A little luck wouldn’t hurt…


*UPDATE, 6:45 p.m.: With Ryan Hollweg back in the lineup tonight, the Rangers were no longer granted an emergency call-up. Hence, the team sent Brandon Dubinsky back to Hartford, and have kept Ryan Callahan as an emergency call-up for Marcel Hossa. If you’re confused, get in line.*

It appears I am one of the few people at the Garden NOT wearing a green tie right now, which has less to do with a resistance to green as it does a resistance to ties. Meanwhile, almost everyone around the Rangers has embraced the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, and you can’t really blame them: this is a team in need of a lot of things right now, and one of those things is a simple change in luck.

There’s no time to start like the present. Having arrived home from Atlanta just after noon today, and with Carolina dusting off the Devils this afternoon, the Rangers arrived at the rink already with two strikes against them. The good news is the Bruins aren’t in much better shape. Unable to fly out this morning, the Rangers opponent today had to bus down from Boston today, and only arrived shortly before game time.

That explains why the wisdom of Aaron Ward is noticably absent from this page. With the team scrambling to get ready, the Bruins closed their doors to the media before the game, which conveniently meant Ward didn’t have to answer any questions about facing Jaromir Jagr and the rest of the Rangers.

I’m not sure there’s much else to add to that story, anyway. But it would have at least been worth a question.

Meanwhile, a few more updates:

  • As I mentioned earlier, Jason Strudwick was officially signed today, but still has to clear waivers because he played outside of North America this season. If Strudwick went on waivers today, he would be eligible to play Monday (assuming no one else claims him). But it’s still unclear when exactly he went on, and I’m waiting on confirmation.
  • Brendan Shanahan skated on his own both yesterday and today, and Tom Renney said he continues to be encouraged by the forward’s progress. But when asked if he had a target date for Shanahan’s return, the coach said he’d rather not say. Bear in mind, though, that Renney last week said Monday and Wednesday were both possibilities. And since he said Shanahan has only improved since then, my guess is that’s still on the table.
  • Ryan Hollweg has recovered from the flu and is likely to play tonight in place of Colton Orr. Should the left wing go, he’d likely be reunited with Jed Ortmeyer on a line with Blair Betts.

    *UPDATE, 6:30 p.m.: I take that back: based on warm-ups, it looks like Orr is playing and Brandon Dubinsky is out. This I don’t get at all.*

  • Henrik Lundqvist is again in net, and like a number of his teammates, will be sporting a pink stick during warm-ups as a fund-raiser for breast cancer. The plan is for players to only use the sticks during warm-ups, although Sean Avery was apparently contemplating using it during the game as well.

    OK, that’s all for now. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone out there. As is our tradition, my Irish father-in-law has brought a tray of corned beef and cabbage over to the house for dinner tonight. But I’ll have to settle for whatever’s being offered in the press room….

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    1. onecupin67years on

      Fighting breast cancer is a good thing ,my wife had it a few years ago ,she’s ok now,but one never knows.

    2. onecupin67years on

      NY should win this game tonight , if they don’t well then the lepruchans from the celtics helped the B’s.I just hope it isnt another tie after regulation ,then still tied after ot,and another shootout crap shoot.OY VEY!

    3. onecupin67years on

      I hope Strudwick is claimed ,but I don’t think there’s another team in the salvage biz.

    4. I hope Avery plays with the pink stick and scores a hat trick.

      The goals are going to start coming for this team.

    5. Sam

      What don’t you get about Dubinsky?

      Kid get called up, plays well in the fans’ opinion-
      Hasn’t scored 3 goals in his 1st 3 games, so Renney & Co. demote him and say he’s not ready-

      Just another load of BS

    6. new Coach Jim Schoenfeld on

      Orr in for Dubinsky. I would like the pollyannas on this board to just go crawl back into your fantasyland.

      any pretense that the Rangers are doing right by their young players is a complete, utter joke !

    7. This is terrible, Please can this guy tonight and bring up Schoenfeld to coach because this is horrible. So We should have hept Dubinsky and put Isbister down…I can’t take this guy anymore.

    8. Dubinsky has had good chances in all his games and played strong.

      He was also our best faceoff man.

      Renney is the worst-

    9. Callahan and Dubinsky should be on a line next week with Brendan Shanahan-

      Plain and simple-

    10. who cares about using 1 of their 4 moves.. what does it matter. a team with no offense sits Dubinsky and suits up Hollweg, who has 1 goal in a lifetime……….


    11. Sam who’s making these decisions, the 3 stooges or just 1 of them? What happened to needing offense since they have a hard time scoring more than 1-2 goals? The only way to win is for the King not to give up any.

    12. just watch– the night the king doesnt give up any goals, the team cant score any.

    13. new Coach Jim Schoenfeld on

      oh they’ll win this one. Boston is a weak team, and the fact that they have the same number of wins as the Rangers says more about Ranger failures then anything about boston.

    14. Calm down folks, Dubi not playing is a pure #’s game…

      What they should have did was told Hollweg to shut his mouth and pretend he’s still sick.

      One of Hollweg or Orr may have to face the waiver wire yet this year.

    15. Renney never ceases to amaze me. Benching Dubi is a disgrace.

      Sam, does Renney make these decisions or is he taking orders from above?

    16. Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days from here.

      Straka did not look good at all. Hopefully, this results in Dubi back in the lineup and Callahan getting more ice time.

    17. Think I’ll change Isbister’s name to Missbister. Talk about stone hands. I miss Hossa. :))

      Rosival turns over the puck and the Rangers had to take a penalty to stop Boston. Henrik saves them again.

      Hey Renney, if you want speed, your excuse for not keeping Immonen, did you see your boy Malik get outraced for that puck that led to a good shot on goal by Boston? How do you explain that?

    18. I can’t understand how the rangers management consistently don’t want to play there young players. I watch the games and I thought Dubinksky look good but than I thought he looked good in pre-season. I also don’t understand why they signed Betts to a extension. If this is renney making these decisions than Sather needs to wake up because it appears that renney doesn’t have a clue.

    19. Funny comment from Cullen, about the fact that Boston had denied the Rangers the chance to interview A. Ward.

      Al – “Isnt that weird to you? A. Ward would talk to a dead person.”

      Matt – “Yeah, or even himself.”

    20. Question is – How many Irish born NHL players have there been? One, three, five, seven.

    21. Why is everyone sour on Betts? He’s an excellent 4th line center. Decent penalty killer as well. If our 4 centers next year are Nylander, Dubinsky, Cullen, and Betts, what’s the problem? They can’t go Nylander, Straka, Dubinsky, and Cullen up the middle. One of those guys (Dubi or Cullen) wouldn’t be getting enough ice time then.

    22. The dreaded 2-0 lead!!

      Avery should be cloned 17 times so we can have 18 of him and Henrik.

    23. Yeah Callahan!! I exploded out of my seat when he scored, said to myself how perfect it’d be for him to score on St. Patrick’s Day!!

    24. I LOVE IT!!!! We need a line of Callahan and Shanahan!!!!! Howd ya like these lucky charms!!!!!!

    25. One other thing I’d like to add: enjoy Boston, Aaron Ward. Now put one in for us on your own goalie and make it 5-0.

    26. Here’s my fear. They’ll get cocky after this game and throw up a stinker against the Pens. Anyone else feel that in the making?

    27. check out this stat– ryan callahan is leading w/ 5 shots on goal. what took the organization this long to bring him up?

    28. I sure hope that Callahan gets benched the next game. you just can’t have kids showing up the Ranger vets like that. just ask Dubinsky.

      Pock would be still sitting in the stands too if not for injuries. and Liffiton, after a good game today, will be gone in favor of the great journeyman Strudwick on Mon.

    29. Who is this Boston goalie?! His SV% must be about .250 for the night!

      6-0 now. Anyone else thinks this game could get ugly with some fights in the 3rd?

    30. Tonight’s joy will overshadow the fact that the management team crapped the bed again.

      Congrats Callahan and nice job mixing it up to Lifiton.

      And I love Stroods, but we don’t need him.

    31. Not to change the subject, but has anybody else seen the Fishsticks’ remaining schedule? They might be toast:

      at Tampa Bay
      vs Pittsburgh
      at Philly
      vs NYR
      vs NJ
      at Buffalo
      vs Ottawa
      vs NYR
      vs TOR
      at Philly
      at NJ

    32. Nj Mark – You’re right about the Isles. That schedule is brutal – especially without DiPietro.

    33. does anyone else know the horrific stat when matt cullen scores 2 goals in a game?– the game after they lose horribly. i.e: he scored 2 against dallas, game after rangers get creamed 9-2 in toronto. scored 2 in montreal, next game against isles we lose 5-3.

      just thought i’d mention it…

    34. the irony is ths is not one of the rangers better games yet they are up 6- 0.. there is alot of luck involved in the game.

      dubi will be back for Monday, no way Straka is playing.

      Also Isbister can’t finish obviously once shanny or hossa are back he should go…

      2nd goal callahan

    35. If he gives up a goal, then yes. If not, you have to let him go for the shutout. They are off tomorrow and don’t play back to backs until next weekend.

    36. stuart, normally i am pretty optimistic, but w/ sports, there’s always that saying, its just one game.

      but i could not be any happier for ryan callahan, what a game for him!

      and stuart, good thinking, but let hank finish it out & get his 30th win & possibly a shut out.

    37. Asmos: I could have sworn there was at least one other besides Owen Nolan. But I can’t recall. Perhaps you are right!

      Nice, lets go Florida and Montreal!

    38. DanTheRangerFan on

      thanks leetchy for the prediction..I hope its proves wrong Happy St.Paties everyone LETS GO RANGERS

    39. NJ Mark

      “Anyone else thinks this game could get ugly with some fights in the 3rd?”

      We got Orr, Liffton and Hollweg to handle any of that.

    40. Leetchy this game means nothing except a win. there is little to no carryover nowadays. each game is a whole new story..

      they need Dubinsky for Monday for Straka….

      Pittsburgh is tough…….

      boston looked good in the 1st period, the 2nd period is a complete meltdown.

    41. Now wait a minute. How can Owen Nolan be born in Belfast, but not be part of the answer?

    42. callahan is an assist away from getting a gordie howe hat trick & a goal away from a hat trick.

    43. leetchy2 March 17th, 2007 at 9:16 pm

      “callahan is an assist away from getting a gordie howe hat trick & a goal away from a hat trick.”


    44. Hollweg got a few nice shots in after the jersey went over his head. Still, he isn’t a big fighter. The Liffiton fight was better

    45. this game will be nice if it comes down to a tie break, since most teams are around the 34-35 win mark this game will help are goal differential

    46. Boston has changed their goalie twice, Thomas is back in after starting and getting pulled. Can’t that mess with a goalie’s psychie.

    47. There you go. First goalie since Eddie G. to get 30 back-to-back.

      Listen to the cheering of the people in the stands
      Twenty Thousand hockey bugs and each a Ranger fan!
      It’s plain as day to see
      They want a victory!
      All together now strike up the band!

      Just keep your stick on that puck
      And don’t lay down on your luck;
      That’s the Rangers’ Victory Song!
      Get through the enemy’s goal
      With all your heart and your soul;
      That’s the Rangers’ Victory Song!

      You’ve got to fight, Rangers fight
      With a grin on your chin!
      Tonight is the night
      So get in there and win!

      This game is worth any price;
      Go out and put it on ice
      That’s the Rangers’ Victory Song!

    48. Ideally, it would be better if Montreal wins this game. But the Florida-NYI game is bigger. This might have been one of the easier games left on their schedule, and they might lose.

      Smyth has been a huge bust with them so far.

    49. So is Dubinsky still with the Rangers or what? I must say I am a little bit confused over here. If he goes back to Hartford it is a disgrace. Seeing how Marty Straks went down again, Dubinsky will likely stay with the Rangers. Also, how do you keep Isbister over Dubinsky?

    50. You get to call up emergency call-ups. Even though Dubi came up for Hossa and Cally came up for Hollywood, they sent down Dubi. Now that Straka is down, I’m sure Dubi will be back (as long as Straka can’t play).

    51. If Callahan continues to score goals and the Rangers continue to collect points, we might owe a big thank you to Hollywood for getting sick. Callahan might not have been called up otherwise.

    52. Yes! 7-5! Empty netter! Too bad Nolan, keep looking up at that scoreboard you piece of garbage!!

    53. The Fishsticks kept the net empty.

      Their season is so over. The way I see it, the race for 8th is going to come down to us, Carolina, and Toronto.

      Am I allowed to mention that we’re just 3 points out of 6th? :)

    54. THATS IT BABY……LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

      NJ MARK- There is Our 3 out of 4 buddy YES!!!!!!!

    55. You got it NYR1994! Lets hope they win Monday since I’ll be there.

      Thanks for a great night guys!

    56. I have not been keeping up on the blog, so Im not sure if this has been discussed…

      is it just me, or is Matt Cullen playing WAY better with Aaron Ward on a different team?

      Weird, and not sure if it would bear out in statistics, but just seems true enough.

    57. DanTheRangerFan on

      Cullen hasdef come around…even when he doesent score he brings energy and a solid game to the ice. He has def improved cause he sucked at first.

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