Apologies are in order


Something strange happened with my previous post, which merits explanation:

Believe it or not, there actually was useful information included about Tyutin, Rachunek, Hossa, and Weekes, but it was all somehow erased. Maybe if I actually looked it all over before I posted it, this all could have been avoided. But I didn’t, and so it wasn’t, and that’s where we are.

Again, further proof that I’m not all there.

Anyway, a brief summary on what I thought I had included earlier:

  • Fedor Tyutin was supposed to receive a brace sometime today or maybe tomorrow that would allow him to start skating on his own without pucks. Tom Renney said the defenseman still isn’t day-to-day, and by the sound of things, is probably more than a week away. But the hope is that the defenseman could return to play before the playoffs.
  • By that measure, Marcel Hossa and Karel Rachunek are both still behind Tyutin in their recoveries. Neither have started skating, either, so it seems unlikely they will return before the end of the regular season. That said, both were walking without limps today, which is a marked improvement from the week before. So it seems they’ve turned a corner as well.
  • Kevin Weekes said he felt “awesome” today and will be worked back in once the Rangers return from Montreal. The Rangers will continue to carry three goalies until Weekes gets enough work in practice, and maybe even beyond that. Ideally, the team could solidify a playoff spot before one of the last two games of the season, which may enable Renney to give Weekes a start. But that’s a lot to ask with so many teams still in the mix. And right now, the Rangers aren’t afforded much in the way of an off day.
  • Finally, one last thought about the injury situation. As you know, Jason Strudwick is not eligible for the playoffs, meaning the Rangers will be faced with playing either A) Tyutin coming off a month of inactivity, or B) David Liffiton, who has played just two games with the team this season. I asked Renney if there could be a scenario when he senses Tyutin isn’t ready and the team would have to call up Liffiton to get him ready for the playoffs. The coach said it was merely speculation at this point and he couldn’t say one way or the other.

    Of course, my guess is this has probably come up plenty behind closed doors.

    Anyway, sorry about the confusion from before…

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    1. Doodie Machetto on

      Shanahan actually had a Gordie Howe Hat trick. Sam’s teammate had a regular hat trick.

      Also, there’s a great vid of Aaron Ward taking a beating. AWESOME.

    2. Hey sam, I am a little behind in my news updates. Do you mind giving me the quick lowdown on why Strudwick is not permitted to play in the post season?

    3. repost …Sam why are they only carrying 1 extra guy, Isbister? There are some that need or should get a seat for a game. Why they sent Dubi & Liffiton back while rushing or playing tired guys will & is biting them. Renney did it last year and is repeating history except they’re winning rather than losing. Lots of teams burn out trying to get to the playoffs. That to me is not a good idea and leads to bad results….

    4. Strudwick is not eligible for the playoffs because he was not property of the team before the trade deadline.

      Staal, however, IS eligible. Whether they use him in that capacity is another story. Throwing a player without any NHL experience into the playoff cauldron might be a lot to ask. The Rangers did that with Mike Richter many moons ago, but as far as I remember, they were already behind big in the series.

    5. “Toots” may better than Malik, but Pock is the one that’s going to get the seat in the press box. I just hope that Malik will not be resigned during the off-season.

    6. Good thing good ol’ “north american” hockey is so much more exciting than “european” hockey… Oh wait, the Detroit vs. Ducks game was more boring than watching the Devils play.

    7. personally i think a team that has a good mix of north american and european players is a better team and more fun to watch as well. and a good mix of players of differant ages.

    8. Sam – you’re right re Richter the Rangers were down 3 games to 0.

      Doodie – thanks for the video re Det – Col

      Rich – I believe Malik has another yr on his contract

    9. strudwuck should be sat, left liffton play, very good chance we could need him. id love to see staal play in the nhl this year but it would indeed be a tough start, however it may be good for the kid. the young buffalo d did a pretty good job last year in the playoffs and i dont think any of those players were as highly touted as staal. would also nice to see callahan back on the powerplay, just move cullen back to the point (or off entirely for all i care) and as much as i see mara as Poti II, id rather have him or Pock on the first unit as rosival is useless if he isnt going to shoot

    10. i like what Bettman said – if you look at average sizes they used to be smaller, although Probert and Grimson were big, smaller guys as tough guys were not so unusual.

      the guys these days are pretty much all monsters – Laraque, McGrattan, Boogard, Orr, Brashear, Parros, Peters, Eager are all at least 6’2″ and 220lbs. Boogard is huge..(6’7″ – 270lbs)!!!
      If they are going to fight regularly someone will eventually get hurt, but i think it needs to be policed by the players and refs but not eliminated completely.

      Its a highly charged sport and the superstar players must be protected, but gone are the days of the goon – they must be able to skate and play too.

    11. Yeah, that thing with Richter happend in the 88 playoffs vs. Pens when they were down 3-0. The difference is that I think Richter had never practiced with the team back then and came right from college, while Staal has logged plenty of preseason games, practices, and a playoff run in Hartford.

      Liffiton would be a fine #6 at this point.

    12. on fighting…why does everyone make this argument that it’s necessary to protect players? hockey is the only contact sport that thinks it needs fighting to protect players. if someone smashes jagr with a cheap shot, they will (1) get a penalty; and (2) get smashed by a ranger on their next shift (at least in theory). football doesn’t have a problem with linebackers trying to kill quarterbacks because there is no fighting to protect them. what’s the difference in hockey? it’s a contact sport!! you can protect your players without having a silly wrestling match where, quite honestly, all they do is grab each other’s jerseys, save for the occassional KO a la orr v. fedoruk.

    13. Mr Potato Head on

      @ Mike:

      Football has a huge problem with linebackers “trying to kill quarterbacks.” That is why even sneezing on a QB after he has thrown the ball is met with a 15yd personal foul these days.

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