Ortmeyer a Go, Tyutin to sit at least one more


Just returned from the optional morning skate, where Tom Renney said Jed Ortmeyer will play tonight against Toronto. The coach believes Ortmeyer’s knee is healthy enough for him to play his aggressive-style game, which is a must for Ortmeyer to succeed. Ortmeyer won’t have any restrictions, so he will kill penalties.

On the other hand, Fedor Tyutin will not play tonight. As you already know, he’s physically sound but Renney feels his young defenseman needs his stamina back before returning to the lineup.

Renney said Tuesday was definitely a possibility for Tyutin, so you can look for his return then. (I spoke briefly to Tyutin, who said he is about 90% and that conditioning is not an issue. But, really, don’t we all think we’re in better shape than we really are?)

Lastly, Ortmeyer’s return tonight will prompt a lineup change with one of the forwards. Renney said that will be a game-time decision. You guys all know the potential candidates.

Look for the Rangers to be aggressive tonight. Renney used that word a couple times. First, he said his players may be able to take advantage of Brian McCabe drifting deep in the offensive zone on the power play. He then said they must attack the Maple Leafs to keep the puck out of their hands. We see whether or not that philosophy translates to the ice tonight.

(UPDATE 1:20 P.M.) I didn’t mention before, Marcel Hossa skated with the team today for the first time. He ran through drills with his teammates and, to my novice eye, looked pretty strong.

OK, I’ll be back later when I arrive at the Garden…

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  1. Have to take advantage of the Leafs having their 3rd game in 4 nights since our next game vs the Islanders we will be in that position. If we win tonight we should be in very good shape to make the playoffs.

  2. Isbister played well last nite. I think Orr should sit, we need all the speed we can get against the Leafs, and Orr is more likely to take a stupid penalty than Isbister, a penalty that could be very costly in the most important game of the season. I don’t think Orr’s enforcer attributes will be needed tonite, and when Jagr scores two goals one day, you don’t change his linemates the following day, not that Isbister played a big role in those goals, but still, you wanna keep things status quo when Jagr’s feeling good about himself.

  3. Orr has played very well and really helped made that 4th line go. No reason to break that group up…Toronto is also a physical team. I’ll say it’s Izzy

  4. YAY for Josh Thomson post! Keep them coming Josh we need to know EVERY move that is going on with thr Rangers up until puck is droped! :)

  5. Regarding the Sundin thing: Go back to that site, read the article, and look at the succession of italicized letters mixed in….

  6. I would have to guess that when Toots comes back Struds will sit. Why play him in the last week when he can’t play in the playoffs. That is why Liffiton should have been playing all this time, just incase Toots couldn’t come back or there is another injury.

    Josh, nice to have you back. Any word on Rachunek??? Though his return would probably drop Pock back to the bench, which would be a travesty with how well he has been playing, we need to have at least 7 healthy defensemen going into the playoffs. Just ask the Islanders about that.

  7. I think it should be Hollweg that sits, especially after his bonehead play yesterday. From what I saw, Isbister actually played well yesterday. Orr can move to LW with Orts playing on the 4th line. If Isbister does sit, I will only have a problem with it if Straka takes his place on the first line.

  8. Isbister isn’t going to sit, I don’t think. Regardless of his own pure talent level (low), he definitely helps Jagr’s line keep it in the offensive zone and Jagr likes having him there, since he can;t have Hossa yet (see today’s Larry Brooks). Real surprised if he sits — and don’t think he should.

    Hollweg should sit. His lack of skill has finally surpassed his high energy level. And that goal…

  9. Callahan will not sit, Hollweg should sit.. He offers little. Ortmeyer can provide his energy, not as physical but a better player…

    Orr they need for pure muscle, for whatever reason Isbister helps give jagr room, Jagr was the best player on the ice last night……..

  10. Any body know what channel the game will be on with the Direct-TV hockey package. I have to DVR the Game and its not showing up on the Guide?


  11. Anyone else been really frustrated by the incredibly quick whistles given to goalies this season? In Ranger games and non-Ranger games I’ve seen the whistle blown when it’s merely in the vicinity of the goalie, not when it’s stopped or unseen. Absurd protection.

    What’s Weekes’s status?

  12. Isbister going to the net seemed to create space for Jagr, so I’d leave him on the 1st line (and maybe one of these days he’ll even manage to finish and put one in the net). . . so the choice is between Hollweg and Orr and I think I’d keep Orr dressed as insurance against the Leafs getting overly physical, and also because Hollweg seemed to do a lot of running around last night without much purpose not to mention that awful play tipping one past Henrik

  13. i know callahan SHOULDN”T SIT but he will i promise you that. first of all jagr was praising isbister in the papers today loves what he brings to the line same as hossa did only he could score. honestly imo it should be easy hollweg or orty should sit.

  14. kovy agree that it s/b either Ortmeyer or Hollweg to sit tonight (or Straka). it definitely should not be Prucha or Callahan.

  15. If Orts plays look for him to play left wing with Jags and Nylander…Orr won’t sit unless Belak is sitting for the Leafs, and Callahan won’t (or should I say shouldn’t) sit because he produces when plays right wing.

  16. Rick, are you nuts??? They are never going to play Ortie out of position on the 1st line. Isbister will play because he is the newest member of Jagr’s Posse (I guess he defected to the Czeck Republic or something, maybe married into the family).

  17. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


    Your right about hollweg..hes doing absolutely nothing for us right now..no big hits…no nothing…His only goal was purely luck because of a 2 on zip…Orr diserves to stay in the linup..he has to goals that came from sheer hard work..and a helper as well..he’ll throw big hits even if there not as big as hollywoods..but hes been the guy to bring some major energy..I like hollweg but cmon hes really not doing enough…..Belak may play tonight so Orr and him will tango..Orr broke his nose back when he was a Bruin…..LETS GO NYR…if we lose this…we are in trouble…big time trouble….

  18. Hey Sam…just a quick question…

    Your always around the Rangers, so im just curious what do the guys usually eat? If you know, what is their nutrition like?

    Each team emphasizes on a different meal plan, i wonder what the Rangers are eating. All jokes Aside.

  19. Orr – if we lose tonight we will have to win 2 out of 3 including the Mtl game to get in. its like being up 2-1 in a best of 7 series. I would much rather win tonight it is a huge game and significantly lowers the pressure going forward.

  20. tonight…

    I must say I am concerned about tonight for the following reasons…

    we do not match up well against the Leafs and have had a tough time with them at MSG in recent history.

    they are a much more playoff savy team with Sundin, Tucker, Kaberle, McCabe and Gill than are the Rangers.

    It is the first game back after a road trip in Long Island, Montreal and Philly and there is tremendous buildup for tonights game, I can see this team being real tight early on.

    The team has been much looser on defense than they were in the games prior to Montreal and the Leafs will take advantage of this.

    I want this team to make the playoffs because I think we are a better team than the Devils and I think we can make some noise in the post season, whereas I don’t see this from the Toronto or Tampa or Montreal. And it would be nice to watch my team play well in the post season.

  21. Joe-

    we win tonight the way we have over the past month and I’ll say the team is rolling, unlike last season where we fell flat.

    We play the way they can play tonight and we roll over the Isles and the Habs…

    Tonight is huge, the players know it, I just hope they’re not to tight to go out and get the job done.

  22. Orr has been one of the main reasons the 4th line has been so effective, he has played very well and gives the team everything it needs from a 4th liner. Izzy should sit but it might been Hollweg.

  23. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

    FLA is beating CAR…CAR wont be making the playoffs im guessing…

    Who do you all want to make 8th place……

    I want it to be TOR….id love to see BUF vs TOR…

    Any news on who sits tonight..officially???

  24. I don’t really care about who sits in 8th, just hoping its the team that’s most likely to win its opening series to give the Rangers a better opponent if they win. This would probably be Montreal with their goaltending of Huet & Halak, and I’d like to see Kovalev in the playoffs, so I’m rooting for the Canadiens in 8th.

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