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…for compiling the remaining schedules of the other teams vying for the final three playoff spots. Joe posted them in a comment to the previous post, but I think they’re worth seeing up top.

First impression: There are no easy roads in there. Based on the standings, Tampa Bay has maybe the clearest path based on the fact that they, like the Rangers, play four games against teams below them in the standings. But even then, two of those games are against Carolina, and if you’re like me, you’re probably not sold on the Lightning’s goaltending.

Anyway, discuss amongst yourselves….

Tampa Bay

30th Tampa Bay at Carolina 7:00 PM
31st Washington at Tampa Bay 7:30 PM
3rd Carolina at Tampa Bay 7:30 PM
6th Florida at Tampa Bay 8:00 PM
7th Tampa Bay at Atlanta 7:00 PM


28th Carolina at Philadelphia 7:00 PM
30th Tampa Bay at Carolina 7:00 PM
1st Carolina at Florida 5:00 PM
3rd Carolina at Tampa Bay 7:30 PM
6th Atlanta at Carolina 7:00 PM
7th Florida at Carolina 7:00 PM


29th Toronto at Atlanta 7:00 PM
31st Pittsburgh at Toronto 7:00 PM
1st Toronto at NY Rangers 7:00 PM
3rd Philadelphia at Toronto 7:30 PM
5th Toronto at NY Islanders 7:30 PM
7th Montreal at Toronto 7:00 PM


30th Montreal at Ottawa 7:30 PM
31st Buffalo at Montreal 7:00 PM
3rd Boston at Montreal 7:30 PM
5th Montreal at NY Rangers 7:00 PM
7th Montreal at Toronto 7:00 PM


30th NY Islanders at Buffalo 8:00 PM
31st Ottawa at NY Islanders 7:00 PM
3rd NY Rangers at NY Islanders 7:30 PM
5th Toronto at NY Islanders 7:30 PM
7th NY Islanders at Philadelphia 1:00 PM
8th NY Islanders at New Jersey 1:00 PM

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  1. but I’m not interested in the NYR backing in, the NYR should take 3 of the last 5 .

  2. Whoever created the schedule must have known something. With so many games vs teams so close to each other, its like christmas came early.

  3. I think Atlanta should also be looked at. Either they or TB will win the Southeast and be in, but it’s possible that it could be TB and Atlanta will be out. They have 88 pts and one game in hand on the Rangers and TB.

    29th Toronto at Atlanta 7:00 PM
    31st Atlanta at Boston 1:00 PM
    4th Washington at Atlanta 7:00 PM
    6th Atlanta at Carolina 7:00 PM
    7th Tampa Bay at Atlanta 7:00 PM

  4. Guys,

    Way too much time and energy is being spent on who the other teams play. Who the heck cares? The Blueshirts are in 6th place, by themselves. They need to win games. It doesn’t matter what the other teams do. If every team here lost every game and the Rangers backed their way into the playoffs, I am guessing we would get smoked once we are there anyway. So it doesn’t matter who the other teams play. It matters only if the Rangers win a few and get in playing good hockey.

    Next you guys will start talking about who we want to play in the playoffs. As if we are already in.

    In case you were wondering, I never say “No Hitter” at a baseball game either. Some of you probably were thinking great things last night after 20 minutes.

    Real issues we haver are things like: How bad is Straka’s shoulder, really? (My sources say he needs surgery after the season…so in reality, how strong is he now?) What the hell was Malik doing when Roszival was in the corner with the puck yesterday? Then what was Malik doing on the 4th goal when they went by him like he wasn’t even there? Strudwick was pretty weak last night and he is not around for the playoffs anyway, is Tyutin really going to be ready? Will Hossa be back in time or are they going to have to throw him into the mix in game 1 of the playoffs? Was the 2nd period last night where they forgot how to check, how to play physically, how to handle the forecheck, and how to skate, just an aberration due to fatigue and finally a small letdown? Or, was this reality as we just played a team that is strong, fast, and aggressive?

    After reading those questions, do we really give a crap who the teams below us play?

  5. Just to clarify that last post about Malik….Roszival was fumbling with the puck in the corner trying to clear it and Malik (his D partner) left the front of the net (leaving zero Defenseman in front of the net, for you math majors) to go and help him because a lot of goals get scored from behind the net in the corner. The puck came out front and, what do you know, there were no D in front of the net.

    Malik is a liability defensively….That is my point.

  6. In fact, there is only one issue: we are missing Tyutin.
    without him we are forced to play Strudwik who is simply not ready at this point to play on this level. Then there is a domino effect on our D-men, normal pairs are broken, people start loosing position, etc.
    Anyway, they MUST win in Philly and on the Island; getting one point in two other games (MTR and TOR) will set up a showdown against Pitssburg, where we’ll need a point or two depending on other teams’ performance.

  7. New Newman I say no hitter when one is being pitched and have been lucky enough to be at a perfect game, thank you David Wells.

    The most important thing is to take care of your own business, being in 6th place and in control of their own destiny, if the Rangers do that it won’t matter what the other teams do. But to not look at what other teams are doing or what they need to do to get into the playoffs is ridiculous.

    Renney looked at the schedule weeks ago and IIRC thought that 92pts would get the team in.

    Should the teams below the Rangers not look at the scoreboard of the teams above them? If the Rangers fall into 9th place can we look at the scoreboard again?

  8. New Newman – yes the most important games are our own. While we are in 6th place currently, there are quite a few games played by others that will change that fact between now and our next game Sat. Clearly if we win all our remaining games we would be in. The gray area is in the 5 or 6 pts out of the 10 remaining – and thats where scoreboard watching comes into play. I don’t expect to win all 5 nor do I expect the opposite. So if we can get help by Buff beating the NYI or by Mtl losing a couple of games before they play us again I would take it. So the schedule was posted for those who were interested. There is no combo of games of other teams losing better than our own wins but to the degree that we could use some help….

  9. real fans like HOCKEY, and they ARE interested in how other teams and players do.

    to just put on blinders and be so parochial that you care only about your own team is ludicrous. that is like saying if the Rangers are not in the stanley cup finals, you won’t watch them. ridiculous.

    thanks, LI Joe, for posting the scheds.

  10. goalbyPrucha on

    One thing I don’t want is to have to scoreboard watch on April 8th. They need to clinch on or before the 7th.

  11. New Newman-
    Your points on Malik are 100% correct. He has been a defensive liabilty all season. Malik is the weak link on this team and he plays 25 min a game. If he was our sixth d-man and only playing 10-12 min a night he would almost be bearable. But Renney insits on giving major Ice time.

  12. rangers have lost 7 games this season where they had a 2-0 lead.

    not since ’87 flames and canucks has that happened.

  13. Our D is a work in progress. Malik and Rosy are there because JJ loves them and Renney tries to do the politically correct moves. But they are costly.
    I really hope Staal comes up and gets a chance to play.
    We have 2-3 great D prospects and we’ve been giving them lots of time to develop but I hope they really do get a proper full chance next year of sticking with the team.
    In the meantime, try not to throw the remote at the TV or scream too loudly about their failures.

  14. We are not forced to play Strudwick; Renney/Sather chooses to play Strudwick, big difference.

  15. Drew took the words out of my mouth, Carolina’s announcers are bitching and moaning how Carolina is the better team and it’s unfortunate. These announcers are vomit-inducing.

  16. Canes have folded. Isles are done.

    it comes down to Tampa, Rangers, Habs, and Leafs battling for 6 thru 8. 1 team will not make it. the Leafs and Habs play each other in Tor. on the final sat. that will probably decide that.

  17. …39% here think NYR will get past the 2nd round…ROFLMAO…and Tom “requisite experience” Renney will win coach of the year, despite the fact that 0% of NHL players gave him a single vote…and Sather will win GM of the year…and Dolan will win coach of the year…and Sam Weinman will win reporter who “asks toughest questions” of the year…GET REAL…

  18. Glad Philly helped us out and beat Carolina.

    Keys86: Get a life. And exactly which team do you root for? And why is that so unbelievable about the NYR making it to the 2nd round? If they get the 6 seed and face Atlanta or Tampa Bay, you don’t think we can beat them?

    Sam: Exactly how do you put up with mental midgets like Keys86? It’s people like him and DumpJagrDope that make me want to post less on here.

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Also, keys, you need to read more carefully. The question says how far we think they *can* go, not how far we think they *will* go.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve got to give some credit to Renney and Co. much earlier in the season they said that 92 or 93 pts(I can’t remember which) would make the playoffs. It’s looking like they were dead on. Pretty impressive. It doesn’t make up for their terrible coaching choices, but it’s still pretty damn impressive nonetheless.

  21. Would you people leave Sam alone. The man has a job, and I’m afraid it has little to do with monitoring you jokers. It’s an effing hockey blog.

  22. And what happens on blogs? Repeat after me…”People have opinions”. People such as Keys.

  23. what is the big deal about the point prediction? since it was 94 last year, expecting it to be about 93 or 92 was very obvious.

  24. Thanks to Philly beating Carolina our fate is in our own hands, even if the Leafs and Isles win their game in hand we still have a 1 point advantage, so as long as we match the other teams results they can’t go above us. I couldn’t care less about predicting what number of points gets you in.

    I think the key will be getting at least 4 points from the games vs the Leafs, Isles and Habs.

    I’m not a big fan of the current schedule (with all the divisional games) but you have to admit, it has worked out for the NHL – the playoffs have started early, with the race for 6,7, & 8……

  25. Continuing the discussion from a few posts ago about hockey coverage… SURPRISE, SURPRISE… Hockey was killed from our show this morning. Killed, in favor of PRESEASON baseball in which NOTHING happened. Yet, hockey is in the midst of one of the best playoff pushes in the last 30 years.

    Un-f***ing-believeable. Hmm… wonder if the other channels are covering it. Probably. Because they know what they’re doing.

  26. Hockey is a niche sport and always has been. The fact that there are 30 teams now and most of them are able to establish enough of a fan base to exist means the sport has come miles in the last 30 years. The sport translates poorly to television and unless you’ve seen a bunch of games in person and have a sense of the game, it doesn’t hold your attention. People are missing out. That’s their problem. Do I wish the league was still smaller? Yeah, less dilution of talent and better hockey. But given the limitations, hockey’s done well.

  27. Talk in the media today about mixing up the lines, which I think is a great idea. This is what I would like to see!

    My instincts tell me that if you got a sniper like Shanahan, who are 38 y/o and just comming back from a injury, you put him in a situation where he is as isolated as possible to do what he does best, and thats shooting the puck, and spending time in the attacking zone.

    Personally, I have a little hard time to see that Shanahan couldn’t play in Isbisters role on our top line, I mean he is so adjustable, and we are in the middle of a extremely important stretch. The adjustment for Shanny is that he have to play the way Nyls and JJ wants too, unless he got a opertunity to shoot, meaning that at times if he gets the puck he should just hand it over to one of his linemates. Fundamentally they think a bit diffrent.

    We can’t even come close to providing that enviorment for Shanny, besides next to Nyls and Jagr…

    1. Shanny-Nyls-JJ
    2. Avery-Cullen-Callahan
    3. Prucha-Straka-Ortmayer
    4. Holly-Betts-Orr

  28. Larry Brooks references an article on TSN stating that fans (I think) voted Avery the most overrated player in the league. I couldn’t locate it on TSN’s website. Anyone seen it?

  29. Actually, I remember seeing that, and it wasn’t the fans that said Avery was over-rated, it was the PLAYERS. And the reason that’s so funny is that I don’t think Avery is generally thought of by fans or media as anythin other than a second line player AT BEST. So what I took from that was that Avery has done such a great job of getting under everybody’s skin and is viewed as such a pest that he’s seen as “over-rated.” But I don’t think he’s over-rated because frankly, I don’t think anyone thinks of the guy as a top-tier player. I love having him on our team and I think he’s been terrific and may be on his way to becoming atop tier player, but that whole thing cracked me up at the time.

    And putting Shany on the first line is a terrible idea. What that line needs is an edge, some young or hungry legs to get into the corners and hit people and dig out the puck. That is NOT how Shanny should be deployed.

  30. Put Prucha or Callahan on the first line. I always like when I see Prucha play with Jagr, the mix of style always works out well. Callahan could also have some good potential with Jagr. Other than that, I can’t see anyone else playing on that line. Just please, no Isbister!

  31. I think Jags plays better when he has a 2nd big body on his line rather than a finesse guy. Hossa, Isbister, Avery better than Straka or Prucha. And unfortunately right now, Shanny is not the big physical presence given the recent concussion. Besides, say what you want, but I just don’t think Shanny and Jags mesh well for a variety of reasons that I won’t get into here. So I think 1st line has to be Jags, Nyls, and either Avery or Izzy. I prefer Avery. Then on the second line you could have Callahan Shanny and Straka. Third line Cullen Pruch Orts. 4th line Betts Holly Orr.

    Totally agree on Malik staying on this team and getting ice time cuz he is a Czech and a buddy of Jags. I actually think Roszival is a better player than Malik. So less convinced he getting priority cuz of Jags rather than skill. But this offseason we need to revamp the D. Sheldon Souray should be our first choice. Staal will definitely get a look. Girardi is solid. Tyutin is solid too. I think Mara is good, but he does take a few stupid penalties here and there. They need to give kids like Baranka and Liffiton a chance too.

    The key is the Rangers control their own destiny and have to play solid hockey to get to the playoffs.

    Let’s Go Rangers.

  32. New Newman – rather not have Avery on 1st line. He helps spread out the balance of scoring if he is on a different line than JJ.

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