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Although I dropped my line combinations into the suggestion box outside the Rangers dressing room here, they were summarily ignored (And no, there is no real suggestion box. Because if there were, I would have called for the end of the third jersey years ago).

With than in mind, here were the lines the Rangers were toying with today. Note the return of future Hall of Famer Brad Isbister to the first line. You may begin your mass protest shortly.


Also, Jed Ortmeyer missed practice today to rest his knee, which he injured against the Canadiens. The Rangers are calling the wing day-to-day, although Ortmeyer said he would practice tomorrow. Naturally Ortmeyer’s condition would dictate who might come out if Isbister is back in. Tom Renney certainly isn’t going to make the same mistake of sitting Colton Orr against the Flyers, and I think they still like what Ryan Callahan brings.

So in other words, I don’t know.

Meanwhile, some other updates:

  • Fedor Tyutin skated before practice then skated alongside his teammates for an hour as well, although he was wearing the dreaded yellow No. 47 jersey. Tyutin said he felt better than he did yesterday, and said he might skate in a full practice tomorrow. Tom Renney said Tyutin most likely wouldn’t play Saturday, but that Sunday against the Leafs is a possibility.
  • Both Martin Straka and Brendan Shanahan continue to try to work their way into better shape, and both report progress. I asked Jaromir Jagr what Straka returning to full strength means to the Rangers chances in the playoffs. He replied by saying you can get away with a forward not quite being 100 percent, but that a goalie is another story. Only he didn’t say it quite like that, and since we’re trying to keep it clean here, I’ll leave that to your imaginations.

    More later…

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    1. Looks like Renney likes having a big body to cycle in the corner to play opposite Jagr. Just wish it was Hossa and not Isbister. Did I just say I wish it was Hossa?

      I don’t believe that I actually miss Hossa’s offense, man have I done a 180 on him this season or really just since the All Star break.

    2. Doodie Machetto on

      Ort’s value to the team is in the PK. Without him, they have to play Shanny on the PK. Although, considering how bad Shanny has been offensively, maybe that’s not a bad idea.

      PS, rotten line combinations. They should just reunited the ACC line and let it go wild.

      And if Orts plays Saturday, and Isbister is in, my guess is Prucha comes out.

      Sam, Hossa’s injury came 6 days after Tyutin’s. Is he making progress like Tyutin or is he healing more slowly? Rachunek was hurt 6 days after that. Is he on the pace of the others or progressing more slowly?

      Also, how does Henrik feel after playing a stinker and getting yanked after about 3 months of, for a lack of a better word, awesomeness?

    3. Doodie Machetto on

      “I don’t believe that I actually miss Hossa’s offense, man have I done a 180 on him this season or really just since the All Star break.”

      Man, I love when people say that and I get to say I stuck by him all season. Did I see him scoring like he was before his injury? no. But I did see that the big guy was by far NOT the worst player on the team.

    4. Was Malik at practice today? If not then maybe it was him who washed up on Jimmy Dolan’s “private beach”. He certainly fits the description for washed up.
      If so, a lot of people from this blog will be questioned.

    5. Sam, you’re still on this third-jersey thing? ;)

      The news about Tyutin is great! Can’t wait to get him back out there because I think it would take some of the burden off some dmen who are logging a lot of minutes.

    6. Doodie I hear you sticking by Marcel, I thought he was coming around all season as a 3rd or 4th liner. I thought he was doing a good job on the PK and playing against the other teams top lines.

      But and it’s a big but, the offense that he showed when moved to the top line was unexpected. He really helped to spread out the scoring by taking the spot on the top line and leting Renney move some parts around.

      I’m hoping he’s not to far behind Tyutin in getting back into the lineup.

    7. Richtersgirl on

      i thought everyone was yelling for isbister to come back to the first line on here not too long ago?? i dont get it. I thought he played decent on that line and had some solid puck control. He’s not going to be a huge goal scorer but i think he makes some positive plays. Ranger fans can never be happy

    8. Isbister…

      one team’s waiver is another team’s first line player………..

      I don’t get it. Is it just because Jagr demands protection or do we really hate the idea of a young player getting ice time? Is it the same with Malik on defense while Pock is in street clothes?

      Just who does run this team?

      very very very frustrating……….

    9. I love the third jersey!

      I hope Tyutin gets three games in before the playoffs start. I can’t see Rachunek playing at all in the playoffs seeing how well Pöck has been doing, and the fact that Racoon won’t have any reg. season games to tune up. Hossa can come back during the playoffs on the third or fourth line at first because as a forward, he won’t be as exposed.

      Isbister coming in for Ortmeyer is acceptable, but with Ortmeyer in, somebody like Prucha should take that first line spot to provide dirty work and energy.

    10. Renney has it wrong again. Why would you put Avery, the Teams catalyst with the injured and gun shy Straka and Shanahan? Prucha is also a defensive liability so play those three together sparingly, and focus on using the three on special teams…C’mon wake up…

    11. the best line for a while was Avery-Cullen-Callahan

      so, tinker bell Renney decides to abandon it.

    12. Doodie

      Your right…i was one of those people as well. I stuck by him but i never thought he would be as offensive as he was..Ive been saying all along watch NYR give him up and he becomes like or even better then his bro..Hes turning out to be good and can be a 20 to 30 goal scorer if he gives it his all..but i really really hope that this injury isnt a setback for him..But guys like him prucha and cally could be big for us in the future…….please ladies and gents….Lets go NYR

      By the Way..GET OFF ISBISTERS BACK..hes the best on NYR

      Just Kidding…cmon lol im not that crazy

    13. Sundin makes excellent point about standings unfairness

      Playoff format irks Sundin


      ATLANTA — Every time Mats Sundin dares to peek at the standings, he reads the numbers and seethes at what he perceives as injustice.

      “I don’t think it’s right,” the Maple Leafs captain said. “I just don’t like that part of the system.”

      Sundin isn’t talking about the Leafs’ forever-in-doubt playoff status. He isn’t talking about a league that awards more points for some games than others.

      He is talking about the break of being in the Southeast Division, where a first-place team — as of yesterday afternoon it was the Atlanta Thrashers — get a choice spot in the playoff standings while more accomplished teams with more points, such as the Ottawa Senators and Pittsburgh Penguins, get pushed back.

      “You should be seeded by how many points you get, not being in a (soft) division,” Sundin said.

      On Tuesday, the Leafs tore apart the dubious Stanley Cup champion Carolina Hurricanes. Tonight, where the Final Four dwarfs anything that is hockey here, it is yet another must-win against the occasionally emerging Thrashers.

      “The last two Stanley Cup champions came from that division,” Sundin said. “Try to figure that out.”

      We have and we can’t.

      The Tampa Bay Lightning never has looked the part of contender since winning the Cup. The Hurricanes have followed their win with a season lacking. This year, the teams in the Southeast have one thing in common: Not one of them have scored more goals than they have allowed.

      “We’ve been on the bad end of that a couple of times,” Sundin said. “One year we were seeded fifth one year when we should have been seeded fourth. Another year we should have been third, and we were fourth. It changes who you play. It affects you.”

      Paul Maurice used to coach in the Southeast Division. He is as perplexed as anyone by the Cup runs from the South.

      “If you look at it, it’s possible the first place team in the South may not have enough points to (otherwise) qualify for the playoffs,” Maurice said.

    14. Ah the hell with that whiner sundin…Yea its frustrating ..well shut up you ugly SOB…just cause you might miss the playoffs doesnt give you a right to cry about it…jeez i hate the leafs….If you dont like missing the playoffs then go sign with another team for cryin out loud…..I hate that division….ERR…But what ever..Im nervous about the game SAT…philly manhandled CAR last night……NYR hasnt faced Biron yet. only in the BUF game…..and we lost..thanks to a little guy called….Kevin Weekes

    15. I say let the young guys play… (esp. Hollweg & Callahan)if not for them picking up the slack, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. I realize that experience counts this time of year… but so do young legs and a fearless mentality.

    16. This is somewhat offtopic but the results of a few questions on a Hockey News recent poll raised an eyebrow for me. Though, I’m not all too surprised by the first questions popular response.

      Who is the most hated player in the NHL?
      1) Sean Avery (168) 66.4%
      2) Jordin Tootoo (14) 5.5%
      3) Darcy Tucker (9) 3.5%
      4) Jarkko Ruutu (8) 3.1%
      5) Marc Savard (7) 2.7%
      6) Chris Neil (6) 2.3%
      7) Sidney Crosby (5) 1.9%
      8) Donald Brashear and Matt Cooke (4) 1.5%
      9) Matthew Barnaby, Jason Blake, Zdeno Chara, Ben Eager, Steve Ott and Brendan Shanahan (2) 0.79%
      10) Derek Boogaard, Dany Heatley, Ryan Hollweg, Sean Hill, Cam Janssen, Paul Kariya, Ryan Kesler, Kirk Maltby, Dominic Moore, Steve Ott, Michael Peca, Dion Phaneuf, Chris Pronger, Maxime Talbot, Raffi Torres, Ryan Whitney and Brandon Witt (1) 0.39%

      Who is the most overrated player in the NHL?
      1) Sean Avery (17) 8.5%
      2) Bryan McCabe and Brad Richards (16) 8%
      3) Pavel Kubina (9) 4.5%
      4) Marc Savard (8) 4%
      5) Jaromir Jagr (7) 3.5%
      6) Shane Doan and Ed Jovanovski (6) 3%
      7) Jonathan Cheechoo (5) 2.5%
      8) Todd Bertuzzi, Kevin Bieksa, Rick DiPietro, Bobby Holik, Sheldon Souray and Alexei Yashin (4) 2%
      9) Sergei Fedorov, Hal Gill, Derian Hatcher, Cristobal Huet, Dion Phaneuf, Sergei Samsonov, Jeremy Roenick and Saku Koivu (3) 1.5%
      10) Jay Bouwmeester, Dan Cloutier, Sidney Crosby, Adam Foote, Shawn Horcoff, Olli Jokinen, Paul Kariya, Olaf Kolzig, Rick Nash, Marcus Naslund, Petr Nedved, Vaclav Prospal, Jose Theodore, Joe Thornton, Darcy Tucker and Marty Turco (2) 1%
      11) Daniel Alfredsson, Patrice Bergeron, Joel Bouchard, Jason Blake, Martin Brodeur, Anson Carter, Zdeno Chara, Mike Comrie, Peter Forsberg, Dominic Hasek, Nikolai Khabibulin, Alex Kovalev, Matthew Lombardi, Roberto Luongo, John Madden, Evgeni Malkin, Willie Mitchell, Chris Neil, Alexander Ovechkin, Brendan Shanahan, Bryan Smolinski, Ryan Smyth, Eric Stall, Mats Sundin, Alex Tanguay, Tim Taylor and Doug Weight (1) 0.5%

    17. bs. it has nothing to do with sundin. there is no way a team should get a higher seed by finishing with less points. the Rangers might get more pts than all the southeast teams, and get a lower seed and road games instead of home games. is that right or fair? no.

      how would you like it if the Rangers finish 6th, and play the 3rd place Atlanta in Atlanta if atl has fewer pts?

    18. DIV

      Waddya gonna do…The rules aint changing you gotta live with it..Its gonna suck ..because it does suck..What if a division plays like the flyers..and they end the season with 50 to 60 points and make 3rd place….You gotta live with it , like i said they wont change the rules. there to busy considering banning fighting and getting no touch icing…and they wont consider properly setting the rule of the delay of game…like in the rangers game against OTT that was D of G . and no call was made…NHL has some shitty rules but the sooner you try and get used to them. as painfull as it may be….the better

    19. wtf are you talking about??

      so, if the rules are unfair, don’t change them, just take it and like it. what a stupid attitude.

      you can bet if the Rangers finish 6th and have to play in Atl, and if they get more pts than Atl, you will hear PLENTY about the unfairness of that situation.

    20. DIV

      Take it easy ..i can give a flying fuck…I just want NNYR to make the playoffs…NHL wont change that rule. so live with it and shut up….Jeez lighten up will ya

    21. what are you bitching about..your worse then broduer….Who gives a shit why cry about rules that arent changing let it go … you sound like a fuckin pussy with all you wimpering i dont give a shit…If nyr makes the playoffs then im happy, if they dont then im pissed, its as simple as that you little fanoik…Cry about something else

    22. If it means getting Straka off of the top line, I’m actually not too upset with putting Isbister there. I’d take Isbister over half of a Straka.

      Unfortunately, Renney still can’t find his way to bringing back the wildly successful and entertaining ACC line. The only reason I can think of as to why that is: it means putting Straka and Shanny on the 3rd line.

      This just illustrates a problem for next year: Shanahan has to go. Look at the non-rookie wings we have under contract or will have under contract next year: Straka, Jagr, Prucha, Ortmeyer, Avery, Hossa, Hollweg, and Orr. That’s 8 right there, not counting Callahan or any of the other kids. There just isn’t a place for him.

    23. i don’t think it was very smart for sundin to come out bashing atlanta the day before the two teams meet in atl. way to give them some bulletin board material

    24. Doodie – first injuries happen so you can’t just name 8 guys and expect them to play every game.

      second – some of those guys can be healthy scratches as well

    25. Doodie Machetto on

      LI Joe: Who will you scratch? Certainly not Jagr, Straka, Prucha, Avery, Hossa, or Shanahan. That’s the entire top 6 wings. That assumes you’re already healthy scratching either Ortmeyer, Orr, or Hollweg, with the other two playing the 4th line.

      Where do the kids fit in there? Who are you going to make a healthy scratch to make room for a kid on any of the top 3 lines? Hossa? Fine. Scratch Hossa. Dress Callahan. Now you’re scratching Hossa and one of Ortmeyer, Hollweg, and Orr. And you’re still only dressing one wing from the farm.

      What happens to Nigel Dawes? What happens to those guys that are healthy scratches? I don’t want to see Hossa or anyone else get “Thomas Pock-ed” all season.

      You’re right that I can;t name 8 guys and expect them to play all season, but that’s what the farm is for. Unless our team becomes absolutely injury ridden, our farm system is more than capable of filling in for us. We had two of those wings go down this season and the Farm filled in beautifully.

      What happens to Nigel Dawes?

    26. Ok this is what annoys me, Why is Straka playing when He is obviously not playing well with pain. Let the guy correct himself and be healthy for next year…Bring Up Dubinsky and let him play……I should be quiet I’m lucky I’m getting to see Callahan. Even Immonen We can bring up…O wait his footspeed is a problem(sarcastic).

    27. With all of the leadership and grit that Shanny has brought to the Euro-heavy Rangers this year I’m suprised that at least a coupe people here want him gone next year. He got off to a hot start this year and there is no reason that I can see why he wouldn’t be productive next year.

      I understand that it frees up a spot for Dubi, Cally, Dawes, etc, but without Shanny—lets face it, this is a team without a real leader. He is great for the lockeroom.

    28. I love the “I told you so’s” about Hossa. And what if he comes back and sucks again like he did for his first 18 months?

      The guy played pretty well for a period of time this year when put on Jagr’s line but he’s never shown any consistency. Let’s hold off on the HOF induction ceremony for a little bit, eh?

    29. Doodie – it does not have to be the same guy who gets scratched every game so noone needs to get Pocked. Like we both said injuries happen and there is no need to play guys in the shape Straka is in now. Avery and Straka have both played center as well here so it is not as dire for either Shanny coming back or the youth as you think.

    30. “How the hell did Shanny and Dominic Moore make the most hated in NHL list?”
      Maybe Bertuzzi voted for Dom Moore

    31. TWIN

      Hossa might not have scored the first few months but he wasnt a player you can call a “malik” i never had a problem with him this year and the last, the only thing that pissed me off was the fact he could’nt score. but he made up for that defensively and on the PK, now hes scoring and hopefully it continues, if he can score for us like hes been doing then he can be a key guy in the playoffs for us…This may be wishfull thinking but who knows…


      I cant understand why shannys on that list but i do understand Moore. When he was with the rangers he was kinda annoying to me. not much of an agitator but the fact that he always acted tough around big guys i assume pisses everyone off. Personally i thought it was funny (last season against Sheldon Souray) and (this season against our own Shanny)…funny stuff..

    32. Barbara

      “Fanoik” means Fag in Italian……Not that its of any importance. But it sounds so much better then fag..But anyway LETS GO NYR…….

    33. ed you have a big & stupid mouth, with unimpressive language. Are you 20 yet? Go and talk to your parents like that. Find a blog that calls for that garbage.

    34. Doodie Machetto on

      LI Joe: If you slide Avery or Straka to Center, you’re sealing the fates of Dubinsky and Immonen(whose fate I think is already sealed as far as this team goes). And if you don’t keep any lines together(as per your rotate the healthy scratch suggestion), then there will be no chemistry. Especially with the amount of guys that would have to be healthy scratches. Let Shanahan go. They played great when he wasn’t there, there’s no reason they couldn’t play great without him.

      “leadership and grit that Shanny has brought to the Euro-heavy”
      Peter Stastny. Moaning Mario Lemieux.

    35. czechthemout!!!!! on

      mja_nyr -the rangers do have a real leader and his name is sean avery.they also have the king who is some one who hates to lose andlet’s his teammates know it in the locker i said before,i like shany alot but he is far from the top of his game and has now played in four straight games.each game he has looke dworse than the previous game.i think he needs to sit if we see no improvment during the flyer game.straka is some one who has no buisness playing at all.he can’t shoot the at all,he is in effective unfortunitly.they need to bring back dubinsky,he gives them an added edge that has been missing since he was sent down.lifiton is another guy who needs to be brought up .he played better than strudwick in the two games that he played.strudwick looks just like he did last year slow and old,kind of like malik.pock has been the teams bestdman the llast two games and one of the best in the winning streak along with girardi.he will leave us next year and go on to score 40-50 pts.

      doodie m-as far as hossa goes,you can claim what ever you wan’t about him but the fact of them matter is this.he has just had one good month of play and to me is still a big question mark.given the amount of chances afforded to him by renney,he has to prove that his one month was no fluke like his one month last year was.

    36. Doodie Machetto on

      I took it one of two ways:

      1) He was saying that if you have great goaltending, you can win in the playoffs regardless of what’s in front of you.

      2) He was putting Henrik on notice that the weak shit he brought to Montreal isn’t going to cut it.

      More likely number one.

    37. Rick-The real question is Why is Martin Straka playing at all with his shoulder? In my opinion he gave away the puck for the goal that cost us the game in Montreal. It is obvious his shoulder is bad and it definitely has a huge impact on his game and the teams game

    38. Another thing Jagr could have meant was that Kevin Weekes needs to get back in the lineup because the team doesn’t feel comfortable going into the playoffs having to depend on Valiquette if Henrik were to get hurt.

    39. Actually, “fanoik” means absolutely nothing in italian. Your probably thinking of “finocchio” which is a vegetable and SLANG for fag. Go back to watching the Sopranos. Not that its of any importance.

    40. I’ll clear up the mystery regarding Jagr. All he said was that the Rangers can get away with having Straka at less than full strength, but if Henrik Lundqvist was not 100 percent, the team was “f—–ed”.

    41. Before anyone continues anointing Shanny as the “true team leader,” let’s remember that the team played by far its best hockey while he was out of the lineup. As the year has gone on Jagr has emerged as the captain. I now see him arguing calls directly with refs, playing both ends of the ice, never quitting, and physically standing up for himself and teammates. He may have learned some of this from Shanny. Whatever. To call this year’s edition of the Rangers Shanny’s Team when they played their best hockey without him and he’s scored about 5 goals since Thanksgiving is ridiculous.

    42. hockeymanrangers on

      Yo peeps, Shanny has done a lot for us, yes he hasn’t been the saviour we all thought he was going to be. But he has been consistant with assist and getting the puck to the net. We must remember he is getting up there in age. Anyway I was reading the previous blog and agre with Sam I would love to see Dubinsky back up. I don’t care who sits I really liked what he did for us. Him and Calahan center the puck A LOT, and seem to make us a faster team. I liked what I saw with both of them up. But as always that just my opinion, and I hope you all KNOW no matter what happens RENNY MUST GO. WE NEED SOME DIFFERENT COACHING NEXT YEAR. RENNY MUST GO

    43. Peter-I pretty much agree with you,but you’ll never convince the Jagr bashers of that.They have to much pointless hatred of the european players to see it any other way. I bet it kills them that Jagr and Shanny get along,and even more so that Jagr and Avery get along.

    44. Next game is huge. They need to bounce back before a losing streak starts. And I have full confidence in Henrik. Anytime he’s had a bad game or been pulled, he’s come back unstoppable. I wouldn’t be surprised if he shuts Philly out Saturday.

    45. Everyone- In my opinion there is no reason for scoreboard watching. The rangers control their own destiny. As long as we win our games, they will make the playoffs as the 6 seed. Dont worry about Toronto or Montreal. Just hope we can win our games. Quite Honestly, if the Rangers lose and barely get in because other teams lost, it doesnt matter. They will lose in 4 games if they back in like last year

    46. GO NYR – if they go 4 or 5 out of 5 they’re in. if they’re 0 or 1 def out. But the gray area of 2 or 3 wins is where scoreboard watching comes in. In fact it is prob even easier to state – if we win 2 of the 3 vs Tor, NYI and Mtl we’re in – whereas only 1 of the 3 we’ll need a fair amt of help.

      I would like it if we can somehow clinch early to give Henrik and maybe some others a day off. So I plan on scoreboard watching even if you don’t think its necessary.

    47. Hey – I have no imagination so I don’t have a clue what Jagr really said! Someone clue me in please?!

    48. So, tomorrow we have three crucial games:

      Tampa @ Carolina
      Montreal @ Ottawa
      Islanders @ Buffalo

      Let’s hope home teams win tomorrow. I don’t really see Tampa, Montreal and Islanders getting two points in regulation from these games.

    49. Pretty much you want Carolina and Tampa to split their remaining 2 games in regulation.

      Pretty much Montreal needs to be swept this weekend. And the Rangers could use a sweep themselves.

    50. 6 teams fighting for 3 spots. It’d be nice if who’s in today ends the season the same. And if the NYR are only going to take 3 out the next 5 over 8 days, I’ll be greedy and take the next 3 in a row. It’s a 9 day Crunch Week starting today.

    51. simply put, those line SUCK AND BLOW. Let’s start out with the obvious. Isbister on FIRST FRIGGIN LINE. Enough said. Straka, playing injured, playing at about 5’8, playing what many would agree is out of position for him. Bad move. Next, compensate for Ortmeyer with Callahan? Now, let me get this straight, you put one of the AHL’s snipers in a position to be an NHL penalty killer? Am I missing something?

      Dubinsky should be up, Isbister should be sucking pine, and while he’s polishing wood with his rear, perhaps he could use some help from Marek “I’m taking after poke-check Poti” Malik.

      Isbister…sheesh…I’ve got to go grab some valium.

      At least they’re playing the last place Flyers. And I hope all this talk about Lundqvist not being 100 percent doesn’t mean he’s got an injury.

    52. ORR kicks Ying Yang on


      Now we can see if Isbister playing on the first line is really what made NYR so dominant. Cause when they took him out we started playing bad..(BOS..NYI..MON)…If he makes the team win. even though he misses the net with every damn shot..then i dont mind him being in the linup. But NYR needs to get on a streak, winning the last 5 would be super sweet. and now NJD is fourth place if anything and we drop to 7th we’ll either vs ATL or PIT. But i just wanna make it to the playoffs. I dont care who we VS.

    53. First, people, can we leave the swearing to our own homes and not the blog? All it tells me is that you guys who are swearing cannot use logic and intelligence to win your arguments. Let’s keep it clean. Why do you have to swear?

      Second, Doodie, you have it out for Shanny or what? A few times you said he needs to go. Without question he was our best offseason move last summer. 5 points in 4 games since he has been back. He is still getting his legs under him. He is the leading goal scorer on the team this year. He fought Donald Brashear. He has killed penalties like a champ. He is the unofficial captain of this team, I don’t care what it says on his sweater. What the heck do you want from him?

      On the Hollweg, Orr, and Ortmeyer support….come on, if you don’t think those guys are expendable for more solid kids who can score more than 2 goals a year and kill some penalties and take the body, I question your hockey knowledge.

      Orr is a tough guy and I like what he brings. But there are other tough guys we could get who will not take stupid penalties (Koivu behind his own net the other night). Yes, he scored a key goal against the Isles but even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

      Hollweg also, I like him for his spirit and energy. But he runs around hitting people, working up all his energy to make hits, and often times does more harm than good (5 mins in the box for non-fighting majors, on a few occassions.) And he can’t score on an empty net.

      Ortmeyer, again, love his energy and spirit and defensive abilities. But the guy has hands of stone. He is replaceable too. I am guessing that a young kid or two can play PK and block shots and definitely give us a point or 6 more a year than Orts.

      Hossa is here to stay. (And I have been a supporter all season). He is a 1st or 2nd liner and has a big body and good hands. When he was playing on the 3rd or 4th line, he had too many defensive responsibilities to focus on. That is why he only started to produce when he was paired with Jags and could focus on putting the biscuit in the basket. This goes back to my saying that Jags and Sonja Hennylander need a big body on their line, not another smallish playmaker like Prucha or Straka. So I don’t mind Izzy in there while Hossa gets better.

      And Callahan HAS to be in there. He is spirited, plays the body (who saw him hit Kovalev the other night in mid-ice? we need more of that…), throws the puck at the net, and is always following it to the goal. He needs to be in there every night from here on out.

      Straka scares me with his ailments, but he does have great playoff experience, is a competitor, and plays great 2-way hockey. (I think he had a brainfart on that Habs goal the other night when he dumped it back into our zone from the redline like one of THEIR defensemen would have done…too much watching Nylander I think.) But playing him on the powerplay is not smart. You have Nylander and him out there which means 2 people who can’t or won’t shoot. Jagr has a much less effective slapper these days too. So of course Renney should be playing those guys for 1:30-1:45 of each powerplay. Why not? (kidding) I much prefer Shanny out there. Doodie, do you?

      Let’s go Blueshirts!

      We need a W tomorrow night. I hope someone kicks Eager’s butt and someone hacks Hatcher.

    54. ORR kicks Ying Yang on

      Hey ….I noticed Hatcher is scoring now when hes in front of the net on the PP..Ive been asking this all season long..Why isnt Malik there.. i mean he wont move and he deflects so much shots in or net you’d think he was a master of doing it to the oposition…ERR. this guy has to be good for something…Cross ice passes every now and then wont cut it…..Someone tell me if Renney or the staff has ever considered this…Also i think my eyes were diceiving but i thought i saw Fedoruk in the CAR@PHI game…But like my name says…i hope ORR kicks ying yang…Hopefully nothing is wrong with Hank…And i wanna throw my 2 cents in on shanny..

      Helloooo New Newman

      Your right. I have no arguments on shanny. Yea this hasnt been his finest year. coming off a 40 .. 40 season. But none the less im happy hes here and i hope he goes chelios and doesnt retire any time soon, but i want him to end his career as a ranger..I wouldnt even be playing hockey today if it werent for him. Im a huge NYR fan obvi..but i love Detroit. or i did..So im still trying to wrap my head around having shanny in blue. So im happy he’s here. im happy he’s Ok and im looking foward to him in the future. But i hope he doesnt go through a slump in the playoffs like all DET fans say he always has…I would love to rub it in DET fans face that he did better in post season for us then with them…

      Lets go NYR…..BTW does anyone have news on DP’s condition

    55. hockeymanrangers on

      Has anyone seen this on the Hockey News website
      they interviewed like 280 players and they have Avery listed as the TOP most hated player. I think that’s funny, I don’t think he is that bad of guy, he is just doing his job. I also think he has matured a lot from back in his Kings days. I love what Avery does for us. Avery (I know your reading) don’t take this to heart we love your play here in NY. keep up the good work. RENNY MUST GO.

    56. Avery is the guy you hate when he is on the other team but you love when he is on your team. Ken Linseman was the same way. I think Avery was one of the top 3 best trades at the deadline. Rangers have only lost like 2, maybe 3, times since they got him.

    57. PAUL VOORHEES on


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