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The NHL and NBC announced an extension of their partnership through next season, with the addition of a new flex scheduling option that will allow the network to pick up more appealing games as the season goes on.

I’ve already been on record saying hockey needs a network presence in the U.S., so this is welcome news. Yes, hockey’s ratings continue to be a joke, only slightly better than late-night infomercials. But there’s nowhere to go but up.

And hey, having the Rangers in the playoffs certainly wouldn’t hurt…

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  1. And TSN is reporting DiPietro is out indef. with post concussion symptoms. Poor fishsticks.

  2. good news. their announcers are brutal tho. and i hate how the sounds of the arena are pumped up for tv.

  3. From TSN

    The New York Islanders’ playoff hopes have suffered a significant blow. Netminder Rick DiPietro is out indefinitely, suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Sources tell TSN DiPietro is not feeling well and did not pass a neuro-psychological exam and will be out of the lineup until he feels better and can pass the test.

  4. I think the amped sound is actually good, making you feel like you in the action. However, NBC is not a hockey network and their announcers are poor. And forget about the between periods guys, Hully, Chicken Parm and Bill Clement. They have to wear uniforms, they seem to have to rush their points because another commercial is coming on (like that incessant McDonald’s commercial where the guy remodels his livingroom with cheerleaders!!!) and there is no post game interviews. Having said all this, it is important to get netwrok coverage so let’s pray that NBC learns and grows into something more polished for the educated hockey fan. Because hockey will not attract new fans via TV. It just ain’t happenin’!

  5. The studios guys are a joke. They need a real announcer to run the show instead of Clement. He’d be fine as an analyst, but as the host he makes it look second rate.

  6. “We don’t have a dawg!”

    NBC is fine…I’m not into the 12:30 games on the weekend, but whatever. Next thing the league needs to do is find a way onto ESPN, Versus is brutal.

  7. I’ve seen Dan Girardi play on the Hartford Wolf Pack team all season. I’m glad he had a chance to step up to the NHL level and play with the Rangers!

  8. I’m not sure why NBC wants to extend their contract…I mean it’s as if they loath to air it. After the Rangers score the game winning OT goal against the Isles on Sunday all the Rangers fans are pumped. What does NBC do? They say “Thanks for watching…Here’s Tiger!” and that’s the end of that. You’d think they could have a short post-game show…maybe show the highlights from the Boston/Penguins game. Nope. They suck.

  9. Mike D

    This is NBC we’re talking about, not TSN. They’re looking for ratings. How many people do you think switched to NBC just as hockey was ending and golf was starting? A lot more than you think. Like someone mentioned above: NBC is not a hockey network and this is not a hockey country. We should be satisfied that there are at least SOME nationally televised games.

  10. Said it before and I’ll say it again. Utilize the above-goal cam on the end boards during the power play or the rush into the zone.

    For years, the camera angle has been the side boards left-right thing. Try showing the north-south angle on the power plays. Not just for replays.

    Also, more audio from the players on the ice. Let’s see the intensity. You don’t have to play them cursing, but let’s hear them yelling and yapping at each other. It’s not cricket… it’s hockey.

  11. Can anybody give me some serious updates on Dipietro….How bad is the injury….and for the record …this makes me happy…..very..happy..LETS GO NYR

  12. Sad to see DiP go down to this injury but I really thought the Islanders were rushing him back out of desperation and should have held on. I thought they had a good guy in Bridgeport – Dubi something. The Fishsticks haven’t been the same quite honestly since the Simon fiasco and Ricky going out to center ice and getting hit.
    On the other hand, it works enormously well in the Rangers favor.

  13. when will people wise up about ESPN? they HATE hockey. before the lockout they had relegated the NHL to ESPN2, and had cut way down on the number of games.

    and when they had the Sidney Crosby draft lottery, ESPN was NOT even going to cover it live, until lots of fans bombarded them with emails and calls. and even then, they only showed 5 minutes of the TSN coverage, and only on their news channel, not the main ESPN channel.

    then their head guy said they were not going to pick up the NHL option.

    now, having said that, since then a new head guy has been hired at ESPN who supposedly likes hockey more than the previous guy, but you will still not see them offer big bucks for the NHL games. Versus gets many more new viewers than they used to by showing NHL games, and they are very happy with the arrangement.

    if you have Directv, there is no problem, because they have Versus as a basic channel, but cable systems are a problem.

    and Comcast is a hard-nose cutthroat cable company that has NOT fulfilled their promise in the NHL tv contract, which was to deliver the NHL network, which is a 24hr coverage channel from Canada, similar to the NFL network.

    I called the NHL office and they CLAIM that MAYBE it might be on by this summer. that is 2 years after the contract, and all it takes is paperwork, because the channel has already been operating for years in Canada.

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