Postgame: Rangers lose 3-2 in shootout


All right everyone, I’ve finished my story for the night and I have to say: It was a strange game and a strange postgame downstairs.

First things first, I was surprised to hear that the second Islanders goal actually bounced off Jason Strudwick and past Henrik Lundqvist. It appeared to have snuck to Miroslav Satan, who put it in the net. But Lundqvist said it went off Strudwick and Strudwick confirmed that it went off the back of his leg. And obviously the first goal was redirected by Blair Betts, then stuffed in by Arron Asham.

You could tell Lundqvist thought his team should’ve beaten the Islanders tonight judging by his postgame comments. He looked like he just wanted to toss his hands up.

“They scored two really lucky goals,â€? said Lundqvist, who made 32 saves. “But they play a style where they crash the net and sometimes the bounces go their way.â€?

The others parties interviewed — Tom Renney, Jaromir Jagr, Sean Avery, Brendan Shanahan — all seemed torn. Here the Rangers were playing a desperate team on the road, so a point closer was a point closer. But they were obviously disappointed for the following reasons: 1) They played a bad opening 10 minutes; 2) They had a power play in OT with the playoffs on the line and didn’t score; 3) They had the game in a shootout and lost; and 4) They lost to Wade Dubielewicz.

Tom Renney said he felt good for Dubielewicz, who used to go to his hockey camp as a youngster, but you could tell the coach and his players knew they needed to beat what amounts to an AHL goalie with a playoff berth on the line.

Here’s a sampling of what was said:

Renney on the final power play only mustering one shot (he said he thought Nylander was slashed in OT and that the refs should’ve called it, but I can’t understand his exact words on my tape recorder): “We had some looks we should’ve taken advantage of, there’s no question about that,â€? Renney said of the final power play. “We needed to move the puck a little bit quicker to get more opportunities to shoot.â€?

Sean Avery on his team’s position: “It was a typical Rangers-Islanders type game, they just got the better end of the shootout,â€? Rangers left wing Sean Avery said. “But we’re still in pretty good position.â€?

Brendan Shanahan: “It’s disappointing to not do it tonight, but we crept a little closer.”

Shanny on Dubielewicz: “He seemed to have more of a book on us than we had on him.”

Shanny on scoring for the first time since Feb. 15th: “I’m feeling more and more like myself with each game.”

OK, I’ll be back after practice tomorrow.

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  1. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    bklynblue, you can’t even wipe your own ass without help

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Ortmeyer has been blood and guts ever since he made the big club, but with Petr Prucha a healthy scratch, does anyone else think that he needs to start doing more than kill penalties to earn a lineup spot? Ditto for Hollweg and hitting.

  3. It’s never easy, is it? We’re in this dogfight with a team that has no business playing with us right now, while Montreal and the Habs and Canes are all winning. Big third period.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Roszival continues to be terrible. I’ve seen at least 5 giveaways by him tonight. Unfortunate that he’s been so terrible lately, because he has been brilliant at times this season. At this point, if his play doesn’t improve, I’d want to scratch him when Tyutin and Rachunek return. Especially since Pock has been REALLY good for the past 2 or 3 weeks.

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Smyth has been by far the best skater on the ice this period. Rangers are flat. Two penalties by Ortmeyer illustrates his frustration at not playing well.

    I also agreed with the diving call on Avery. I hate bad sportsmanship like that. He got a love tap and made it like it was a heavy slash. C’mon dude, be a man and play.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    True, that call was weak, but he had held him 2 or 3 times before that which went uncalled. That’s why I wasn’t THAT upset with those.

  7. isles got away with running picks all night….bad night for the refs. also, did anyone else see pock get punched in the face 10 seconds before witt hit the crossbar?

  8. Hollweg & Ortmeyer were awful. Jez… Why Renney put Hollweg instead of Prucha? That was so f**&^ stupid!!!

  9. could have used PRUCHA, eh coach?

    How about that power play in OT? 50 seconds and 1 farking shot!!!

    Nice coaching job Tom. Looks like he was playing for the single point. Hope your boys can pull one point out against two *very* tough opponents.

  10. dont blame this on Tom- we got out hustled in the first ten and we couldnt score on a minor leaguer. it was a physical game, renney knew it would be rough- so easy to be a critic when you dont know what its like to be there

  11. onecupin67years on

    Renney is a jackass,sit Prucha for Hollewig.I guess the couple of rangers victories by more than one goal made the rangers into a scoring machine,right Tommy boy! start packing dweeb ass.

  12. I think this is what it looks like right now: \

    Tampa Bay – 92 points
    Rangers – 92 points
    Montreal – 90 points
    Toronto – 89 points
    Islanders – 86 points
    Carolina – 86 points

    Thursday’s games are Montreal @ Rangers, Toronto @ Islanders, with TB and Carolina off. Friday, Carolina plays Atlanta and Tampa Bay hosts Florida (which is still hanging in at 83 points, but I consider out of the contest). Saturday has Carolina vs. Florida, Islanders @ Philly, Rangers @ Pittsburgh, TB @ Atlanta, and Montreal @ Toronto. If needed, Sunday is Islanders @ New Jersey.

    Aside from wild card spots, Atlanta is still fighting for the division. Going to be some interesting hockey coming up.

  13. onecupin67years on

    the sad part is that the rangers will make the playoffs ,get their asses swept as usual and renney and sather will be back for the same shit next year.

  14. coach cant make you score stf- we put 36 shots on goal- some nights you run into a goaltender that gets hot. i agree, the organizations coaching is weak, our number 1 pick from 03 gets no playing time simply b/c shoenfeld doesnt like that he was a first rounder w/ money.

  15. I’d rather blame Renney for his shitty methods that Sather (wow- he made good deals this year!).

  16. Just make sure, everybody, that you don’t look back in history and see what happened to the Rangers in ’58-’59.

    Renney, the ultimate overcoacher, trying to match up with a team that is skidding into oblivion, rather than rolling out his best players and daring the opposition to stop them.

    The guy is a verbal-diarrhea-ing disaster. Passive, soft, without the guts to lead a team to the pinnacle.

  17. Nobody could of made more mistakes in this game than Malik! What a waste of ice. Though it would be the smart thing to do, I highly doubt they’ll sit this joker and put Tuttin in his place.

  18. Can someone tell me how the Rangers have the tie-breaker over Toronto? If the Rangers gain 1 point in the next 2 games, they finish with 93. If Toronto wins out, they finish with 93. Both teams fnish with 41 wins. Second tie-breaker is amount of points gained during the season series. Rangers have gone 2-2 (with a shootout win) for 4 points, while Toronto has gone 2-1-1 (with a shootout loss) for 5 points. Therefore Toronto wins the tie-breaker. The Rangers can VERY well miss the playoffs…

  19. Callahan was the best forward on the ice the first two periods and then Genius Jr sat him for most of the third and OT. At least Callahan knows how to shoot the puck.

    Rangers made Dublewicz’ job very easy tonight. He didn’t really have to make many tough saves.

  20. Look at this wackoff: It was on Zipays blog, I almost choked on my food.







  21. they better play tyutin and prucha on Thursday…..

    Orr gave us nothing, he plays 8 minutes and makes everyone else play a ton more because he cannot skate. they need speed on Thursday not toughness..

    they need 1 point at least…………

  22. Stf- I didn’t write it buddy, the hope was for people to go on their blog and F with them because I can’t post there, because I bitched at Logan for saying Avery put DP out.
    SO relax yourself.

  23. the Rangers will not get in if they lose both and Toronto wins both games. The rangers can get in if toronto has 1 win and 1 OTL. So hopefully the Rangers just take care of business and win on Thursday.

  24. Do me a favor, tell Renney I said FUCK YOU to him for playing that piece of shit Strudwick in instead of Tyutin.

  25. Sorry to say it but this blog doesn’t exist without Sam. That’d be nice to get maybe a 1 post from you Sam! What? Don’t you use a computer on your golf tournament? Come on!

  26. mfan2 –

    Actually you are correct. A win tonight would have clinched a spot for the Rangers, because then they would have won the tie-breaker with the Leafs for wins. NOW, if the Leafs then win out while the Rangers lose out but gain only a point, the Leafs would finish with 93 points as would the Rangers and win the tie-breaker. Additionally, if their final win against the Habs were in OT, then Montreal would pick up a point and also have 93 – by virtue of wins, they’d also finish ahead of the Rangers. If the Leafs then beat Montreal in regulation, the Rangers would be in IF they picked up a point somewhere.

    So 1 point clinches nothing. Rangers need a win or a Leafs loss in the next 2 or they’re out.

  27. tyutin is coming back from an mcl injury jack@ss. no need to lose him for the whole playoffs

  28. i really dont understand playing hollweg instead of prucha. not saying it would have made a difference tonight, but the islanders still had a shot going into tonight. why would they go out there and goon it up? besides, we have orr in the lineup. is hollweg really a deterrent?

  29. Hollweg, Orr and Ortmeyer played shit!!! Worst game of these all three man for a long time!

  30. OK, it’s me, although given the exemplary job by Josh, I don’t know if I’m necessary (in-game posts, Josh? Raising the bar, are we?) Anyway, I didn’t see the game seeing how you have as good a chance of getting cricket on TV here in the Deep South, but I did listen to Kenny and Dave for a while before heading out.

    Don’t despair, folks. Given how sloppy the Rangers sounded to start, a point is something against a desperate team. Plus, and don’t shoot me for saying this, but I kind of would like to see a Rangers-Devils first round series, which can’t happen if the Rangers finish sixth. Maybe I’m misguided. It wouldn’t be the first time.

    Anyway, you can all vist me on the golf blog this week ( this week, although if golf isn’t your thing, I understand.

  31. Renney ALWAYS plays “not to lose in regulation” when the score is tied halfway through the 3rd period. While that is maddening, what makes me even crazier are his player personnel decisions. You can’t have Orr, Ortmeyer and Holloweg in the line-up on the same night. The team gives up too much offense.

    Let me get this straight, the pp is clicking like mad before Shanny collides with Knuble because you’ve got two potent units that each get about 1 min. of ice-time. The team finally gets all the forwards back in the line-up that made it happen, so naturally you go back to the pp alignment that failed so miserably for most of the season.

    Too bad Lou Lamorillo isn’t the GM of this team. He just fired a coach that has his team 10 points ahead of the Rangers battling it out for first place! But not to worry, “Thanks Dad” Dolan will raise ticket prices next season when the Rangers sneak into the playoffs.

  32. tinker bell Renney does it again. he can’t leave well enough alone. he always has to tinker with his lineup.

    he should have used the same players on the same lines in the same roles that raked the Leafs, but no, he could not resist.

  33. DanTheRangerFan on

    all I can say is Lets Go Rangers…I still see good things (: Lets stop complaining and look foward. Round one is ours/////////////////////////

  34. “Sam, you want hockey discussions on your golf blog? Renney is not up to par.”

    Renney needs a green straitjacket.

  35. Shanny needed that goal tonight. Should of had a second in OT…PASS HIM THE PUCK WHEN HE IS IN A GOOD POSITION TO SHOOT.

    Rozy and Malick were horrrrrid!

  36. Sam:

    The powerplay is killing us … please continue to ask Renney why Cullen is not at the point … Rosival and Straka are non-factors on the point….

  37. Rangers need 1 point and they are in.. 93 points for the Rangers makes it…

    It does not matter what anyone else does.

  38. surprised that there is not more criticism of sitting Prucha. was at the game and very surprised he was sitting. I would have sat either Orts or Hollweg. Prucha is a young offensive player that they need when they are playing 3 games in 4 nights (a major reason the Leafs looked so bad vs the Rangers was the same 3 in 4). The Rangers looked terrible most of the 1st period – seemed to have no legs).

    Now we have to win Thursday or have the NYI beat Toronto (and since their game is after ours and if we lose to Mtl that knocks the NYI out, I would not count on getting help there). We don’t want this to be about Saturday.

  39. Yes.. The Islanders cannot finish with the same amount of wins as the rangers so the rangers win the tie breaker if they have the same amount of points..

    The islanders can only get in the playoffs if either the canadiens or leafs do not…

    1 point and they are in look it up on the bottom of espn/standings.1st tiebreaker wins, then hed to head results, then goal differential.

    1 point or either the leafs, islanders, or habs lose once and they are in…

  40. that is not true. if mtl beats rangers in OT and loses to leafs in OT, and leafs and pitt beat Isles and Rangers in reg. in the other games, then all 3 would have 93 pts, but the leafs and habs would win the tiebreaker in both cases.

    the Rangers need 2 pts to assure a playoff spot, UNLESS either the Leafs or Habs fail to reach 93 pts.

  41. wrong the 1st tiebreaker is total wins not head to head look it up..

    you are wrong…………..

  42. Note to Renney:

    How’s Prucha’s confidence level going to be for the playoffs when you scratch him against a 10th place team and an AHL goalie?

    good call, Tom. way to be the man and admit your mistakes in the post game.

    The only downside of the Rangers making the playoffs is having this idiot back next year.

    Anyone see Malik spinning like an idiot in a town square?

  43. with another coach, who can handle JJ, this team would be fighting for 1st place not still hoping to make the playoffs.

  44. stf
    April 4th, 2007 at 8:21 am
    We just need to crush Habs in our territory. That’s it.

    Exactly. And I think they will Thursday night. Missing out on that extra point hurt though. It basically means we need 3 points in the next 2 games to grab the 6th spot. Tampa will most likely beat Florida and lose to Atlanta, which would give them 94. We’d need 95 to finish ahead of them.

    Hopefully, Pittsburgh has nothing to play for Saturday night and won’t play their stars as much. And even if they do, I still think Pittsburgh is overrated and very beatable. No D and no goaltending.

  45. OK, so now that we’ve figured out the Rangers need 2 more points to make the playoffs (if the others win out), I would think we need three to grab 6th. TB has the tiebreaker, so we need to finish ahead of them in points. I see them splitting their two games, but if one goes into OT, then we will need all four points to get 6th. It seems like we’re headed for a matchup with the Devils. :( What would be nice about 6th is the slim chance we could have home ice in the 2nd round. Didn’t that happen in the West last season?

  46. Let’s place blame where it belongs:

    If the refs are going to allow Sean Hill et al to nearly rape Jagr every shift, and call nearly every infraction on the Rangers (see Paul Mara late in the third) it’s tough to win games.

    WHEN the Rangers get Power Plays, can someone point out to Perry Pearn that Rick DiPietro is not in net, so the Team CAN dump it hard around and fight for possession?

    How long ago would Lou Lamoriello fired Tom Renney? Ryan Callahan was the most effective forward at even strength even though he was playing his off wing. By limiting his time in the third contributed to the Isles dominating that period. WAKE UP!!!!

  47. Yeah the refs let quite a bit go…maybe too much. It seemed that anytime someone would check Avery the next move would be either a facewash or a jab to his face. I know he dishes it but you have to eventually call that crap. The Mara call late in the game may have been marginal but as someone already pointed out (Doodie?) seconds beforehand he was hugging Smyth from behind with no call…I even called out to the TV “Oh Mara come on!
    Tough loss to swallow with those 2 weak goals against. Love what I am seeing from Cally…he’s got a nose for the net and a true goal-scorers touch…would have been nice to see how out there in the latter stages of the game.
    How many shots did we take on the final 4 on 3 in OT? ONE?

  48. Doodie Machetto on

    It wasn’t their best, that’s for sure.

    Ortmeyer needs to go. He was terrible, and took two penalties. His only value to the team is on the PK to block shots. If he’s in the box, not only is he hurting them, but he is also bringing no benefit either. We have a good amount of guys that can kill a penalty, especially once Hossa returns. I think Ortmeyer should sit to make room for Prucha, especially once Hossa returns (Isbister would naturally be a scratch as well).

    And just to point out: I love Ortmeyer, but he really is bringing nothing to the table.

    ” but I can’t understand his exact words on my tape recorder)”

    Time to get a new one.

  49. In reference to the power play, if Jagr et al ate not going to listen tot the coach – then sit them! Renney tells Jagr to weave in and out on the OT power play. So what doesd Jagr do? Stand in one spot. Listen it is a simple game, plant someone in front of the net, get shots on goal and look for screens tips and deflections. Two keys – man in front and shots on net.

    Thursday’s game starts the playoffs. As such, Colton Orr is a luxury we can’t afford. he has done a fine job, but during the playoffs fighting isn’t as prevalent. Get Pruch in the lineup and go with the HBO line as the fourth line (Hollweg-Betts-Ortmeyer).

  50. Salted Meats on

    Rangers looked complacent. They deserved that loss, I feel. Came out flat, had a few spurts, and a few lucky/choice goals. They play to the level of thier opponents, and didnt come out looking for blood early enough on this wounded Isles team like they should have.

    Can’t blame this all on Renney/Prucha, or the refs….just a soft, uneven effort by the Rangers. They took this game for *granted*, as did the media, and as did many of us.

    They’re fucked now too I think….That is going to get into thier heads. Henke is fed up with this shit. Fucking Malik, go swallow glass, you are the worst.

    And yeah, Renney is soft, and I’d like him gone sometimes. But who else can coach Jagr?

  51. Renny benched Prucha who has 20 goals, first on our PP unit so he could play orr and hollweg a combined 10 minutes…
    you just can’t figure this guy out….
    Who on the isles was a physical threat that that we needed both in the lineup? Asham? dumb dumb move by renney, makes zero sense to me…i hope he doesn’t make that move again…

  52. gregg would you be surprised ? If he doesn’t make the playoffs, he has to be canned. Reassignment for anything less than 2nd round.

  53. Tinkering with the lineup off of Sunday night’s win over the Leafs (which was one of their best top to bottom team efforts all year) was just plain stupid on Coach Rainman’s part especially since Hollweg is bringing nothing to the table lately so there was absolutely nothing to recommend him over Prucha.

  54. Is anyone besides posters on blogs going to SLAM Renney for his arrogance/stupidity for benching Prucha, who beat the Isles twice this season? Or is the so-called “press” as much in the pockets of Ranger management as Rosen, Trautwig and Gang Without A Spine between them?

  55. And could someone please tell Betts, Hollweg, Malik et al to stop trying to “help” Henrik by intercepting passes through the crease.

  56. It’s a bad sitaution that Hollweg is one of Renney’s boys because yeah he can hit, but a guy like Dane Byers will make him obsolete.

  57. Play Prucha Now on

    Do you even care about the games themseleves or just the media coverage of the games? How can someone actually still care what Al Trautwig says? Get over it already.

    As for the game, very poor all around last night. Somehow Renney made this game about the inferior Islanders and their asshole newspaper quotes. You put your best team on the ice and that includes Prucha, who has a lot of flaws, but no way should he sit last night. If you don’t think he can play last night I don’t know how you can even contemplate playing him in playoff games. Orr shouldn’t play in what’s going to be a fast paced, very important game coming up tomorrow. He did an okay job over the last little while, pat on the back, but now it’s time to sit him. Also, I understand going for the OT/Shootout in the meat of the season, but the point earned last night isn’t very helpful. Way to consevative after tying it up. They still might need to win 1 more to make it. I really don’t get the strategy last night at all.

  58. I was one of Hollweg’s biggest supporters, but the guy’s tank is empty lately and he’s been running around the ice without any purpose to his actions . . . and the night off vs. Toronto did nothing to recharge his batteries, as he stunk up the ice again last night . . . if Hollweg is dressed against the Habs, then there really is no hope for Coach RainMan.

  59. the power play was bad because they were missing “someone” in front of the net all night causing havoc. that “someone” was up in the pressbox with his 20 goals while ryan HOOFweg was out on the ice doing nothing but making mistakes all night.

  60. hollweg is useless. he brings absolutely no offense & cant fight for his life. prucha better be back for thursdays game.

    and do something w/ ortmeyer. he has no finishing skills & has just been a waste of a spot.

  61. Cullen’s alone-in-front attempt where he shot right into the goalie with nobody around was pathetic. With his offensive skills, you’d think his instinct would’ve been to deke that goalie. He also had Callahan open for a half second on the other side of the crease!!!!

  62. Play Prucha Now on

    Hollweg is lost out there. In the D zone he never seems to get to the puck coming up and around to his wing. Before I said Orr should sit, but I guess Hollweg can be the guy to scratch if Renney for some reason feels Orr’s “talents” might be in order. But, he shouldn’t play more than the odd shift.

  63. And I don’t care if Tyutin is at only 88.68792546% conditioning level according to Coach RainMan’s quantitative analysis, he better be dressed rather than Strudwick who is a disaster . . . how the hell did he survive on the larger Euro rinks with his atrocious skating? The guy skates like some of those D-Men that the Iceholes try to pass off as NHL talent. It’s a damn good thing that Strudwick is not eligible for the playoffs.

  64. Prucha should have played last night Hollweg did nothing of note and Prucha’s presence makes our PP better (and gives it 2 possible units).
    First goal was part Dan Girardi’s part Blair Betts fault – Betts was out of position from the first pass and Girardi didn’t finish his check or clear the puck when he stepped into Asham. Second goal was a complete fluke.

    Still, i’m puzzled how “the point earned isn’t very helpful” play prucha now?
    Err if i’m not mistaken now that makes us a point closer to the playoffs than we would have been if we had lost in regulation???? ..and also we now only need a point to qualify…or any point dropped by the Leafs and Isles means we’re in.
    If we tie on points with the Leafs our goal difference is superior, if we tie with the Isles they have the edge in the season series..

  65. The Prucha benching was a joke. Hollweg, Ortmeyer and Orr — two have to go. Orts was my favorite player last year, and I admire his comeback, but this isn’t a Lifetime movie. What has he done for us lately? And Hollweg? Guy’s a slab of meat. Finally, hey Colton, you can start a fight, too, you know? Throw a punch.

    So is Strudwick, who makes everyone else on the ice tentative and, therefore, worse.

    But let’s face it, if the Rangers can’t beat the Islanders and/or Montreal or Pittsburgh, with the playoffs on the line, then we’re better off not making it and getting a better draft pick. Hello? Clutch much?

  66. Play Prucha Now on

    err…yeah it’s one more point. And that’s fine and dandy and possibly of importance, but do the Rangers make it at 93 in a tie-break with the Leafs…I was under the impression they didn’t.

    Didn’t say the point was of no value, it very well could come into play, just that they might have to win another game or take the last 2 to OT and lose(if the Leafs win out) to make it anyway.

    BTW Isles can’t catch the Rangers.

  67. And only Renney could have figured out how to get in the way of the steamroller that was Avery going into that game. Stop f’ing with the lines that worked, you nerd.

  68. First of all…what is it with the swearing? Do you guys think you sound tougher or smarter by throwing F-bombs and S-bombs and whatnot? I just don’t get it. Get a life!

    Second, I said this previously, the Rangers have room for Hollweg or Orr, not both. And, Ortmeyer is playing on borrowed time. The 3d line should have been Cullen-Cally-Prucha last night and the 4th line should have been Betts-Ortmeyer-Hollweg/Orr. Renney is as dumb as they come. I just don’t get it. He was adjusting his game to anticipate what the Isles would do? Instead of going with our best team? How stupid can you be?

    Third, what the heck is going on with the powerplay? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well the Rangers are going insane with their anemic powerplay. Nylander, Straka, and Roszival DO NOT SHOOT. Nyls cuz he wants to skate the puck across the goal line, Straka cuz he has no shoulder muscles due to injury, and Rosy cuz he wants to feed his idol Jagr. If I were playing the PK against them, how tough would it be to defend? Based on the results lately, the other teams have figured it out and obviously the task is not that hard! Give me a break!

    It would have been nice to take 2 in regulation last night. They scored two BS goals and the Rangers deserved better. That being said, they did come out slow and eased off the attack in the 3d period. So it was there for the taking, but they did not rise to the occasion.

    Also, Avery was too focused on the hype of the game and his praises that appeared everywhere after the Toronto game. He was too fired up and did not stick to basics. Too bad.

    We have Montreal and Pitt next and that is it. We need to come out flying against Montreal. We cannot let the Pitt game have a bearing on us making the playoffs. We need to clinch a spot on Thursday.

    Let’s go Blueshirts.

    Oh and by the way, Malik sucks. That guy looked useless out there too many times to count!

    Last thing, Gionta took a major shot in the foot last night. Any word on whether he may have broken a bone?

  69. josh can you ask Renney now what does he think about his decision to bench his 5th leading goal scorer, and is he going to play him Thursday? You can blame me for the question, or better yet Sam since he’s away;)

  70. Sitting Prucha was a mindless decision last night. To stare into a camera and state that Hollweg sets up better on the 4th line than Prucha does against a tough opponent is criminal to say the least. 5 goals in the the last 4 games vs. the Isles is what counts. Why does Renney state that Prucha is being considered a 4th liner?? Nonsense. The Rangers were rolling. 20 goals in three games and Renney put the brakes on. If I were a player under Renney, I would have little faith in my coaching staff’s ability to get us through a playoff round against other playoff coaches in the league.
    Lou L in Jersey doesn’t let his coach mastermind as you can see. Renney is trying to mastermind.

  71. SIT HOLLWEG! on

    Renney should sit either Hollweg or Ortmeyer. Both were awful last night. Hollweg was invisible, where was his physical play? Ortmeyer can’t finish and takes a lot of bad penalties. I’d stay with Orr in the lineup – at least he can fight. Once again – SITTING PRUCHA IN FAVOR OF HOLLWEG TOOK AWAY 1 POINT FROM US. Bad decision by Tommy Boy. And who the hell changes the winning lineup???

  72. Salted Meats on

    “Cullen’s alone-in-front attempt where he shot right into the goalie with nobody around was pathetic. With his offensive skills, you’d think his instinct would’ve been to deke that goalie. He also had Callahan open for a half second on the other side of the crease!”

    Ser, no shit on that. Glad I’m not the only one tired of Cullen’s nervous/rushed shots. That guy should hit the bottle before games to loosen up a little, too uptight around the net.

  73. Just a thought. Maybe the coach has an authority issue. The Vets on this team certainly run the show. So is it possible Tom vents on the rooks?

  74. Play Prucha Now:
    check your maths matey…or or yahoo sports or….

    Rangers p80 92pts
    Isles p79 86pts

    3 wins by the Isles ties us on points and they have the edge in the season series.

    if its a 93 point tie with the Leafs we win, due to the even number of wins, and even season series, but we have a +25 goal difference and the Leafs -9 (at the moment) so unless there is a 34 goal shift between the 2 teams last 2 games we are in above them as long as we get a point from one of our last 2 games.

  75. really the best thing for this team would be for them to not make the playoffs if that meant renney would be fired, though i am not even sure that would be the case. i love the way callahan has been playing but how does he have a guaranteed spot while Prucha does not? Ort should be on the 4th line with betts and one of hollweig/Orr. get strudwick out of there he is garbage (not that the rest of our d are better)

    I still can’t believe that Renney would say Prucha mite be benched in the playoffs depending on who they play. Renney is a stubborn moron and if i were a young player on the rangers i would be praying to be traded as the only other way to get playing time is if dolan were to be removed from power as it all stems from the top.

  76. To those that just think that is was just the team playing in a complacent manner, you’re not really watching, or understanding. Renney dressed Hollweg and Orr because he thought the Isles were going to run Lundquist as retribution for Avery hitting DiPietro. By not dressing Prucha, that forced Ortmeyer to play right wing with Callahan on the left where he is not comfortable breaking out of his own zone. That limited that line’s minutes in the third. Those are Coaching decisions. And Coaching decisions affect the way the Team plays.

    Also, there appears to be an edict from the league that says you can tackle and tug Jagr, and you can rake Avery’s face without getting a call. And apparently, if you’re Sean Avery and someone hits you in back of the legs (where you have no equipment), you’re not allowed to show pain or discomfort. If you do, it’s unsportsmanlike conduct.

    The team worked hard, was placed in very unfair situations late in Regulation and early in OT, and still came up with a point. Did the advance scouts know that Dubliwiecz has a tendency to poke check on shootouts? Did Jagr not see Nylander’s attempt?

  77. If Renney did not destroy Prucha’s confidence by replacing him with a guy who could not score on an empty net, I’m Saint Nick.

    Prucha—you’re a wus. You cannot play against physical teams. you better sit upstairs and be safe.

    imagine being his age and hearing this? right before the playoffs??

    Prucha, by the way, is also good at shootouts.

    Renney may have destroyed this kid.

    If I am Prucha, I call my agent and say, “get me the hell out of here. I will go and score 30 goals on the West coast”.

    Renney has to go. Good article by Brooks.

    We are where we are because Lundqvst has been carrying us and Avery was a steal. Period. The coach hamstrings us.

    anyone catch Malik doing that 360? I actually felt sorry for the big tard.

  78. Play Prucha Now on

    Firstly, I’m not your matey. Second you’re forgetting wins is the first tie breaker. So, the Isles can’t catch the Rangers. Also, the LEafs have more points against the Rangers in the seasons series I believe (as in I’m not sure, maybe you can figure it out instead of being a snot about goal differential and what not). So the Rangers tie another game the Leafs win out, there’s still a chance for the Rangers to miss. I think that would occur if the Leafs beat Canadians in OT. So, Rangers probably make it with another point. But they can also miss at 93.

  79. I can’t believe anyone would say it is best for us NOT to make the playoffs just so we can fire Renney….

    no wait, I actually agree with that! As crazy as it sounds…….long term, we are better off without this idiot. We could actually get rid of dead wood and play kids like Callahan and have a future…..

    Renney’s best was not when he put Jagr in at the end of Game 4 v Devils, injured.
    It was best when after the NY Ranger fans BOO’d Malik, he responded the next game by putting the A on Malik. that is equivilent to him flipping off all of NY fans.

    He has to go. Even if Lundqvst were to miraculously carry us to the Cup, all by himself, Renney must go.

  80. John M there is one thing consistent with this team, Renney. The problem is it’s on both sides of his accountant style ledger. I can’t take his good with his bad.And this team can’t afford to.

  81. Sadly, when it comes down to it Renney was out smarted(not to hard there) by Ted Nolan. Ted kept saying that they were going to come at them and get even…blah blah blah. So Renney the clown decides to sit talent (Prucha) for some muscle! There ya go, BRILLIANT! Outsmarted by intimidation!

    I guess he doesn’t think the Rangers are tough enough to stand on their own!?!

  82. what a bunch of fickle fans. Renney can do nothing right it seems. Come on,,,everybody sensed it was going to be a nasty physical game beforehand. Makes sense right? Retribution? So Renney did the only smart thing he could do which is by putting some beef out there. Last thing we needed was for Henrik to get hammered which was my feeling before the game and I was sort of hoping they would give him a rest for that reason alone even though nothing happened. The refs gave the Isles a couple of lukewarm early penalties and then made up for it. Simple fact is we couldnt score on the PP – it sucked. We had a ton of great, GREAT chances if you look at the films, enough to win the game but we played a desperate team with pride and didnt get any breaks. Sucks but I can’t fault Renney or the team last night – they played with vigor, conviction and smarts for the most part. Hey you win some, you lose some. I would have loved to celebrated the win at the game last night – it was a a long drive home but those are the breaks.

  83. I shouldn’t complain because both – Sam & Josh are doing great job but Josh – where are you? Do you have anything from practice?

  84. UK Ranger fan you are wrong on the Islanders. The first tiebreaker is total wins not head to head, they cannot catch us on wins. the islanders can only make the playoffs if the leafs or canadiens do not do not…

    I am sure of the 1st tiebreaker ,check it out

  85. froli good try but you and Renney were wrong on what the fish needed to do last night with their backs against the wall. it would have turned physical if the NYR were up 7-2 late in the 3rd, that’s it. so do you play to make it 7-2 or play guys just in case it’s 7-2? so keep Orr in for his 4 min just in case, but you need Prucha for 7-2, not hollweg or ort or missbister.

  86. Josh has the greatest job in the world, because he gets to make money without doing anything!

  87. Josh has the greatest job in the world, because he gets to make money without doing anything.

  88. Stuart is right WINS is the first tiebreaker, not head to head.

    Josh was there a morning skate today?

    To tell you all the truth, I feel the same way JJ feels…If you told me that on April 4th we would be 1 POINT! away from going to the playoffs then We would have def. taken it in a heartbeat, We just need 1 more point to close it out.


  89. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    what was the point of Orr when Islanders have no goons/fighters in the lineup. Renney is a total idiot. Isbister still stinks. Strudwick is still garbage. I hope we’ll miss the playoffs by 1 point and that scumbag coach finally gets canned. Death to the false coach!!! Death to Hyena!!!

  90. Once again; Hollweg was a breath of fresh air on last year’s team because he was a young guy who could hit as we were all used to all the soft Rangers teams of the late 90s. Also at that point, the Rangers were still feeling out all their young talent who was not ready. Our 3rd and 4th lines last year was really just one 4th line on a contender.

    This year this is not the case. With guys like Dawes, Byers, Korpikoski, Pyatt, etc. who our ready/nearly ready and guys like Callahan and Hossa stepping into more offensive roles, we don’t have room for more than a single one-dimensional player like Hollweg. He didn’t score at all in the minors and guys like Byers and Korpikoski who will hit aorund 45-50 pts. can at worst be aggresive gritty 4th liners in the NHL.

  91. FROHLI…Quoting my buddy Tsalad on another website: “Prucha had 5 goals vs the isles in the past 4 games the 2 teams played. Nice hunch Tomhole.”

    Tomhole never met a bad decision he didn’t like. Have another shot of Kool-Aid.

  92. Hey Josh, listen, you’ve had a realy busy day today. Why don’t you just relax and take the rest of the afternoon off?

  93. josh are they practicing today or licking their wounds? besides who needs practice, when your perfect, ask rainman.

  94. stop with the bashing of Hollweg , Orty, etc.

    they did not play on the failed PP, they did not fail in the shootout. they did not get much ice time,and they did not screw up in the D zone, it was Betts. and they did not lose faceoffs.

    did they have a great game, no. but they were far from the biggest culprits last night.

    was it their decision to sit Prucha, no.

    so, let’s keep the blame where it belongs, on Renney for sitting Prucha, and for benching Callahan after he was the best forward early in the game.

    and on the so-called PP specialists who were failures on the PP and in the SO.

  95. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    Hollweg and Ortmeyer should play on the 4th line. But Orr and Isbister are almost useless and need to sit. Renney is a clueless idiot. I really hope he drops dead.

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