The best player in hockey…


…is not above dressing down an opposing player with the occasional obscenity.

Or at least that was the case tonight, when, moments after Mark Recchi was called for boarding Ryan Hollweg, Sidney Crosby could be clearly seen calling Hollweg something I couldn’t write on this blog.

Of course, this was also a night when Tom Renney was caught on TV mouthing something inappropriate at a Penguin. Good thing the game was on Versus, or someone might have actually seen it….

Meanwhile, the Rangers have had points in 10 of their last 11 games, and with sixth place in sight, Brendan Shanahan returns to the lineup on Wednesday. Where does he play? My suggestion: on the first line, with Jagr and Nylander.

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  1. I agree Sam.

    Shanny should skate on the 1st line with Nylander and Jags.

    I still can’t imagine what Renney was thinking playing Isbister on the top line when he was not even playing physical. A true waste of space-

  2. Sam – any further word on Straka re Wednesday

    I would think he should sit at least that game with Shanny coming back. Both his upper body and lower body injuries need some healing.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    “Good thing the game was on Versus, or someone might have actually seen it….”

    HA! good one. I laugh especially since I missed it because it was on Vs.

    Shanny on the top line is an interesting proposition. It couldn’t be worse than Isbister! Not to mention, Isbister has found himself with a lot of chances without the ability to finish. Perhaps Shanny would find himself in similar positions?

    In all likelihood though, I suspect that Renney will come up with some terrible line scheme that screws either Prucha or Callahan, but still finds a way to give Isbister top minutes.

  4. F U Crosby u little bit**, I wish Avery would’ve flattened you, you punk a$$ bit**, Crosby was mad because his tampon fell out, best player in hockey. haha. hes the NHL’s little wh*re.

  5. Damn, I didn’t get to see the game and now I’m very curious about what Crosby called Hollweg.

    As for Shanny on the top line, I think that’s a perfect idea. The thought of Isbister playing over the kids that have played their hearts out is sickening.

    A few more games like this and I’ll need a defibrillator at my side.

  6. good game guys, eh, when push comes to shove cindy will run from Ryan, no doubt about it. LOL i was on the ground when Renney said mouthed what looked like “fuck you” to a player lol. I missed what Crosby said to Hollweg though, what did he call him????

  7. Kiss my big juicy Sraka on

    oh dear, Sam says Crosby cursed, that must mean he is a bad person. People need to grow up. I wouldn’t mind for Jagr to curse when some teammate of his gets hit, at least that would mean he cares.

  8. exactly sam. shanny should just step directly into isbister’s spot. there is no way in HELL you touch that cullen line.

  9. Kiss my big juicy Sraka on

    Why would you play someone who just missed a month with concussion on the top line? then again, anything is better than Isbister.

  10. Not sure we need the cursing repeated on the blog, though it is hilarious to see in the game. I want to know who Renney was talking to.

    Great win, showed heart. Isbister has to go — and I don’t even think he’s that bad. Just way out of place. And, yeah, that Cullen line has gotta stay together.

    Struds looked good. Pock looked a little shaky, I thought.

    Henrik rules.

  11. Sam, what’s the chance that cally gets scratched for shanny? It seems too obvious for Renney to scratch isbister. I’m really nervous we’ve seen the last of dubi and cally for a while.

  12. I am not sure of Shanahan on the Jagr line, they like to play on the boards and Shanny likes to hang around the half board or circle looking for a shot!!!!

    Isbister plays hard and controls the puck but he cannot finish, I agree he should sit.

    If Callahan sits I will be pissed. If Straka is back Dubi is sitting also. Dubi will have his day, he will make the team next yr…..

  13. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    Isbister and Orr need to sit when Straka and Shanahan come back.

  14. Callahan has looked really good so far. It was nice to see the coach giving him PP time on the top unit which was mostly ineffective on the night. He nearly came through.

    Regardless if Shanny returns, he needs to stay in the lineup on that line with Cullen and Avery. They have excellent chemistry and create chaos.

    As for Sidney, wah wah wah! Hollweg played a pretty good game tonight, drawing 1 or 2 power plays. Though I thought the boarding call on Recchi was marginal. It was hockey. But whatever. New NHL idiocy.

    Either way, Hollweg had one more point that the NHL’s leading scorer and he Betts and Orr did the job. Great win tonight!

  15. Shanny and Jagr need to start feeding off each other like the best players on a team need to do. Hopefully they get each other going and help jumpstart this offense…

    PS- If Renney sits Callahan when Shanny comes back I think our “beloved coach” should be the next one in line for an MRI…of his BRAIN..

  16. Renney is a 4 letter word on

    how about some reporting on kids being given reduced ice time like Prucha, and being sat out altogether like Dubi and Callahan (which I would not be surprised one bit if both Shanny and Straka are back)

    at least the Pens kids play. our whiners have to be fans and bloggers because the kids get shunted aside here.

  17. The Cullen line is gonna be split up, and we’ll see something like this.


  18. Malik's laser guided poke check on

    go with


  19. Let the Line Combo fun begin! I want to know why Prucha was benched. Did Peter the Great curse at someone? Or were the smart Ranger coaches shortening the bench for the push for 2 points at the end of the game? (total joke)Please, somebody explain.

  20. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sid, the douche-bag, kid…is a whining, complaining, and immature hockey player. The boy has talent but he led the NHL in slashing penalties last year. And this year all I see him doing is diving, complaining, and look like he’s about to cry. I’m not exactly a hockey historian but I’m pretty sure this Gretzky protege’ isn’t actually very Gretzky-like.

    …if people started watching these games they’d actually see that players like Crosby are bad for the sport. Ovechkin is more talented (with a horrible Caps lineup), plays hard, and doesn’t complain. I wish Sid could do that for just 1 period.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    So, who thought Brooks Orpik was going to break Callahan’s neck (a la Cole’) after he took Malkin, made an Avery sandwich, and threw him into the Rangers bench!!! This kid is awesome!

    But I too am wondering:
    1)Who did Renney curse at?
    2)What did they say to Renney first?
    3)What did (punch him in the)-Kidney Krosby say to Hollweg?
    4)How does Hollweg get (what I thought was more interference than boarding, puck wasn’t touched yet) and then Crosby starts yelling at him? At confused at this cascade of events since Hollweg just skated away after contact.
    5)I need hilights of the 3 BIG Callahan hits – 2 on Malkin, 1 right into the bench. And the 1 big Ortmeyer hit flattening Malkin.


  22. John M there is a icetime kid quota. It’s amazing how everyone can say Pock looks so so, Immo is slow, Dawes is invisable. I wonder where they got those ideas from. Dave Malonney after the game said Pock has played his best in the last 3 games. There is no need for Straka to be rushed back, like was done recently. He’s been playing hurt and he’s hurting the team. They have ‘kids’ finally who can fill in.They have miraculously become ‘ready’. Not calling Callihan up when Shannahan went down costs points, as usual. But mgmt gets a free pass from the ‘loyal’ fans. Who from the current roster is not going to be here next year? That will tell you how many ‘kid’ spots are open. That’s if they don’t go out and sign a couple of UFA’s. They talk rebuild and kids, but act differently, which is fine but the words have to stop. The standards used in assesing players and icetime given, are double.

  23. We got the 2nd best defense in the east.

    We have out shot the other team 17 out the 19 last games.

    Thoose are the things that can be pinned on a coach. We have outshoot the other team 89% of the time the last quater of the season, how amazing aren’t that?

    The right question to ask is, are Renney building the Detroit Red Wings of the EC?

    He is a amzing coach, and got the team playing a amazing system right now. Owning almost everyone that we go up against, even teams that got 2x the fire power we got.

    I know that allot of peolpe are negative when it comes to Renney on this blog, but at other messageboards fans are starting “Tom Renney mancrush threads”.

  24. In order for a team to play with energy and emotion, the leaders have to do it first. Finally Renney is. I guess he wasn’t ‘ready’. He has egg on his face from the kid karma. After this season he should be sent to Hartford or his old job. How he coached over the first 50 games and more should not be forgotten in the good that’s happening now, similar to last year. The book on him is inconsistent. This team should be fighting for 1st place not a playoff spot. To give credit without blame with excuses is ‘inconsistent’.

  25. onecupin67years on

    The NHL is creating a monster with the cry baby Crosby ! I would like to see him have his head handed to him ,but hte refs are protecting the future stars so they get preferential treatment,remeber orr’s whack on Ovetchkin resulted in a suspension for Orr,but its OK for these players to get dirty.

  26. was at the game last night…CALLAHAN threw at least 2 or 3 monster body checks…the kid has some fire to him…love the way he plays, reminds me alot of prucha….i really hope renney sits isbister and doesn’t mess with the chemistry of the other lines….shanny should slide right into the first line….

  27. I agree, Callahan reminds me a lot of Prucha as well. And I don’t think anyone would complain if we had a whole team full of them. I also think while Callahan isn’t really bigger than Prucha, he’s more solid. If I had to guess I’d say hes an inch or two shorter but about 10 lbs heavier. He really knows how to throw the body though.

    I’m not sure where Shanahan fits in tomorrow, but Avery cannot play on our top line. He always goes full speed into the offensive zone, and Jagr and Nylander like to make moves at the blue line. We’d be offsides every play, their styles are WAY to different.

  28. especially against PHILLY’s goon squad, ORR MUST be in the lineup…i just hope he doesn’t pull a BS renney move and sit prucha…

  29. Is it just me or does Callahan kepp falling on the ice. He slips a lot on his own. Is it his skating balance or is he going too fast?

  30. @ola
    courageous to write sthg like that (here) about renney, but i second you …
    AND i dont like crosby and he is not the best player in hockey (with his bunch of secondary assists and over 60 giveaw ),
    overall hossa is the man (a lot of hits and takeaw and goals).

  31. onecupin67years on

    Valley ,u r wrong about crosby ,NY would take him in a second,
    Does anyone think that the recent callups have made the fatcats play a little harder in order to stay in NY? I do.

  32. Crosby is a wimp..Talk about protecting your players..why didnt they respond to the bitching the rangers gave malkin. I love when they throw big hits, but i love when they do it to golden boy drafters. Err….Lets go NYR

  33. People need to take it easy on Malik also… he had his best game last night along with Girardi.

    Rozival played an excellent game.

    And how many times did we have to hear that it was the Pens’ 5th game in 7 nights, as if it wasn’t the R’s 3rd game in 4 nights? Loss to Atlanta, win against Boston, win against Pitt…

    Eff Crosby, eff the Flyers… Let’s go Rangers

    Callahan ain’t coming out of the lineup, it will either be Izbister or Prucha.

  34. Broadway Roe on

    OLA “We got the 2nd best defense in the east.”

    Are we watching the same team?

  35. Malik made a couple of horrendous-before the eyes of Lundqust- clearing attempts last night. Fortunately, no Pen capitalized on them, but man…….Lundqvst must want this guy shipped to Siberia express mail.

    Malik was just awful again last night.

    Callahan looked terrific. Funny comment from the Versus announcers about not being Ranger management but NOT seeing this kid return to Hartford anytime soon!

    Crosby: incredible talent. I was pretty stunned last year watching an 18 year old kid jawing at the refs. Pittsburg was dopey enough to hand him a letter, too. 18 year old kid should have been cleaning the lockerroom, or doing whatever rookies do. He should keep quiet and let his talent do the talking. Someone should talk to him. His popularity outside of Pittsburg suffered last year and may have rebounded some this year, but if he had a decent personality or a sliver of humility, he could represent hockey the way TGO did…………

    right now, with all that talent, he needs to shut up and learn from vets. Perhaps Roberts can shut him up.

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