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The Post is reporting this morning that the Rangers are immersed in contract extension talks with Michael Nylander, which makes sense on a number of levels.

One, Jaromir Jagr and Martin Straka are on board for at least next season as well, so there’s enough incentive right there to stick around.

And two, the 34-year-old Nylander has six kids — a couple of whom are always bouncing around the Rangers’ dressing room after games — so he probably doesn’t want to deal with moving to a new city and having them argue over who gets the better bedrooms.

Meanwhile, if the Rangers lock up Nylander, the next most pressing question would be Brendan Shanahan for next season, a situation that has certainly grown more complicated over the past month. But if Shanahan proves he’s back to normal after his concussion, my guess is he’ll be back as well.

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  1. Nylander is a no-brainer. He works well with Jagr, is a classy, hard-working guy and is decent in shootouts. I love Shanahan, but if we sign him, then it leaves the team unable to sign another young skilled forward like Gomez or a top-flight defenseman. The team would be cash-strapped, and he would take away a needed spot from one of the Hartford kids.

  2. alan lawless on

    i dont know if i liek the idea of resigning Nylander. i’d rather we give Dubinsky a shot of playing for this team for the whole season. I’d rather see Avery o nthe first line with Straka and Jags (to give them some proetection and to take up space i nfrotn of the net) and Dubinsky on the #2 line. but, why would the Rangers ever give a spot to a young kid? that’d make sense

  3. I’m also not crazy about resigning nylander. I rather them bring up a kid to take nylander’s spot or sign a free agent defensemen or forward since there will be some good players on the free agent market next year.

  4. ditch nylander and get gomez. serves 2 purposes. you steal one of the devils best players and gets us a better center then nylander that is also younger.

  5. Dubinsky can’t take Nylander’s spot. They are two different players. Dubinsky is a two-way player who is really a third-line type and might be good enough for a second-line role in a couple of years.

    We need at least one top-notch playmaking center. Nylander has been very good at that role. The problem is if we gamble and try to get Gomez or Briere, we might get nobody if those guys sign elsewhere and we let Nylander walk.

  6. we should also try for Drury. As we can see now a team needs 3 lines capable of scoring. As long as we stay away from the Wards and Halls of the world there s/b plenty of room for Callahan and Dubinsky in the top 9.

  7. I hope they don’t sign Nylander.
    Open some spots for the kids or go after a north south style center to balance out Jagrs freewheeling Ice capades.

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot-Malik Still sucks!

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