As you chip away at the ice in your driveway…


…realize the storm yesterday also had an impact on your wayward hockey team.

With a scorned Aaron Ward and the rest of the Bruins less than seven hours away, the Rangers just landed at Westchester County Airport, providing them minimal turnaround time to get ready for tonight.

In other news, Jason Strudwick has indeed signed with the Rangers but still has to go through waivers. He wouldn’t be eligible for tonight, but if he clears, expect him to play Monday night against the Pens.

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  1. hockeymanrangers on

    Hey if ever the Rangers needed a break it was last night. Their playing last night was (dare I say) pretty awesome. And like I said if ever they deserved luck to go their way it was last night. Calahan, and Dubinsky looked steller, I know for a fact now if we had these guys 2 or 3 months ago we would not be in the shape we are in now. HOPEFULLY THEY CAN KEEP PLAYING THE WAY THEY DID LAST NIGHT, IF THEY DO THEY SHOULD SNEAK IN THE PALYOFFS. BUT THEY WILL NOT GO FAR UNLESS JAGS, STRAKA AND NYLANDER OR SOMEONE CAN GET HOT AND PUT THE PUCK IN THE BACK OF THE NET.

  2. I thought there was no movement on rosters after the trading deadline. Glad to see Strudwick signed, but waivers? Does that mean someone else could grab him?

  3. I don’t see why another team would pick him up besides being spiteful since he can’t play in the playoffs anyway.

  4. ad Pock-Bashing
    some numbers
    in march
    pock / girardi(everyones darling, and i like him as well)
    hits: 14 / 3
    BS: 11 / 7
    GV: 1 / 0
    TK: 3 / 0
    SH: 6 / 6
    +/-: -1 / -4

  5. What is the point of signing Strudwick to fill in until the playoffs. If he can’t play after the season is over, wouldn’t it make more sense to skate Liffiton and Pock incase Tyutin or Rachunek can’t go in the 1st round????

  6. P.W. One would have to MAKE the playoffs first for that to be a concern. If they feel giving real minutes to someone like liffiton won’t get them there, then that would be a pretty valid reason for the move.

  7. Fruity Cupcake on

    Did someone say spiteful? Wanna bet Snow is watching the waiver wire right now? God knows Mad Mike would be….

  8. I wonder if they can bring leetch back now as well…that way they can stop playing their young players….

  9. czechthemout!!!!! on

    the is something wrong with the site.finally got through.before i leave for the evening,i just wanted to say renney sucks,and should be fired!!!!

  10. No help from the Devils today with a complete no show vs. Carolina. Well, maybe Ward will help us out tonight by kicking one into his own net.

  11. liffiton was awful pretty much everytime he was out there. unfortunately guys he’s just not an nhler. huge difference watching liffiton compared to girardi and pock. this move to get strudwick is the best move possible.

    callahan and dubinsky on the other hand are great. they are more than ready to be full time nhlers at this point its just a matter of getting ice time and getting better every game. callahan played 15 minutes yesterday and was great duby got just under 8 full minutes and i’d def like to see that increase although its pretty clear that in the games where special teams dominate he gets sat which is a shame because everytime he was on the ice he was special.

  12. Sam any Shanny sighting? Sounds to me, he can go tonight, especially if Renney limits his time. It would top off a Happy St Patty’s Day for all ;)

  13. re Strudwick I would think only teams below the Rangers could pick up Strudwick on waivers (so the NYI could not).
    So it would be only the teams in the East in the playoff hunt who might do it (watch what Boston does they might be the one to pick him up). The west teams in the hunt are all above the Rangers in the standings.

  14. Sam how about Hollweg? Are they ready to make any regular callups of Dubi &/or Calli if he and Shanny can go?

  15. goalbyPrucha on

    Does anyone know when Strudwick is on waivers? How long do other teams have to pick him up?

  16. I hate the Devils so much that I was rooting for Carolina. Now we can both beat out the fishsticks!

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