It’s all coming together now


OK, so maybe there’s some sarcasm in there seeing how half the Rangers roster remains in sort of brace or cast. I saw Marcel Hossa walking out of the dressing room last night limping so badly he looked like he just took a two-by-four to the knee, which leads me to believe he’s not going to be scoring any shoot-out goals anytime soon.


But the good news is Brendan Shanahan is coming back, most likely Wednesday against the very Philadelphia team he was knocked out cold against on Feb. 17. I don’t know what can be expected right away from a player who’s missed more than a month of hockey. But I also think even an 80-year-old Shanahan could probably sneak a few one-timers past a goalie, and the emotional significance alone of his return will provide the Rangers an immediate boost.

As for Martin Straka, there’s been no further word from the team on his condition, but I suspect he’ll miss at least tomorrow, and that Brandon Dubinsky will be back in his place.

Either way, for the first time since before the All-Star break, I see this team making the playoffs, which is shocking in itself given the number of games they’ve coughed away this season. But there is something to be said for the Rangers’ resilience. As was the case last year, when they thrived in the role of underdogs, they’ve continued to play their best hockey when the least is expected of them.

My guess is you’ve all lost a few hairs as a result. And there’s still always the chance the bottom could fall out. But here we are coming up on late March, and every night continues to be compelling theater.

From a reporter’s standpoint, that’s all I ever really wanted.

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  1. Memo to the rest of the Eastern Conference: Be afraid . . . be very afraid of the Rangers surging into the playoffs!!!!

  2. Well said Sam. Excellent post! Couldn’t agree with you more…except I still believed this team could make the playoffs back in February when I began posting on this blog.

    10 games left, 13 points needed for 92. Looking at their schedule, they can do it. Especially if Henrik continues his play through the rest of the season.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    That picture just reminds me of how embarassing it was to watch Hollweg get destroyed.

  4. yea but at least he shows up every game and plays physical.

    Still amazed at how good HL is. 3 d men who are rookies last night, though Girardi looks like he has been playing in the NHL for years, and a Shutout. Impressive.

  5. repost…I’ll give the credit to Lundie 1st, then Avery for what’s he has brought in changing the culture of this team, along with Shanny of course. Renney & Sather should have been fired in the past, but it’s the present & the future that have to be dealt with. Sather is not going and Renney’s jury is still out with 10 games to go….I still think he should be reassigned for next season unless he performs a miracle or two.

  6. The amazing thing is that Pittsburgh is depicted as burning up the league and the Rangers seem to be stumbling along from one mishap to the next, yet in the last 10 games they each have 15 points. This team has something last year’s team didn’t have when it counted, heart. They may go down but it will be with all guns blaring, and that’s all you can ask from any sports team.

  7. The picture should have been of the Liffiton fight. Liffiton killed Reich. I like him, hes a good fighter, hope he gets in a few more fights.

    Great post Sam. These boys better keep winning, for the fans sake.

  8. This team COULD be dangerous. If Shanny comes back to be, well.. Shanny and Jagr gets it going a bit, With Callahan coming on and good team defense, they could get go somewhere. Not saying it will happen but it could. Oh yeah and one more thing if the King keeps this up they can get to the playoffs and challenge

  9. This team is playing with more energy more speed and a whole lot tougher and thats not inspitee of the rookies that is BECAUSE of the rookies as far as i’m concerned I don’t want any of the injured players back if it means sitting ANY of the rookies. I wouldnt mind seeinf Orr and Betts benched and although I like Orts he has to develope some scoring touch. Okay let the attacks begin :)

  10. rich i agree with you except betts. He is an excellent faceoff man and a good penalty killer. He was 16-6 on draws yesterday. He gets a raw deal from a lot of people on the blog. he makes no money and is a perfect 4th line penalty killing center. He certainly serves a purpose.

  11. How much better has Cullen played recently?? He’s a missle out there! Gotta love his shot as well. Let’s keep it rolling boys!!

  12. Brad good point about Betts, Betts and Orts contributions don’t end up on the score sheet.

  13. a casual observer on

    Does anyone know how long Dipietro is supposed to be out?
    How about Cam Ward for Carolina?
    I think Strudwick is just an insurance policy in case we lose any more Dmen. He is steady, experienced and a good team guy that will drop the gloves.
    I hope Dubinsky and Callahan keep playing. Isbiscuit needs to sit. He had hands of stone last night.

  14. Rich, Brad.

    No goals for Betts= no more playing time. Dubinski gets the nod because Betts makes no money ( and therefor can be dumped without cap repercussions.) and Dubinski can add more grit and more offense. The 4th line must produce 25 goals a year collectively so please stop defending a dead horse. The 3d and 4th line lack of goal production this season is the reason why the Rangers have 22 one goal losses. Blair Betts is very very responsible for that. In the NHL you have to go 16-6 on faceoffs and score a goal every 4 games or else you are NOT an NHL 4th liner in my opinion.

  15. Granted, Betts has 8 goals this year.More than any other 4th liner. But he has played on the first and second line this season too.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    John M, you are suggesting that to be a 4th liner in the NHL, you need to score 20 goals a season? That’s prepostorous. You had just said yourself that the line as a whole should have 25. And most 4th lines don’t even come close to 25 goals a season, for any team. I would even say that half of the third lines don’t either.

    I would take Betts on a 4th line over Dubinsky in a hot second. I would take Dubinsky over Betts on the 2nd line even faster.

  17. Betts playing should have no impact on dubinsky. Straka is great but he IS NOT a center. he is a winger. Dubinsky should play, straka should move to wing and Isbister should sit. Betts IS our best faceoff man. He has 8 goals, how much more offense would you expect from him. He has had very limited time on the top 6, not that he deserves more, but his production is where you’d expect it.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree. Isbister should be sitting and should have been sitting for a very long time now.

  19. isbister is producing NOTHING with first line minutes. Again like i have said not jagrs fault that his great passes end up setting up a scrub who cant hit the net.

  20. Betts and faceoffs: can anyone remember Betts winning an important faceoff? I can’t.
    As for Isbister, I have to ask again, why play a man for his size in front of the net on a line that doesn’t shoot?

    It wouldn’t be so bad of if he had any grace with a stick, but we all know he doesn’t.

  21. Lost a few hairs?! I went from Patrick Swayze to Patrick Stewart since the YoungStars game.

    For those who forgot, Strudwick was benched a lot of last year until Maxim Kondratiev was traded for Petr Sykora (oh how we miss him…) but became a very reliable 6th D-man until the end of the year.

    Is he the savior? No. But he can’t hurt.

  22. czechthemout!!!!! on

    yes he can zach.lifiton will be a olayer as well.he is only 22,is a good skater,makes a good outlet pass,takes the body every chance he gets,will drop the gloves and win his fights.strudwick can’t skate,can’t pass,can’t catch any one so he can be physical.the only thing you will get from him is a good effort every night,but thats not enough in a playoff run.also he cannot play in the playoffs,that should be enough not to let him play instead of lifiton.

  23. Strudwick: I’m torn on having him back. He was by far the worst defensive liablity last year. But he was also one of the toughest guys out there, with exception to Hollweg. I think I’d rather have Kasparitus back there(and of course that ain’t happening). Speaking of which, is there any word yet as to what happened to him? Is he done as a Ranger?

    Good win. Watched the game, but don’t remember much courtesy of several gallons of beer. ISBISTER:WTF happened to this guy? At one point I remember people touting him as a future star. And I can remember his first year as an Islander, he did a pretty good job of finding the net. But now, he’s an embarassment. I still can’t believe we gave up Jakub Petruzalek for a guy that can’t score during a 7-0 blowout while on a line with JAROMIR FRIGGIN’ JAGR and getting nearly 15 minutes of ice. As I understand, he’s there to “protect” Jagr. But as far as I can see, he doesn’t even do that. If they want someone big on the line, they should bring up Byers.

    Love the way the kids are contributing. The depth of the farm system is really starting to show.

  24. i think the 3 young dmen have easily shown they are better than malik…i think he should be the one to sit

  25. czechthemout!!!!! on

    not only that joe,if they brought up baranka,and potter,they also would be better than malik.but i know he is plus 500.oh by the way even though he’s not played great the last 2or 3 games and he does not shoot on the powerplay,
    rozy is the reason that malik has as high a plus/minus that he has.rozy covers up alot of maliks mistakes and i feel malik is actually holding rozy back from being even better than he can be.he even takes the body fairly often,a rare thing for a czech player.if you watch pock and rozy play,you can clearly see that they are much better together than when malik plays with him.i am sure i’am not the only one who noticed the many bad plays malik made in the first and second period.

  26. just wanted to see what everyone thought about who would be better to face in the first round of the playoffs…buffalo or the devils?

  27. czechthemout!!!!! on

    paul c-
    atlanta,if they finish in sith place.3pts out,one game in hand and one game remaining with the bolts.

  28. czechthemout!!!!! on

    big game tomorrow,we are do against the pens.we have come close the last three or four games,i think we will win tomorrow.i predict at least 4fights tomorrow.lifiton,orr,dubinsky,and hollweg.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Eh. The more I see of Pock, the less I like him. He played well in that last game, but with the exception of Isbister, it was hard to find any Ranger who didn’t.

    As for Liffiton, it was one game. I’m not gonna jump on the bandwagon for him yet, especially since I saw glaring deficiencies in his game a couple of months ago (although I should mention that about a month ago someone said that the deficiencies had been adressed and he was vastly improved). I think Malik has actually had a couple of good games defensively in a row. Maybe it’s being paired with Girardi instead of Roszival that’s helped him.

    As for Dubinsky, someone who was sitting in the row in front of me at the Ottawa game pointed out that he falls down a lot. I started looking for it after he said it. He was right. Dubinsky goes down at least once a shift. He’s also yet to get a point and his faceoffs have been crap. I like him, he’s got spunk, but I wouldn’t cry over him finishing the year in Hartford once Hossa and Shanahan return.

  30. czechthemout!!!!! on

    doodie-Eh. The more I see of Pock, the less I like him. He played well in that last game.

    define more.two stright games without being scratched?he was good last night,he was also good in atlanta.yesturday he was finally put on the powerplay,and he was effective,getting shots to the net and keeping the puck in at the blue line feeding it to avery who fed it to cullen for a goal.he has been misused and abused by renney more than any young player on the team.i hope he continues to be in the lineup and get some more games the rest of the season
    and then we can truly judge his far as dubinsky,in his first game,you’re right he fell down the next two he was better and better taking several good shots on goal,holding the puck strong along the boards,being physical,and setting up avery and prucha and straka for good chances,but as has been the problem they couldn’t score.and renney the fool plays him only about 7-8 minutes a game.if anything the guy that should be sent packing is SHITSBISTER,he does nothing out there,yet he gets first line minutes.and i don’t want to hear about his back checking because he does not back check as well as dubinsky did several times.SHITSBISTER also takes at least one stupid lazy hooking penalty a game.he needs to go and he needs to go now.

  31. after listening to Sam Rosen read cue cards and then Al “ask” Malik about his surging defensive prowess, you have to believe that we are going to not only make the playoffs, but do some serious damage in the early rounds.

  32. these are the only moves they should make; when shanahan comes back sit Isbister.

    play Dubinsky monday for straka.

    Liffiton should play, he is better then strudwick, younger, and tougher.

    Pock has been playing fine… They lose strictly because of their offense there whole D has been playing very well…

  33. On Betts he is like Stephan Yelle for Colorado. He is a good 4th line center… Dubi is not a 4th liner. Dubis should play on the 3rd line or above he is 20, betts is 27…

    Betts is handicapped because of the 2 bricklayers on his line, only 1 of them should play, that is all a team can afford….

    betts is pretty good on faceoffs, PK, and blocking shots…

  34. stuart if that’s the case who do you suggest to play with Betts to un-handicap him so he can show his offensive abilities that he hasn’t able to do with Shanny or the “bricklayers’? Or are you saying he doesn’t have any more than he’s shown.

  35. Stuart

    Given Yelle’s play in Stanley Cup runs — his skating, his ability to pass the puck, to shoot, to dish out punishment, in other words his ability to do more than just grind — it is practically libelous to put Betts in the same sentence. Betts is not a terrible hockey player, but Yelle at his peak was ten times the player Betts is.

  36. hard to have Liffiton as the designated fighter – since if he’s in the box or out of the game the team is down to 5 dmen. Usually a forward has that role. Hence Orr has to play the next 2 games.

    czechthemout – we are finished with TB on the schedule – did you mean TB has 1 game with Atl (which they do) – just not sure of where you were going with that one.

  37. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    I think Rangers should look into trading prospects in 3 for 2 or 2 for 1 deal because they fot too many and some (or maybe most) will be wasted in AHL and Europe. Dawes and Jessiman for Dustin Boyd. Betts and Bahensky for Joel Lundqvist(great 4th line center). Immonen and Helminen for Alexandre Vincent. Falardeau, Graham and Potter for Vladimir Mihalik.

  38. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    Last season Betts played with Ward, Prucha, Nieminen, etc and managed only 2 assists. This season he plaayed with Prucha, Shanahan, Cullen, etc. and managed only 3 assists (and his assist are more of a lucky rebound variety) there is just no excuse for such terrible playmaking. Yelle averages about 11 assists a season that is way out of Betts’ league. Betts is lucky if he ever gets 4 assists.

  39. If rangers win tomorrow then we are 7th, canes dont play till thurs and we have a game that day…If we win that game and the next we’ll be 1 or 3 points out of 6th depending if TBL beats isles, but rangers dont have to settle at 7 or 8 they can go for 6th, 5th is a bit out of reach but who knows what can as optimistic as can be but rangers gotta keep it up…

    Oh yea did anyone notice after liffiton fought that guy..Calley and Valley were chanting WOLFPACK…WOLFPACK!!!!

    Lets go RAGERS

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    Doesn’t change the fact that he is a solid 4th line center. Why waste a prospect in that role UNLESS the prospect is a designated 4th liner? Not to mention Dubinsky has been crap in the faceoff circle after his good start against the Isles.

    Yes, I think the Betts-Yelle comparison is a little faulty, but I also think it’s hard to come up with 4th line centers that you know by name, and the fact that Betts is good in the circle, and is 1st in blocked shots for forwards(and has been for most of the season) makes him one of the more valuable ones in the league.

    Besides, I think there are flaws on this team that are much more important than Blair Betts. When he was playing 2nd line center, that was an example of the largest flaw the team had(Renney).

    Right now, Isbister needs to go. I mean, I can see a justification for him being in the lineup. *If* everyone was healthy, then Isbister would be a healthy scratch. I would rather have the kids getting ice time in Hartford than being scratches in NY. But that in no way justifies him getting 1st line ice time! Prucha should be in that spot and Isbister should be on the third, maybe even fourth, line. I would say put Avery up there, but he and Callahan seem to have some chemistry, so it’s probably best to keep them together while Callahan is up here.

    Who were the 2nd and third line centers last night?

  41. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    Avery-Cullen-Callahan is our top scoring line. Jagr’s line sucks. Prucha-Dubinsky-Ortmeyer will create better scoring chances than the Jagr line.

  42. “Why waste a prospect in that role UNLESS the prospect is a designated 4th liner?”

    The fourth line is where youts should play until they graduate up the ladder. Betts brings nothing. Immonen, who is 56% on faceoffs should have been doing his apprenticeship all season on the fourth line. But not in the Sather-Renney Rangerworld where Isbigster and Jason Ward are on the first line. Nosireeeee.

  43. Uncle Renney’s Cabin: No way I’d do any of those deals and for one reason: These guys in Hartford are part of a system, that is eventually going to be here in NY. True, guys like Helminen, Potter and even Falardeau are stretches to make the NHL. However, I wouldn’t want to tinker too much with the team, as they really seem to have their game together. And if guys can build a good chemistry in the AHL, they can bring that experience together in the the NHL. As I’ve espoused before, I’d like to see a whole line come up from Hartford and remain together here. My top candidate right now is Callhahn-Dubinsky-Byers.

    And now to contradict myself, I have a feeling you’ll see Immonen, Dawes, Pock, Falardeau and a few others on different teams unless they make the squad out of camp next season. Seems like there could be a decent number players joining the Pack next year, including Pyatt, Sauer, Staal, Kenny Roche, Ryan Russell and a few more.

    On a related note, WTF is going on with Alex Bourret? Two points in nine games? Has anyone seen him skate? I thought he was a point-per-game powerhouse.

  44. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    ” I wouldn’t want to tinker too much with the team, as they really seem to have their game together.”

    are you kidding me? They are barely scoring any goals down there.

    With Olver, Anisimov, Pyatt, Russell, and Dupont likely to be in Hartford next season, they are really running out of room.

  45. I said Yelle as an example. As someone else stated it is hard to remember good 4th line centers, that mainly play the PK, and have very limited scoring ability but are real team guys.

    again Betts is not exactly joe sakic but he is a decent 4th line center.

    I also know he is not a great passer but if his talent was just Aaron asham type or even simon he would have more assists.

    let’s move on from this debate.


  46. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    wow Avs are doing a great job catching Flames. Sakic is so much better than Jagr, older and gets less icetime, but scores more points and provides better leadership.

  47. renney’s cabin– whats your point? everyone knows sakic’s a good leader, but will never leave the avs and will forever be a part of the avs organization. you werent seriously expecting jagr to become messier-like? even so, jagr’s not the kind of guy to be a stand up leader like shanny, messier or sakic, did you not see that coming? im not trying to attack your statement but it just has no relevance and trying to bash jagr has gotten so old now, its annoying.

    and yes, calgary better watch themselves b/c the avs are only 4 points out as of tonight.

  48. There’s no way that Renney should have 5 players in the lineup who can’t put the puck in the ocean.

    Betts, Hollweg, Ortmeyer, Isbister and Orr would have a hard time scoring from the slot with no goalie in the net.

    Regardless of their PK duties and shotblocking abilities and large hearts – their lack of offense is a serious situation, and a big reason why we’ve lost so many one-goal games.

    When our offensive players are also in scoring slumps, we’ve got real problems.

    That’s why when Shanahan returns, it MUST be Isbister who sits.

    Callahan showed more offensive skill in one game than those 5 have shown all season. Dubinsky should play regularly until Straka is totally healthy – which may be next season. A one-armed Straka isn’t helping the team at all.

    Maybe Dubinsky should center Hollweg and Orr for a few games. Let Betts center the 3rd line to distribute the “stone hands” more evenly around the lineup.

    Prucha – Nylander – Jagr
    Shanahan – Cullen – Ortmeyer
    Avery – Betts – Callahan
    Hollweg – Dubinsky – Orr

  49. Baron34 good post.. if they have the 5 offensively challenged forwrds in the lineup and you add such offensive stars on D such as Malik, and Liffiton or Girardi(appears to have offensive ability but so far 0), you have 7 out of 18 who cannot hit the twine under almost any circumstances.

    Maybe that is why we play so many low scoring games and have lost so many low scoring heartbreakers!!!

  50. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    point is that even old farts like Shanahan, Sakic, Roberts, etc. are playing better than Jagr. Point is we don’t need stinking Jagr anymore. Might as well get Rico Fata for .5 mil to skate laps around the offensive zone with the puck until he loses it. This puck possesion/cycling strategy is more boring than Devils’ trap system.

  51. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    lines on Wednesday should be:


  52. I think its obvious to everyone that Uncle Renneys Cabin is DumpJagrDope. Your such a joke. How many boards have you been kicked off of? You hate Jagr yeah we all get that already. Well everyone doesn’t feel that way some people like him ,and none of them give a crap what you think. You don’t even have the balls to keep the same name eventhough its just a made up name. At least i have the guts to use my real name on here.

  53. Barbara – that says a lot about him that he won’t use his real name and keeps switching. He was also VinnyPooh and the worst name he used was after a serial killer from the 70’s – which I won’t even list as respect for his victims.

    He was just kicked off newsdays blog.

  54. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    Sam you need to ban these low IQ assholes who just insult more intelligent fans for no good reason.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, forgot those 3 assists Jagr had in that last game. I also forgot that he assisted on both goals in the Ottawa game and on Malik’s goal against Carolina. That’s 6 assists in 4 games (0 against Atlanta). Fourth in the league in assists. Yup, he sure is finished.

    On a different note, does anyone know if Dubinsky has been called up for Straka? Also, does anyone know how Callahan staying would affect the callups? Lastly, an opinion question: Who should sit when Hossa and Shanahan return? Obviously, Isbister should be first, but then who is second? I think it should be Straka since he’s hurt, otherwise Colton Orr.

    As much as I like Shanahan, I hope they don’t resign him next season to make more room for our young wingers. They already have Jagr and Straka under contract. If they use Straka as a Center, I can think of 6 offensive wingers, not counting Shanahan that I would like to see on the team:

    1) Jagr
    2) Prucha
    3) Avery
    4) Callahan
    5) Dawes
    6) Hossa (if he returns in the same form he left with)

    If Straka is a wing, then one of those guys wouldn’t even be there. This also assumes that Byers, Jessiman, and Korpikoski won’t be ready either. And let’s not forget the defensive wingers Ortmeyer, Hollweg, and Orr.

    Retaining Shanny for anything except for top 6 duty would be pointless. So another opinion question: Should we resign Shanahan, and if so, who should sit? And if you answer Jagr, then you’re not taking the question seriously because there is no doubt he will be there next season and deserves to be there.

  56. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    Baron34 said:
    Betts, Hollweg, Ortmeyer, Isbister and Orr would have a hard time scoring from the slot with no goalie in the net.

    Regardless of their PK duties and shotblocking abilities and large hearts – their lack of offense is a serious situation, and a big reason why we’ve lost so many one-goal games.

    They are also part of the reason that we have even been IN one goal games…without the defensive abilities of Betts, Ortmeyer who knows what the scores would be. Hollweg’s hits also make the other team keep their heads up and get rid of passes faster than they would like. Isbister and Orr…well, who knows.

  57. Doodie, Dubinsky was just sent down on paper, he’s physically still in NY.

    Don’t understand the call up rule myself. If somebody does, please explain it.

    Yeah, I see Straka and Jagr for next season. Shanahan is a question mark but if the Rangers keep up their spirited play, he might just want to re-sign. Hopefully Nylander, Malik, Isbister will be gone. Lines I see as possible for next season are..





    On defense:




    I see Pock, Immonen and Dawes being dealt elsewhere. Knocking at the door will be Korpokoski, Jessiman, Staal and Montoya.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Lenny: Pock won’t be dealt, he’ll be UFA at the end of the season. Snowball’s chance in hell that he resigns. Also, Shanny will command several million (at least 3.5). Is it worth that much to put him on the third line?

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    I do agree that Immonen will probably be dealt. I thought they should’ve tried to move him at the deadline.

  60. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    If Jagr wasn’t hurt there probably wouldn’t have been a lot of those one goal games….you can tell he insn’t even close to playing like he did last year. That said, the amount of ice time Renney lets’ him have is ridiculous.

  61. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    “I’m not sure he’s doing this if we have him here prematurely, first and foremost,” Tom Renney said after Saturday’s game, speaking specifically about Callahan and in general about all the young Rangers. “Believe it or not, there is a reason for why these kids did go to Hartford this year – to ply the trade and learn to understand it better. And I think we’re seeing the benefits of real good coaching down there and the opportunity to play a lot of minutes.”

    Real good coaching down there could be real good coaching up here!

  62. LT,

    “Hey lennynyr…cold here in NC. No golf today.”

    Still digging out of 3 feet of snow that hit us St Patty’s Day.

    Should have stayed in AZ longer. :))

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    “But the good news is Brendan Shanahan is coming back, most likely Wednesday.”

    Good in the sense that he’s healthy and has managed to recover. Better in the sense that they should sit Isbister. Horrible if they choose to sit Callahan instead of Isbister. I’d rather Shanahan be a scratch than Callahan.

  64. Sam thanks for deleting that post with the four letter word. I believe in free speech and that poster was egged on, but people have to respect there could be minors reading this. Keep up the good work.

  65. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    “Uncle Renney’s Cabin, do you post on Rodent’s or Bird’s site?”

    no, why?

  66. Everyone has their lines for next year and i have no problem with that but a lot can happen. There will be some juicy free agents. If rangers do not make playoffs can sather and renney asap!

  67. DOODIE,

    i wrote that before and i agree with you on shanny…i love the guy, and i think he’s a Hall of Famer, but i don’t see where he fits on this team any longer and that putting him on a top 6 line at this point will be taking the spot away from a kid like dawes, callahan, and even though he’s a center you can throw dubinsky in the mix too..
    it’s time the rangers stick with these kids and see where this goes…..i was very impressed with Dubinsky, and obviously callahan looks like he’s gonna be a stud…

  68. gregg, it’s not going to happen if JJ is still here, and Shanny is a great example for any kid.

  69. “Uncle Renney’s Cabin, do you post on Rodent’s or Bird’s site?�

    “no, why?”

    The language of your posts fit in with what those two sites are all about. Just thought you were a regular on one or both.

  70. Doodie, i like Shanny,but no i don’t think they should resign him. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying they won’t play the kids if Jagr is here. When he was with the Penguins they played lots of young guys he didn’t care. I don’t think the Rangers not playing the young guys has anything to do with him,but i know some people like to blame him for everything,and as far as his ice time goes, as tired as he looks i doubt he would mind if he played less minutes. They have played him to much all year, i think that plus the injuries is the reason he looks so outta gas now.

  71. Doodie – they can and should have more forwards capable of scoring than just 2 lines. Carolina won the cup with 3 lines capable of scoring during the playoffs. So there s/b room for Callahan and Dubinsky even with vets like Shanny, Jagr, Straka. All of the above have to help on the defensive side of things.

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