Pregame: Prucha out for Hollweg


Nice to see that everyone has turned on me so quickly. To hopefully return to my good graces, here’s the info I have.

1. Petr Prucha will sit tonight in favor of Ryan Hollweg. Renney said Hollweg allowed him to run certain combinations on the ice that he was looking for.

“What I think I might need tonight is a combination of a couple other guys,” Renney said. “Take it for what it’s worth. He’s a healthy scratch.” … If you take Renney at his word, this has nothing to do with injury, more with him choosing Hollweg’s game over Prucha’s in this situation.

Renney was also asked if he sees a situation where Prucha could be scratched for a playoff game, and he said: “I don’t know. It depends on who we play and how we match up.”

2. Fedor Tyutin remains out, but Tom Renney is hopeful he can play Thursday.

“I’d like to get him in for Thursday. His times are a little off yet,” said Renney, referencing Tyutin’s conditioning. “We have to make sure he’s in position to sustain his level for three periods of hockey.”

3. Marcel Hossa is still out but is making progress toward a return. He will return after Tyutin.

4. The line combinations will remain the same, with the exception of Hollweg for Prucha on the fourth line. However, Tom Renney said he may tinker with the lines during the game.

5. Obviously, Lundqvist will start. And Wade Dubielewicz looks like he’s in net for the Islanders.

*** Also, “check out this story from Newsday’s Greg Logan.”:,0,4246189.story?coll=ny-sports-headlines Looks like the Islanders plan to go down with a fight, and perhaps Renney has sensed that. (Not saying he’s right, but maybe he wants as many gritty players in the lineup as possible.)

What you need to read is the final quote from Ted Nolan in relation to Sean Avery and Ryan Hollweg: “We have to ignore these guys and worry about their real players.”

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  1. Hey look, everyone, it’s Josh. Once again, when I grow up, i want my day to be as relaxing as Josh’s day has been.

    Hollweg in for Prucha? That’s immeasurably stupid. That prucha has scored 20 goals in spite of Renney’s sher determination in trying to play him as little as possible is nothing short of remarkable. And spare me the bs of Hollweg being able to hit- prucha will go after anybody just as hard, if not harder, and he knows how to score too.

    This stretch run will be successful in spite of some incredibly weird decisions. Tom Renney is Narcissus in disguise.

  2. WTF Renney????? Is he seeing a different player on the ice than the Prucha everyone else sees? Hollweg is 50/50 to score on a shot from 10 feet during warmups without a goalie in net. Ridiculous.

  3. Prucha will not hit nearly as hard as Hollweg. However…if Prucha is gonna play the 4th line then yes this makes some sense…however…the bottom line is that Prucha should not be there to begin 4th

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Josh, you should put a disclaimer on your post not to kill the messenger; Hollweg for Prucha will not go over well.

    Personally, I’d scratch Shanahan.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    I understand wanting to get Hollweg in. If Renney is expecting the game to get physical, he should’ve scratched either Straka or Shanahan.

    Again, personally, I’d scratch Shanahan.

  6. Some people are just amazing!
    You’d think we have a bunch of potential NHL coaches in here!! Say what you want about Renney, I think he did a great job to get this team going again after a rough start.

    People bitched when he was playing Hossa, and when Hossa came around, now people miss him.

    People bitched when Colton Orr was put in the lineup and now we all agree he needs to be there!

    People bitched about Rachunek, and now they can’t wait till he comes back!

    Renney has his reasons for taking Hollweg over Prucha – and they are not made soley by him. He does’nt just wake up this morning and say “I’m gonna bench Prucha”

    Bottom line- Only one team in the NHL has been better than the Rangers since the All-Star Break!

    Maybe Renney should go – They fired Julien right?

  7. no problem.. rest him.. hollweg needs to be there to hit, etc..

    prucha was on the 4th line with no purpose last game.. its temporary guys, cheeeeel.

  8. Amen, GerryD!

    Exactly what I was thinking.

    All you “coaches” out there– I heard there’s an opening down Jersey.

  9. guy scores 20 goals while getting pretty much ZERO playing time and he still gets benched. this is ridiculous

  10. Gerry, what has renney done over this stretch to merit your praise? For months, Renney’s rallying cry was to support his troops and not make any lineup changes. Lo and behold, we go off on a tear when new guy Sean Avery comes calling. He refused to play the kids until injuries forced his hand- Callahan, Girardi, etc would otherwise have not had any opportunity this year. Yes, some decisions have worked out well- Hossa got strong, as did Rachunek. But most of the reasons for this tear have had nothing to do with Renney.

  11. What you people fail to realize is that Ted Nolan has been running his mouth and that they have a bunch of DIRTY players on that team who have been EMBARRASSED lately and no matter what they do they are NOT getting into their post season so tonight is IT for them and it wouldn’t surprise me if they were looking to decapitate a Ranger or two so Prucha being scratched for this game is Renney PROTECTING him … in fact some experts even called for Henrik to be scratched and then played in the final two for fear that because the Islanders are going around saying that Avery is at fault for DP that they might try to hurt Henrik …

    But it doesn’t matter what Renney does, even though the team continues to WIN, some of you people can only criticize while complete ignoring the good he has done for this team

  12. Good lord. Sometimes I think this team wins in spite of Renney. Ryan Hollweg is an ECHL-level player and the day Renney’s fascination with that meatball ends will be a day to break out the cake and party hats.

  13. At first, I was surprised to read that Prucha would be sitting tonight in favor of Hollweg. However, with the Islanders facing elimination from playoff contention, I would bet the farm that they go out head-hunting tonight. Having Orr, Avery, Hollweg, and Strudwick in the lineup tonight is a very smart move.

  14. if they win tonight it was a smart move. If they lose and lack for goal scoring Renney will be taken to task. Part of the deal. Personally, I think it’s a stupid move to scratch Prucha while playing Isbister but then again it’s typical “I’m so much smarter than everyone else” Renney. We’ll see how it works out

  15. Fine, go ahead and dress Hollweg. But don’t sit Prucha; sit Betts. That guy has one good period for every ten he disappears.

    I agree with the Renney bashers — he stumbled into an incredible run by a top three goalie in the world, with Avery being Avery a perfect addition to the collective soul that no one could have predicted.

  16. Adam –

    Respect your opinion- thanks for respecting mine.

    I think Pock has worked out well – as he was eased in

    I also believe Girardi is in because Kaspar is not – and he has been very quietly steady back there.

    My point is being impatient and rushing youngsters in to play is’nt always the best thing.

    Isbister has also taken alot of slack on this board. True, he’s not exactly a finisher, but he’s a big grinder and is capable of making plays. He certainly does’nt hurt that line and he sure made one hell of a pass to Jagr the other night.

    Yes, Renney always stood behind his guys and stuck it out during tough times, but sometimes waiting it out and letting guys get used to each other creates the “Team” aspect that you definitely need if your going anywhere, especially in the playoffs.

    Matty makes a good point – it may get rough out there tonight.Maybe that’s a good reason to keep a smaller Prucha out (he always seems to be getting bowled over out there). Or maybe he’s just doing it to light a fire under his ass before the playoffs!! Whatever the reason, it should’nt be taken as a negative on Prucha, and I’m sure there is a good reason behind it

    Are there better coaches out there? probably, but My Rangers are going to the playoffs again this year, and will hopefully go further. I’m not gonna complain! LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!

  17. Pregame ….Avery on Noalns comments:

    “He’s had 5 years to sit home and think about snappy things to say”

  18. Colorado Mark on


    Don’t take it personally. I take this blog as a bonus and appreciate anything that can be sent our way.

    On Prucha- I don’t think he deserves to sit, but I can also see him being an easy target for some Islander goonery. He seems to take more physical beatings from other teams than any other guy. Sure, he gets right up, but I’d rather not risk it as I am sure Nolan (everyone’s hero) is not above sending his players out for target practice. If he’s going to miss the playoffs, he’s gotta give the ravenous Islander fans something to praise him for.

    On Renney. ADAM Z- You are right that injuries forced his hand as far as playing Dubinsky and Callahan, but Girardi is the exception. Girardi was recalled to replace Kasparitis and he played over Pock and has gotten regular minutes ever since.

  19. I don’t normally agree with Renney, but I’m going to go ahead and trust his judgment on this one. If he wants to get Hollweg in the lineup, Prucha is the most logical scratch.

    You can’t scratch Shanny because he’s still working on getting his game back, and is looked on as a leader of this team.

    You can’t scratch Orr because he needs to be in there for his physical game.

    You can’t scratch Isbister, because for some reason, Jagr plays better with this bum on his line.

    Prucha, unfortunately, is the weak link.

  20. I would scratch Callahan before Prucha, even if Prucha is playing on the 4th line. This way Prucha would move up a line, in fact.

  21. Playoff Bound on

    Islanders are sadly hilarious. And what the hell is Dim-Witt talking about in that Logan article. What a low class bunch.

    Also, let’s never overestimate Nolan again. So many peeps hate Renney but he had a ton of injuries to deal with and the team managed to pull it together while dealing with a lot adversity. Ted Nolan had injuries and suspensions and he basically chooses to whine about the Rangers and from the looks of it, that’s about it. And who knows what they were thinking in relation to DipP. Very poor organization.


  22. I agree with Brandon. To call a guy with 20 goals in very limited ice time who hustles his ass off every shift and who passes the puck as well as he does a “weak link” is a big-time stretch.

  23. Preventing a kid who has 50 goals in two seasons, has given his body up for the team and is outhustled by NO ONE from playing in such a key game is fucking cruel. If that is so hard to see, then have another fucking Kool-Aid.

  24. Does anyone else see the resemblance between Wade Dubielewicz and Michael Nylander??

  25. Where's Bure? on

    I’ve always supported Renney despite the harsh criticisms and the calls to fire him. I can somewhat understand scratching him for Hollweg in a game that might get messy but saying he’s not sure if he’ll scratch Prucha in a playoff games? That is horse shit. They’ll need skilled, hard working energy players in the playoffs especially if they play NJ in the first round who isn’t a very physical team with the exception Cammy Jansen.

    If Dublewiecz steals a game for the Islanders tonight as Hedburg and other sub-par goalies have done this season, I will personally assassinate him.

    Did anyone else crack up at what Avery said about Nolan? “That guy’s had five years to think of something to say.” Hilarious.

  26. I think the decision to scratch Prucha tonight might be the right one…the Islanders are definitely out for blood, so we’ll need our big guys in there.

    But I must say, Renney’s treatment of Prucha throughout the rest of the season definitely makes tonight’s a bit fishy. Prucha has scored 20 goals this season while consistently playing on the 3rd and 4th line. When Shanny was out, he led the team in scoring, and what happens when everyone gets healthy? Fourth line or a healthy scratch. For that, I criticize Renney, even if tonight is the right move.

  27. Anyone else see resemblance between Witt and Nigel Tufnel(Christopher Guest in Spinal Tap)

  28. LetsgoRaiders on

    Hollweg is an average AHL player at best who hits-thats all he brings
    Prucha can hit and score, and make plays..HE IS GREAT IN THE SHOOTOUTS_ WE NEEDED HIM TONIGHT FOR THAT REASON

    Cmon renney play the kid

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