Callahan AHL all-rookie team


Just thought you’d like to know: Ryan Callahan was honored on the AHL’s all-rookie team as one of only three forwards. He scored 35 goals in 60 games with Hartford.

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  1. anyone notice the Wolfpack have alot of the young guns signed to “ato” contracts, should be fun to watch.
    They have a game tonight and 3 this weekend

  2. josh do you think Renney knows he was tricked by Nolan, and their fans want to say thank you for not playing Prucha? They are calling in to wfan to say so, that really adds salt to the wound. At least they know what kind of player he is and would take him in a ny second, and not to play on the 4th line, beyond absurd.

  3. Prucha is definitely not a 4th liner. Either Ortmeyer or Hollweg should have sat and to quote Major Tom That’s That.

    Its ironic that a few months ago I questioned the sacredness of these two players playing time and was jumped on by many. Now see many saying the same thing.

  4. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Rangers won this game for the Isles…Isles scored one goal off of luck..Thanks to betts…then strudwick scored for them…Its pathetic…Is this what were gonna do IF we make it in the playoffs…Game 7 of the stanley cup finals…in OT…Malik wins the cup for the other team….Is that how it will end for us???

    Tom Renney…..Tell this team something that will get through there thick skulls..How many damn times will we score the goals for the opposition..We won 2 games for the pens this season by putting the puck in our with the last sec left thanks to A. Ward and the other thanks to malik in OT….Im gettin pissed watching this ..We might be makin the playoffs but..Next season we have to cut these loose ends out..

  5. below from the Rangers web site – we need 2 pts to finish ahead of Tor (unless Tor loses in OT then that will do it due to wins)

    Toronto would need to win both of its remaining games, and the Blueshirts would need to lose both for the Leafs to displace them in the playoff picture. Because Toronto owns the tie-breaker between the teams, the Rangers’ magic number with respect to the Leafs is two points.

  6. Another note, Hugh Jessiman was the Wolf Pack’s recipient of “Man of the Year”. Each team in the AHL has one winner, he was ours.

  7. Just when I thought Renney couldn’t say anything more rediculous concerning Prucha. So he was fine with the 4th line giving up a sloppy goal for being out of position last night. And of course he was fine with Ortmyer taking dumb penalties. Also confirm if playing callahan on the powerplay would be unwise positionally, as why else would he not be out there?

    Bottom line is Renney lets the Names and his pets do whatever they want without retribution and instead punishes kids who give there all every time they are out on the ice (Prucha/Callahan and im specifically not referring to ortmyer/hollweig, as their all doesn’t amount to anything that necessary, and dont say that hollweig rattles other teams, b/c certainly isnt instilling fear in anyone lately)

    If they sneak into the playoffs what is going to change next year? If they don’t make the playoffs Dolan and co are probably still stubborn enough to resign nylander and keep the czech deadweight on this team.

  8. “Either Ortmeyer or Hollweg should have sat”

    no it should have been Orr, he is not needed against teams that don’t have an enforcer, actually I don’t think he is needed at all no matter how great he fights.

  9. “Tell this team something that will get through there thick skulls”

    good luck trying to get through Renney’s thick skull. this guy is worse than the previous 5 morons that coached this team.

  10. Bob – actually the 3 of them should take turns depending on the opponent (ie Orr vs Philly for example) and to keep them from being stale or overly tired. My point is then Orts is not on the 3rd line which helps our scoring balance immensely. Look he’s a great guy but ….

  11. It is really funny how Renney labels Prucha as purely offensive player, and makes him out to be clueless defensively which in turn makes Tommyboy the more clueless. Prucha is above average defensively and he will never improve if the idiot coach doesn’t put him in a position to succeed. He barely plays him, ruins his confidence, healthy scratches him, plays him on the right wing instead of left, never plays him in OT, or 4 on 4 and never tries him on the PK, burries him on the 4th line or linemates that don’t/can’t pass.

  12. Only 1 co(ckro)ach in NHL would play Ortmeyer on the 3rd line and Prucha on the 4th line and the funniest of all Isbister on the 1st line and Betts on the 2nd.

  13. OK, Off Topic But, here it goes.

    People in the Isles blog mentioned the tiff between Henrik and a Ice Girl. Now, a writer from newsday wants emails to write an article about the situation. Claiming this adds to the rivalry. I ahve read everything from he was asked to move from the crease, slashed the Squeegie and pushed the girl.

    I am sorry I am off topic here but this has got to get any person mad. This guy never touches the Rangers. Now that he may have a story he is asking for emails to write it. He wasn’t even there.

    Anybody else see the problem here?

  14. Bob – totally agree re mishandling of Pruch. its one thing to rest him if he’s banged up but what he does to the kid is beyond amazing.

  15. so who sits for 2-tin? Strudwick, Pock….er, Malik? Just kidding we know Tomboy would never sit out the human pylon. Seriously, given Renney’s bizarre behavior lately I’d expect it will be Pock.

    Still just cannot believe that he sat Prucha and benched Cally in the 3rd. Totally unfrigginbelievable

  16. Ranger Fan- I was at the game and he just tapped the snow broom. It was no big deal really. Personally I thought it was funny. I dont think they should have 3 girls collect ice anyway. Although they are attractive, they should have one guy collect snow from the ice jsut like at MSG. Having pretty girls collect ice when you have pro athletes trying to focus on the game is a mistake. They are just asking for trouble if you ask me.

  17. Hey Twin- If you read Josh’s earlier post, you would have found out that Strudwick and Orr were a defensive pair at the morning skate today. What does that tell you?

  18. Why do the knee injuries happen to people other than Malik? Your right TWIN it will most likely be POCK. Why would numbnut Renney keep him in, He has only been playing the best hockey of his short career.

    I thought I didn’t see Cally in the 3rd last night. Sure bench the best forward We had for 2 periods, unreal.

  19. Callahan played over a minute in the 3rd period, great job by Tommy boy to reward hard work and effort.

  20. JOSH/SAM: Suggestion…Take a poll of posters as to what they think of Renney.

    a. good coach

    b. average coach

    c. poor coach

    d. McDonald’s Drive-Thru coach

    Curious about the outcome.

  21. Hey GoNYR, guess what? I did read his earlier post. Who gives a flying fark who practices together. He benched Prucha on a whim didn’t he? And go check the TOI numbers from last night if you don’t think he benched Cally in the 3rd. Best Ranger forward on the ice for 2 periods and he sits him when it counts.

    Renney’s a dolt — if he worked in NJ Lou would’ve shot him ages ago.

  22. What happends next year when the over 35 Jagr/Nylander/Straka and Shanahan are still playing top line minutes and guys like Hollweg and Malik are still a part of the team to fance to Jagr? That doesn’t leave many spots open.

    When are Dawes, Byers, Korpikoski, Baranka, Pyatt, Staal, etc. going to be given a real shot. At this point, guys like Dawes, Baranka, and Liffiton have played enough in the AHL, it’s time to get them some NHL experience and see if they can hang and not overplay the four older guys 20+ minutes every night.

  23. The sad part is that evenn though this team played by far theur best hockey with Dubinsky, Callahan, Girardi and Pock getting the most minutes the bozos upstairs will still sign Shanny and Nylander and trade the yoots for Bertuzzi. The most frustrated has to be Hank. I mean, how can he take it? The team can’t score on Wade Dubliwicz. And mark my words, that was Wade Dubliewicz’s night of his career. He’s 28. He’ll never be an NHL starting goalie, he’ll probably rarely play again. But he’ll be remembered for years as the guy who stopped the surging Rangers from making the playoffs.

    Fact is, though, that if this team doesn’t make the playoffs it’s not because they couldn’t win one of their last 3 games. It’s because they couldn’t win for 2 straight weeks in December, blew 2 goal leads 20 times, and lost 23 one-goal games. If they’s even blown only 10 2-goal leads and won half of those one goal games, they’d be competing for the President’s Trophy. That to me suggests a team that lacks the confidence and mental fortitude to finish an opponent or protect a lead, one that gets a lead and immediately either starts coasting or gets far,far away from the plan that got them a lead in the first place. Is that coaching?

  24. MikeA – there are 2 games left in the regular season with hopefully a decent playoff run in us and you’re writing about next yr?

    Enjoy this year and if you go to any games support the team as I plan to. There will be plenty of time to comment on next yr when this yr is done.

  25. Bob – Unfortunately, Prucha did play in OT the other day and the game-winning goal was scored against the Rangers at that point. It lends credence to the fact that he can be a liability defensively.

  26. Seamus, I was wondering just that today. What is up with Kaspar? Is he doing better since having some time off?

  27. twin

    strudwick would sit when tyutin comes back. he doesn’t qualify for the playoffs so I think he would sit.

  28. Brandon, c’mon. So no other Ranger player has been on the ice for an overtime goal against this year? Not trying to be combative, but everybody is on the ice for goals at some point and many of them will be important goals. That’s hockey. Renney and/or Sather for whatever reason do not like Prucha. The fact is Prucha has been given almost no shot in overtime this entire season as Renney chooses to let the bigger liabilities of Jagr, Shanny, Straka, and Nylander play along with Betts, Cullen who are allegedly great defensive players…allegedly.

  29. That’s only what everybody was saying here. Prucha should definitely play in overtime, but he wasn’t placed with someone defensive enough to cover him. When Renney looks at one reason to bench a player, like he does, this is it. In Renney’s eyes, he was given a chance and failed. A reason Prucha was so successful last year was playing with Jagr & Nylander. I can’t see why he doesn’t play with them again this year. Obviously, I disagree with most of what Renney does.

  30. I love Petr Prucha and i think he should play every game but we didn’t loose the game because he didn’t play. What if he had played but didn’t score? theres no guarantee you’ll score in a game no matter who you are. Most of you are just looking for something to bitch about.

  31. ok thats more clear than and i agree thats how renney sees it. glad you don’t see it that way as well.

  32. “Bob – Unfortunately, Prucha did play in OT the other day and the game-winning goal was scored against the Rangers at that point. It lends credence to the fact that he can be a liability defensively.”

    it is more of a self fulfilling prophecy, due to Prucha losing confidence. The shorter the leash the more nervous he will play and the more mistakes he will make. If Hossa and Isbister can kill penalties then so should Prucha, it would do wonders to his confidence and his experience in his own zone.

  33. LI Joe-I’ve been a Rangers fan for like 18 years now and I do support the team and am excited about the possibiity of playoffs this year.

    However, I’m frustruated with Renney’s coaching tactics this year and playing favirotes. I think Dane Byers would be a lot more effective than Hollweg because he has some offensive abiity.

    Renney makes the same mistakes over and over and if they don’t get in the playoffs, a lot of this is on him.

  34. MikeA – didn’t mean to come down on you – its just this is the time of the yr that we all look forward to and I want this team to go a long ways. Do I agree with every or even many decisions (of course not). But I bleed blue, and the team didn’t mortgage the future and even brought excitement in players like Avery. AND yes I wanted Prucha out there and more minutes for Callahan. AND yes I really want another cup in my lifetime and to use a golf expression I’m on the back nine of life.

  35. I think the only reason they have guys in jumpsuits at the garden because of some legal troubles some MSG folks had with the cheerleaders a year or two ago that are still going on.

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