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Greetings from the Training Center, where a still-rehabbing Marcel Hossa made his first twirl on the ice just moments ago — if “twirl” is the right word for someone who looked slightly more mobile than the Tin Man while adjusting to his knee brace. In other words, Hossa still has his work cut out for him, but he said his plan is to skate again tomorrow in full gear.

Some other quick updates:

  • Continuing on the MCL theme, Fedor Tyutin took part in his full practice today and is even making the trip to Philadelphia to take part in the morning skate. A return against the Flyers remains doubtful, although Sunday against the Leafs is a possibility.
  • Another shake-up on the lines, although the personnel remains unchanged. Note the reunion of the Prucha-Cullen-Shanahan unit from earlier in the season. As of now, Jed Ortmeyer would likely be a scratch. The right wing took part in practice today, but his knee still isn’t 100 percent. And with Colton Orr a must against the scrappy Flyers, it may be the ideal night to take a rest. So without further delay:


    By the way, don’t read too much into the order of the lines. Yes, the Jagr line is first and the Betts unit is fourth. But the other two are pretty much interchangeable.

  • Speaking of Jed Ortmeyer, the right wing is the Rangers’ Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy nominee for “the player who best exemplifies perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey” — as voted on by us in Professional Hockey Writers Association. I voted for Jed for all the reasons you’d think — i.e. he came back from a pulmonary embolism, and because the guy never goes less than full tilt on a shift. Of course, his all-out mentality is one of the reasons he’s now hurt and might miss tomorrow. But he doesn’t know how to play any other way.

    More later…

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    1. Ugh…Isbister back in the lineup is bad enough, but with Jagr and Nylander, too? I want to see Avery on the Nylander, Jagr line. What has Isbister shown that makes Renney love him so much?

    2. Orts is my favorite player, yet I forgot about him and the Masterson trophy. Living in Boston the only person they ever mention for the trophy is Phil Kessel (testicular cancer).

    3. Orts is my favorite player, yet I forgot about him and the Masterson trophy. Living in Boston the only person they ever mention for the trophy is Phil Kessel (testicular cancer).

    4. Good Post Sam! Any word on whether or not Henrik will start both games, or is it a possibilty that Vali might play one of the games?

    5. Sam,
      The only hockey player that I would use the phrase “twirl” is the best twirler in hockey and that player is, The twirl master himself, Michael Nylander. The rangers no doubt will miss ortmeyers penalty killing for saturday’s game against the flyers.

    6. Ehh, seen enough earlier of Prucha-Cullen-Shanny
      Would prefer switching Avery and Prucha on those lines.

    7. Richtersgirl on

      Henrik BETTER start both games!! We need to win every game and he of course gives us the best chance. Id say no doubt about it henrik will be in the rest of the games of the season.

    8. Doodie Machetto on

      Aside from the lines being flawed in a general sense, the Prucha-Cullen-Shanahan line is flawed in and of itself. Prucha is more comfortable playing the right side. Shanahan played most of his career at left wing. Switch them.

    9. I agree with Gravy in regards to the Prucha-Cullen-Shanahan
      line being reunited. I think there should be some sort of restraining order submitted involving the three of them. Of course every time I say something like this the line I complain about will light it up, for one game anyway.

    10. Prucha played left wing all last year and scored 30 goals so not sure if he feels more comfortable on the Right?

      Isbister is a big guy, might want to have as much size as possible against Philly.

      Ortmeyer will be missed on the PK.

    11. that is laughable peter. they played their best hockey because Henrik was on top of his game, and because Avery, who Shanny recommended, turned things around, and because the kids finally got a chance as we critics wanted all along.

    12. If only Orts could turn that full-tilt, all-out play into scoring a goal once in a while when it matters. Big heart, no hands….kills penalties, but also kills any offensive threat when he is on the ice. I am making odds on bets that he won’t make the team next year. Good heart, but that doesn’t win games…Sorry.

      I would really like to see Hossa get back for a game or two before the playoffs start. We need his hands and size with Jags, I just am loathe to see him back in there if we make the playoffs and he has not had one regular season game to get moving. Also glad Izzy will be playing with Jags. This will prevent any after the whistle cheap shots without retribution, or so I hope!

      I really hope for five things: 1) The Devs-Flyers game tonight goes tooth and nail for 60 minutess (even 65, I don’t care), (2) Carolina takes Tampa in regulation, (3) The Rangers come out flying tomorrow and announce their physical presence early, (4) Hank can shake off the 2nd pd from last game, and (5) Eager and Hatcher get their heads handed to them.

      Pretty simple.

    13. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      What is everyone complaining about..Odds are after 1 shift Renney will switch everything around like he always does..Who knows maybe they’ll dazzle us….But shanny cully and pru were good in pre season especially shanny and pru but in reg season it seemed like shanny carried that line…One thing i can say is…personally i think the reason shanny might be underachieving is ..the east is way more defensive then the west….in that jay pandalfo kinda way where they defend 1 player all game…when i watched him in DET it wasnt like that for him…But anyway hopefully this team pulls something off …Back to backs are tough this stage of the year. But if we pull through then we have a better chance at making the playoffs..but i think NYR is a shoo in

    14. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      New Newman

      Personally id prefer TBL winning in Regulation…there 3 points behind ATL if they win as many games as possible and we do the same…Then ATL will end in 7th TBL will end in 3rd and we will vs them as we would be 6th…..But thats just me…like i said earlier ill play anybody i just wanna make the playoffs……lets go NYR

    15. Don’t read too much into the lines…Renney hasn’t settled on lines all season long. As for Isbister…i’m the one who said Renney had a “man-crush” on him…but here’s the facts: Since Straka moved back to the top line, it stopped being effective. So…bring back Izzy!! Let’s hear it: IZZY! IZZY! IZZY!!!

    16. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


      LOL….thats what i was saying….We shoulda put Straka on injury reserve and leave him until the playoffs…and if Izzy is actially making this team better then we should leave him here…BTW now that everyones saying ortmeyer might be leaving next i have to sell my orty jersey and i guess get a shanny or avery jersey…i cant decide… maybe an isbister jersey….lol now that i think of it is there anybody in there world who has an isbister jersey besides his family???

    17. goalbyPrucha on

      Get the shamrock line back together. NOW!! Renney has me scratching my head again.

    18. Adam makes a good point in the first post. Why have we never seen Avery on the first line if they need a physical presence? His size, I presume? Well, Jagr’s pretty big to compensate.
      Avery – Nylander – Jagr would be interesting.

    19. GuitarWizard on

      Renney has used Avery-Nylander-Jagr on a few different occasions. I don’t believe it was very effective.

    20. Avery was moved up to play with Nylander and Jagr in the 3rd period of the last game in Montreal for some shifts.

      I’m not an Isbister fan either but if he can create room for Nylander and Jagr it may be best for the team.

    21. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      Does anyone know if fedoruk is playing saturday….i wonder if he and orrzie will tango again….but if anything you can count on orr and eager…ol’ bens eager to get knocked out….Lets go NYR

    22. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      You know i was on youtube…watching that knock out….and flyer fans had the gall to say Orr doesnt know how to fight….he has 4 KO’s in 2 season with NYR and 3 were this season(godard (last can we forget),This season were (Boulton, Janssen , and Fedoruk)…Along with smoe other great battles he has had…with Peters..Brashear..Belak..Mcgratton..janssen again…I think Orr is great and i love him in the linup and if NYR scored more goals and had alot of guys that can do that then he’d be in the lineup more…I like hollywood but he cant fight for his life..he embarrises me when he fights. like with janssen, and this season when he fought Reich after Liffiton kicked his ass..

    23. Isles getting crushed in first – 5-1 Buffalo!!! Ottawa leads Montreal 3-1!!! Oh, yeah!

    24. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      LOL i wish Rangers Re signed Dunham…hes such a great goaltender..and Poti is great as well. I hope the end is 11 – 3..ill give them 2 goals because i feel bad that they thought they’d be in the playoffs…Im rooting for OTT i hope they take away NJD 4th spot and PIT needs to win every game of the season except the last..which is against us……..

    25. Lines sound solid, ya know? Prucha/Cullen/Shanny might click now, Prucha seems to be more confident and Cullen found his game. This gives 3 pretty good lines although it leaves the 4th line with 4 or 5 minutes unless it’s a blowout. Some energy, a fight, and back on the bench.

      Samuel, Hart Trophy votes? Crosby? Luongo? Dunham (no player has helped the Rangers more this year)?

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