Future in Hartford unclear


The Hartford Courant is “reporting today”:http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-civiccenter-0321,0,1345224.story that the state of Connecticut is terminating its contract with Madison Square Garden, meaning the Wolf Pack’s future in Hartford is unclear.

More on this later…

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  1. next stop Brooklyn!!!

    That would be good logisitically…………

    Any chance of this happening???

  2. SaratogaRanger on

    Good for NY area Rangers fans if the team moves to one of the boroughs, bad for Hartford hockey fans who have done a pretty good job of supporting the Pack.

  3. There’s that place at Floyd Bennett Field that only seats 2,000….
    How about the new Nets arena?
    …..maybe not.

  4. Damn, I hate Buffalo. Once again I have to listen on radio because MSG will broadcast the Buffalo game. This sucks!

    Maybe…the Westchester Wolfpack??? or…White Plains Wolfpack???

    I don’t know if it would make sense to put them directly in the city.

  5. this totally blows, i am just getting into the pack this season with my friends. Connecticut blows as a sports state, every rich fuc*er from all these big hocky towns like Branford and Fairfield are pussies to go into areas like Hartford and New Haven (defunct team for a few years now) to see Hockey, thats why everything fails in this state.

  6. Maybe they can play in the new Prudential Center in Newark. I bet they can pull better attendance then the Gerbils.


  7. Suffolk County?? on

    Suffolk County is trying to get a Sports Complex built, including a 6,000-8000 seat arena in Yaphank, which is approx. 40 minutes or less from the Garden. Maybe the Wolfpack can play there and if they do, season tickets for me!!!

    Put a ECHL team in Brooklyn and an AHL team on Long Island. Wouldn’t be long before BOTH teams had larger attendances than the Islanders.

  8. Hey, Bridgeport seems to do OK with at least their hockey. Maybe they can play at Playland, yea right. Sam could pull double duty. Danbury doesn’t have a team anymore (I think) and not a bad arena. The markings have been removed from the ice since the owners had some legal trouble.

  9. I hear that Glens Falls is looking. Interesting that the Rangers were in Lake George pre-season.

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