The Rangers take an Avery Appreciation Day


OK, not really. But that’s what today amounts to. Every story written about last night’s game celebrated the league’s most hated player, “including my story in today’s Journal News and on”: Incidentally, I watched the feature on him on MTV’s Cribs and you can see that Avery had the most finely-decorated deck in Hollywood. If we could all be so lucky…


After two games in two days, the team took the day off and will return tomorrow morning for a skate on the Island, and, of course, tomorrow night when they try to clinch a playoff berth at the Coliseum. As everyone has probably calculated, the Islanders are officially eliminated with a regulation loss and a Montreal win.

I’ll be back tomorrow. Enjoy Opening Day and tonight’s championship game.

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  1. 37 out of 52 possible points since Sean Avery joined the team. that says it all. in the toughest part of the season.

  2. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    Yea….Avery should be wearing an “A”. Not that it would matter to him ..But he’s been stepping up so much..But dont forget Jagr is stepping up to, and Prucha as well. ERR if we get hossa back and he plays like hes been playing..We can be a really good playoff team..Dont expect Weekes to step up like his teamates have..So Hank will have to ride the rest of the way…But if We clinch the spot tomorrow..Then i think you gotta put Weekes in MON…or PIT…safe bet is MON…But eh…Lets go NYR tomorrow..Big game…Please god lets not be the first team to lose to the Isles since DP got injured…Everyones railroaded them so far so now we need to…..

  3. On Avery…I think Bob McKenzie said it best on TSN last night. He said that since Avery has come here to NY he’s played with respect for the game, his team, and himself.
    If he continues to do so while growing as a player he may very well be the most popular player here since Adam Graves…

  4. How great would it be to clinch a playoff spot on the island and maybe knock the fishsticks out of the race. I still here the Islander fans chanting “you can’t beat us” At the game on Thanksgiving day (I think it was that day.

    Avery, Hank, Callahan, Prucha, Orts, Tutin and Girardi. The future is lookin pretty good.

  5. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Actially it wasnt T-DAY…I remember Dunham talkin about some other East team on that day..Not that it matters though…But its to bad This last game was’nt at the garden..Then we can give them a taste of there own medicine..Ryan Smyth ruined that team..They were dominant until they got him…AHH isles miss the playoffs…Oh baby you gotta love it…Last time i checked they were 7th and 1 point away from 6th and we were 11th..Now there 11th and were 1 point in 6th…HA i feel pretty damn good right now..A win on the island would put the finishing touches on the season…But hopefully NYR can beat MON so we can continue our streak at home ice. We won the 1st of the season..Now lets win the last….LETS GO NYR..i want Orr to knock out Asham as we knock out the isles from playoff contention….

  6. Why the “Zippy Bettman Point” really has no meaning (Other than to confuse people, to make the races closer than they probably should be by rewarding mediocrity, and to make teams feel like there’s not so much at stake if they get to overtime and/or the game goes to a shootout):

    East standings if points were awarded only for wins, not losses(regulation, shootout or OT):

    Buffalo 50-28 100
    New Jersey 47-32 94
    Tampa 43-36 86
    Ottawa 47-32 94
    Pittsburgh 45-34 90
    Atlanta 41-38 82
    Rangers 41-38 82
    Montreal 41-38 82

    Carolina 39-40 78
    Toronto 38-41 76
    NYI 36-42 72
    Boston 35-44 70
    FLA 34-45 68

    Basically very little difference from the way it is now. Only thing is that Carolina and Toronto and the Isles are now closer than they would be. But not really, since the potential in each game is only for 2 points. It’s really all an illusion . And even if the Isles and Canes are in fact closer the way it’s now done, they’re there because they’ve been rewarded for delaying how long it takes them to lose until OT.

    Old argument, i know, but it’s interesting.

  7. and that is why I have said all along that there should be only 2 columns, wins and losses, and FORGET the phony point system.

  8. Oh, blah blah fishcakes. Don’t care about opening day, don’t care about March boringness. This is a hockey blog, remember?

  9. onecupin67years on

    here’s the 2-2 pitch to jeter ..fouled off they’ll do it again.zzzzzzzz.zzzzzzzzzz
    Ron Artest was arrest last nite in detroit..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    HE SHOOTS HE SCOOOORESSSS .Avery does it again.

  10. MTV had something on Avery? That raised my interest in the station from half a percent to about 3%, and that’s being generous.

    Baseball is my favorite sport but it’s hard to pay attention with intense hockey going on. I was at the Rangers game Saturday and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made all year; money well spent. Hockey is so cool.

  11. Adding to what was said about the shootout being something that leads to confusion for fans, it also ruins a lot of records. Brodeur is trying to set the record for most wins in a season, but how many of those wins came in the shootout? Also, when I went to the game on Saturday, they flashed on the screen that this was the first year the Rangers had back to back 40 win seasons since the 70s. Thing is, 40 wins in the era of ties is much more impressive than 40 wins with the shootout instituted.

    I understand things change and the game makes strides forward, but it would be a good thing for fans to at least keep those things in mind when they see these records being “broken” — if it even happens.

  12. Jezmund…I didn’t even mention the 40-win record because — you are right — it isn’t representative of a team’s season. Is this one of the best two-season stretches in club history? Hardly.

    Chris V…Ah, the singular greatness of You Tube. “Check out Avery on Cribs here.”:

  13. O/T but I’m going to the home finale on Thursday… Is there anything special I have to do to have a shot at getting one of the Rangers’ jerseys during the Shirts Off Our Backs giveaway? Do I have to enter my information on or at the game or what? Thanks for any info on this guys.

  14. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Al Trautwig…On the pre game show..Was on the bench talking to Isbister…and he was asking im things like ..what do you have to do in order to step up your play..and he told him with all the hsots your getting your bound to score…Then Trautwig tells him Tom Renney just told him over the earphone thing that Isbister was scratched…And Isbister looked so embarissed after saying all that..but traut said April Fools Day…and Isbisters resonce was hilarious..His face was priceless…Then he just said..”now i gotta do a couple of laps around the ice” ..something like that….

  15. The “shirts off our backs” thing is for season subscribers and you just luck out and get picked, I believe. That said, I’ve heard nothing about them doing that this year.

  16. onecupin67years on

    The NHL’s decision to use the shootout concept is a farce,the wins count but not the goals ,the shoot out is bush league and the stuff for midget leagues and under .
    Imagine the nba after 1 ot having free throws to decide a game.
    The nfl after a tie a fg contest.
    and Mlb having homerun derby to decide a win.

  17. How can you take the A from Malikenstien and give it to Avery?

    I think Avery has been an absolute steal. I think that he may be a skillfull enough agitator to score 30 goals next year. Gotta sign him…..

    Lundqvst gets a lot of credit for this miraculous turnaround. Imagine…

    Imagine what Lundqvst would be like playing for the Devils? Imagine if we had replaced Malik with just about any defenseman in the league? For 18 minutes per game, Malik tortures Lundqvst….then, after overworking Lundqvst, Malik takes a lazy penalty, goes to the box, the other team scores, and Malik’s +/- still looks pretty.

    go figure………

    Lundqvst is capable of carrying this team further than the team’s talent can take us. Avery is one of those pieces of a puzzle that we have lacked for along time….perhaps since Gravvy’s back turned to brittle.

    My concern is that of others: If we meet Pittsburg, how do you stop Crosby when you know that the NHL is going to protect him in the most ridiculous fashion? you look at Crosby wrong and you are going to get a penalty. Forget all that talent: how do you defeat him with the refs in his pocket?

  18. You play Crosby clean, and you have Avery taunt him until he goes, well……batshit insane.

  19. Darius Kasparaitis…

    I wonder about that guy. He was very similar to Avery. He was an agitator. He threw hip checks, he got under the skin of many opponents – all that stuff. We know he was hurt sometime during the end of last season (hmmm, right after the olympic break). He gutted out the end of the season and the playoffs with TWO injuries that required surgery. Since he left, there has been nobody in that role.

    Sure – there have been a bunch of guys recently who have stepped up their play, but since Avery joined, there has been a huge impact in overall TEAM play.

    I wish Darius Kasparaitis the best. It is obvious how much of a factor he was when he was healthy and wish I could personally thank Sean Avery for his many contributions.

    Lets Go Rangers!

  20. Another quick note.

    Kasparaitis wore the “A” with pride and deservedly so. Sign Avery to a multi-year deal and he is a worthy successor.

  21. Obviously it’s hard to keep saying good thing about Avery since everything I’ve been thinking has already been posted. He’s a great overall player with a tremendous amount of skill.

    The rangers will go far in the playoffs this year, this is one of their best lineups since the early 90s team. Bow down to King Henrik! :)

  22. Rangersforlife on

    Kasparaitis was the man, he may have lacked speed, but he made up for it with his rough and touch style. He was able to cope with the new nhl rules, even though it destroyed a big part of his game. Does anyone know what his status is these days?

  23. “Obviously it’s hard to keep saying good thing about Avery since everything I’ve been thinking has already been posted.”

    Sean Avery is kind to small, furry animals and loves his mother.

  24. Hey everyone.

    Hope I am not repeating anyone here, but who do we want to win tonight in the Boston-Montreal game? If the Rangers win and Boston wins, it guarantees that the Rangers can’t finish any lower than 7th, which means no Buffalo. If the Rangers win and Montreal wins, the Rangers clinch a playoff spot (no spot guaranteed though) and we knock the Fishsticks out.

    I’d say I want to Montreal to win if we’re winning. But if we’re losing, then I say we need Boston to win to keep Montreal where they are.

    Too many scenarios!!

  25. It’s not gonna be pretty for Isles fans tonight in their own building… the steamroller is warmed up, it’s got momentum, it steamrolled Philly, it steamrolled Boston, it steamrolled Toronto and its got its sights set on the Isles tonight.

    The only bit of concern I have is that the Rangers have not beaten anoyone ahead of them in the standings. Other than a win over Pittsburgh.

    Although we do not have a good record against teams ahead of us in the standnings, we have played well against those teams and came out on the losing end more times than we deserved I think.

  26. Here’s a question I hope someone can answer,
    a few weeks back, Renney said we needed to win x number of games out of the remaining x number of the games on the schedule, a number that got the attention of Jagr. Anyone remember how many wins he predicted we needed in how many games?

  27. Pierre: From what I can remember, the number I heard them throwing around when the Rangers were in the doledrums was 94 points to get into the playoffs. I don’t remember how many wins that was, but it was basically 2 wins for every loss if I remember correctly.

  28. The number Renney thought the team needed to reach was 93 points. A win tonight gives them…93.

    Dom…No news from the morning skate. Renney wouldn’t divulge his lineup decisions. Hopefully I’ll have more from the pregame.

  29. Not thatit matters what they think, but ESPN’s latest power rankings have the Rangers only at 14th. A whole two spots better than their last rankings. They will soon prove the haters wrong by stomping the Thrashers in the first round.

  30. DanTheRangerFan on

    you can see throughout games Hank questioning Malik..It is obvious Henrik is down right Scared when Malik comes out on the ice. Malik has been the Golden boy for every other team in the NHL. He is the weak point in this strong chain the Rangers have been building. He must go next season! But with all that said Stop Booing him, it will just make things worse.

  31. DanTheRangerFan on

    So what do you guys think, Let Josh continue with coverage into the playoffs and send out Sam W to cover the Gordons Finest Fish sticks playing Golf?

  32. Doodie Machetto on


    Any word from the morning skate? Is Tyutin a go for tonight? Is Hossa wearing the Yellow 47? Has Rachunek begun to skate? Is there any impression that Weekes will get a start if the team clinches tonight, or will they try and seal off 6th place by riding Hank?

    You’re doing a great job, by the way. I’m sure it beats that other stuff you do (I vaguely remember it being high school girls’ volleyball).

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I pointed out a week or two ago that the Renney & Co. 93 point prediction would probably come true. That, to me, suggests that they might actually know a little bit more about hockey than many of us give them credit for.

    Oh yeah, Josh, line combos.

  34. Doodie…As I mentioned above, no news from the morning skate. Renney was tight-lipped about his lineup.

    And, no, I don’t cover girls volleyball. (Thankfully.) But yes this is a pretty sweet gig, albeit temporary.

  35. Josh,
    Did we not go to the morning skate??
    You’ve got to have something from the next biggest game of the year…. ;)
    Did they skate out on the Island or in Greenburgh?
    How did Tyutin look?
    Did Malik slip in the shower?

  36. josh you working today?

    you gotta type something guy its the biggest game of the year the possible clincher the deathblow to the fishies with captain sean avery holding the hammer. what are you doing over there reading US weekly? Get your head in the game big guy

  37. Colorado Mark on


    I know it’s hard to believe, but some people don’t bother reading anything posted in the response section. I fugure you’ll have at least 5 more people demand information from practice, despite your TWO (2) posts explaining the situation. Thanks for any information!

  38. Hey Colorado,
    All he said was Renney was “tight lipped about the lineup”,
    which amounts to about zip.
    HUGE GAME…lots of angles to work with..there’s got to be something a writer could write about…

  39. Salted Meats on

    I read the responses, yet I WANT to believe j0sh is just holding out on us.

    Regardless- Renney may have been tight lipped, but did he cover your eyes shut so that you couldn’t see who was on the ice, and who was skating with who? c’m0nst

  40. Got believe he’s sticking with the same lineup as Sunday. 7 goals again would be great!

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll admit, I missed your post. I just assumed most of the posts were RE: Avery-man-love, which I didn’t care to read. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

    (PS, I checked out your other blog – HS BBall, right?)

  42. I have to agree with Salted Meats. Sam, who was on the ice during the morning skate? Was Tutin there? Who skated with who?

  43. Very disappointing that on the day of the potential playoff clincher, young Josh could not even come up with a couple of observations from the morning skate to satisfy our jonesing for Ranger information . . . next time Sam is out they should send Jimmy Olson

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