Better late than never


Traffic on the West Side Highway slowed pretty much everyone coming into the rink tonight, including the coaching staff, which had to switch over to the FDR Drive as a result, and didn’t arrive until about 5:15.

In fact, since we always meet with Tom Renney roughly two hours before game time, the intrepid Dan Rosen of the Record was pretty much sure he had missed his window when he ran into the Garden just now. Then he saw Renney and Mike Pelino on the elevator up, and he knew he caught a break.

And speaking of late arrivals, Brendan Shanahan arrived tonight at precisely 5:35. He was wearing a dark suit and a white shirt. Those are about all the most pressing details I can think of. Oh, and he tripped on the way in and sprained an ankle, and he’s back on injured reserve.

OK, that’s two minutes for a bad joke…

Some updates:

  • The Rangers had no official comment on the situation in Hartford. Even Ryan Callahan said he didn’t know anything other than the rumors players have heard all season. One of those rumors floated by fans and media is the team relocating its AHL franchise to Brooklyn since the Rangers have recently bought a complex at Floyd Bennett Field. But that arena as its currently constructed only seats 2,000 people, and as disappointing as the Wolf Pack’s attendance has been this season, they’ve still drawn nearly three times that.
  • The most noticeable difference you’ll see with Shanahan back in the lineup is the power play going back to two units, with the ice time divided more equitably.

    “I want them to be under a minute each if possible,” Renney said. “It seemed to help us when we used two units and were able to go after them with a couple of good looks.”

    Beyond that, Shanahan won’t be used on the penalty kill tonight, if only to keep him fresh everywhere else.

    OK, that’s all for now. More later..

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    1. Renney is a 4 letter word on

      Hah ! that is a big joke. any pretense that the selfish Jagr and his posse will get their ass off the ice in less than a minute on the PP is ridiculous.

      they have always hogged about a minute and a half or more all along, so expecting them to all of a sudden be disciplined team players is laughable. they are selfish hogs.

    2. czechthemout!!!!! on

      if renney plays callahan less than ten minutes tonght,that means that that sneaky batstard is setting the stage for his ultimate denotion when jagr and hossa return under the guise of “he needs to play more minutes than he gets here right now so he can be ready to soon play on a full time basis.i only bring this up because the team is soon going to get older again and with that the season will disapear rather quickly.callahan has been one of the teams three best forwards in the three games that he has been alowed to play,while SHITSBOSTER has done ZERO on the first line.11games 2assits.

    3. Sam that sounds like a good dolan plan, sell out 2000 every night turn away 5000 +, super genius, along with regular genius, baby genius, and the professor.

    4. Renney is a 4 letter word on

      why aren’t the reporters questioning Renney as to why he broke up his best line, Avery-Cullen-Callahan ?

      and why is Limpwrister on the first line rationalized instead of questioned ?

      tough NY media ? Hah, not in hockey.

    5. renney is a 6 letter word, but who’s counting with 2 units each under 1 minute each, It’s the new math with the real coach Jagr deciding icetime and line combos.

    6. you have bill hang them gallo crying about fighting in hockey and not one hockey writer takes him on. They need to bring some Canadian reporters here , they’ll get into it and help hockey in the USA. No slight to Sam who’s been a breath of fresh air for NY.

    7. czechthemout!!!!! on

      Renney is a 4 letter word
      the reason he is breaking up the line is because renney is a strategic hockey genius.mark my words,callahan will see less than ten minutes tonight in what will be renney’s attempt to set the stage to send callahan down so that hossa and straka can come in and play,and shitsbister can remain with the team as his latest pet project.remember he is a genius,brilliant at developing young talent.after all,he has squeezed a big ten goals out of marcel hossa this year,wich is only 1 or two more than last year.callahan is the most complete forward prospect i’ve seen on this team since tony amonte.

    8. czech don’t curse him and the team or he’ll be traded to be a star somewhere else.

    9. you guys are your usual out of control. wait to the game to do your usual bitching.

      hope for a win………

    10. czechthemout!!!!! on

      tony amonte.he was a third round draft pick who scored 33goals for us as a rookie and was traded a year later in the trade that bought us steve larmer,stepane mattaeu,and brian noonan.

    11. czechthemout!!!!! on


      i can’t help it stuart,i don’t trust renney with any of our young players. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!

    12. czechthemout!!!!! on

      bklynblue-i would too.but if renney was our coach,amonte would never have gotten a sniff here.he would be deemed”not ready”.

    13. czech hopefully he’s learned something over the last 2 years and gets it done from now on. Next year is another story.

    14. Renney must have failed math. Or maybe he wants them to take a penaalty on the power play to cut it shorter. Which one is he, bklynblue, the Professor?

    15. HBO line to start it off again. Knowing Renney, Hollweg and Orr won’t see the ice again unless a message is needed.

      I hope Betts feeds off his last game. He played great and won some huge faceoffs. He is also great on the PK, especially with Ortie on the other side.

    16. Guys, I’m listening on radio, so let me know if anything huge happens because I can’t see it.

    17. That didn’t take long. Let’s go Colton…the fans are chearing, sounds like Orr kicked his ass and knocked him out.

    18. Holy S–T,
      I’ve never seen a punch like orr just through, talk about a knock out. This guy is hurt seriously.

    19. Sam needs to shut up. This is hockey. It’s not like Orr swung a stick.

      That said, I’d like to see Orr do the classy thing and skate over to see if Fedo’s okay.

    20. Renney is a 4 letter word on

      already, Rosen starts his anti-fighting b.s.

      Fedoruk had a fractured cheekbone from a previous fight this year, and he got it again.

      stop with the negative nonsense, and screw you , Sam Rosen.

    21. Just like Shanny/Knuble. That’s just hockey. You never want to see someone get hurt, but at least it was clean.

    22. I’m glad I don’t have to listen to Rosen. The guys on radio have done a good job in the talk.

    23. They have to take him off on a stretcher because that is procedure, but in boxing that is a normal run of the mill KO. The boxers would be up and alert. He could have gotten up too. there is nothing wong with his neck. He just got KOd

    24. PW, I am in Cortland, if I go onto SUNY campus I have the game, off campus in my apartment I have Buffalo. Terrible. Oh well. I have the radio.

    25. Renney is a 4 letter word on

      please, get a real announcer for the Rangers. not this part-time football deserter who hates fighting in hockey, but gets paid for it in boxing. IOW, a real phony bluenose.

      goodbye, shillface Rosen

    26. I go to Potsdam. When they are both on MSG I always get Buffalo, on campus and off. I’d rather watch Clarkson or SLU than Buffalo.

    27. fighting is allowed in hockey because low-lives like you guys relish in people trying to kill each other.

      Its sick the way you guys think. Why is fighting a part of hockey again?

    28. you don’t like seeing anyone get hurt, but if there’s a goon that deserves to get knocked out, it’s federouk, he’s a dirty bum, and last game was running amok….THATS WHY U DRESS ORR…YEAGER IS NEXT!!

    29. well, maybe not, but that’s what they said on radio.

      Fighting is a part of hockey bacause it is tradition. That is the way it goes. If you don’t like it, Ross, maybe you should watch another sport.

    30. FIGHTING IS ALLOWED to police the game so stick work done by chris simon for the most part doesn’t happen….

    31. czechthemout!!!!! on

      ROSS go watch a real sport like baseball where pitchers throw a rock at someones head on a premedited basis and the players use growth hormone with the knowledge of ownership to help with home runs so as to stop the bleeding that happened to the sport.

    32. GuitarWizard on

      Girardi now has 4 NHL points (all assists).
      3 are against the Flyers
      The other is against the Penguins

      Sounds like he has something against PA teams.

    33. that was a really quick whistle…is the ref a philly fanatic? it feels so good to have someone in blue defend after what philly did to us last game. it was monumental. orr should get 3 stars if we win this game. huge…..the other guy who i would love to see get nailed on philly is hatcher – he has taken a million cheap shots against JJ and the rest of our team – he deserves a beating.

    34. czechthemout!!!!! on

      “malik with a good play” what is joe m smoking he turned the puck over at the blue line, cally back checked and left no one to pass too.

    35. These Flyers are Dirtbags. They should not even show up. All they do is go around actiing tough, hunting heads. Their tough guy gets knocked out in a fair fight and they go out with intent to injure. They should be fined massive amounts of money. They are like teenage girls. They cant let things go. OK your boy got knocked out in a fair fight. There is no need tostart crying. I hate the Flyers equally with the Fishsticks

    36. Where's Bure? on

      So everybody here apparently hates Renney, Malik, Rozsival, Jagr, Straka, and now Sam Rosen? Is there loyalty to anybody on this team? I thought we were all Rangers fans.

      I love a good fight to get a game started but I myself never want to see a guy hurt. Nobody deserves to get seriously injured in this game. In boxing guys get back up after getting KOd, but they’re not bare knuckle boxing either.

      Why do I have a terrible feeling that Niitymaaki is going to steal this game like he did last time?

    37. czechthemout!!!!! on

      can some please ask renney to tell rozy to shoot the puck on the powwer play.

    38. I think your question was answered by Gregg, Ross. Without the fighting to police the players, actions like Chris Simon’s would occur much more often.

    39. Where’s Bure –

      I think everyone like Lundqvist. I havn’t seen anyone say anything bad about him. Been a while for Cullen as well.

    40. hockeymanrangers on

      Ranger Fans anyone having trouble getting them game will just have to bight the bullet and pay for CENTER ICE. I live in South Central PA and have only missed 3 or maybe 4 games this year. That and my area just picked up the VERSUS NETWORK.
      NICE SHOT JAGS WE WILL TAKE IT ooooohhhhhoooooo GO RAngers

    41. Renney is a 4 letter word on

      like crap it is. most of his last 6 goals have gone in off the opposing team players. and they overstayed the friggin PP shift again, like the selfish hogs they are.

    42. Hockeyman, I wish I could but you can’t get center ice living on a college campus. anyway, I enjoy the radio, the announcers are better.

      Mara has been very impressive on the PP since his arrival. Keeps the puck in, shoots, and passes well.

    43. Renney is a 4 letter word on

      Avery is the man. He has turned this team around. no matter what position, or game situation, he has excelled, and drawn penalties, and fought battles, and screened goalies, and given the team the life that was missing for years.

    44. DanTheRangerFan on

      Eager is a bitch….Orr would have one that if Eager didnt wrestle him agaisnt the boards…..and he wouldnt fight struds

    45. Renney is a 4 letter word on

      if it wasn’t for Avery, Henrik, and the kids, the Rangers would still be sputtering in 10th place.

    46. AngelusMortis on

      What’s the chant the crowd keeps repeating? I can’t hear clearly via the internet radio feed. It’s something sucks, and not Potvin. “Flyers suck”?

    47. I think most people like Jagr as a player on the ice besides his often selfishness, just not the politicking he does around other aspects of the Rangers. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s the feeling I get.

    48. 12 PIM for Orr and we aren’t even out of the 2nd. He’s doing his job well. Hopefully he’ll up it to atleast 17 by the end of the game.

    49. DanTheRangerFan on

      Renny I wouldnt say that cullen has been plying better, you have the energy guys playing well also, the whole team has shown stuff///

    50. the rangers are really out shooting the flyers…. kinda has been a pattern for them as of late

    51. Ortie can’t catch a break…but its all made up for by that beautiful penalty shot goal against the Bruins

    52. Their play through the first 2 here only makes me madder about the way they mailed it in against the Flyers last month.

    53. czechthemout!!!!! on

      they needed that shot of youth provided by cally and dubinsky and girrardi.

    54. Renney is a 4 letter word on

      and guess who recommended that the rangers get Avery. Shanny of course. so his one-man posse has done more than Jagr’s six-man posse to lift the Rangers.

    55. Hey. the one thing that nobody on the beat writers has really noticed was a thing that surfaced about Dolan recently. Dolan (whom I despise) went ballistic after the Flyers ran us into the ground and beat the shit out of us like pinatas sliced up last time in New york. Supposedly he went ballistic on Renney and Glen Mustard Sather and told them he wanted Orr to stop playing. Hard to say if it has been Avery alone but since the two of them started getting more minutes, the ship has been turned around. Of course, King Henrik has been the best during that timeframe!!!!

    56. Let’s not forget the Flyers are missing a couple of players tonight including Mr. Forsberg.They have nothing to play for except pride but I wish Renney had said something last time around to the Flyers coach after they played like turds. Hooray for Orr, Avery and JJ is going to the net. This is delicious. I just wish someone would nail Hatcher because I am not sure if we play them again this year but he has left a bad taste in my mouth after his abusive style of play. He’s a dirty player.

    57. You know Jaromir,s teamates love him and thats more important then what any of you Jagr bashing morons think of him,and they all know him way better than any off you!!

    58. He really does. The only player that would suprise me more with a goal is Shitbister. Yes, even more so than Hollweg and Orr.

      2 Assists for Girardi tonight. 80% of his career NHL points are against PHI and 100% against PA. I guess he isn’t a big fan of the Keystone State. Speaking of Keystone, I think its time for another.

    59. Avery with the deuce. Cally and Shanny (with his second) assists.

      Cally only needs a goal on fight to uphold my prediction from earlier in the day.

      I like the Mic Line

    60. Rangers have outscored their opponents 13-1 over the last 3 games. Why did I not think I’d be saying that this year?

    61. Now you know the real story of who turned the Ranger season around. It was ME, ME, ME! Everyone give me the credit I damn well deserve!

    62. AngelusMortis on

      How hot is Henrik Lundqvist down the stretch? He’s starting to look like the evil Martin Brodeur.

    63. Seriously, that was one of the best (and shortest) fights I have ever seen. Made me realize why what’s his name in Hartford when he was with the team tried to gouge Orr’s eyes out. He’s a tough SOB. Highlight film baby. that will be on tomorrow! I will sleep pretty good tonight!

    64. And your 3 Stars of the Game

      * Sean Avery – 2G
      ** Henrik Lundqvist – 17SV, SO
      *** Brendan Shannahan – 2A, Welcome back Shanny

    65. IWatch out for this Rangers squad!! I really hope they gain the 6th seed and get the shot to knock out Atlanta first round.

    66. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i know i ‘ve said it here many times but callahan is a 30g
      40asst. player who plays well on the d end and hits people all over the ice.this team in general in the next few years will NEVER be run out of a game again by anyone!!!.they will have at least 6-8 players maybe more who will drop the gloves.

    67. Doodie Machetto on

      Wow. Orr is definitely a strong guy. We saw that against Boulton earlier in the season, although not as dramaitcally. He has improved his fight game by leaps and bounds this season. If he can only fight more consistently, he could make that jump into the elite enforcers of the league.

      Good game all around, but again, beating up on a bad team (like 7-0 against Boston) doesn’t really prove too much. Let’s hope they can keep up the scoring intensity instead of dropping off like they did against Pittsburgh after the Boston Massacre. It should help that it’s Boston again. But I’m concerned with the Isles on Sunday.

      I’m thinking Hollweg may not have a spot in the lineup when everyone is healthy if Callahan keeps playing so well.

    68. Yeah, if Straka comes back who sits? The Shamrock line is great, leave it be.

      Hopefully the Devils and Pens (double barf) can do the Rangers a favor tomorrow night and they go in and do what they’re suppossed to do on Sat. Then the season is a best of 7 :)

    69. When Straka comes back he takes his rightful spot back on the top line and guess what…Isbister sits!! If Renney sends Callahan back to Hartford, then there goes the playoffs. Question is that happens when Hossa is healthy? Maybe he can play on the top line, Straka can take Orts spot on the third line, and Ortmeyer takes Hollwegs/Orr’s spot on the fourth.

      Isbister is WORTHLESS

    70. Renney really has some work ahead of him when Hossa and straka get back. no brainer that Isbister sits when Straka gets back but when Hossa gets back it’s going to be either Callahan or Orr. My guess is that Orr will sit. There’s enough toughness on the is team that his 5 minutes a game won’t be missed.

      Straka Nylander Jagr
      Callahan Avery Shanahan
      Hossa Cullen Prucha
      Ortmeyer Betts Hollweg

      I can’t see moving Straka to the 3rd line as was suggested earlier.

    71. if Hossa and Straka come back they sit a good player, wow.. When is the last time the Rangers had to many good players……

      Tyutin back in a week, Pock deserves to stay in the lineup they need to sit Strudwick he is not even elgible for the playoffs…….

      Good win, Orr has improved as a skater he has a chance to be a decent player who will not embarass him self out there….

    72. SAM i expect you to show some serious backbone tomorrow morning with your articleheadlined as MESSAGE SENT. that is all i want

    73. Right now, I don’t see other spot for Straka than Isbister’s. When Hossa comes back I have no idea where to put him. I’m afraid that Renney sits Callahan in favor of Straka. That would be stupid.

    74. callahan is staying if he plays like this, Orr or Hollwegg will have to sit……………..

    75. Wow.. I’m really impressed with this team lately.
      Lundqvist has been unbelievable since December.
      The scoring has really picked up lately.
      Avery has been a great addition, as well as Callahan.
      The team is really playing with spirit recently and they are as tough as nails with Orr, Hollweg, Shanny, Struds, and Avery.

    76. Tomorrow (well tonight now)is huge…I have to root for NJ and PITT? ICK

      Rest up rangers.

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