Old and new reunited


Consider the strange dynamic confronted by Jason Strudwick right now. Seated in his locker stall at the MSG Training Center, with the clock directly across from him, the recently signed defenseman couldn’t help but watch the minutes tick down until he cleared waivers at noon and was officially back as a Ranger.

Now that he has, Strudwick is likely to play tonight alongside Paul Mara.

Martin Straka is believed to be doing better than expected, but is still set to have an MRI this afternoon, and will not play tonight. In his place, Brandon Dubinsky has been recalled from Hartford and will center a line of Jed Ortmeyer and Petr Prucha.

Brendan Shanahan took part in the morning skate but will not play until Wednesday.

Have to hop now. More later..

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  1. Now that we signed Strudwick, should I dig out the old #2 jersey from the back of the closet?

  2. i dont understand the move either…why not let liffton play this out and give him the experience..he hasn’t done anything to hurt this team in his 2 games played…

  3. Rangers Pride on

    Liffiton’s game does need a bit of polishing. I think AHL will not hurt him at this point. I hope JJ gets a hat trick tonight!

  4. Strudwick was horribly slow and caught out of position often last year, and after a year out of the NHL, the braintrust expects him to be better?

    The kids have been alright, why mess with more NHL rejects?

  5. Michael Borgo on

    Hasn’t Sather figured out yet that we’d rather see the kids play. Strudwick is not a long term answer for anything. It’s clear that even if the Rangers make the playoffs this year it will be a short run. Let’s keep the excitement about the future going and play the kids!

  6. Strudwick isnt an NHL reject, actually far from it. He admitted he was faster this year because he played in larger rinks in Europe. Glad to see him back, 10 games isnt going to ruins any wolf pack players career so everyone just live with it and stop complaining.

  7. We’d rather see the kids play?
    I’d rather see the Rangers in the playoffs.

    I don’t really care who’s in the lineup provided they’re winning.


    Huh? Strudwick? Why wasnt he signed by any NHL club last summer? You think he is an upgrade instead of a Hartford prospect? What are you smoking? I want some too.

  9. Strudwick is a veteran. As well as the rookies are playing, there is need for some experience at this time of year and fighting to retain a playoff spot.

    He was also part of the Blue-collar mentality from last year that has been missing.

    Good move.

  10. This shows the bias for experience as Brooks says and many posters comment on.

    Liffiton has looked fine and he is a tough guy. I noticed the other day with the devils, white who I do not like makes guys on the other team look for him when in the offensive zone because they are concerned they can get popped. Liffiton is like that, he is big and strong and tough.

    Is this decision significant, probably not but why mess with a guy who has played at a minimum fine.

    the 2 games he played they gave up 2 goals………..

  11. Question: If Strudwick is such an upgrade, why didn’t another NHL team (especially one fighting for the playoffs) claim him?
    Answer: In Satherland, the mantra is “Must play veterans. Must play veterans.”

  12. Who Cares about Strudwick except the Dumb Rangers?? No other team wants this guy. He brings nothing to the party. No goals, no speed, no respect. Experience? Exeperience in what? LOSING??

  13. Maybe we should badmouth Strudwick after he stinks and after having him around has had an tangible negative impact? Or is that just no fun?

  14. Im using his accumulated resume to date. What positives do you see in Lifiton being benched in favor of Strudwick after Lifiton jumped into the NHL on an emergency basis. Played well. Fought a Bruin on behalf of the Ranger sweater. Chris F. Name one serious reason please?

  15. also from what I have heard Liffiton has played very well recently for Hartford and makes good low rick passes in his own zone..

    Again I have nothing against Strudwick, just Liffiton is a younger, tougher version, who has played at the NHL speed level this yr…

  16. You people Suck! Strudwick was a part of our winning team last year. I was upset to see him not re-signed and I’m happy he’s back. He fits well with the team.

  17. why the hate for strudwick? he played over his head last year for us and is a guy that we SHOULD have signed as our 7th dman this year. david liffiton still needs alot of work the rangers are fighting for their playoff lives. they have 2 kids already back there playing in their first real nhl year, it is a smart move. his teammates love him, he will stick up for guys, can hold his own with his gloves off, and just plays a simple game. when i saw that they were doing this i was pleasantly surprised.

  18. we do not hate strudwick, the person who posted he is the perfect 7th D man is right. The key work is 7th….

  19. Dont mind Struds being back, though i hope the change in rink size does not affect him too much– i always hear when prospects come over how long it takes them for adjusting, and making decisions quicker, game is faster, etc…

    Hopefully struds can adjust- though i would rather see him as #7 also– Liffiton was doing a fine job i felt.. o well, not up to me to make the decision.
    Just out of curiousity, was it def Liffiton who is being scratched, or was it Malik? perhaps Renney wanted to take the pens leading scorer against the rangers (malik) out of the game, hahahahahaha.

  20. the guy was minus 10 last year, but who knows he could still help us get in the playoffs. but the real problem here is, say they make the playoffs and Toots isnt ready. You then have throw a rookie out there who has little nhl experience when you could have let him develop now when the team is essentially playing playoff games. Of course we still have to get into the playoffs, but wouldnt it be better to prepare someone for the playoffs in case they are needed. Also it is one thing for Strudwick to say he is faster, but he wasn’t playing with that many elite level players in the swiss leagues all year.

  21. blueshirts2k7 on

    Yeah Strudwick had alot to do with the Rangers winning last year please. It’s the same old Rangers sucky vets over the kids.

  22. PETE

    You get it. Obviously the other pro strudwick people don’t get that point. Keep on keepin it real Pete. It is a good sign for this blog to have an asset like Pete.

  23. thanks for ur support John M, same kind of people who wish we had the great martin rucinsky back

  24. In my opinion, Rucinsky No, Strudwick – Yes. It makes sense not to put too much youth in the lineup. Sorry, but I see the logic on this one. Also consider that Malik and Roscival may not be needed for 25-30 minutes each game with a veteran guy like Studwick in the mix.

  25. Too much youth? look at buffalo, anaheim, san jose…a lot of youth doesnt seem to be hurting them. we may not have the equivalent of a vanek right now, but we have plenty of solid 2nd line talent/low end 1st line talent and certainly some defenseman who are 4,5,6 capable. im not saying Strudwick cant help, but what does that really do for our team if we make the playoffs….it also makes me worry they mite try and resign him in the offseason, which would be awful…and thats all she wrote

  26. PETE — Strudwick is ineligible for playoffs so Liffiton just might need to be recalled if Tyutin is still out.

    Personally, I have no trouble with bringing the kids along slowly now that it finally looks like there is some potential down on the farm and Strudwick works hard, is good in the room and in a pinch he does fine… but long term, he’s a 7th dman/depth guy. We’re not looking long term, he’s got to work hard and work smart for 10 games. That’s it.

  27. I like Struds… great team player and I was upset we didn’t sign him over the summer.

    Welcome back Struds!

  28. I can’t help but shake my head and roll my eyes in finding out the Rangers actually are bringing back Jason Strudwick. Nothing personal against the man, but is he such an improvement over Liffiton? Why are the Rangers, seemingly the only organization that absolutely refuses to develop their youth? Developing the kids in the A is all well and good. But there has to be a time when these kids get an actual opporunity to play here and stay here. As long as Sather and Co. are running or should I say ruining the ship, we are more likely to see marginal vets fill out or roster than young homegrown kids who can aactually play and contribute. I’m a fan to the end, I just wish that the team that I love gave a damn about building a team the right way.

  29. Once Rachunek went down is when the call to Strudwick was placed, I assume.

    Once the wheels are put in motion and you’re going to bring a guy over from Europe to play it’s a little tough to say “We’ve changed our minds Jason, we have this kid Liffiton.”

    I’m sure Liffiton will get more PT this season, but even if he doesn’t, at least the R’s know what they have in him and what to expect from him next season. With Girardi, Liffiton, Pock, Staal, Tyutin the R’s have some nice depth on defense, very promising.

  30. maybe the strudwick signing had to do with the call up situation. if there are only 4 allowable callups, and someone else were to go down we could be out of luck, maybe by signing strudwick who can play forward or defense we can save a callup for later if needed. we were using all 4 now with liffiton, dubinsky, callahan, and girardi. i am sure there was a reason besides not wanting to play a youthful player.

  31. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    “Liffiton’s game does need a bit of polishing”

    and Strudwick’s doesn’t? Strudwick sucks, while Liffiton showed he can play in NHL, he’s been in AHL for 3 seasons, not much point for him to go back.

  32. I hope Renney will scratch Malik for tonight’s game or perhaps for the rest of the season.

  33. maybe David Karpa is still available. what a joke. since he can’t play in the playoffs, it is a slap in the face to Ranger youth again.

  34. RangerFan

    that was my whole point, ie give Liffton some more NHL experience in case he needs to play in the playoffs

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