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You may recall I mentioned my adventures with the dresser I hastily unloaded out of my car and then cracked by dropping on the ground. Well, that dresser survived enough for me to spend most of my free time over the past few days applying two coats of stain to, some of which has spilled on to the toes of my sneakers.

I mention this because those were the sneakers I was wearing when I walked into the Rangers dressing room not long ago (sufficed to say, practice is not a black tie affair). And since the stain has a reddish tint to them, it looks like I just got shot in the foot and the blood is seeping through my shoes.

So there I am walking through the door, and there are Jaromir Jagr and Petr Prucha speaking in their native Czech and gesturing quizzically in my direction.

I eventually cleared up the confusion. Although I must say, I do like keeping people on their….well, toes.

Anyway, this is only a long-winded segue into an update on real injuries as opposed to ones that are just imagined. This one goes out to reader Matt, who contacted me and said the Rangers myriad rehab cases are keeping him up at night. Easy, Matt. If you’re having trouble sleeping, it should be over something that really matters — like, say, the power play.

  • And speaking of goalies, Henrik Lundqvist was just named the NHL’s first star of the week, followed by the Sharks’ Jonathan Cheechoo and Canadiens goaltender Jaroslav Halak.

    OK, more later…

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    1. Nice to see Henrik getting recognition from the league. He has been the best goaltender since the all star break. If he continues this way, I cant see why he wouldnt be in the top 3 for the Vezina again. It will probably end up going to Brodeur again considering he has 12 SO.

    2. Sam, could you please provide some concrete info on Tyutin’s recovery? Are there chances he’ll play later this week?

    3. Regarding Tyutin: definitely not this week. I would think maybe Thursday against Montreal or the season finale in Pittsburgh. But I’d be surprised if he played before that.

    4. So that probably means Rachunek won’t be available for the beginning of the playoffs. Great! More time for Pöck to prove himself.

    5. The power play should keep me up at night but injuries are doing it lately. Strudwick, while a decent black ace is not able to keep up game in and game out. The other thing keeping me up is every second Giradi plays with Malik the more he could learn from the 6’5 soft, slow, aloof, game winning goal scorer (against hank of course). Getting toots back will be huge for the backline just as getting the enigma back and reunited with Jagr could shape up the lines and break up the current east west first line. Then I’d roll:
      shanny, straka, avery
      prucha, cullen, orts/cally
      hollweg, betts, orr/orts

      Thems some nice lines, good depth and keeps every line from the opposition honest. Not that hossa is a hitter, but at least he will use his body once in awhile unlike the trio now.

    6. Sam – What’s the word on Hossa and Rachunek? Are they anywhere near on target for the original 3-4 week diagnosis or are they just as far behind as Tyutin?

    7. nylanderforpresident on

      Hey all,

      I was wondering if anyone else noticed Nylander literally jumping for joy following the OT win vs the Islanders?
      It reminded me of the post that mentioned Nylander tooling around the ice, stick handling his way through the workers during the team photo shoot. Which makes me wonder: Nylander has like 6 kids, maybe he’s really just a kid at heart himself, although I must say, with his shaved head, if you glance at him quickly, he looks like he’s dead sometimes. I’m just sayin…

      It seems the guys are really having fun this time of the year, as opposed to last year this time.

      GO Rangers.

    8. -Hey Sam, sorry about your sneakers getting stain on em.

      – Any word on how contract extension talks are going between Nylanders agent and the Rangers? Hoping they get a deal done.


    9. OK Sam I know it’s off topic but who do you like for the Frozen Four Finals? I’m hoping for any team except Maine simply because all of these Black Bears fans coming out of the woodwork up here in NH!

    10. Do you not have the same inside track to this team like Peter Abraham does with the Yankees? His blog is much more informative.

    11. Steve Rucchin on

      First things first, if you go to Steve & Barry’s, you can buy a pair of Starburys for like fifteen bucks.

      Secondly, this whole Rangers beat reporter thing must be a dream come true for you. When you were a teenager watching the Penguins win the Cup, I bet you never thought one day that the mullet-haired rookie on that team would one day be laughing at your blood-soaked sneakers.

      Well, atleast the young Czech on THIS team doesn’t have a mullet.

    12. Sam why are they only carrying 1 extra guy, Isbister? There are some that need or should get a seat for a game. Why they sent Dubi & Liffiton back while rushing or playing tired guys will & is biting them. Renney did it last year and is repeating history except they’re winning rather than losing. Lots of teams burn out trying to get to the playoffs. That to me is not a good idea and leads to bad results.

    13. Hey Sam… Don’t you think if Straka wasn’t BFFL with Jagr, he would also be on the bench? I know hes playing hurt but WHY IS HE! He is useless hurt. We scored 13 goals in the 8 periods he didn’t play and 2 goals (plus one in OT) since he has played. His zero points in the last 12 games is really killing the team. When will enough be enough?

    14. If Nylander were president I’d want him to go into exile. He’s killing our power play, and the play of Jagr’s line.

      Renney needs to put horse blinders on Nylander so he can only go forward. And get him off the power play.

      Yes, he got the tying goal last game, but if he wasn’t in the lineup we probably would’ve won in regulation.

    15. nobody can ever do anything thing to please you people can they? Marty Straka is trying to play through injuries to help the team make the playoffs and all you do is complain. now if he was sitting out you know what you would say?”soft euro won’t play through pain gotta gut it out this time of year” that is what he,s doing and you still complain that he’s hurting the team. or that hes only playing cause he,s Jagr,s friend. what do you want?

    16. Barbara – I agree that some can’t be pleased no matter what. Re Marty I think the world of him as a player and think he’s tough as nails re his competitive spirit. But with all his injuries he is hurting himself and the team when a healthier player (and younger like Dubinsky) can help more at the present time. That decision is more on the coach (and I am not a card carrying member of the bash Renney movement).

      So we should not all be painted with the same brush.

    17. Baron, I disagree. Nylander is a great set up man. he works well with Jagr at even strength and part of the reason he does it well is that Tom lets him play how he wants. I do think however that he needs to be given direction for the PP. He likes to look for that slam dunk play and thats all well and good but the reason that Wayne and Mario always pulled it off is that they held the puck and made PK’ers come to them. This created an opening for the slam dunk play. Our guys just pass the damn puck around until one guy just can’t hold on. All the pk has to do is stand and wait for someone to lose the handle. They need to be patient. The other thing is that it seems as though our guys don’t understand the geometry of rebounds and why point shots are so effective. If the guy in the left circle walks in, all the pk shifts left including the keeper. If he then drops it back to the left point and the point man fires low and right, the rebound gets kicked out to the waiting man in the right circle for a high percentage shot because everybody has to quickly slide to the right in desperation. When the shot comes in, the left circle man colapses in and the man at the top of the crease are positioned to pound in the possible rebound from the desperation save. Our guys won’t shoot for the rebound, they only shoot if they think its going in and that only happens for sure when the keeper is out of position and then they usually get excited and hit the post or fire it over. That’s why we only score one goal a game. In the playoffs one even strength goal is all we would need to win if we would just start running a shooting or a collapsing umbrella PP. The sad thing is that all of our north american players know this but Tom keeps throwing Nylander and Jagr out there.

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