And the hits just keep on coming…


Brad Isbister will again be a scratch tonight against the Canadiens, with the same lines expected as well.

Meanwhile, as many of you have already noted, the Islanders may have suffered a crushing blow with the loss of Rick DiPietro to what looks like post-concussion syndrome. The goalie is definitely out tonight, and initial reports indicate he might be done for the season.

DiPietro was initially injured in a March 13 loss in Montreal, missed two more games, then returned for the next four. And yet here’s where the Islanders may now have their own Ulf Nilsson-Denis Potvin moment. According to Newsday’s Greg Logan, it’s possible that DiPietro’s condition was re-aggravated Sunday against the Rangers in a first period pileup initiated by Sean Avery. It’s mere speculation at this point, but seeing how that was the goalie’s only major contact of the game, and that he then sat out practice yesterday, it’s not exactly a stretch.

Of course, the real culprit is the Canadiens’ Steve Begin, who originally collided with the goalie two weeks ago. But to Islanders fans, that might not have the same ring to it…

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  1. Aussie Rangers Fan on

    I agree with Rangersforlife… DiPietro slid head fist into the rushing Begin. His eagerness to leave his own net has nearly cost him on multiple occasions against the Rangers, and it seems that this time it has cost his team in their playoff push. Fantastic!

  2. Avery is the glue this team so despreately needed.

    Nothing will ever beat -“POTVIN SUCKS”

  3. Wait wait…blame Avery? Have those morons forgot already that DP took a puck to the head in the game? Didn’t Jagr take a shot and it him in the mask?

    Let’s see, puck to the head….I wonder what that might do.

    Buh bye fishsticks

  4. Echoing what others have said…Sucks for Ricky, but he brought it on himself. Now maybe Dunham will actually get a chance to help the Rangers for once…

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s not like the world is crashing around them. Dunham, if he’s on his game, is a pretty good goaltender. Kind of like Weekes. Sometimes, he’s lights out. Other times, I don’t want to turn the lights on.

  6. Also note that in the Avery DP pile-up, DP did not waste the opportunity to punch Avery in the back of the head a few times.

  7. ThisYearsModel on

    Sorry to hear about anyone getting hurt, and especially with a concussion. I cannot forget Beukeboom’s, Richter’s, Lafontaine’s, all ending their careers. I was surprised that DiPietro returned so quickly, especially compared to Shanny. What kind of doctors do the Icelanders have? Why would they have allowed him to return so quickly if a little tap from a puck (or from Avery) would cause this? The league needs to do something about hits to the head. They also need to restore the goalie’s responsibility for themselves when they leave the crease. With or without DP, I think the Icelanders were going to miss the playoffs anyway.

  8. Even if Avery did aggravate his injury, the fault still lies with Dipietro and Islander management. Crease pileups and goaltender interference are common occurrences in almost all NHL games. If your goalie is injured with even the slightest chance that he could not handle such a pileup or other contact (legal or illegal) and pucks to the head too for that matter, he should not have been playing.

  9. NITWITT or Hill one of the morons crossed checked Avery into the idiot…………….. DP = DUMB P—K

  10. Nah man, Avery definitely dove into him, but that’s part of his game. I’ve been saying it since the initial incident occured, DiPietro is not healthy. The guy was simply toughing it out in a vital time for his team. The Isles tried to make it seem as if he was OK and simply had “body bruising”, but I think it was rather obvious that he suffered a concussion.

    While it suprises me that a team would allow its cornerstone to play with a concussion, I have to remind myself that this is the Islanders. The same team who attempted to place blame on Hollweg for the Simon incident. The same team that called Hollweg out as a crybaby afterwards. A classless organization out there in Strong Island took a major blow today.

  11. Logan admitted that this is pure speculation on his part. Is there anything more substantial to link this to DP’s collision with Avery, other than the amateur diagnosis of a beat writer?

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    What still is mind boggling to me is that we could only score two goals against a guy with post-concussion syndrome, and worse yet, we couldn’t even score both in regulation!

  13. Its within reason. Avery shoved DP’s head into the ice. Granted, his helmet was on, so normally it wouldn’t have resulted in anything, but if he was recovering from a concussion, it could easily have made it worse.

    I’m not entirely sure what the Isles were thinking. DP should have still been sitting. I mean, saving your season is one thing considering how they were sliding with Dunham in net, but what if DP ends his career? Stupid move.

  14. doodie:

    look at the positive. in 2 games that they looked liked crap they pulled out victories. thats what playoff teams are able to do!! now we gotta go in and mash up montreal!

  15. Doodie…maybe he was possesed or something…maybe god felt bad that he was gonna miss the rest of the season so he allowed DP to be invincible…But we have our own god to counter that…His name…..Shanny….and nylander deflected that puck in…you can see he held his stick like he had the hands of an angel….but he sure as shit doesnt look like one…kinda looks like freddy krueger……

  16. Thordic – you are right. I think its a bad move to play him, risk further injury (possibly career ending injury) and have the organization responsible for the balance of his rather large contract obligation.

  17. I don’t understand . . . the Islanders initially reported his injury sustained in Montreal as “general body soreness” so how can he now be suffering post concussion syndrome from a concussion that never occurred in the first place??? If Islander fans are looking to blame anyone, they need look no further than their own GM and Coach for being negligent in clearing RDP to play so soon after having suffered a concussion, which they negligently covered up from the league . . . meanwhile they were all too eager to pronounce that Simon had suffered a concussion (which was total BS)to mitigate his felonious assault. The whole NYI franchise is bush league and incompetent and should be folded.

  18. goalbyPrucha on

    I feel bad for the injury, but he had no business coming back too soon after a head injury.
    Seems like a dark cloud over that team since the Chris Simon incident to me.

  19. “DP did not waste the opportunity to punch Avery in the back of the head a few times.”
    i saw that too, thats bad feng-shui!
    and therefore he shouldnt be surprised …

  20. TEams neber admit their players had concussions, at least initially. They eventually came out and said it.

    Regardless of what this means for the Islanders, we still have a much more pressing matter at hand, and that is that our team has looked like complete garbage for the last 130 minutes they’ve been on the ice. If they don’t start playing much better, we’re not going to be very pleased either. I smell a tough one tonight, especially if the Rangers continue the parade to the box. They’d better bring their A games this time around.

  21. Initiated by Avery? During that play Avery was pushed from behind, Everytime Avery does something or ends up in something its his fault….Leave the guy alone people do do sh** to him too that is not called because He is in a Rangers uniform and He is Avery.

    Big Game tonight Need Points…LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

  22. I thought the place where Avery fell — leaped — on DiPietro and smashed his face into the ice in a pileup took place late in the third period, not the first. Were there two incidents?

  23. GuitarWizard on

    I remember once instance Avery was in front of the crease, pushed from behind, and it appeared the DiPietro took out Avery’s feet at the sametime, and Avery fell on him. If that’s the case, I laugh at DP.

    Maybe the the stress of being the one carrying the team finally got to him and he had a meltdown. Convienient concussion excuse. And throwing Avery in as the cuplrit as well.

  24. So … DP is suffering Post Concussion Syndrome and he’s already scheduled to be back Friday? Seriously, is making the playoffs this year worth possibly giving your 15 year man a career threatening injury?

    That’s their business

  25. OldTymeHockey14 on

    Another reason why I call this team the Gilligan’s Islanders.

    Back on Friday? You’ve got to be kidding me.

    Nice resource management.

  26. I’m not saying Avery is at fault, but he is a player who when presented with an opportunity will make the most of it.

    If you push him at a goalie, he won’t try to avoid contact. He’ll land square and hard on the goalie, and probably use the goalies head to brace himself as he stands up.

  27. Nickyfotiu22 on

    Avery F’ING RULES!!!!!

    DP SUCKS!!!



  28. Sam:

    I somehow missed the Avery bump on DiPietro during Sunday’s game. Are you (or any readers) aware of a clip of this incident online?

    They also were making a big deal of this altercation on XM Radio’s Home Ice (24/7 hockey talk channel), saying that Avery went into DiPietro on deliberately, and that it should have been penalized. I would love to see it.

  29. mosesjd

    Avery was cross-checked from behind. He probably didn’t do much after that to avoid contact, but he was hit pretty hard and it should NOT have been a penalty against Avery.

  30. BTW, I’m not knocking Avery for what he does, I love it. I don’t want players getting hurt, but knocking into goalies is a sure way to get them off their game. Just to make that clear :)

  31. Cursed, the Islanders are…and rightly so. If DP has any problems, their a result of that bonehead play he made against Begin. And if your skating out of the crease like a bat out of hell, you deserve to get hammered(make a note of this, Marc-Andre Fleury). Didn’t see the Avery hit, but if DP does go down with any sort of injury, so do the Isle playoff hopes. Dunham is perfectly horrible…

  32. Well, the updated report out of Oniondale is that RDP merely has a “headache” which is sidelining him from tonight’s game and that he is otherwise “day-to-day” (and as Keith Olbermann would say: aren’t we all?) I guess those cracker jack Islander team physicians have determined that RDP’s “general body soreness” has spread to his head.

  33. Before too many NYI tears melt the ice, I hope they don’t forget about Hill’s elbow and punch to Orr’s head after the goal. I’m sure their comments about that play would sound something like “it’s a part of the game”. Maybe I saw the play wrong but I didn’t feel that Avery’s contact was that much… the Jagr shot seemed to be more of a culprit. Regardless, he came back too soon and hopefully for his sake he doesn’t repeat that mistake.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    “Seriously, is making the playoffs this year worth possibly giving your 15 year man a career threatening injury? ”

    Maybe they realized what a mistake the contract was and are trying to get him on the long term D/L to get out of it. I kid, I kid.

  35. if avery should be worried about anyone it should be jack bauer. not only is he a great player but he is with elisha culthbert too.

  36. In response to Zissou above with the Hill punch to Orr after the goal–Yahoo Sports also has a picture of Prucha laid out on the ice in front of DP with Hill giving Prucha an elbow to the melon. Cheap shots all around. NHL needs to look at this rather than fighting between two willing heavyweights or bigger nets.

  37. MIKE miss buttman said nothing about head shots and all the penalties called and not called to lead up to retaliation fights. There would be less fights if the intent to injure wasn’t happening.

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