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I’m assuming you’re all having trouble posting comments. I just checked my buddy and colleague Peter Abraham’s Yankees blog and he doesn’t have any comments there, either, and he could get 75 responses just for typing the word, “A-Rod.”

I’ll look into it. Meanwhile, Martin Straka was indeed back with Michael Nylander and Jaromir Jagr at practice today, while the other three units appeared intact as well. But that could always change.

More later…

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  1. Avery Blasts Brodeur on

    isn’t avery signed for next year?
    or maybe he is a restricted FA

    they need to resign him. I am on the fence about nylander

  2. GuitarWizard on

    Avery’s contact is up at the end of this year. not sure if he’s unrestricted or not.

    I’d rather see him than nylander

  3. I definately rather see avery reigned than nylander. Why aren’t the rangers management working on an extension for avery?

  4. Anthony (the other one) on

    I want them both back. Nylander hasn’t been any slouch while he’s been here. Point a game. Plus he can hang with Jagr. But I’d imagine he gets a raise too, comparable to Straka?

    What about Avery? What do you think he’s going to command to stick around next year?

    If not these two, who goes? Need to make room for the ‘yutes. Who else is up for UFA status?

  5. Frankly, I don’t see too many of these guys NOT returning next year. I would think unless Nylander and Shanny ask for ridculous money, they’ll be back. Ortmeyer? Who could let him walk after what he’s done here. Avery, while I’m pretty sure he’s an RFA at the end of the season, will also be back. Right now, my list goes as follows:

    -Weekes: no way, no how. He was supposed to be a starter when he came here.
    -Kasparatis/Ozolinsh: no explanation needed here.
    -Isbister: unless Sather wants go through the season lashed to a burning stake.
    -Strudwick: he’s a fill-in.

    Aside from those guys, everyone else is signed. As for RFAs
    definitly Hossa(you don’t go on a tear like that and not get one more year tacked onto you’re contract), Prucha and Hollweg(common, who’s going to stand by these guys walking). If they can be had at the right price:Orr and Rachunek.

    The good news: whatever promise this team is showing this year will be two-fold next season, once the rookies are truly worked into the mix. They’ve been demonstrating excellent chemistry lately and by next year, many of the guys will have skated together for a solid three years.

    The bad news: there are going to be some VERY tough decissions to make in Hartford. The way I see it is at least five guys, probably more, will be making the jump from Jrs; also, guys like Dawes, Dubinsky Korpikoski and Byers will be marooned in the AHL for another year.

    My analysis: Unless these guys make it to both the playoffs and the second round, I’d probably let either Shanny or Nylander, maybe even both, take a walk to allow Dubinsky and either Dawes or Immonen a top billing in the lineup. Unless Rachunek is a bargain, I’d probably replace him whoever impresses during camp(I’m looking at you STAAL boy).

  6. I thought we were off the Immonen kick. He is less than 1 month from 25 yrs old. Let him walk.

    3 lines of offense next yr. Includes room for youth.

    Without regard to lines
    Jagr Straka Nylander Shanny Avery Cullen Prucha Callahan FA (Drury)
    Also on roster for 4 th line or sitting
    Betts Dubinsky Hossa Orr (and either Ort or Hollweg)

  7. I hope they don’t sign Nylander.
    Open some spots for the kids or go after a north south style center to balance out Jagrs freewheeling Ice capades.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot-Malik Still sucks!

  8. Sorry, Sam, for being a pedant, but I am a copy editor by trade, and work on a great many sports books. Sadly, so far it’s been football, baseball, and golf. Still waiting for a hockey manuscript to come my way!

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