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Sean Avery is a restricted free agent at the end of this season, so count on the Rangers locking him up this summer.

The Rangers don’t travel to Boston until this afternoon, and since they already skated in Westchester today, they won’t skate again before tomorrow afternoon’s game.

OK, more later….

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  1. Lock him up and throw an “A” on his jersey for good measure. Guy has been a rock with Shanny away.

  2. Agreed. this is the kind of guy the doctor ordered for us. Plus, he provides a lot of entertainment on his interviews!
    I just hope he doesn’t stand up to the Little General, Dolan, and insult him and get sent back to CA.

    Throw him the A? I would agree, but how can we take that from malikenstein??

  3. I thought I read Nylander is signed for next year, albeit at a cheaper rate, although that doesn’t make too much sense. If he is not signed, he should be let go. I’m sure he can easily be replaced. The only problem would be Jagr’s opinion and performance, which he thinks will be impacted. It shouldn’t be, though, if someone like Avery steps in. The Rangers will probably bring back Nylander instead of going with the smarter option of Dubinsky or Immonen, who would slide to the third line center. If Straka plays center again, Prucha can play the first line (Renney: yeah right!) and Dawes or Immonen could play, if nothing else just to showcase trade value, hopefully for a defenseman if it doesn’t happen over the summer. This assumes Callahan will be with the Rangers.

  4. Rangers Pride on

    C’mon Immonen, Dubinskiy – none of them are true first line centers. I liked Dubinskiy too and I would like to see as 2nd line center but not 1st. Nylander although sometimes I get annoyed by his circling does a pretty good job and is not that expensive.

  5. It looks like they want to sign Nylander up to a contract that runs the length of Jagr’s contract. As long as Jagr is on the team, it doesn’t seem bad to sign Nylander up to ride shotgun with him. They basically did the same with Straka.

  6. At this point I really think that if the team makes the playoffs or not, Staher should make very minimal moves in the offseason. I think this team can be deadly after the deadline deals that were made.

    I would like to see the current lineup (sans Malik and Weekes, who should be allowed to walk for Montoya and a Rook D) and what then can do with a full season next year.

    I would have let Nylander walk but I’m not annoyed if they keep him either.

  7. rachunek is a FA, along with Weekes, nylander, I think Ortmeyer, Pock, Strudwick(obviously), and that is about it..

    add Staal, Montoya, Dubinsky and 2 more guys (FA or minors), and that is about it for the start of next yr….Hollwegg, Orr, Ortmeyer will have to improve offensively else they should sit…

    Malik, Rozi,Jagr(team option), Straka, will be in there last yr of contracts next yr….

  8. I still can’t believe we got Avery for JASON WARD. What an amazing deal this team made…

    We should lock up Avery in a 2 or 3 year deal. Shanahan also needs to be locked up ASAP, too, but I can understand why the Rangers want to wait right now before offering him an extension. Avery, Shanny and Callahan is going to be a deadly line next season.

  9. Adam,

    I agree it was a great deal but Cliche is the one they really wanted. Only time will tell what he was worth.

  10. Rangers pride- Its pretty good that you can tell what line a 21 year old kid is gonna be on from watching him play twice in the NHL. you should be a scout. You would be the best ever

  11. Yeah, you’re right…I completely forgot Cliche was included in that deal.

    Still, though, I think the deal worked entirely in our favor. I liked Cliche, but we have a strong farm system with or without him. We have a lot of kids in our farm system who are just babies right now to make up for the loss of Cliche.

  12. Rangers Pride – I didn’t say Dubinsky or Immonen would be the first line center next season, I said they would be third line if one of them was on the team. Don’t stop reading at the comma.

  13. nylanders resigning would be in lieu of a drury, briere, gomez. That is why i dont like it. But at least he plays well with jagr and this team when healthy is not far away from being a legit contender. We need a bigtime defenseman. His name might be staal tho

  14. nylanders resigning would be in lieu of a drury, briere, gomez. That is why i dont like it. But at least he plays well with jagr and this team when healthy is not far away from being a legit contender. We need a bigtime defenseman. His name might be staal tho

  15. now Colie Campbell wants to look into banning fighting. and Shanny agrees about looking into it.

    so, if a Ranger wins a fight, that’s bad, and must be banned.

    Campbell is listening to Mike and the Mad Dog, instead of hockey fans.

    maybe Brian Boitano will be on the team next year.

  16. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i have no problem with nylander being resigned,as long as they don’t add any other free agents then to the roster.i think they have plenty of talent in the system that should be playing next year.first who should go.in goal,weeks needs
    to go.montoya should be brought up to play 25 games next year.if not,he shoould be trade in the off season for a young vet player {ex}corry perry,or a high number one draft pick that should be used to draft an impact forward.sign fa goalie to serve as back up.on defense,malik should be bought out or trade/released.pock will leave after what has happened this year.rachunek shoudbe allowed to walk as ufa.that opens up two spots on d.those should filled by mark staal,david lifiton.first call up should be ivan baranka.at forward,dubinsky is ready for a full time role on the team.i think either hollweg or ortmyer should not retrurn i prefer ortmyer.in hollwegs spot should be some one like byers or korpikoski.one can play the tough role but can also put points on the board.the other can fly and is a good penalty killer who can also move up to play on the third line.the wildcard on this team should be hossa.while he has been good since being put on jagr’s line,i am still not convinced he is real as a player.remember that he also had a nice ten game spurt last
    year,when he scored five goals and then disapeared.if he fails,i think they should bring upo the huge specimen.from wgat i’ve seen since his return from the echl,the lght has finally gone on.and hugh can also drop the gloves,wich adds an element of toughness to the team.

  17. What is going on!!!I generally speaking agree with Czechmeout…

    The Rangers future looks pretty good!!!!!!

  18. czechthemout!!!!! on

    stuart-that’s because i’ve been secretly brain washing you with my posts these last few months to agree with me.

  19. Obviously fighting in the NHL is fun to watch, but I disagree with those who say the sport will have more violent incidents without it because there will still be hitting. I would hate to see it go, but it wouldn’t be a horrible loss that hurts the game.

    It’s hard to say which prospects should be brought up, but Jessiman could definitely take the place of Orr, possibly Hollweg because Orr is usually a scratch.

  20. Czechthemout when you have resoanble suggestions I am with you else no.

    On Nylander coming back I am ambivalent. He infuriates me, but if the $ is right I would like only 1 yr… 1 more yr of the 3 old foreigners; jagr, straka, and nylander would be fine but they need to eliminate the 3rd and 4th liners that only hit and cannot score…

    Buffalo wins for many reasons including there depth in scoring… Their bad scorers get 10 not 1 goal….

  21. ….speaking of which-

    Buffalo was down 4-1 going in to the 3rd tonite and they won it over the Leafs 5-4 in regulation by scoring 4 straight goals.

    Thanks Buffalo!

  22. Correction-

    Buffalo was down 2-1 going in to the 3rd when Toronto scored 2 quick goals to make it 4-1 early in the period.

    Buffalo THEN came back to win 5-4.

  23. Okay, completely unrelated strand: Did anyone notice the suit jackets of the studio team on the Vs. broadcast the other night? No one’s jacket fit properly, collars often a full inch of the neck. If one looked at Messier’s jacket, though, they would see that it was snug–he could’ve have jumped up and down and it would’ve stayed. Obviously, the man has more money and he can afford tailor-made suits, but my concern is with the NHL and Vs. and the fact that they can’t “splurge” to make their broadcasters presentable. All but Mess looked gorilla-like up there. I’d really rather they were dressed in flannels and longjohns; at least they wouldn’t be pretending.

  24. Avery has to stay….it’ll get done. How about a name for his new line…..the “Sean-O’Han” line

  25. I disagree with Stuart’s idea of getting rid of the guys on our third and fourth lines. These past few games, the fourth line has excelled; getting more shots on net and more shots in general in probably one period than the first line the whole game. Putting them against the first line was the smartest decision Renney’s probably made all year especially if you watch that Pittsburg game. Originally, I wanted us to sign Gomez but I heard that recently he’s been having Nylander-esque problems with shooting and passing which although its not necesarily terrible and I’m not trashing the first line, we don’t need another person with that psyche. Ideally, Montoya (Or Valiquette at least) for backup goalie; draft up Dubinksy, Immonen, Dawes (Why not?), Staal and keep Girardi, Shanny (If possible, and he should definitely sport a ‘C’ next year), Rachunek (Quite contreversial in the beginning of the year but a great offensive force), Callahan, Ortie, Hollweg, Betts, and Aves of course.

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