Pregame: Rangers-Leafs (and a puzzler from the big guy)


1. Tom Renney said he still hadn’t decided who would sit for Jed Ortmeyer, but it looks like Brad Isbister and Ryan Callahan are both in. Renney said he’ll chose between Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg.

2. Also, he didn’t sound as sure about Fedor Tyutin playing on Tuesday, so you may have to wait until Thursday’s game at the Garden for his return.

3. Renney also divulged that Marcel Hossa will need more conditioning before he returns, and that he is further from getting into game action than Tyutin.

4. Someone asked about Kevin Weekes before. He remains on IR, but can be activated whenever he is ready to return.


Last thing…

Jagr had a question before (or as he dubbed it, “itz a maahth question”). He said it took him two days to find the right answer. Here’s what I can remember from it…

1. Two men run into each other who haven’t seen each other in a while.
2. One man asks the other if he has any kids.
3. The other man says yes, he has three.
4. When asked how old the three kids are, the second man says he won’t say, but that the three kids’ ages equal 36 when they are multiplied.
5. That wasn’t enough, so the second man says their ages added together equals the number of windows in the house across the street.
6. That still wasn’t enough, so the second man says the oldest child wears glasses.

What are the ages of the three kids?

(Don’t ask what the answer is because I don’t know it. And Jagr didn’t seem to think anyone would have the answer anytime soon. Anyone have any reason to think they know?)

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  1. I am bad at these things, but could it be an april’s fools joke? I can see him laughing at you when you give him an answer after wasting a lot of time thinking of one (or soliciting one from us).

  2. Hey Josh, never heard this one before, but if you take the square root of 36 and break it down into it’s components, a possibility is 6,3,2. That equals 36 when multiplied together.

  3. More importantly, who the hell would want to have a friend that answers your questions like that??

    R A N G E R S!!!!!!!

  4. How many windows are on the house across the street?

    Maybe the guy with the kids is Malikenstein and the other guy it a metaphor for his better days?

  5. Not solvable. Could be 6 and 3 and 2, or 6 and 6 and 1, or 12 and 3 and 1, or 18 and 2 and 1, or 9 and 4 and 1 and so on… and since houses can have any number of windows, and kids of any age above, say, 18 months can wear glasses, you can’t narrow it down any further. I think you’ve been had (or maybe JJ has.)

  6. Jim- you could be right about it being an april fools joke,but if not Jaromir said it took him two days to get the answer,i think it would take me two months LOL! I can never figure that stuff out.

  7. the answer is:

    2, 2, and 9.

    the possibilities of 3 kids having ages which multiply to 36 are:
    1 x 1 x 36
    1 x 2 x 18
    1 x 3 x 12
    1 x 4 x 9
    1 x 6 x 6 (adds up to 13)
    2 x 2 x 9 (adds up to 13)
    2 x 3 x 6
    3 x 3 x 4
    he had to ask the question about the oldest kid, because there were two sums that added up to 13 (the number of windows in the house across the street). by asking the glasses question, he confirmed that there was indeed an oldest child.

  8. you don’t need to know how many windows there were. the guy said he needed to ask one more question (the glasses question). he would not have needed to ask that question, unless the number of windows on the house matched two (or more) of the possible answers.

    the fact that he asked the glasses questions at all, means that the number of windows had to be 13.

  9. By the powers of the internet, Mike, myself and a handful of Rangers writers have found the answer to the brain teaser. The question now becomes: Did Jagr get the answer by using the web? It seems awfully difficult to figure this one out on your own, don’t you all agree?

  10. What the heck’s going on here? I step away for one day and suddenly you guys have all gone intellectual on me…

    Keep in mind Josh went to BU so he’s still struggling with basic arithmetic…

  11. OK, well done mike.

    On another note, with guys getting healthy, what will happen with the D. Josh, any update on Rachunek?? We know Struds can’t play in the post season, so if only Toots comes back that means Pock stays in the lineup. But if Rachunek comes back too, does that drop Pock out? He has played very well lately and it would be a shame to have him sit. He has proven over the last few weeks he can play, he only needed to get into a rhythem (which Renney never allowed earlier in the season). Anyone else think the Rangers should make a big push to resign him at a reasonable price?

  12. Damn Sam, that was a low blow, especially from a guy from such a classy school like UNH (don’t forget, you are represented by the like of Jason Krog).

  13. I don’t think we need to get into a debate over BU vs. UNH. If the UNHers are working on their comebacks all night they’ll be so preoccupied they won’t be able to enjoy the game, and we won’t want that.

    Anyway, there’s been no talk of Rachunek, so I wouldn’t spend much time worrying about Pock. Still, I’ll ask Renney this week about Rachunek and see if he’s made any progress.

  14. Does this mean Jagr owes me a beer? I can send a shipping address if needed.

    I’m sure the answer is yes, but let me ask anyway: Lundqvist in net tonight?

  15. onecupin67years on

    Men dont have kids, dummies!
    If Isbister can only finish he’d be an all-star!

  16. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Al Trautwig is officially the man…Best April Fools day Prank ever…..

    Isbisters face was…was…classic…

  17. Mike…You think you didn’t even have to ask? Imagine if you were one of 10 reporters who spoke with Tom Renney before the game and you were so sure Lundqvist was in net that you didn’t even ask. ‘Cause it happened.

  18. OH.. finally got that brain teaser.

    well lets hope Jagr doesn’t have any of these on his mind during the game

  19. Mike unless the 2 6 year olds popped out at the same moment there is still an oldest child in that possibility. ;^)

  20. Isbister – Nylander – Jagr
    Avery – Straka – Shannahan
    Prucha – Cullen – Callahan
    Ortmeyer – Betts – Orr

  21. Malik – Rosival
    Mara – Girardi
    Strudwick – Pock

    This is nice because Pock will probably play the right side when Tyutin comes back.

  22. Malik is truly a devastating drain on the defense. Lundy looks a little shaky.

    Go Rangers!

  23. I love Sean Avery, in that strictly plutonic kind of way, but none the less, I love him

  24. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    Sam and Joe are clueless, Ponikarovsky didn’t touch the puck.

    nice to see Hyena put Prucha on the 4th line. What a retard.

  25. Oh!!!!!!!!!!! It may piss me off usually, but that was some insane handling by Nylander.

  26. Is anyone else having a problem getting the Rangers radio on NHL radio website? I can only get those damn Canucks, eh!

  27. Tucker should have gotten an instigater. He dropped the gloves and shoved Avery in the back before anything happened

  28. am i the only one thinking lundqvist isnt looking sharp? screen or no screen, he should of had it.

  29. DanTheRangerFan on

    come on henrik…Hank has been having some trouble these past two games. Its crunch time we need him to stay strong

  30. Isbister has always played with hustle. Its just all of these bandwagoners dont give the guy a chance. He draws guys to him, leaves Nylander open and creates scoring chances. Hisonly downfall is he has hands of stone.

  31. For those who are upset Hollweg is not in the lineup, he has looked tired the last couple of games. Last night I don’t think he had any hits and that’s not Hollweg. His type of play can wear down a player pretty easily. Hopefully the night off will do him some good and he’ll be back strong for the next game, unless Renney has another brain attack.

    If Rangers make playoffs, Avery has tyo be the MVP. Without him, the Rangers wouldn’t even be in contention right now.

    BTW, nice reasoning Mike, you got the key noting there was only one instance where the sum came out the same for more than one combination thus the need to ask about the glasses and stating his oldest child wore glasses rules out twins.


  32. Henrik has looked a little shaky, but we don’t need him to step up, we need everyone else to step up in front of him.

  33. The PK is playing great as usual though, and how about Girardi. First the play in the crease then the big blocked shot

  34. forgot to post before but, sean avery w/ the gordie howe hat trick & one more for a hat trick!

  35. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    even in the blowout the cretin can’t give young guys more icetime. What a piece of shit coach.

  36. I’d choose BU over UNH any day. Besides the fact that you get to go to college in a nice city instead of the middle of bumble New Hampshire, BU’s rated a better school.

    Go Terriers!

  37. Great win. Avery and Hank driven, but solid work all around, though I hope Renney has the foresight to sit Malik when Tyutin makes it back.

  38. to the person that figured out the 3 kids problem: that was AMAZING! that was in my math book as a teaser and there was no answer, and it seemed impossible! ur really smart…

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