Will Rangers clinch Tuesday night on the Island?


So now the question is this: Can the Rangers clinch a playoff berth on the Island Tuesday night AND knock the Isles from playoff contention? With a little help, it can happen.

Lots of contributions tonight from (obviously) Sean Avery, but also from Girardi, Betts, Isbister, Nylander and Jagr. This was probably about all you guys and girls could ask for.

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  1. DanTheRangerFan on

    I like having Josh reporting(maybe Sam should take a break more often)Good job man.

  2. Toronto’s goaltending today stinks..

    The Rangers are not playing that good but Toronto’s goaltending has been terrible..

    I will take the 2 points anyway we can..

    keep up the D, play safe and simple, no turnovers in our zone…..

  3. I just can’t help laugh every time I see Bobby Granger get nailed in the junk by a Shanahan slapper in that comercial

  4. DanTheRangerFan on

    Isbister has played solid past few games, He still will be replaced by hossa when he comes back though…

  5. DanTheRangerFan on

    Oh ya I agree he should be replaced Hossa has some nice hands when he has the confidence..

  6. Josh, i think i speak for everyone when i say this win makes up for your 0-2 start. you are officially not a jinx ;)

  7. NJ MARK: Where are you buddy?

    ONE MORE AND WE’RE IN BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  8. Avery in the interview…’hey, you didn’t tell me I had this big zit on my forhead!” Al ‘They have proactive for that…how are you now?’ Avery, “27”…. Al, ‘shouldn’t that stuff have gone away when you were a teenager”.

    Ummm, yeah. lol Couldn’t help but add that one in there. Classic

  9. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    even in the blowout the cretin can’t give young guys more icetime. What a piece of shit coach.

  10. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    wow, after like 10 games on the 1st line, Isbister finally produced a multi point game and evertbody is praising him, I guess it can only mean that Renney and/or Jagr loves him.

  11. Sorry NYR 1994, I’m here. Tuesday night could be a dream come true. We can clinch and eliminate the Iceholes/Fishsticks/overrated team from Long Island (whatever you want to call them!).

    Seriously, they better sign Avery to a long term deal this summer. He’s a RFA, offer him a 4-5 year deal and keep him in Ranger blue for the prime of his career.

  12. I’ll be at the game at the collesium so I really hope they can clinch it there, while destroying what’s left of the Isles hopes. What a way to stick it to the fishsticks and their fans. Let’s Go Rangers!

  13. REPOST

    I think players like Avery should be the standard not the exception on the Rangers. Avery is what a hockey player is supposed to be. We look at him as special ingredient because our team is built wrong. In my opinion of course.

  14. Hey Go NYR–

    Where can you find those Toronto message boards?
    I wanna read what they say about Avery.

  15. John-

    Avery is so special precisely because he is anything but standard. Nobody has a team “full of Avery’s.” Just as you need gritty hard nosed players who drive to the net and display overall toughness, you also need highly skilled players who play tough, but don’t need to be as relentlessly aggressive because of the raw talent they posess, that lends itself to a particular style of play. (Many superstars in the league fall into this category). Avery happens to have a good measure of both, god bless him. He maximizes the effectiveness of his game by utilizing his unique attributes. That said, this team is starting to become more well rounded with a better combination of the toughness and skill which is necessary to be an elite team in the league.

  16. Hey guys…on that “brain teaser” why not 6,3,2? I think that their is no answer(or more precisely more than one.) April fools day?

  17. GB

    There is only one style of play in sound hockey. Smart, aggressive, and straight ahead. Reference the rosters of Cup winning teams and just count the numerous Avery types. One or two finesse types and the rest straight line hockey players.

  18. To quote JD quoting Fred Shero: “Take the straightest path to the puck and arrive with ill will.”

  19. There is no such thing as an “Avery type.” That is exactly my point. Very few players in the league posess the kind of offensive ability he has while still being willing to drop the gloves and throw the body around. Avery is more than this “straight line” player you refer to. These players typically do not have the skills that Avery has. A team composed of “one or two finesse types” and the rest unskilled versions of Avery would not do well in the league at all…and forget about winning a cup.

  20. Fruity Cupcake on

    So here’s a maaahth question for Jags (and all the statheads:) How many Gordie Howe hattricks did Gordie Howe actually have? I’ve been curious and don’t know where to begin to look. Sam, Josh, any Elias Sports guys you can ask at a game?

    Thanks and WOO hoooooo Rangers, go chase another goalie out on Wrong Island! Maybe Nolan will have to dress Snow. Mwaaahahahaha, she said manaically.

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