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In the interest of steering the topic away from fighting (at least temporarily): the Rangers had their team photo today, which made for a curious sight.

The players were all dressed in their home blues, with the assorted executives and coaches all wearing dark suits and red ties. Naturally, Glen Sather was there, but so was Jim Dolan and Steve Mills. In fact, there were about 75 people in the photo, so I’m pretty sure the guy who installed your cable was in the photo as well.

Meanwhile, as far as players, it’s worth noting that Ryan Callahan was there, which leads me to believe maybe the young buck isn’t going anywhere. But then again, by that measure, Brad Isbister isn’t going anywhere, either. But you already knew that.

Some other snapshots:

Dolan turning around to trade jokes with Jaromir Jagr.

Marcel Hossa, Karel Rachunek, and Fedor Tyutin all in full uniform but also wearing a pair of sneakers. Hossa and Rachunek both hobbled off the ice. Tyutin looked more sure-footed, and later was on the ice, still in his sneakers, shooting pucks.

Lastly, Michael Nylander tooling around the ice as workers took down the bleachers, stickhandling in and out of their way. He looked like every pee-wee who wanted only to play with the pucks while the coach was talking.

More later…

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    PS, good update Sam. Thanks for the updates on Tyutin, Hossa, and Rachunek, as well.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, but Atlanta isn’t on our radar like Tampa Bay. Not to mention that Ward scored a goal against the Isles and that game went to OT.

  3. GuitarWizard on

    Tampa is only 4 points behind Atlanta. If Tampa passes them, they are up in 3rd seed and Atlanta goes back to 6th with the division leaders geting the top 3 spots garbage.

    Agreed, not on the radar as much as Tampa, but the fewer points Atlanta gets the better.

  4. GuitarWizard on could be wrong, but right now they are showing that Carolina is outshooting Washington 32-6, but losing the game 3-2 after 2 periods.

  5. Sam- Great to hear Nylander haven’t cut back on the between the games work.

    Many mention him as the player most obsessed with the game in the world. He sets a great example for the kids, there is no shortcuts in this game.

  6. bad news all around.
    Canes won. Isles are winning 3-1.
    Habs are behind but gaining on Bruins

  7. also the lightning just scored on brodeur and lead 2-1.

    anyone watching the islanders game and hear the commenting? billy jaffe has to be one of the most moronic commentators out there. the stuff he says is just mind blowing. thus, my tv is on mute.

  8. weak calls all around the league tonight. and of course none of them are favoring the teams you want to win.

    and did i mention; brendan witt is the biggest coward in the league, its not even funny.

  9. czech- i understand that completely, but am i the only one here a little concerned for the upcoming ranger/islander game? mathematically, i dont believe both the rangers and isles can make it, so one slip up by the rags in that game, and it could be a long summer.

  10. The rangers have been taking care of buisness. They have playing their asses off, But there are still bad bounces and hot goalies(they always seem to get hot against the rangers. A little luck would be nice.

    But these are the Rangers And they are going to give us all Heartattacks before the season is over.

  11. Interesting fact from today-

    “Pop quiz: Minute for minute, which player has been more goal productive this season? Petr Prucha or Mats Sundin

    How about Petr Prucha versus Rick Nash?

    Truth be told, Kid Kourageous is now 57th in the league in goals scored per minute of ice time… ahead of both Sundin and Nash. Peter Puck is also second on the Blueshirts behind Brendan Shanahan. ”

    So much for accusations of “sophomore slump”.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    BlueClue, I like Prucha, I think he should have been getting the first line time over Isbister, but that stat is pretty terrible for more reasons than I care to discuss. Also, he neglects to put a source on it.

  13. Pruchas flat out the man,,,,call me crazy..(and you will)….i think he has the makings to be another Jagr….ok you can call me crazy now…none the less i cant begin to tell you how happy i was that he didnt get traded…thats what i feared at the deadline this year…but man you gotta love the heart of NYR..and Hank is leading the way for them,,,,wouldnt it be amazing if rangers stole 6th place…

    Rangers can ruin the playoff hopes for teams…If we beat NYI 2 more times..there done..if we beat MON 2 times..there done…if we beat TOR in that one game, i think there done. and if we win tomorrow and beat PIT at the end of the season and get as much points as possible..then we can steal 5th or maybe 4th but i wouldnt go that far…

  14. how can you give Prucha the chance to score 30 goals again when you’ve got someone like Brad Isbister who is tough enough to protect Jagr?

    this is Jagr’s call; not renneys.

    same reason why we didn’t get a first rounder for nylander. same reason 36 and 37 year old nylander is getting sweet money from the rangers.


  15. Mr. Potato Head on


    If by “sweet money,” you mean one of the lowest paid top-line centers in the league, then yes, then Jagr and the Rangers are guilty.

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