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I’m beginning to think I could be at center for the Rangers and they’d still have a chance with Henrik Lundqvist in net. That’s how good the goalie has been of late, never more than so on the “I-have-no-business-stopping-this” kick save on Aaron Ward that staved off a potential second goal for the B’s. Ridiculous save. And it wasn’t the only one.

Jaromir Jagr made up for what was generally a dog of a game — not only by scoring the shootout winner, but also with his forecheck on Zdeno Chara that set up the tying goal. No, Jagr didn’t pass the puck to Pock directly, but his pressure forced the play.

Congratulations to Thomas Pock for his second goal of the season, and of course, for his UMass Minutemen advancing past Clarkson in the NCAA Tournament. Pock and I spend a fair amount of time talking Hockey East hockey seeing how I went to UNH and he went to UMass. That doesn’t make him a bad person. It’s just a good thing he has hockey to fall back on….

Marek Malik played a great game today. I don’t know what you people are talking about…

What, you’ve lost your sense of humor?

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  1. Malik was brutal once again. Girardi just keeps looking better…I laughed out loud when he sent Big Chara on his ass after nailing him against the boards.

  2. and when Tyutin returns next week, you just watch who sits out. I bet it will be Pock, even though Strudwick is not eligible for the playoffs. typical Renney.

    it’s too bad that Malik is eligible for the playoffs.

  3. Neil Katcher on

    Shanahan looked horrible out there today. His lack of speed really hurts the pressure game the team was playing prior to his return. With Shanahan and Straka back in the lineup the team loses grit and tenacity. Today’s game was incredibly frustrating.

  4. Sam, this is from the AP game notes: “Rangers coach Tom Renney interrupted his postgame talk with reporters to offer his best wishes to Bruins forward Phil Kessel, who is recovering from testicular cancer.”

    Sounds like a pretty classy move. Did you witness? Care to elaborate?

  5. yeah, the leading goal scorer on the team despite missing a month is hurting the team. we need more Isbisters and fewer Shannys. brilliant.

  6. czechthemout!!!!! on

    THE KING IS JUST AMAZING.WHAT A GREAT GOALIE!!!!!.MALIK IS A BUMB.he was the worst dman by far today on the ice.when the playoffs start,they should play rozy with pock,mara with
    rachunek,girardi and tyutin.if they play these pairs on defense they will go far in the playoffs.also it is time to put orts on the fourth line.drop orr,and play hossa,jagr,straka.nylander,shany callahan,cullen,avey,prucha.

  7. The good news is that the Rangers escaped Boston today with 2 points.

    The bad news is that Sam’s Wildcats lost to Miami of Ohio! Miami of Ohio?????

  8. Unfortunately, Neil is right. Straka is hurting this team more than he is helping it at this point. He does not look even close to 100%. And Shanny is going to be a burden for a few days until he gets his game back, but once he does it will have been worth it. He’s a vital part of this team, but a lineup w/ Dubinsky would probably be the better club right now.

  9. I hate to say it, but the Rangers are nowhere near a lock for the playoffs. As well as they’ve been playing, the other teams in the race are bearing down just as hard right now. Toronto may have collapsed last night, but they’re up 3-1 on Buffalo right now. Carolina is blowing San Jose out 4-1. Habs lead Caps 2-1 and should win that one handily. The only game breaking our way is Tampa losing to Ottawa 2-1. I smell a rough day on the island tomorrow after the way we stunk today. I just have a bad feeling about it. Hope I’m wrong. But nobody else is losing at all…

  10. I think that this was Malik’s absolute worst game as NY Ranger, even though he banged in no goals off his forehead for the other team.

  11. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    Malik, quite simply, was AWFUL!!!!! Watch what happens to Prucha for taking the penalty in the OT period…he will probably be a healthy scratch or have VERY limited ice time. There was and will be no change in Malik’s ice time as witnessed by his even being in the arena let alone on the ice for the OT period.

  12. i don’t think Prucha should be scratched next game… it’s Renney fault he put him out there in OT. I was shocked when I saw Prucha out. A very “un-Renney” like move imo

  13. Hey I’ve been on the Girardi bus since his first game or two, but he had a tough one today. Really bad game from him regarding puck possesion and a bunch of D-zone uncovers from the rook. My other thought. If Straka isn’t 100% than WTF is he out there for. The first line was an absolute disgrace today. Aside from a couple of shifts where they dominated the puck possesion, quality chances were at a minimum and defensibely they were abyssmal.
    The line has/had run it’s course, it’s done, move on Renney , Please.

  14. everything hinges on the next 2 games.
    wins in LI and Mtl would make it pretty comfy.
    losses in those 2 games, or a split would still leave things dicey.

  15. Shanny is slow and off his game at the moment…What is Malik’s excuse?


  16. wow they all had bad games…really the other team scored 1 goal………………

    obviously they did not play well but give it a rest…

    the whiners on this site after a win are a joke.

    NJ has been winning games like that for 10 yrs………..

    today and the dallas game those are the only 2 games I can remember when they won but really deserved to lose…

  17. just to note: the last time henrik stole a game for the rangers (vs. dallas) they came out the next game completely flat and lost to toronto 9-2.

    tomorrow will we see the old rangers or the new rangers?…

  18. If i was the coaching staff i would have put Marty Straka on Long term injury list…Prep him for the playoffs…we will make it obviously…Funny how the game was even …with boston..then straka gets injured and leaves the game, and boom…7 goals …he plays this game,…….no goals…we got lucky today..but i agree with stuart on this one…..NYR fans who cares we got the win..what are you bitching and moaning about, rangers are playing great hockey and fighting for the playoffs.and TBL lost so if we win then were 6th then we have to hold that spot….So take this win and enjoy it…i mean you guys are depressing…i can only imagine how you feel after they lose a game..JEEZ

  19. Malik was horrible. I was annoying a friend of mine by yelling out “What the heck are you doing?” during most of his shifts

    There were a TON of Ranger fans (including me) at the game – maybe 25% of the Garden

    I haven’t seen a Ranger game in a while – but Avery really adds a ton to this team.

    Shanny will be fine. He also had a couple of solid plays – including an insane deflection in front of the net that just went wide.

    Straka didn’t look right – maybe he’ll play himself into shape

    I agree with DontStaal – I was completely shocked to see Prucha out there in that situation

    Renney was double-shifting Jagr in the 3rd. He looked fatigued, and seemed to hurt the team out there a couple of times – including a lazy offensive zone hook that drove me nuts

    Flip side – it was awesome that he scored in the shootout after being taunted by the Bruins fans

  20. i agree that shanahan looked fatigued out there towards the end of the game and i dont think renney should be playing him on the PK.

  21. im watching rangers in 60 and seeing malik’s horridness again is just mind blowing.

    and about straka not playing well, who can you say played well today except for henrik. it was a bad game untill the final 2 minutes.

  22. Playoff Push... on

    I was looking at the conference standings and according to this, if we lose even tomorrow’s game we are most likely to be out of playoff position come Tuesday or even Monday. I didn’t get a chance to watch any of the games but from what I heard this lack of effort will probably be capitalized on by the Islanders… It seems amazingly straightforward to take Malik out of the lineup especially since the addition of Strudwick and the return of Tyutin next week, it would be viable to add more rookies. But then again our coach doesn’t see the entirely obvious and probably keep us out of the playoffs. I don’t mean to be harsh, but I feel that sometimes the team is winning despite the management, not because of it.

  23. the most amazing thing about lundqvist’s play right now is how easy he is making it. he is making saves that he has no business making and making it look like its not a big deal. its gotten to the point that you expect him to make those saves

  24. I think everybody just had a bad game all around. It is bound to happen once and a while. The good news is that we left Boston with 2 points after playing our F game. The ony player who showed up was King Henrik and as long as he is there, we will have chances to win. The Rangers will play better tomorrow against the Islanders and Henrik will be there just as usual to keep the game in the 1-2 goal range. Expect another tight 2-1, game on the island.

  25. leetchy2 – its not a case of bashing Straka. I really like him as a player when he’s healthy. But between his shoulder and knee I can’t see him helping the Rangers or himself for that matter. And we do have other options.

  26. does anyone else think that Malik will show up with the “A” today as Renney “rewards” him with the A and lots of ice time for one of the worst performances ever?

  27. Don’t boo Malike, though, or you’re a “drunk” and you “don’t know hockey” according to some on this site. He is the worst. Why is that all of the fans can see this, but Sam Rosen, Sather, Renney, etc cannot???

  28. you can boo Malik while you sit at home on your comfy couch, while he’s out there taking hits for the Rangers…

    Fans who boo their team make me ill, especially when they’re playing hard to make the playoffs.

    I’m suppoting my team, you fans who boo the PP and Malik can go fly a kite.

    Shanny does hurt the team speed, which has been a big part of our success ever since Shanny went down. Although Shanny did almost win it in OT, his lack of speed does hurt, I hope he recognizes this and I hope the Rangers can compensate for the new makeup.

  29. Fans who don’t boo to show their disapproval of poor and lazy play make me ill. “especially when they’re playing hard to make the playoffs???” Malik is not working hard – he is lazy and unskilled – but it’s mostly his LAZINESS that gets him booed. Ortmeyer couldn’t put a puck in the ocean, but he will never be booed at MSG. Why? Because he always gives 100%. Get it?

    You fans who disapprove of booing can go fly a kite. The same mentality as people who pat their kid on the back for a D-minus on the math quiz. Good job Bobby!

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