (I graduated from BU in 2002 as well, from SED)

  13. Great win they deserved it…

    It has been a stressfull season but now we can enjoy some playoff hockey.

    they can beat either NJ or ATL/TB.. The Rangers are dangerous…

    Should be fun…

  14. Although I agree with lenny that Avery has been a massive factor in the Rangers’ reversal of fortunes, Jagr and Lundqvist are still easily the team’s MVPs. This good stretch of play to finish the season would have never happened without all of Lundqvist’s outstanding performances in those 2-1, 3-2 wins–many of them in OT/SO. Those wins have really given the team momentum, and now the offense has picked up big-time. In the first half of the season, Jagr was shying away somewhat from contact–he wasn’t “posting up” with the puck as often as he did last year. Now, his shoulder seems like it’s back to 100% and he looks as strong on the puck now as he ever has, and the top line has been huge lately. Just look at how many points Jagr and Nylander are putting up now!

  15. oops: looks like if one puts two hyphens together, it crosses out the text.

    My bad :p

  16. Because I am a huge dork, I actually enjoy the playoff math calculus problems.

    If the Rangers beat Pittsburgh, they get the 6th seed. Here’s why:

    Right now NYR 94 pts 1 GR
    ATL 93 pts 2 GR
    TB 92 pts 2 GR

    If we beat Pitt, we have 96 pts.

    If Atlanta wins their next 2, they’ll have 97, but their last game is against TB. So even if Tampa wins 1 game and takes a point off Atlanta, they have 95, NYR get #6.

    If Tampa wins their next 2, they will then have 96 points. But their last game is against Atlanta. If Atlanta takes a point off Tampa in that game, then all 3 teams have 96 points BUT TB wins the 3 seed on the basis of wins and NYR then win 6 seed on basis of wins.

    Of course, both TB and Atl could lose their games tomorrow night.

    If TB went on to lose both of their remaining games, and lost at least one in regulation, we’d get 6th without beating Pittsburgh. In fact, of the different scenarios if the Rangers lose in either OT/SO or outright to Pitt, there’s about a 50% chance they’ll end up in the 6th seed anyway.

  17. Wow Peter, that is some good figuring, I don’t care who we play, LETS WIN!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Josh or Sam and everyone else-

    Do you guys think there is any chance the Rangers would actually be able to resign Thomas Pock? He sits most of the year, and when he finally gets some consistant playing time he plays great.

    Also, barring trades, the young guys (Pock, Prucha, Dubinsky, Callahan, Immonen, Dawes, Bourett, Liffiton, Byars, etc.) will be relegated once again to the farm team (I didn’t say Hartford because who knows where the team will be) or the press box. We know they are in for this year, and I know it is early, but what could things look like next October?

  19. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    This was a great game tonight…The atmosphere was really great..I was able to make it to the game..thanks to my coach for the tickets..ERRR i know the girl who got Henrik Lundqvist’s jersey..Shes so lucky..But thank god NYR is makin the playoffs..They did a hell of a job at the end of the year..Now they gotta have a good run in the playoffs….It would be nice if TBL stole 3rd..but i dont care if we face either TBL or ATL i just wanna watch some playoff hockey….ERR i cant wait till saturday and Wednesday…Gotta beat PIT first…..LETS GO NYR

  20. yaaaaaaah! Rangers in the playoffs and playing some really good hockey. The Czech’s and the Swede have been playing great since being disbanded. Where would this team even be without them? I hope “Seamus”, “Laser Guided…” and all of the other Ranger haters that post this blog just shut the hell up! Have you eaten all of your ridiculous negative bullshit yet? LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!

  21. I have an idea no more negative stuff to they are eliminated from the playoffs..

    no worrying about not playing young guys next year etc…..

    they are moving in the right direction……………

  22. Cogratulations, brothers!

    Now it’s a difficult chice for Renney: to give Henrik a rest and do some other experimenting on Saturday or to fight fot a win which guaranties 6th spot.

  23. Congrats to the Rangers!!! I think Avery has been great also but Lundqvist and Jagr are the teams mvps but its been a total team effort.

  24. PW – they just clinched a playoff spot and again someone (in this case you) is concerned about certain peoples playing time next yr. Come on and enjoy this year and root for the Rangers this year.

  25. Jagr my fanny. the Rangers were going nowhere and just treading frozen water until Avery arrived. Avery was the catalyst to turn around a floundering team, and Henrik provided the great goaltending to solidify the bad early season D.

    Jason friggin Blake has 40 goals with the mediocre Randy Robitaille as his C, and Jagr has only 30 with a much better center and more ice time. that tells you better than anything how much Jagr has underperformed and been a huge disappointment.

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