Sixth place…


Raise your hand if you thought this was where the Rangers would be when they were blowing that two-goal lead against Columbus.



There is, mind you, a lot of hockey left, and given some of the sloppy play today, the Rangers should be worshipping at the feet of Henrik Lundqvist for the next few days.

But still, sixth place. That’s, like, better than seventh place, and almost as good as fifth.

And to think, earlier in the season, I’d never be able to make such insightful analysis. We’ve all come a long way…

More later…

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  1. Great job covering the game today SAME WEINMAN (I hope that will give you a little hint to remember me)

  2. Amazing climb to 6th . . . but let’s be honest, without King Henrik being in the zone, this team would not be anywhere near the playoff picture with its continuing propensity for taking moronic penalties. They really need to tighten up.

  3. They were playing great hockey prior to the boston game yesterday, regardless all HAIL THE KING!

  4. That’s why it’s a team game. They will get it back together. Just think earlier in the season they were finding ways to lose these games and now they’re winning them. I don’t want to bring it up but I will anyways. Remember what happened after the last five game winning streak? Seven _ _ _ _ _ _ in a row (you fill in the blanks). But I think this is a completely different team then they were back in December. Keep it up boys!! Thanks!

  5. SAM-

    Even when Hossa comes back can they healthy scratch him to continue to play Cally or does the fact that Cally was an “emergency call-up” mean he HAS to sit and/or go back to the Wolfpack?

  6. It’s been all Lundqvist for two seasons now. If he didn’t have an Olympic letdown last season, they would have finished first and might gone a couple of rounds. Unfortunately, when he has a letdown, the team or coaching cannot cover until he regains his form.

    If Renney and Sather handed HL half of their criminally collected salaries, it still wouldn’t be enough.

  7. Sam,
    I’m guilty of writing them off prior to the trade deadline. I’m not a fair weather fan, but their play and body language suggested problems that were resulting in losses in games similiar to todays. The addition of Avery’s edge, the infusion of youth and speed and the ridding of the locker room cancer (Ward) has changed the team immensley. With that said, it wouldn’t mean a thing without Hank playing All-World goal. He is phenomonal.
    10 or so games to go- six teams…three spots. Oh Baby!!
    Malik needs to watch a game or two in street clothes…

  8. czechthemout!!!!! on

    they looked as bad today as yesturday.ALL HAIL THE KING!!!!
    they should have all gotten on their knees after the game and bow at his royal highness’s feet.particularly bad today were malik as allways,prucha,straka,jagr,shany looked like he had his feet glued together.but he has certainly earned patience from us fans,so will wait another game or two until we flip out.does anyone know if cally played?i saw him on the bench but apparently he was glued to it.the hyena is setting the stage for hossa to replace him.he will claim that he needs to go back down and learn some more positioning,or renney’s favorite,he needs to play top six minutes.i will say once again that callahan is the best forward prospect on this team since tony amonte.he needs to be put in on the power play and on jagr’s line instead of straka.girardi again was the best dman today along with pock.and why is mara not on the point on a 5on3?i really thought that renney was back to his old ways of trying to steal defeat from the jaws of victory.i am gald that we won the game tonight,and even happy that we are now in sixth place and are also only one point behid atlanta.but i am not happy at all with the last two games and how they’ve reverted back to their style of play midway through the season.the only difference now versus then is that the king now is just standing on his head,where as before he was just good.the need to break up the lines again.they are not generating enough offence again and it’s going to cost them.

  9. this shows the power of a great goaltender (witness marty in NJ) and what it can do for a team. Hey, let’s also give credit to Jagr and Shanny. JJ has shown a lot of grit and it’s clear he likes playing in these games and wants it badly. Shanny is a work in progress but he has produced a little, it will take time after a month off. Avery continues to shine, the PK was brilliant for the most part. We’re shining at the right time and would anyone want to trade being first in the division with the way we’ve played recently. I think most teams would hate to face us in the first round so overall we’re in good shape. The Rangers have played brilliantly and I am proud of this team.

  10. The Defense needs to play better, but you can’t fault us for having the MVP of the second half of the NHL season in Henrik Lundqvist. He makes everything look so easy and he is in the zone. Jagr, Shanny, Nylander, Cullen, Prucha, Avery. Thats 6 legit scoring threats with Straka being left out because he is hurt. If Cally got more time the guy would be putting up numbers. I think getting Tyutin back is going to help this team a ton because him and Girardi are so steady together. Not to mentionn Rachunek, hopefully he can pick up where he left off.

  11. Until the last two games, it actually was more of a team effort. Yes, Lundqvist kept them in it early on with big saves, but that’s what an NHL goalie does. What worries me is the return to a parade to the penalty box, sloppy play, and a poor forecheck. I think the Rangers have 2 problems here – one is that Strudwick is too slow and we need Tyuts back, the other is that Straka is completely ineffective and should sit in favor of a younger, healthier player, even if that might be Isbister. That physical edge down low that’s missing from Jagr’s line the last 2 games and so much earlier in the year needs to return.

    I will ay though that Jags has played a MUCH better all-around game than I’ve ever seen him play. He truly does lead this team.

  12. RELAX guys…

    Henrik is great that is a fact… Giradi is so steady on D. The last 2 games they have commited too many penalties..
    They are offensively challenged so get use to it..

    Tyutin’s ETA less then 2 weeks(Strudwick who has been fine) will sit. Then there D is that much better.

    Callahan will not sit, they have 4 moves and have used 0…

    Malik played much better then yesterday, and that was not a penalty with 4 minutes left. There turnovers were minimal today…

  13. they are relying on Lundie just a little too much, they can play better. They did it against the NYI on 3/5, and need to watch that tape until it’s memorized. In the meantime keep those points coming.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone saying Hossa should be a healthy scratch when he returns is wrong. How quickly you all forget how he was the only offense the team had for 10 games or so. That’s not to mention the inspirational boost it provides yuor team with when one of your players comes back from a lengthy injury.

    Lundqvist has been unbelievable. Too bad he wasn’t this lights out since the beginning of the season, we would be in 1st place in the division.

    Lots of weak calls, but they were all TECHNICALLY penalties. If the refs are going to call them tightly, they need to adjust and not put themselves in situations that may even LOOK like a penalty. That’s just mental mistakes that are unacceptable.

    Shanahan-Avery-Callahan needs to be split up. Sure, they had a great game beating up on the Flyers. They have been useless together since. I’m willing to look the other way for ONE more game since he past two have had so many penalties that it’s been hard for them to get into a flow. But if they don’t show me something in the next game, I would split them up.

    They looked bad this weekend, and we’re fortunate to escape with all of the points. They have taken 18 of the possible 22 pts since March 5. Figures that the only game I went to was the only one they lost in regulation (Ottawa).

  15. even the games the Rangers lost they could have won.

    they are in everygame because of Henrik and the D…

    The D played poor this weekend and because of Henrik they gave up only 2 goals..

    Hossa will play if he comes back, Hollwegg or Orr will sit….

    things are looking up, let’s enjoy it…

  16. doodie are you kidding, what goalie can carry a team all year long? You have to have some help on O & D, and in the beginning of the year it wasn’t really there.They’d be in 1st place if the coach’s mindset wasn’t a karma work in progress. It took him to game 50 to have an enlightenment and he still reverts back. To blame The King is absurd.

  17. 13 out of 24 in February. Ask Doodie since the King has been really good if not the best since December, why not more points?

  18. “Malik played much better then yesterday…”

    And that means what? He was still, by far, the worst defenseman out there. Today: 21:05 Yesterday: 22:42 Yup, that makes a lot of sense.

  19. What’s the guarantee that Hossa picks up where he left off, since for the better part of the year he was a big disappointment . . . “you dance with the girl that brung you” and right now that’s the 4 lines as presently constituted. The “HBO” line is playing great and although Hollweg may take the occasional dumb penalty, don’t even try to tell me that opponents are not looking over their shoulders when he’s on the ice . . . in the past, it would be typical “soft” Ranger strategy to scratch Orr or Hollweg in favor of Hossa, but I gotta believe that those days are over . . . Hossa should be a healthy scratch, unless someone else goes down

  20. bklynblue–lack of points in jan and feb was the result of the losers in front of lundqvist not being able to score. it had NOTHING to do with lundqvist. there was a 26 or so game stretch after christmas were lundqvist numbers were so good that you’d expect the record to be something like 19-7 or 20-6, instead it was 13-13

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