Simon’s off the hook, and that’s the way Hollweg wants it


While he still hasn’t heard a word of apology from Chris Simon, Ryan Hollweg didn’t want to see the Islanders forward prosecuted outside the realm of the NHL. Today Hollweg’s wishes were respected, with Nassau County D.A. Kathleen Rice announcing that Simon won’t face criminal charges for his slash of Hollweg March 8.

“I didn’t want to press charges to begin with, and I think the D.A.’s decision, a lot of it was based on the intertview they had with me and how I felt out of the situation,” Hollweg said just now. “It’s over now and done with and time to move forward. I’m thankful nobody’s hurt and we can all move on.”

Again, the remarkable part here is not that Simon was spared, because I think he should have been. But given that Hollweg was the one who essentially bailed him out, you’d think that Simon could at least pick up the phone…

Meanwhile, some more pressing updates:

  • Still no word on Martin Straka’s knee, and for that you can blame…Martin Straka. Apparently the Rangers alternate captain can play with his left arm barely attached to his shoulder, but he can’t sit through an entire MRI. The claustrophobic Straka was so antsy that he needed a second examination, which he’s undergoing now.
  • To clarify an earlier post about Marc Staal being called up after his season, I should add that it’s still unclear whether he’ll be brought to New York or sent immediately to Hartford. Tom Renney said that there are other factors to consider — many presumably having to do with the health of other Rangers defensemen — and right now there is no definite plan.
  • As for those of you who wonder why the Rangers would give valuable ice time to a player like Jason Strudwick when Strudwick won’t even be eligible for the playoffs, Renney said the Rangers first have to make the playoffs before they can worry about how they fare there.

    “Job one,” Renney said. “And Struds’ impact will be felt maybe more so from what you people can’t see as opposed to what he demonstrates on the ice. He’s just a really good glue guy. He’s so respected and liked.”

  • You’ll see I have a new poll up to the right. As for the previous survey on what Rangers’ fans wanted to see out of the final weeks of the season, 38 percent of you said the first priority was to see the Rangers win the playoffs while 29 percent said it was more important for the team to develop their prospects. As it happens, you might be getting both…

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    1. Hollweg is a class act. I can’t wait until the next time he’s on the ice with Simon…

    2. HMO

      Your damn right…i hope they really do fall. Better yet i hope they miss the playoffs by one point….Then the fishes can really blame simon, becase if he didnt do what he did then they woulda went to OT and either get 1 or 2 points they need to make the playoffs…HA HA HA..DIE DP DIE..I hope your in a coma..Your not Dom Hasek.

    3. Doodie Machetto on

      Ed, as much as I don’t like DP, hoping he’s in a coma isn’t cool.

      Sam, I think you need to clarify your poll. Is it how far they *can* got, as it is worded, or is it how far we think they *will* go?

    4. Doodie Machetto on

      I think it’s time to ignore URC as we ignored DJD and Vinny Pooh. Clearly, he has nothing worthwhile to add.

    5. Doodie Machetto on

      Reposted from the last thread because I think it’s a fun thing before gametime:

      I was flipping through the channels and came across the last question on “Stump the Schwab� and I want to see how many people know the answer. I’m more interested in how many people knew it off of the top of their heads as opposed to how many can get it right. Here’s the question:

      “In 1995, long-time enforcer Tie Domi of the Toronto Maple Leafs received an 8 game suspension for sucker punching which New York Ranger for calling him ‘Tie Dummy?’�

      I remembered it clear as day: Domi tucked his hand under his other arm to serve as a clamp for the glove, slid his hand out, delivered a sucker uppercut to __ and then slid his hand back in his glove like nothing happened.

    6. czechthemout!!!!! on

      Renney said. “And Struds’ impact will be felt maybe more so from what you people can’t see as opposed to what he demonstrates on the ice.

      renney just keeps getting funnier and funnier how he comes up with new reasons every time he plays a washed up journeyman vet over a deserving young player.memo to the hyeena:hey dope you win the game on the ice not in the dressing room you like what he brings of the ice,make him an assistant coach!i like strudwick’s hustle and heart but if you guys recall,this guy cannot do anything with the puck other than be a turnover machine and he was one of the few minus players on the d last year.

    7. czechthemout!!!!! on

      strudwick has less offensive ability than malik,thats pretty scary.he might also be slower than malik,that’s even scarier against a team like the penguins.

    8. Uncle renny’s cabin, really relax take a pill.

      how many times have we been over this ground…

      you can complain in a more civil way…

    9. URC

      You are an ingrate and a parasite.

      Take your overgrown pair and get lost in it-

    10. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

      I am tired of having my post being deleted, especially when I applied some effort to avoiding any foul language. It is ridiculous.

    11. czechthemout!!!!! on

      urc-stop bashing sam,and watch your language,and sam won’t delete your bring more to the table than you are given credit for on this don’t drink the KoolAid like so many people here.all these strudwick fans here forget how utterly useless he was last year,other than dropping the gloves every once in a while to protect a team mate,wich is very commendable but we already have a goon out there in a dman he is useless.he could not get $5.50 an hour from any team in the league including the rangers so he went to play in switzerland.

    12. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

      Strudwick has never fought anyone who came even close to his arm reach, he chooses his fights carefuly to avoid any pain.

    13. Think of it guys, as a sixth defensemen not much is being asked of Strudwick, that being said he’s a good stay at home defensemen that won’t be scared to clear guys out of Lundquist way. I got the chance to meet him last year and he’s a class act, its nice to have him back.

      btw Doodie, was it Ulf Samuelsson? i think i remember that game, Samuelsson hit his head on the ice after the punch and was being bleeding on the back of his head. He was a gamer, took it like nothing happened.

    14. Doodie Machetto on

      Look, URC has now insulted Sam in a really terrible way. Please, everyone, to keep this blog alive and worthwhile, let’s all ignore URC. PLEASE. Even if you agree with him.

    15. Uncle Renney’s Cabin March 19th, 2007 at 7:01 pm
      I am tired of having my post being deleted, especially when I applied some effort to avoiding any foul language. It is ridiculous…..

      your being ridiculous, How old are you? And I don’t need to read your lib clueless politics, especially since your handle is not pc for your ilk. You have a double standard, grow up.

    16. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

      “your being ridiculous, How old are you? And I don’t need to read your lib clueless politics, especially since your handle is not pc for your ilk. You have a double standard, grow up.”

      douchebag, what does my age or my handle have to do with anything?

      look at all the brown-nosing hyenas crawling out of their holes.

    17. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

      “URC-Ya know whats sad? You have to apply effort to not use foul language”

      yeah when it comes to dealing with jerks and stupid people it is not easy

    18. I cant wait to see Isbister leave and go back to the Figh.sticks or someone else. Please get him off this team he is worthless. Carry it in and then lose the puck over and over and he is playing with Jags? Ugh….

    19. urc Keep it up punk, so Sam just continues to delete your posts and hopefully bans you. Would you like a democratic vote on it? Need a hanky?

    20. Thibault looks like an all star out there so far-

      We really do run into great goaltending from average goaltenders…Why is that?

    21. Doodie Machetto on

      Jagr needs to stop skating around the net, it just gives the other team time to get back in the defensive position.

    22. czechthemout!!!!! on

      because we don’t take shots from the slot and take shots from the angles.

    23. Doodie Machetto on

      Callahan might be a bust, he is nowhere near as good as last game.

      Strudwick is playing great, IMO.

    24. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i think that maybe renney should not match our fourth line against their first.the fourth line has been on the ice the most so far today,doesn’t renney know he has the last line change tonight?

    25. Doodie

      Callahan played 6:13 with 2 shots on goal…tied for most on the team in the 1st period.

      Atleast one shot, that slapper from the blue line was quality.

      I think he was one of the better players out there in the 1st-

    26. czechthemout!!!!! on

      Doodie Machetto

      are you watching the game?strudwick was already caught up on the save the made when callahan backchecked.

    27. czechthemout!!!!! on

      to be honest,the game is rather boring so far renney is playing the trap against them tonight.his typical passive riskless strategy he takes against the penguins.

    28. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i think renney is already playing for the shoot put and that was only the first period.

    29. i agree that the fourth line should NOT be playing against crosby. is renney serious? absolutely ridiculous.

    30. czechthemout!!!!! on

      dooooodie,i forgot that your hockey acumen is second to only wildcard’s and that of course any one who disagrees with you has no right to participate on this blog.can you please enlighten us ignorant hockey fans about the sport some more?

    31. Doodie Machetto on

      guys, just ignore him, and he will go away.

      back to hockey, what a shift by Jagr!



    33. Doodie Machetto on

      Isbister is turning out to be a great complement to Jagr and Nylander, his size and strength are a big asset to this team.

    34. the mindless cheerleader on

      criticism of Renney and Jagr will not be tolerated.

      tough media questions shall not be asked.

      just sit back and clap like trained sea lions for whatever happens.


      doodie (in my pants) machetto

    35. Doodie Machetto on

      BlueClue, you need to get a clue. Seriously have you ever even played ice hockey?

    36. Doodie

      Yes I have.

      Are you watching THIS game?

      Have you been watching RANGER games lately?

      Are YOU sleeping with Isbister?

    37. If you guys are going to argue like 10 year old guys and not talk puck, i’ll just leave for the night. come on guys, you’re all better than that.

    38. Doodie Machetto on

      you people are clueless and need to learn more about hockey. we need to ignore trolls. And stop insulting me or I will start wispering things in Sam’s ear, trust me you do not want that.

    39. AngelusMortis on

      Bad penalty by Avery. No matter who you are in the NHL, that’s goalie interference.

    40. omg. these guys are really scary on the PP. if we have half a brain we keep JJ’s line off for the first PP and let him come in to start the second one. i know it’s crazy but let’s do something different and mix it up

    41. How can anyone say Sean Avery is a disgrace? This is a huge game and you play it tough.

    42. the mindless cheerleader on

      doodie (in my pants)
      “and stop insulting me or I will start whispering things in Sam’s ear, trust me you do not want that.”

      the blog snitch has spoken. little missy will tell the teacher.

    43. AngelusMortis on

      That’s pretty blatant interference by Rozsival. Good job for him to wash out the power play.

    44. Fruity Stiletto on

      I am starting to question the IQ of our players taking so many terrible angle shots istead of cutting to the middle of the ice.

    45. if you are refering to Pock, he didn’t have a choice with Nylander and the defensman in the middle of the ice

    46. Doodie Machetto on

      People. That was not me posting. From the Jagr comment down to here. Sam, would you please delete those posts?

    47. Doodie Machetto on

      The last thing I said was Dubinsky is a center, Prucha should be there. Real mature by whoever did that. I’ll give you three guesses:
      1) Vinnypooh
      2) DumpJagrDope
      3) Uncle Renney’s Cabin

      Dude, seriously, get a life. You really have NOTHING better to do than pretend to be me (although, admittedly, I am great. haha.)?

    48. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i got that one alittle too late doodie.renney is setting the stage to send cally down,he did not see the ice in the last 7min of play.oh by the way,he is the best forward on the ice wonder why hyena is such an appropriate name for this fool.

    49. Doodie Machetto on

      What’s saddening is that anyone could have taken those posts seriously. Isbister is a great compliment to Jagr and Nylander? Callahan is a bust? Avery is a disgrace?

    50. look at the stats– 29-13 in shots rangers, 3-1 PP rangers & 21-16 faceoffs won and tell me how there is no score?!

    51. Doodie Machetto on

      haha, funny that Betts scores with the discussion we had about him yesterday!

    52. AngelusMortis on

      That was a really, REALLY weak penalty. Once again refs get in the way of a good game…

    53. Doodie Machetto on

      I won’t be back until much later, please ignore any other comments that may come from my name, they will not be me.

    54. AngelusMortis on

      Doc’s gonna blow out his larynx screaming about Thibault’s saves. Can Isbister get any better shots and NOT score? Good grief.

    55. SAM you need a better system of accepting e-mail addresses for posting and names that can be used.

    56. It looks like that large ice surface has payed off for Strudwick. He hasn’t looked bad.

    57. AngelusMortis on

      That was ROBBERY on Rozsival. 0 goals in the last 8 games for Jagr. That’s a joke.

    58. AngelusMortis on

      Can there seriously be any more penalty calls? I know this one is in our favor but come on, refs, go easy on the whistle. It’s getting ridiculous. “New” NHL my ass.

    59. Is it me or do we get thrown out of faceoffs and/or whistled for false starts a lot more than in past years?

    60. AngelusMortis on

      Does anyone else thing Mara bares a striking resemblance to his Boston counterpart Aaron Ward?

    61. When you’re 0 for 100000 on the power play in the game, don’t be surprised when the Pens make a comeback.

    62. Droopy Inbeddo on

      Jagr lets his man get behind him, causing that goal.

      but he is beyond criticism, according to doodypants

    63. Did you see Renney say “F U” as some skated by? Hey tom many fans would say the same to you….These guys do not have that KO punch!

    64. Kiss my Sraka on

      Looks like Malik taught a thing or 2 to Pock, nice deflection instead of just letting them take the bad angle shot.

    65. Does anyone think the way Renney has used Orr tonight is terrific. He’s used his size and done a really good job – more than just a tough guy. We need somebody to crash the net again….anybody want to volunteer?

    66. Richtersgirl on

      are you serious the 68?? Renney is the most composed mature coach out there! Its good to see some fire out of him tonight!

    67. Ohhhhh, that’s questionable. Didn’t look conclusive to me AT ALL. But I’ll take it.

    68. its been a long time since we won a game like this! great victory ! the refs tried to steal it from us but we hung tough tonight! jags, nylander and everybody, especially Avery, deserve a round of thanks for leaving it all out there tonight. great win….

    69. AngelusMortis on

      It was a close call, but the replays clearly showed that the puck was over the line. It’s an ugly game-winner, but I think the team and fans will take it.

    70. czechthemout!!!!! on

      cally was awsome again,this time we saw him nail a bunch of different penguins all night i said before,he is tougher than shitsbister and should never play another game for the wolfpack.

    71. Where was Dubinsky tonight, didn’t see much of him.

      On the other hand, Callahan played A LOT tonight. And when he was out there he was great. Hits, skates hard, shoots the puck, plays good D.

    72. Kiss my Sraka on

      I guarantee we will win the Cup. Strudwick 0 hits surprise, surprise. nice way to handle the icetime of Prucha, Dubinsky, Isbister and Orr.

    73. czechthemout!!!!! on

      jagr just said that shany,straka are back next game.dubinsky and shitsbister will be scratched in my opinion.

    74. DanTheRangerFan on

      CUP? Lets take it one game at a time here Sraka..How about keeping in playoff position. Lets Go Rangers!

    75. Kiss my Sraka on

      “Seriously, has ANYONE, ANYTIME seen Malik hit anyone?”

      Yes, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

    76. Gutsy win by the Blueshirts.Jagr deserves a fluky goal. He needs an offensive break. Callahan Hits Shoots Skates. And sticks up for teammates. Blair Betts got a clutch one tonight. Nice to see Betts contributing on offense. Dubinski had as good a game as a player can have with limited ice. It seems the SHOOT THE PUCK chant is working!

    77. And why the sudden jump in the game since the first Islander game a week and a half ago? Is it the kids? Did the vets finally wake up and lead? Did the injuries make them pull together? Is it the late push urgency?

      Why haven’t we seen this jump all season?

      The way they have been playing is what Hartford does all the time — rush the net, shoot the puck, cover your ass on the other side of the red line. Maybe there is a bright future.

    78. Renney on Strudwick

      “He’s just a really good glue guy. He’s so respected and liked.â€?

      so, that’s it. they both sniff glue

    79. Kiss my Sraka on

      Girardi might be one of the best defensive defensemen in the league, and he got some decent offense in him as well. He is a Lidster or Aaaron Miller type. He looks like a great shutdown defenseman, so look for Rangers to ship him off for the next Isbister type.

    80. Isbister demoted . Dubinsky stays. When the troops are back.Strun-zwick out . Lifiton back up. No need to play Valliquette ever again. All in my opinion of course.

    81. does anyone remember the game early in the season when crosby scored on a deflection off of arron ward’s skate w/ about 4 seconds left? this was payback man!

    82. the whole Ranger attitude changed when Avery arrived with a bang. then injuries gave the kids the chance they were denied by renney. then Henrik got back into top form.

      the combo of Avery, the kids, and Henrik has turned the Ranger season from sputtering to solid finish.

    83. There is never a need to play Valliquette, even against No. 1 Ranked Notre Dame. Well, maybe he could play against Clarkson or St. Lawrence. I would rather dress Joey Kocur as the backup goalie. Then we could see another great goalie fight like in the Buffalo/Ottawa game.

    84. Kiss my Sraka on

      “the whole Ranger attitude changed when Avery arrived with a bang.”

      true dat, that is when I regained interest, always wanted a player like Avery.

    85. czechthemout!!!!! on

      avery should be wearing the A on this team,should also be considered for team mvp althogh i think the king should win that award,he has been the best goalie in the nhl since christmas.

    86. I wonder if Malik took notice of how damaging a defenseman deflecting the puck can be, seeing how Malik made the pass to Jagr for the game-winner.

      I hate seeing the Blair Betts bashers, like in the thread a few back. He is good at defense and penalty killing, and the Rangers signed him pretty cheaply, so he will fit well moving forward.

      How did Strudwick do tonight? I liked him most of the time last year, although he had a few lapses. I hope he was better than Malik.

    87. Kiss my Sraka on

      as far as 4th line centers go Betts is at most average. Many of his goals were lucky and due to Renney giving him too much icetime.

    88. isbister cant go down to hartford…we’re stuck with him eating up a roster spot for the rest of the season

    89. Dead on about Avery wearing an A. He has brought something this team needed badly that we have missed since we had somebody like Joey Kocur. We’ve added a toughness that is irrefutable. Sometimes he will do the wrong thing and run someone like he did tonight but that is old school hockey and it could have been the factor that pushed us over the top.

    90. the hockey gods Renney was talking about have hit him with instant karma that’s knocked him on his head. He’s tried everything not to play kids and it came back around and he had no choice. And the kids proved him wrong, THEY WERE READY!

    91. glad they eked out the win there. ironic that jagr got the gamewinner for blindly throwing the puck to the net like he always does, but hey they won. only real complaint was the benching of Prucha in the last ten minutes and taking him off the top line. Callahan is playing well but is he suddenly better than Prucha. I havent seen a gifted player treated so badly by the Rangers since colin was coaching kovalev. Kovalev was and is more talented, but no player in recent memory works any harder and produces than Prucha

    92. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

      Sometimes he will do the wrong thing and run someone like he did tonight but that is old school hockey and it could have been the factor that pushed us over the top.

      frohli, while I don’t think Avery made a whole lot of effort to stop, he WAS pushed into the goalie and it shouldn’t have been called, IMO.

    93. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

      Let’s face it guys, Renney will continue to give “his” boys all the ice time they want and will continue to give the “rooks” less and less ice time. I have NEVER seen a coach like him and if it weren’t for Lundqvist, we wouldn’t even be sniffing the playoffs.

    94. the sooner Isbister is gone the better I will feel. Seriously I dont get it. He brings nothing except a big body which he doesnt use to bang and he couoldnt score the proverbial goal into the ocean. Zero.

    95. Longtimesufferingrangerfan:

      girardi, Pock and Callahan all got qualit yminutes in that game. Renney was smart ehough to play the hot hands. I think the whole “he rufese to give the kids a chance” thing needs to chill awhile.

    96. AngelusMortis on

      Giving Prucha 7:29 of ice time is incomprehensible. He’s stepped up his game a lot lately and has been way more physical than most guys his size. 6’0, 175 and still throwing more his than big old 6’6, 240 Malik, who averages less than one hit per game. He may not have the same offensive touch he had last year, but there’s no reason for Renney to be robbing him of ice time like this.

    97. Kiss my big juicy Sraka on

      “the sooner Isbister is gone the better I will feel. Seriously I dont get it. He brings nothing except a big body which he doesnt use to bang and he couoldnt score the proverbial goal into the ocean. Zero.”

      yeah, and same thing for Jason “I am a hugger, not a hitter” Strudwick, bring back Liffiton.

    98. Kiss my big juicy Sraka on

      Renney has little respect for young players like Prucha, and probably Prucha doesn’t get Renney’s jokes so he is in a doghouse.

      It was obvious entire last season and this season that Renney is not a big Prucha fan and doesn’t have much confidence in him.

    99. When Avery first arrived, he stood out like a sore thumb for his intensity head and shoulders above the rest of the team, but now they have all stepped it up and are “bringing it” on the same level, so that now it appears to be the norm, rather than the exception. And the kid Callahan has some real moxy and is a great complement skating with Avery.

    100. gosh i hate when Ranger fans boo Malik when he ASSISTS on a GAME WINNING GOAL!! Please, that is just not necessary. You should never boo a Ranger contributing to a goal, especially an important goal like that. Really aggrivates me

    101. i really dont understand why prucha, ortmeyer & dubi had such little ice time. im glad avery, callahan & cullen have such great chemistry, but prucha getting less time then orr?! thats when i have serious doubts about this tom renney guy.

    102. Malik would be much better if he never played the power play. of course, we have no defensemen left, so I can’t blame the fans for booing him.

    103. Just got back from the game. Unfortunately, I was in a section with lots of Pittsburgh fans, but it was fun making fun of them at the end! NYR1994: 5 out of 6 the last 3!!

      Richtersgirl: That annoys me too when someone boos like that, especially on a game winning goal. Uncalled for. I think I also heard DumpJagrDope boo when Jagr’s name was announced for the goal.

    104. *“He’s just a really good glue guy. He’s so respected and liked.�*

      *so, that’s it. they both sniff glue*

      Funniest comment ever!!

    105. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

      Should Malik get booed for assisting on a goal, no but the fans are trying to get Renneys’ attention. No way should he be getting the lions share of ice time when he is one of, if not the, most un-reliable d men out there. He is slow, won’t hit, which is disgraceful given his 6’6″ 240 lbs., and makes a lot of scary passes up the middle or through the crease.

    106. leetchy your doubts seem to be well founded. He’s in over his head, and is not a good learner. He should coach Hartford next year.

    107. I’m not sure Ranger fans booing Malik when he does something good is going to affect Renneys decision. Instead the boo’ing when the Rangers just won a very important game is just unecessary negative energy. I understand boo’ing him when he gives the puck away or puts the puck in our net but cmon now, he does something good he should not be booed. That goes for anyone, not just Malik but he’s the only one it happens with.

    108. Back from the game a littl while ago….O man it was unbelievable, I think I had a heart attack or two, but just happy We won….YES!!!!!!!!

      NJ MARK:Thats it buddy We gotta keep it rolling.

      LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

    109. yeah malik should not be booed before the game or when he gets an assist. When he puts the puck in his own net that is a different story.

      With 9 games left in reg season and only 3 of them home games they need all oars rowing in the same direction and no negative energy from the crowd.

      I THINK we’re all Ranger fans here.

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