Nothing new to report. OK, maybe a few things…


There are days when a trip to the morning skate isn’t completely worth it. Today may have been one of those days.

Maybe if I hadn’t rushed to get here, I wouldn’t have hastily tried to unload a new dresser out of my car all by myself, leading me to drop one of the drawers on the driveway, cracking the front in the process.

Anyone have a couch I can sleep on?

And to think, all that just to tell you that essentially nothing has changed. Though he woke up thinking playing tonight was actually a possibility, Martin Straka decided otherwise after the skate, and will miss at least one more game.

Nigel Dawes was indeed called up for insurance purposes in case Ryan Hollweg couldn’t play, but Hollweg’s bruised sternum is manageable enough, meaning Dawes is already headed back to Hartford.

And of course, Brendan Shanahan will return tonight against a severerely undermanned Flyers team. Playing their second game in as many nights, Philly will be without Richards, Upshall, Gagne, and Gauthier. In other words, hope you enjoy the Phantoms.

Meanwhile, the question was posed about Kevin Weekes. The back-up indeed took part in drills this morning while Henrik Lundqvist rested. He walked off the ice saying he felt good, but the problem remains trying to get enough work in between now and the end of the season. Tom Renney said he doesn’t anticipate giving Lundqvist a rest anytime soon, so Weekes will have to seize on his chances to stay sharp during practices.

If not, maybe I can offer to pepper him with my 60-mile-an-hour slappers. If nothing else, it will get him ready for the Old Timers Games.

Finally, one last amusing nugget from today. While we were waiting to talk to Renney, the same painful techno music was blaring above. Renney rolled his eyes and joked that it was his coming from his iPod.

“Wasn’t this your wedding song?” I asked.

“It’d probably be my divorce song,” the coach said.

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  1. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    Did Renney have any comments about Isbister staying on the #1 line? I mean, come on now, no points with Jagr and Nylander. My 30 mph slap shot could do better, maybe.

  2. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    BTW I have a spare bedroom here in Pinehurst…you know your way around here don’t you?

  3. I don’t know playing a somewhat injured Hollyweg over Dubi or Dawes just doesn’t make sense to me. I could uderstand playing a first line player who is slightly injured over a rookie, but playing a 4th line player with an injury over dubes is STUPID. With Shanny coming back and strudwick on the back line we will be a whole lot slower than the teams we have been putting on the ice lately. I wish Renney was confident enough to coach young players as opposed to just relying on older vets.

  4. Hollywood did nothing the last time with the cheap shots philly threw…it’s Orr we need there…


  5. For Flyers we need Holweg & Orr, no doubt. That is why Dawes or Dubinsky are not in the lineup, I’d do the same.
    The only thing that makes me think is obviously Isbister playing 1st line… that point I just don’t get.
    Sam – possible lineups?

  6. Probable lines tonight:


    The D remains the same.

    Meanwhile, a quick word about Brad Isbister: If you think there are better options out there, I won’t disagree. Isbister has been fairly effective at both ends of the ice, but his inability to finish is startling, and he’s not exactly a rookie anymore.

    That said, let’s get past the fixation of him being on the “first line.” Isbister is a fourth-line player in the NHL. Even Tom Renney has said that. So the reason he’s with Jagr and Nylander is not because he’s suddenly improved, but because he serves many of the purposes of Marcel Hossa in that role: he digs puck out of the corners and is solid in his own end. He doesn’t do either of those nearly as well as Hossa. But putting him there is a way to maintain balance on the other lines.

    Again, maybe there are other players who could do that job. But right now it is merely a stop-gap solution.

  7. What is this techno song, Id love to know so I can download it and pretend like I am really in that locker room lol.

  8. Thanks for the update, particularly about KW. Any idea on if/when Valiquette returns to Hartford and Weekes dresses for a game as backup?

    I said in an earlier post that perhaps we should offer Weekes up for waivers right before the playoffs just as a thank you to him for his service here. The reasoning:

    If he doesn’t play between now and the end of the season, would we even WANT him to dress for the playoffs? Remember the rust he had in the Buffalo game as the beginning of the season? Is it worth having that on the bench during the playoffs? Valiquette played decently during his opportunities and probably is in much better game shape. If Weekes doesn’t get a shot between the pipes from now until the playoffs, I would say Valiquette should be the number 2 guy. Since Weekes, in all likelihood, is headed out of town at season’s end anyway, why not offer him up on waivers to any teams looking for veteran depth between the pipes or to a team that is totally lost in that department? I understand that it could potentially hurt us if an Eastern team picks him up, but really, if we would take Valiquette over Weekes, could it really hurt us THAT much? At the same time, we’ll be doing Weekes a favor by perhaps starting him down the next part of his career path. He’s a good guy and would certainly deserve it.

  9. Talking about loud techno music – why do they insist on playing mid-90s dance music at the Garden?? It isn’t like the place is a chelsea disco, its a hockey arena. They need to get rid of that garbage, add more organ or rock m usic, or even better, nothing. Its loud, annoying and lame now …

  10. Sam you’re more than welcome to stay over, and for payment, you can take one of the late night feedings.

  11. doodie he’s getting paid either way, which dolan can afford, so what’s the problem about Weekes? You want to give him away to possibly help another team, maybe one they meet in the playoffs if they make it? Got any more good ideas? Keep them a secret.

  12. I think he would get plucked by a team out of contention that might try to woo him for next season. The goaltending market is pretty much non-existant this summer. Boston is in desperate need of a goaltender, and Ed Belfour in FL is 40+. In the west, St. Louis could use a regular guy and Columbus and LA might want a vet back up. Phoenix could be looking for some help for CUJO, that is, if he even resigns.

    Will the move benefit the Rangers at all? No. It would just be a nice thing to do for a nice guy.

  13. Besides, who is Weekes going to help in the POs? He is so rusty! There is a reason I’d take Valiquette, an AHL backup, over him.

  14. Florida won’t need any goaltending once we ship them Montoya in exchange for Nathan Horton this summer….

    Say Henrik can’t go in the playoffs for a game – would you rather see Valiquette in there (or even Montoya?)

  15. sam more importantly WHO SITS when straka comes back and it better not be callahan. you gotta figure isbister no? maybe slide callahan onto the jagr line and put straka at center between avery and shanny? Do me a favor and do not come on here tomorrow telling us that callahan will be replaced by straka when he gets back instead of isbister.

  16. goalbyPrucha on

    I hope the Rangers don’t know they’re playing the Phantoms tonight. I don’t want to see them take this game lightly. Now I’m nervous.

  17. Avery Blasts Brodeur on

    Is there a reason why the game is starting at 7:30 tonight as oppesed to the normal 7 PM start?

  18. breaking up the avery-cullen-callahan is a HUGE mistake…not unexpected because the team is run by morons and they have proven that they can and will screwup everything good.

    put shanny on the top line or let prucha center between shanny and ortmeyer…the other 3 lines have played well and breaking them up is dumb.

  19. Avery Blasts Brodeur
    Is there a reason why the game is starting at 7:30 tonight as oppesed to the normal 7 PM start?

    Avery I was just going to ask the same question. I looked at my ticket tonight and thought it was the wrong time but on the rangers website it says 7:30 as well.

  20. You heard it first here. I’m calling for a “Gordie Howe Hat-Trick” by Ryan Callahan tonight.

  21. section 344, the reason why it is at 730 is because it’s nationally televised in Canada on TSN…


  22. Go NYR – I wouldn’t be so convinced. Montoya will either be in NY next year or on another team. I HIGHLY doubt he’ll be in Hartford. That said, I see Lundqvist playing a minimum of 55-60 games, so that leaves Monty playing under 30, which is not good for a young goaltender, and especially one as streaky as he is. At 25 years old, Hank has got a long future in Ranger blue, or at least until his contract runs out. So there’s a bit of a quandry here. I suppose it’s possible they platoon, but I think if the right trade comes along, you’ll see him packing. And the right trades is DEFINITLY any one including Nathan Horton, who could very easily replace Nylander as the top pivot. Also, there were murmers about him being unhappy in Florida…

    SAM – I understand WHY they’ve got Isbister there. But in the times Prucha skated on that line, he created OFFENSE(I also might add, he digs well in the corners despite his stature). With Prucha up top, that opens space for either DAWES to slide in on Cullen’s line, or Callahan to move down and Dubinsky to slide in between Avery and Shanny. Regardless of which you choose, all of those lines would have more offensive savy than Isbister skating. IMHO, he should be on a checking line, in the press box or better yet, on a bus to Hartford.

  23. Theres no doubt, even though he has hands of concrete, that Isbister’s size has been creating a lut more room for Jagr.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    bklynblue: He has experience, yes, but he hasn’t played since January 11!

    Why don’t we give Glenn Healey a call while we’re at it? If the Rangers and Devils alternate nights in the playoffs, maybe we can ask Chico Resch to fill in.

    Weekes didn’t even finish that game, he was yanked after giving up 5 goals halfway through. His last full game was 12/21.

  25. tdchi:
    Prucha on the first line know means the entire first line is a defensive liability.

  26. czechthemout!!!!! on

    what’s more important for a first line to be.a defensive liability,or an offensive asset? i argue that the first line’s number one objective is to put offensive pressure on the other team and score goals.

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