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I officially hate writing about concussions, stretchers — basically anything that involves me using the phrase “staying overnight for observations.” It’s not about me liking or disliking fighting in hockey, because that’s a topic for another day, and as someone who fancies himself a hockey purist, I think it’s more complicated than people think. But when you have an incident like the one tonight, it usually ends up veering every story off course.

And that was the case tonight, when Todd Fedoruk’s unconscious few minutes at least somewhat overshadowed the triumphant return of Brendan Shanahan. Even Shanahan in the audio below talks about the impact of seeing another player sprawled out on the Garden ice (along with an assortment of other topics).


Meanwhile, it was an impressive return from Shanahan tonight, although Sean Avery made sure to note the veteran may have left a few goals on the ice.

“Well I always have to keep my eye out for [Shanahan], whether we are walking the streets of New York or checking up on my right wing. But Shanny is a big boy and after the first couple of shifts, I was mad at him because he missed a few chances,” Avery said.

As for the Fedoruk-Orr tilt, it appears John Stevens may have misinterpreted Tom Renney’s intent of starting his fourth line tonight. Based on the way Renney employed the line against the Penguins, the coach said he was merely trying to pick up where they left off. Instead, Stevens was quick to put Fedoruk on the ice to counter them. And 21 seconds later, well, you probably saw what happened.

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  1. Ranger revenge on

    enough with the squeamish horsecrap. it does not veer any story off course. the Flyers gooned the Rangers into submission a month ago, and tonight there was retribution, PERIOD.

    Fedoruk is fine, but media coverage is not.

    oooh, that awful hockey! give me a friggin break.

  2. Good stuff tonight. A weak team, I know, but for those keeping track at home, it’s a 0.333 GAA for the King this week.

    Goaltending wins playoff series.

    Ahead of myself? Yes. But the 6th spot is within reach (so is 11th).

    Good stuff though tonight. It’s nice to piece together a few wins.

  3. Sam

    As the visiting coach, Stevens is forced to declare his starters before Renney. So there was no “counter” as you write from Stevens —- Renney is the guy who chose to counter Stevens’ starting line-up.

    I’m not quibbling with Renney’s decision; I’m simply pointing out the facts which your post seemed to obscure.

  4. DanTheRangerFan on

    Sam I back you up very often on your reports…But give me a “FRIGGIN BREAK”…Your going to hear alot from the fans on this one. You deserve it this time!

  5. Talafous —

    Stevens didn’t start Fedoruk. It was a quick line change.

    And Dan, you’re misinterpreting my point, so maybe I should adjust the above post. This isn’t about fighting. It’s about seeing a guy get knocked out. All I’m saying is it wasn’t a fun thing to see. And if there are fans who think it was, then then they need to think about whether they liked seeing Shanahan sprawled out on the ice as well.


  6. DanTheRangerFan on

    To clarify my comment I never like to see anyone hurt..But as we see things happen. I can see your next report though..”Taking the fight out of hockey”. I guess orr should go to jail for assault..im sure the kid has seen worse things on t.v then an intense hockey game that began with a rare KO fight…You make it seem like orr did something terribly aweful, he dropped the gloves with someone who has had a number of facial operations.He didnt say hey im going to knock this guy out so he takes a trip to the E.R(When does he get the idea that Maybe its not a good idea for him to fight anymore!) Thats it ive said my piece..

  7. Talafous – – You’re mistaken. Philly started the Umberger line tonight and Renney countered with Orr and Co. When the puck dropped, Philly immediately changed lines so that they’re 4th line was out there also – with Fedoruk. That’s what Sam was talking about.

  8. Ranger revenge on

    when are the media going to get some stones, and quit acting like hockey is terrible, but by golly let’s go see a slasher flick with the kids.

    even that resident —- Tom Renney did not shed any crocodile tears over the “Fedoruk incident” .

    you are covering HOCKEY, not tea at Wimbledon.

    no wonder the Rangers have had so many soft teams over the years. when they finally stand up for themselves, the media elitists hold their nose and say “shame, shame”.

    that goes for Sam Rosen, John Giannone, and Sam Weinman.

  9. Sam- So your latest post was written to protect yourself from your fellow media vultures? Or do you really want to rid the game of fighting? Listen, nobody likes to see someone get knocked out, but the potential for this to happen is always there in a game that allows fighting. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, unless you want to keep fighting and stage it like a wrestling match. OOO wouldn’t that be fun! If you had guts you would just declare yourself a proponent of ridding hockey of fighting, or admit that you are just saying what you did to state the obviously politically correct notion that we all should have about what happened to Fedoruk tonight.

  10. I don’t like people getting hurt in hockey and that was scary what happened tonight, but you know what Fedoruk plays OVER the edge almost every night he is one of the more underrated dirty players, and sorry to say this, but karma hit this guy right in the face. He wants to run people and play like he does every night then he was eventually going to get this. He ran into a guy, who didn’t want to see His team get pushed around and got hurt so…I’m sorry I’m not going to feel bad for a guy who ran my favorite team into the ground one month ago. He wanted to fight and start his crap early, so Colton Orr cracked him. Glad he’s ok, but Mr.Fedoruk is not going to see any sympathy from me.

  11. Ranger revenge on

    and at the same time MSG network is promoting the beating death of Benny Paret in the boxing ring. they are making money off of it, and promoting it endlessly, while their employees Rosen and Giannone scold hockey for daring to have boxing on the ice.

    what a bunch of phony hypocrites. !!

  12. Fedoruk took runs at Jagr and Prucha in the last game, and the Flyers as a whole took a huge physical toll on the Rangers. The only retribution tonight was Orr picking a fight with their goon, he accepted, didn’t properly protect himself, and got K-O’d.

    Am I happy seeing someone lay on the ice and get carried out on a stretcher? Not really. but I don’t feel bad for him, especially since he’s a Flyer.

    Also, if the same thing happened at Wachovia Center, and it was Orr who got knocked out do you think their fans would show the same kind of respect? I don’t think so. So are Ranger fans being exemplary hockey fans, maybe not… but both the Rangers and their fans are handling it better than our rival would.

  13. Ranger revenge on

    the posters are getting off the track. this is about how the MEDIA is acting, not the fans.

  14. Why is it now in the “New NHL” that teams need enforcers more than ever? Why is it that the NHL Referees still refuse to call the obvious charging/elbowing/boarding and cross checking penalties, but have no issue calling a ticky tack nonsense hook 50 feet away from the puck? For those of you who want fighting out of the game, it all starts with the referees. Fedoruk ran Jagr and just about everyone else a month ago and there were no penalties whatsoever. I am happy Orr did what he did, I am also happy to hear Fedoruk is ok. I don’t like to see what happened tonight but it is part of the game and has been forever. The guy got what was coming to him. I don’t want to be mean about it, but the guy is a goon and his job is to run people and fight. He got away with it a month ago but not tonight.

    You know whats amazing….Pacman Jones could steal a car, rob a bank while smoking a joint, and do a line of coke in the back of a police car and the media will make a hockey fight sound worse. To the Media: Do the real hockey fans a favor, if you don’t write about hockey or talk about hockey on a regular basis (especially after the other night’s game which was a great all around game) don’t start now (::cough:: ESPN / PTI). Make sure you don’t say anything about the 13 Bengals who got arrested in the last 12 months. You wouldn’t know a good hockey game if it hit you in the face…probably without a penalty =) also

  15. Yeah that fight tonight turned nasty with one punch. The Flyers staff is as much or more to blame as Renney is for when that scrap took place. A quick change to put your goon out while the other team’s goon is out there sends only one message, “Let’s Go”. They went. Todd may need to find himself a new line of work. His present one doesn’t seem to suit him that well. Trying to be a heavyweight in the NHL and getting your face crushed once earlier in the season and then getting KO’d later on, good luck Todd , I personally think your hockey days are over.

    What sucks is that the effort the Rangers put out tonight is going to be overshadowed. I understand the “No Fighting” thoughts of some. I totally disagree with them but they are entitled to their opinion. Hell we don’t have to look any further than Barry Melrose on Sportcenter just now to get a feel how the media is going to handle this. On his top hits of the night was the hit Eager put on Girardi, he had a save that Hank made. Then he has his goals of the night, the Callahan to Shanahan to Avery goal wasn’t included, he gave his schpiel on the fight and praised Fedoruk for trying to refuse the backboard. WTG Barry, great job in helping the game get back some rational, national,signifigance. you wouldn’t want to say leading into the thing that the guy who got smoked tonight Ran the Rangers all over the rink a month ago, no, that would eat up too much Disney time wouldn’t it.

  16. I think all Sam W is saying is that it is not pleasant to see a guy layed out. I don’t think Sam W was saying abolish fighting.

    I was glad Orr took him down but once I realized Fedoruk was out cold I stopped cheering and did not appreciate those who kept it up despite the guy not moving. I like many gave him applause as he was taken off the ice. That is the case even though I despised how he took it to us last time. I have always hated Flyer hockey and always will. I’m very glad we won , we won big and we started it with standing up to the Flyers in a physical way. BUT I do agree with Sam W that it is a terrible sight to see someone layed out.

  17. As a women you might think i would be against fighting in hockey,but i’m not i understand its part of the game.To me its one of the things that makes hockey unique. What i don’t like though is teams like the Flyers who come out and goon it up and try to intentionally hurt people. I don’t want to see anyone get hurt and have to be carried off on a strecher,and i’m glad that Fedoruk will be ok,but after the last game when he was running around like an idiot trying to injure our guys and the hits he put on our captain(and my favorite player Jagr)seeing him have his ass handed to him by Colton Orr put a smile on my face,and seeing the whole Flyers team have there ass handed to them by being beaten 5-0 was pretty good too.

  18. Sam Rosen was discussing removing hockey.
    Quite frankly Rosen’s comments were driving me insane.

    There’s a sharp divide amongst hockey fans right now. Seems some think fighting is hockey’s biggest problem, the rest think the lack of fighting is hockey’s biggest problem.

    Interestingly I don’t know a single hockey fan that thinks the league hasn’t become too tame. I don’t know a single one that laments the fighting as being too much and too aggressive.
    Yet so many in the media, with the loudest voice, talk this way. Are they being overly PC, or do they believe this?

    I fear for next season, though. We’ve had a huge string of suspensions in the past three weeks. Now we had a guy with a glass jaw go down in one punch. A scary moment, but a fluke.
    I’m thinking there will be serious discussions of more rule changes taking us further from the glory days of hockey and more down the road of the sport no one cares about.

    Contrary to what so many in the media claim, fighting doesn’t make hockey a joke. Fighting makes hockey talked about. Fighting is what fans love. Fighting is energy and intensity. It’s represents so much of what people find missing in the game these days.

  19. You know i used to love Barry Melrose but now hes turned into a real jerk,i don’t know why. I guess hes drinking the ESPN kool-aid LOL!!!

  20. John Giannone is a horse’s , and so is anyone else who doesn’t understand that without Orr being able to do what he did last night on behalf of his mates, then the Fedoruks of the game get license to take runs at the Jagrs of the game with impunity but for the occasional boarding calls . . . this was no worse than what you can see on any given HBO Boxing After Dark card, which certain sports writers will wax poetic about being the “sweet science” but then condemn hockey as being barbaric . . . or compare how the ESPN Monday Night guys celebrate “he got jacked up” hits in which players in defenseless positions get laid out.

  21. Sam that fight was premeditated with Renney’s ok to get even for what happened to Jagr & Co on Feb 17. But I don’t exprct you or Renney to admit to that, but Gallo will have another party putting down hockey. The NYR gained alot of respect tonight, and feel even more like a team . They are officially on a roll, playing close if not their best hockey of the year.

  22. Sam I’m sorry you share the same first name as Rosen. His comments were over the line. He should stick to football & boxing if he’s going to agree with Gallo. Too bad they’re not so quick to criticize the other major sports as they do hockey, with the intent to injure the game whether they know it or not. I can’t determine that since they’re not that bright. They seem to enjoy piling on to give hockey an extra black eye, maybe hoping for a concussion. Mr Rosen should go and get a job in St Louis, if JD would put up with his nonsense. I hope Jimmy Dolan gives to him what he gave to Renney & Sather after Feb 17th.

  23. Fedoruk should know the consequences of fighting, and he got what he deserved. Who told him to drop the gloves with twp plates in his cheeks? It’s his own fault he got knocked out. Who cares about the media? No matter what happens, the only press hockey ever gets is bad press. Even if the Rangers win the cup, the Mets losing 6-0 will still be on the back page of the Newsday/Post/Times.

  24. Nickyfotiu22 on

    Talk about setting the tone for a game… Colton has one hell of a right hand, and there’s no doubt the Rangers are a much better team, when he’s IN the lineup…

    If it took Dolan chewing out Renney and Sather, in order to get Orr into the lineup, so be it!

    I’ve been going off about our team toughness for the past 2 years… Now, we are a complete team, and a tough team… With guys like Orr, Hollweg, Avery, Shanny, Strudwick, Mara, even Isbister, the Rangers can take care of themselves and the skilled guys can play their game… It’s nice to have a team that sticks up for one another and plays together!

    The situation with Orr reminded me of the time Ranger Dale Rolfe got pounded severely by Flyer Dave Schultz in 1975… The Flyers battered the Rangers physically and mentally, back then… Then we got Nicky Fotiu and the Flyers never bullied us again, after that… We were clearly pushed around in our building, last time we played Philly, and that simply isn’t going to happen, with the team we have now.

    The Rangers are on FIRE!!! Henrik is ‘da man and if we can keep us this intensity, we’ll be in the post-season. I highly doubt ANYONE would want to play the Rangers, should we get in…

  25. You got to give the shutout credit to the defense. They blocked everything that came Henrik’s way.

    Callahan has A WICKED SHOT!

    When Straka comes back, do you think he will be on the 1st line?

  26. The real scary thing is that one day one of those guys sprawled out on the ice isn’t going to wake up ever again. I love a good fight as much as the next guy but it made me sick to my stomach to see him laying there like that, not knowing if this is the game where fighting will forever be removed from the game. It isn’t about if, but when.

  27. Richtersgirl on

    I think all Sam Rosen was saying was that the MEDIA will turn this fight and KO into negative publicity for hockey. I dont really think he was saying fighting shouldnt be in hockey. I agree with him that with all the good things in hockey the press always takes Simons stick swinging incident and such and uses that so people think hockey is this horrible sport. Fighting of course is a part of hockey and always will be. I think everyone is saying the same thing here in different ways and arguing about it for no reason.

  28. Ofcourse Fedoruk went to the Hospital, that’s the way the world works these days, 15 years ago, he has a cold one and shakes the cobwebs for a couple days.

    What most of the media doesn’t get, not saying you Sam, and what most of the fans don’t get, is that fighting isn’t for the crowd, it’s for the guy beside you in the dressing room.
    It’s so the Nylanders, Pruchas, Kaberles and Naslunds know someone has their back.

    I’m glad Fedoruk is OK, but he got what was coming to him.
    95% of guys that have played the game at any level know why fighting is there, and they support it 100%. It’s really nobody else’s business.

  29. Right on Dunny! I’m glad Orr isn’t a goon but just a good, tough, hard working player who’s willing to lay it on the line to protect his teammates.

  30. Last year this would never have happened because last year they promoted this was the new and approved hockey and the refs were told to call every little thing which they did. It’s funny how it appears that the refs are slowly going back to letting things go therefore nothing has changed. The games I’ve watched this year and the refering are basically getting back to the old way.

  31. What I mean b y the old way is letting goons run around and take cheap shots at the good players. I just don’t get it.

  32. Colorado Mark on

    TomG- What do you mean? This never would have happened? How? It was a fight? Sorry, I’mnot following you.

    Anyone who thought Sam was calling for an end to fighting in hockey needs to take remedial reading comprehension classes. I was annoyed by Rosen as well, but I think most hockey people who commented were basically saying that this “incident” would make sportscasts all over the country and it would paint hockey to be this thug-fest. Those predictions were true. Here in Colorado, they showed a piece on the Avs, then showed the punch and the idiot sportscaster said, “Don’t try this at home, kids…this is ridiculous.” Give me a break.

    Orr has had his detractors, but he just served notice. The Rangers are a tougher team to play against, and anyone who thinks that they can run us out of the rink like teams of yesteryear, will definitely be thinking twice if Orr is in the lineup. Here’s another guy who Renney showed patience with.

    I went back and read all the posts before the game last night. The Renney bashing was out in full force. Even blasting him for saying he wanted each Power Play unit to go less than one minute. Idiots on here made cracks about his math skills. If you think about it, the goal of a Power Play is to not use the entire two minutes. If you score, both units will be using less than a minute.

    Where are all the Renney/Jagr/Euro trashers now? I don’t like to do “I told you so” posts, and I’m not saying we are out of the woods, but early on I felt that struggling in the beginning of the year would be better than how we ended last year. We are a better team (minue chemistry killer Aaron Ward), playing a solid system, with a lot of different ways to win hockey games and the best goalie in the league and youngsters chomping at the bit. Anyone complaining about The “Czech Posse” and Renney being detrimental to this organization is just looking for reasons to whine and complain.

  33. Colorado Mark,
    What I’m trying to say is last year the refs were told by
    the league to call everything so fighting was down alot but this year there letting the goons run around and get away with borderline penalties so of course the fighting is back to normal.

  34. I’m not one that has complained about renney, in fact I haven’t said anything negative about renney. I will say that I’ve been down on the euro guys because of there circling around and pasing the puck until they give it away. The only reason why last night the euro line look ok because they finaly got the message that the only way to score a goal is to shoot the puck at the net and crash the net. Rosival still needs to shoot more but I guess it’s a work in progress.

  35. Jagr looked like a mad man last night. Maybe he’s getting a little confidence back in that shoulder of his.

  36. I even noticed jagr and nylander shot the puck in the flyers zone and chase the puck in deep, I almost fell out of my chair, it’s about time, it only took them most of the season to realize that stick handling the puck and circling isn’t the way to get in the offensive zone or while or in the offensive zone.

  37. People…Hockey players carry weapons on the ice. Plain and simple. Take away the fighting and the stick swinging will escalate to ridiculous, Chris Simon-like levels.

    Some of the media’s commentary is a joke when reporting on the ills of hockey. Maybe it’s because they don’t understand the sport, can’t follow it, or never played it? I just don’t know. Gallo’s recent article is a case in point. NFL players (Cincinatti Bengals anyone) are cited for drugs, violence, steroids and yet no one really raises too much fuss. The MLB has a steroid issue that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of and that shames our national pastime, but it’s not an issue to really attack too much. The NBA has gun wielding players, 70% of whom might be in jail if not for basketball, and they hop into the stands and fight the fans. Yet the NHL is the whipping boy for the media. I just don’t get it. It’s as if someone has it out for the NHL. Again, I am guessing that a lot of the media (Weinman, I know you played hockey, you and my bro were on the same team…But Sam Rosen, give me a frickin break. The guy probably wouldn’t know which end of the stick goes on the ice if he didn’t watch it all the time) have never played hockey and really don’t understand the teamwork, comraderie, and physicality that goes into 60 fast paced minutes. So I think each media personality should divulge how much they have played hockey before opining on the ugliness of hockey.

    Let’s talk about what Tootoo did to Robidas the other night. Was it as bad as Simon’s actions. No, not by a longshot. Is it excuasable? No. But, much happier he did it with his fist and not his stick. Is hockey worse off for this incident? Debateable. Clearly Tootoo got what he should have in the suspension. I am guessing that next week when those two teams get together again (coincedentally right after the suspension ends!) Tootoo will get some retribution. I hope it is not with the stick but with someone’s body or fists. If there was no fighting allowed, you can bet someone would slash and hack him like Freddie Krueger.

    Back to last night’s game: A month ago vs the Flyers, Fedoruk was running around with impunity. Orr did not play last game. Jags was getting run, Prucha, etc etc. Renney was going to prevent the same thing from happening this time. Truth be told, Eager and Hatcher should have been beaten next. The Flyers are scum. They have no hope this year so they have a bunch of goons on their team. Do I want to see guys on strectchers? Heck no. But what happened last night prevented the Flyers from taking liberties with the Blueshirts. Hatcher was still taking cheap shots when he could. Eager too and Strudwick was trying to fight him a few times, but he backed down everytime like a little wuss.

    Justice was done. It could have just as easily been Orr on the ice.

    The media hacks who say, “Fighting is bad for hockey, blah blah blah,” either never played the game with that much heart and passion or never played the game at all. Sorry to say.

    Bring on the Bruins.

    Oh yeah, Henry Lundqvist is peaking at the right time!

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    They beat up on the worst team in the league’s minor league team. I’m not impressed.

    Remember how excited we all got about the OCP line after that Boston game in January? Well, they didn’t do diddly again, until last night (Prucha, Ortmeyer score), against another bad team. True, they haven’t played on the same line in every game, but they did play quite a few together. I want to see the Avery unit against a decent team before I start talking about how wonderful it is. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until after the Bruins for that to happen.

    As for what to do when Straka and Hossa return, I think we should sit Hollweg (along with Isbister, whose whole point of being in NY is to be a healthy scratch). Now that Orr has proven he’s not just a punching bag, and with how gritty the team has been playing, we need a good fighter on the ice. You can’t scratch Betts or Ortmeyer because of their value on the PK. Therefore, it’s Hollweg who has to go, unless the other team is a bunch of cream puffs(Carolina, Montreal).

  39. To me i liked Orr knocking out Fedoruk, but i didnt like seeing Fedoruk hurt but thats the game. But what happened, happened. I’m not automatically going to hate it, the boys swung and he got caught with a lucky punch. He is ok and i give Fedoruk credit, not for fighting Orr but for going after NHL Heavyweights every game even though he had so much facial surgery. He is tough as hell and will be back no doubt. Shanny hurt was a freak accident, every fight i want the Ranger fighters to KO the other fighter, a TKO like what happened tonight is scary but thats what can happen when two very big men swing.

  40. I’m not a fan of Renney for the fact that kids in the line-up see under 6 mins of ice time, but I realize that this guy bought this team out of the woods. Think about it. 2 straight seasons hunting for the playoffs after being in the basement for so long.
    About the fight, which people on here have very good points, but We have to understand that there will always be proponents and opponents of fighting no matter what. The coverage of hockey as a sport is pathetic, but when something like that fight happens it is all over the place.
    The officiating is so terrible that there are need for enforcers on a team now more than ever because the refs obviously don’t care about other guys doing WHATEVER THEY WANT to the other team’s best players, so that is what happened last night. Orr took matters into his own hands literally and KO’d Fedoruk. Do I like seeing people get hurt like that? No, but the guy got what was coming to him…Karma comes back around and he got his.

  41. Colorado Mark on

    TomG- My comments about Renney were towards others. I forgot to differentiate the two comments. I get what you are saying, though I am not sure that I agree. I don’t think the reffing has been consistent this year or last year as far as attempt to injure penalties being called. The hooking and grabbing have been pretty consistent, but shots to the head this year and last have been so up and down it’s a joke.

    My point about the Euro debate is that good hockey teams have many different types of players. The best teams have different players step up in various situations, and find ways to win no matter what style of game is dictated. The Rangers are playing in the “best” category now, and while Nylander pisses everyone off, we are a better team with him.

    Isbister is out of the lineup when Straka comes back for sure. He’ll be a good “Black Ace” along with Strudwick when everyone is healthy. Better than a kid sitting in the stands. (Tyutin will probably replace Pock, unfortunately, and then Struds will sit when Rachunek comes back).

    When Hossa returns, I have a feeling it will be a rotation of Orr/Hollweg and Callahan. I don’t think Cally will be sent down, especially if he keeps playing well and Pyatt or Dupont can pick up the slack down in Hartford. (Hartford going deep in the playoffs is just as important to the future of the Rangers as playing youth now. If those prospects can grow together and have success together at such an early age, it will pay off big time down the road. Yes, the parent club is the most important thing, but I wouldn’t have a problem with Callahan going down if he is going to be subplanted by Straka or Hossa or Shanahan.
    Here’s my updated stretch run roster:

    Bench: Orr, Pock, Isbister (Struds- unavailable for playoffs)

  42. I’ve really been excited about the Ranger play of late. Actually it was like rooting for two different Ranger teams for the season.

    Gone are the two Ward’s, Ozolinish, Kasper and Hall. added are Avery, Girardi, Callahan, Pock and Strudwick. The changes have made the Rangers quite a different team, definitely for the better.

    Only thing I don’t like is Strudwick in place of Liffton. Liffton add a brand of toughness that is equal to Orr. If Orr would have had a third fight last night, he would have been automatically out of the game. If that happened, their one enforcer would not have been in there to look after our guys, that’s why a Liffton is important. He’s just as good as Strudwick with the added ability to handle himself. In Strudwick’s defense he was always willing to drop the gloves but lost more fights than he won.

    As far as injured players, whoever comes back first up front, Straka or Shanahan, should knock the useless Isbister out of there. Just loved Rosen’s shilling for Isbister saying he’s not scoring but his size definitely helps the line. Rosen’s credibility just keeps taking hit after hit.

    When the second guy comes back, I suggest rotating the following players on the 4th line, Hollweg, Ortmeyer, Betts and Orr. If the Rangers play a big hitting team like the Flyers, Ortmeyer should be out. OTOH, if it’s a speedy team like Buffalo, Orr should be out. Hollweg can center some games giving Betts a night off. The 4th line hits the most so a day off using this rotating system would be welcomed.

    On defense, first guy to come back, Ruchunek or Tyutin, should replace Strudwick, second guy replaces Pock, although I’d prefer it to be Malik. Mara and Ruchunek have played well together the limited time they have been together. Hopefully they can find that magic again.

  43. Colorado I’m happy you’re a Renney cheerleader. But he was on the wrong road a few times this year & last. Do you have a problem with freedom of speech for fans who disagree with mgmt & certain players? Unless Renney performs magic, I’d like to see him reassigned. I guess you think you’re 100% correct. Have a nice day! And get off your high horse.

  44. Colorado Mark on

    blue- you are missing my point, but go ahead and throw out the free speech card. You are entitled to your opninion just as I am entitled to mine. The difference between the way I state my case and others (I wasn’t referring to you directly, more some people who just come in here and call Renney names, blame him for everything and then make sexual orientation comments towards whoever disagrees with them) is that I am willing to change my mind on certain things. I have criticized Renney on many occasions. I think he was wrong with how he treated Pock, Dawes and Prucha throughout the year. I didn’t like him playing Hossa. I Hated the way he refused to change the Power Play. I hated the fact that his players didn’t seem to want to stand up for each other.

    Prucha struggled early, and his reduction of icetime was probably warranted. As a coach, sometimes reduction of ice time works. Prucha is playing well now, and now is what matters. I’ll forgive him for his earlier treatment.

    Pock- No excuse here. I still think he blew it with Pock. My only guess is management sees him as a 7th D-Man and he is far down on our prospect depth chart.

    Dawes- I don’t think he got a fair shake.

    Hossa- I was wrong, renney was right. Nuff said.

    Power Play. Sure, it took him too long, but we are still 7th-8th in the league. Other teams would kill for our problems.

    The Physical play and defensive play have been superb since the trade deadline (since Christmas, actually). Sure we have struggled at times, but the team is finishing strong after an inconsistent start and we didn’t geive up on too many kids. Renney is not my favorite coach, and I don’t agree with all his decisions. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I’m not going to call someone who disagrees derogatory names. The other difference is, I can see the good and the bad in Renney. I am not blind in my hatred to the point where I’m going to rip Renney because he said he wanted each Power Play unit to be less than a minute. I can give credit where credit is due. This team is playing hard, tough, exciting hockey. People who are just looking for reasons to complain will never be satisfied.

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