Miami (Ohio) 2, UNH 1


The Blog is officially in mourning.

In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the “I Need A New Alma Mater Fund.”

In fact, just for this I am cutting off my annual gift of a box of paper clips to the school.

Let’s see if that doesn’t get their attention!

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  1. Well We’d love to have ya on the Scarlet Knight bandwagon
    this coming fall!! Other than that you’ll just have to make due with covering such events as the USOPEN and the PGA.. maybe even The Open Championship. LOL forgive me for not shedding tears for you.

  2. Sam I can’t mourn with you, my alma mater Oswego St. won the D3 championship last week for the first time.

  3. After the Rangers game I was up in Manchester at my cousins and I just couldn’t get over how UNH lost in a local rink with almost 100% fan support in the stands to Miami

  4. I go to Northeastern and I personally thought UNH was unstoppable, they steamrolled NU 3 times, and we proved to have a very good defense. In any case I had UNH as my favorite to win the National Championship, guess I have to switch to Maine now (I will would rather root for Notre Dame than BU or BC).

  5. Hey, it could’ve been worse. Your team could’ve been the higher seed but forced to play in enemy territory. And then they could’ve been totally blown out…for argument’s sake we’ll say they could’ve lost 5-1 to Michigan State in Grand Rapids, Mich. … That, my friend, would’ve been worse.

  6. why is Straks in, and why did Renney use Shanny on the PK? You go with your best HEALTY players , not your best players by rushing them or using them too much. Renney needs to do a better job of managing icetime today, especially since they played yesterday.

  7. I earned my M.Ed. at UNH, and I attended a couple of games in Durham. I was pleasantly surprised to see how hardcore the fans were; it was like going to UNC or NC State for a basketball game. You UNH folk are very passionate people.

  8. czechthemout!!!!! on

    bklynblue wrote-

    ‘why did Renney use Shanny on the PK?” because renney wan’ts to wear down shanny again.i also think that calahan should be given a chance on the pk,and powerplay.this kid is a keeper and is young.he should be given major minutes every game from now on.girardi has been simply outstanding.he put chara on his ass late in the game behind the rangers net.
    malik is awful!!!.he should be the seventh dman in the playoffs.

  9. bklynblue – totally agree. I am a big proponent of using your healthiest players – and this is a perfect opportunity for a younger guy like Dubinsky to get his chance (especially since they played yesterday)

  10. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    Malikenstein, to put it quite frankly, was awful yesterday and of, course, you know that he will play the most minutes of all the dmen today. Just don’t know why Renney refuses to sit him, or at the VERY least, put him on the third D pairing. I want to puke every time someone brings up his +-stats. I’m a senior citizen and pretty sure I could outskate AND outhit him. Big pansy!

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on

    malik’s numbers are a fraud!!!he is in the ice with the first line all the time.they hold onto the puck the majrity of thier shifts.that limits the amount of time the other team can attack us when malik is on the ice.he should also pay rozy part of his paychecks for covering up the plethora of mistakes and blunders he makes on the ice on a nightly basis.if he played with any other set of forwards,his numbers would suck as they should.he is also the biggest coward in the league.he never stands up for his teammates,even his czech posse.when fedoryk nearley decapitated jagr on feb 17,he allowed him to skate right by him without even so much as a stare.the sooner he is expunged from this team,the better.

  12. hopefully my friend james will help out your unh team next year. he can only make it better i promise.

  13. Malik was awful yesterday?

    He has been awful all season! He is the worst Defenseman in the league. He constantly passes the puck in front of his own net. he turns the puck over 5 times a game (No Exageration, is incredibly soft and docile and is slow as hell.

    Like I have been saying all season- Malik sucks!

  14. Am I the only one who is nervous today. I can’t stand still. My stomach is in knots. I feel like I have aged ten years this season.

    This is their bigest game in the last eight years. Oh Baby!

    This is hockey at its best!

    Go Rangers!

  15. Sam, don’t despair about UNH. At least your alma mater didn’t take the axe to your hockey program like mine did about fours years ago.

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