Who’s next?


It’s true, the Rangers are looking into bringing back Jason Strudwick provided they can get him out of his contract in Switzerland and he can then clear waivers. Either way, the defenseman won’t be eligible for the playoffs.

And if that doesn’t work out, the team is also looking into bringing back Wilf Paiement and Kjell Samuelsson for old time’s sake as well….

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  1. Boy, talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel. Strudwick was dead wood last year, and was a penalty-taking machine. I didn’t like him then and was glad when he wasn’t brought back this year. Even Kaspar would be a better option than him, and the waiver issue is the same. Might even improve Kaspar’s personal situation, although he hasn’t played for a bit.
    Sather really needs his head examined (for a lot more than just this.) Just bite the bullet and go with what you got. They might surprise you.

  2. The waiver issue with Kaspar and Strudwick isn’t the same. If Kaspar gets picked up the Rangers are on the hook for half his salary this year and next.

  3. czechthemout!!!!! on

    just amazing ,strudwick!!!!can carrol vadnais be far behind,boris mironov is next in line.what about baranka instead he also deserves a shot instead of a slow moving zero talent washed up dman.why would you even bother,he can’t play in the playoffs anyway.just when you think they have turned the corner,they do something stupid like this.what about staal,his season may end by early next week.tyutin should be back by then as well.the defense is not the problem.it is the scoring.it’s the offense,stupid!!!!

  4. Struds was very well liked by his the guys on the team last year. He was known as a guy that the team would rally around.

    It is true that he took some bad penalties last year but he is a solid stay at home defender and got a lot of time on the PK last year.

    This is a desperation move, no doubt. However I think he will have a positive impact in the locker room and will be a guy that can help rally the troops down the back stretch.

    I think he only got time in 1 or 2 of the games against NJ last year in the playoffs. Hopefully he will not be needed by then anyway.

    He’d be a solid pick-up.

  5. czechthemout!!!!!
    Boris Mironov…O man that name made me wanna throw myself down a spiral staircase and I still might if We lose tonight.

  6. We need Doug Lidster and Alex Karpotsev. Don’t forget Darren Langdon.

    “Meanwhile, David Liffiton is also up and was paired today with Michal Rozsival. Marek Malik was with Dan Girard, while Thomas Pock and Paul Mara (two lefties) were the third pair. Kevin Weekes did not practice today and will stay behind to work with Brendan Shanahan tomorrow.”

    Pock, Mara, Liffiton, and Malik are all lefties. Mara will probably play the right side, as he often does on the powerplay. Still, Pock played the right side most of last year with Liffiton on his left. Why not play those two together and keep Malik with Rosi and Mara on the left side with Girardi?

  7. Richtheshredder on

    People forget Strudwick was solid last year, he had PIMs because he was our enforcer. He did a good job sticking up for teammates and was a soloid stay at home guy.

    This guy is hardly bottom of the barrel, theres no reason why he shouldnt be playing in the NHL right now.

  8. czechthemout!!!!! on

    struds-other than being a good team guy who drops the gloves,strudwick as a player sucks.i also think that lifiton should not be sitting as the seventh dman,that being said,if he proves himself in the next week or so of being capable of playing here,he should be called up from the pack if one of the six in front of him go down.the strudwick ship sailed i thought apperently sather wants a return engagement.

  9. bad penalties?????? The guy had 65 PIMs last year and 8 fights…..he took minors in 65 games last year. Malik and Ward took many more than that this year.

  10. The Rangers should be calling Brian Leetch to play!

    But since that is unlikely, I think they need to let the kids play, if you miss the playoffs with old players like Strudwick in, its wasted time, they might as well season some kids in the process.

    Also, why isn’t Marc Staal’s name being mentioned, that is who they should be calling up!

  11. bad penalties?????? The guy had 65 PIMs last year and 8 fights…..he took 13 minors in 65 games last year. Malik and Ward took many more than that this year.

  12. I think you guys are making more out of this than it actually is. If he comes back he’s not going to play 30 minutes a night. He’ll play 10 minutes at best and that’s just until Tutin comes back in a couple of weeks.

  13. BlueShirts2 –

    Since I have never seen you here before, I will give you a free pass. We don’t talk about bringing up Staal.

    It has been stated over and over again. Staal CANNOT play for the Rangers AT ALL until his juniors season is over. Again, I reiterate CANNOT AT ALL! So stop bringing it up, it CANNOT HAPPEN!

  14. Yeah, but why give him time on the ice when he can’t play in the playoffs. Get one of the young guys ready incase Toots can’t go or another DMan gets injured.

  15. Strudwick also scored the second most unlikely goal in that 15-round shoot-out last year against Washington, keeping ti alive for Maleak.

  16. DoodieMachetto on

    Hey guys, I heard they sent Valiquette back to the minors and Hank is gonna have Giacomin for a backup.

  17. onecupin67years on

    Sam ,Do me favor and get me one of Sather’s cigars ,somebody must have put ‘shroom or two inside his blunts,I wanna see what kind of trip he’s one.

  18. Strudwick can also play 4th line wing when a bit more muscle is needed but we don’t want to skate him on D.

  19. lol what idiots on this board, they cry like babies when they hear a pack player isnt going to play. Newsflash, other than Liffiton, Baranka is a season away and everyone esle on the team isnt ready, i have season tickets to the pack i see a lot.

  20. czechthemout!!!!! on

    richterswhatever-there is a reason he isn’t in the nhl right now,HE SUCKS.30 teams ,all 30 teams did not offer him a contract.i wan’t him know where near the ice .i hope his legal issues take a month or more to resolve.

  21. I always see Ron Greschner hanging around the Garden.Why not give Gresch a shot as long was the Rangers are auditioning new players on March 16?Dave Maloney is also available

  22. czechthemout!!!!! on

    JROUNDT-i agree on baranka,potter even looks better.that being said,i would rather see lampman than strudwick.staal may be ready in two weeks if his season is over,if not tyutin will be back by then,crapunek a week after.they will be fine no need to play this slow footed dman.

  23. Ron Duguay looked good on “Inside the Rangers.” He still plays, too. Let’s dress him. We could also get Corey Hirsch to back up Hank.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    onecupin67years-i think they are better now than when they started.only question mark is not having tyutin in the lineup.as far as the forwrds,the only player i’d want back badly is shany.hossa who’s played better still has only ten goals this year and they can do without him.shany can replace shitsbister who i think should have never been up here to begin with.

  25. Rangers Pride on

    Guys, don’t forget that Hartforf has playoffs in mind too. Rangers almost depleted Wolfpack. I agree on Strudwick we do need a veteran presence. Our D is dropping like flyes. What if Maik dropes or Rozy what then? Bring the whole Wolfpack up? Who is going to play at Hartford? Don’t forget these guys are not NHLers yet. Rangers are overrun by youth whoch is good but leadership is sorely needed.

  26. CALL UP STAAL!!!!!

    LOL, I cannot believe how many people are yet to grasp the Canadian Junior rules. Or in most cases seem to be ignorant of their intricacies.

    With Girardi, Pock and Liffiton all playing, that is 3 of 6 rookies on defense. That is a lot for a team right in the hunt, so I can see the interest in Strudwick.

    But as was said, there is no one else in Hartford that is really ready to play in the NHL. Baranka is close, as close as Liffiton, but his game requires more patience in practice, while Liffiton plays a more simple and rugged game.

  27. In honor of St. Patty’s Day, Bring Back Bobby Sheehan (if he’s not too deeply immersed in the bottle)

  28. There’s almost no one left. These are moves of the last resort. They’re covering all their option. Everyone grow up already.

  29. czechthemout!!!!! on

    just cause your a vet doesn’t make you a leader.(malik any one)rangers pride.we have three dmen playing who are vets,that’s enough for the next week to ten days until tyutin comes back.look at the sabers they have done pretty well for them self despite a rash of major injuries to their best forwards and dmen.the last thing we need is to plug up another spot on the taem.hartford will soon have staal,sauer,pyatt,dupont,russell,and others join them.just today,oliver and reese were added to the roster,they will be o.k..plus if we don’t make it,our kids will join them as well.they are going to make the playoffs,we may or may not.plus at the end of the day,it’s not important what hartford does while the rangers are still playing.

  30. thats why the Rangers have the Minorleagues . Do you think it is really important what Hartford does? No. the Rangers own the Rights to the players on Hartford and they might even own the team(not sure). They can call up whoever they want, even if hartford is depleted

  31. If we need a winger, there is always Jan Hlavac. He is playing right now in the Czeck Republic. He can join the others in synchronized circle skating.

  32. DALE PURITON is in Hartford. Knows the system. Is a crazy man. Takes stupid penalties. Plays wing and defense. Desperate? Bringing Strudwick back is a wasted move. Puriton is 100 miles away.

  33. if they had Strudwick this year there would have been little need for Orr, and Immo or Dawes might have gotten a fair look. Of course Pock would be in Hartfoed until recently, but he would have possibly been better off.And if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas;)

  34. czechthemout!!!!! on

    bklynblue-dude,30teams passed on strudwick this year,we thought we were upgrading with a.ward.doesn’t that tell you something about him.

  35. Jason is not bottom of the barrel. Renney sat Strudiwck when Oz came to the team, and look what happened. Oz started playing for the Devils.

  36. Pock probably would have been better off in Hartford this year. He actually would have had a chance to play and learn the position he has only recently begun playing.

  37. czechthemout!!!!! on

    great idead p.w.,except pock has out played rachunek,malik,on most of the games that he was plaing in.keeping him in hartford for how mny more years,till he is 30,32 .this guy has been misused and abused by renney more than any other player i have seen in years.he was benched after games this year when he was the best dman on the ice.how quickly we forgett how awful rachunek and prior to him ozo were this year.

  38. czechthemout!!!!! on

    34 -because no one in the nhl would pay him more than $5.50
    an hour to play in the nhl.

  39. czech,

    I agree he has been misused and has been a better player than Renney seems to believe. I like Thomas a lot, I believe he will evolve into a solid defenseman. But what is the point of sitting him when he needs to work on positioning? They should have sent him down and used Purinton or some other pick-up as the 7th. Pock needs to play, and when he’s gotten a fair shake, he has gotten better. This isn’t to say it is really a fair shake, the only reason he’s playing is injuries.

  40. If he can’t play in the playoffs it’s a waste. Send Strudwick to Hartford to help work with the kids.

  41. the hand wringing around here is something to behold. jason strudiwck, in the big picture, is totally irrelevant. if the power play clicks and the second line contributes his 7 minutes of potential playing time won’t make a difference. what’s important is that guys like malik — with his 20 minutes of playing time — keeps the puck out of his own net. strudiwck is probably a good character guy. it doesn’t hurt to have him practicing and a backup if needed.

  42. czechthemout!!!!! on

    great post,short and to the point.let him work with the kids down there.

  43. Sean, Thanks for clarifying. I was looking only from the p.o.v. of both having to be exposed to re-entry waivers, not from salary aspect. Good catch.

  44. czechthemout!!!!! on

    p.w.-he needs to work on positioning as much as rachunek and the out of position champ malik.actually he is only out of position when he goes into the offensive zone to join the rush.but that is what offensive dmen do,they take risks.pock reminds me of dan boyle when he first came up with florida.

  45. John M Puriton seems to have alot of head problems. He stopped fighting when he was with the NYR. If Shoenfeld thought he could a help, he would have recommended him. But we’ll probably never know that one way or the other.

  46. czech all I said was he could have taken Orr’s spot in the stands, I didn’t say he was good. but neither is Orr. But I don’t remember pucks going off his skates or stick ala A Ward & Malik.

  47. WHY DON’T WE BRING UP STAAL????????????!!!!!!!!

    Just Kidding, P.W. Did your head explode?

  48. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i don’t mean anything by it dude.you and i are on the same page as far as him sitting in the stands.hockeyrodent is saying that sather tried to get him earlier in the season but could’t pry him away.that’s because we could not trade a kid prospect for him like suaer,not allowed as per nhl rules.

  49. czechthemout!!!!! on

    WE SHOULD BRING UP STAAL!!!!!.but only after his season ends in about a week or two.

  50. Oh, I agree whole-heartedly. But everyone needs to rememmber it isn’t an option until then.

  51. czechthemout!!!!! on

    yeah i know it can’t be done till then.but we might not be able to anyway no room for him because we have strudwick not only for the stretch run, but you wait ,they will sign him for next year as well taking up another spot on the roster.

  52. czechthemout!!!!! on

    go nyr-it makes all the sense in the world.i would keep him as far away from the rangers as i could.in fact i would file a fan injunction to delay a decision on him till apr 7th.

  53. Sam,
    this is somewhat off the subject but do you think that the rangers can get back at the garden in time for the game on saturday? won’t there be airport problems? as of now westchester airport has shut-down.

  54. Bklynblue

    Puriton hasn’t seen the light of day since he poked Orr’s eye out. He’s way too nasty for this Ranger squad..LOL!!

  55. John M / czech I’ve got good news and bad news, bad to some Struds is signed, good can’t play today or tomorrow;)

  56. czechthemout!!!!! on

    woooooooooohooooooooo.watch,they signed him for the rest of this year,and next i bet.lifiton could play like bobby orr,rod langway,or even brian leetch and he will still be sent down on monday to make room for yet another in the long line of veteran srubs that this team brings in,instead of playing their own.just look at the devils and all the players missing yesturday and they still won with no less than four rookies in the lineup that could not touch dubi’s or callahan’s or lifiton’s jock strap.

  57. czechthemout!!!!! on

    on the pregameshow they keep talking about the lack of expierience that dubinsky, lifiton and callahan have.if they had brought them up a month ago instead of garbage like krog and a.hall they would not ahve to worry as much about expierience.

  58. czechthemout!!!!! on

    they just showed his stats in the swiss league and boy he really lit it up there.5pts 28pim in 65 games.he is the answer.

  59. I’m in Potsdam. I’m getting boxing on FSN. However, I do get UMASS and UNH on NESN.

  60. I also have to listen to the Altanta broadcast because the Knicks are on. St. Lawrence lost, Notre Dame won (in hockey, not basketball), so let’s go Clarkson!

  61. czechthemout!!!!! on

    malik looks great out there doesnt he?talk about a pylon.
    looks like rozy makes him look better than he is.

  62. the atlanta broadcasters just talked about the rangers #8 PP at 18.7. is that right? I thought you had to shoot to improve your percentage??

  63. Roszival is down head first on the ice.. They say Dubinsky hit him with the stick by mistake-

  64. oh no, that means dubi will be on the bench the rest of the game for Orr – Betts – Ortie

  65. 3 czechs hurt.. well, 2 czechs and one slovak …close enough (not counting jagr and straka)

  66. I know it is off topic, but do you guys think Sergei Federov’s move to Defense could extend his career???

    What the hell is wrong with Rosi? It sounded like a bad penalty!

  67. it looked like he was almost tackled and he rose his stick and it came down on the guy

  68. Hartford kids doing well. Henry is supurb. Good late goal. Bad whistle on Rosival. Bad (much too late) whistle on the stop by Henry.

    Strudwick move is a good one. They should have not let him get away. He was solid last year.

  69. czechthemout!!!!! on

    malik,clearley the worst dman on the ice,lifiton was even better.pock was good also as was mara.dubinsky really good as well.cally looks like he belongs as well.just shoots the puck no bullshit.dubi will be a beast next year.i don’t care who returns from injury for now dubi has shown that he should not play another game in hartford as long as the rangers are playing.

  70. am i the only one who saw strudwick skating with the team in practice during the pregame show? Am i the only one who heard he might play monday?

  71. just read this on a box score recap for the pens game tonight:

    Pittsburgh closing hand on puck – 2 min 8:31, S. Crosby

    hmm… i didnt see the play, but sounds like how he scored the goal the other night…

  72. Atlanta broadcasters are really praising the young guys at and from Hartford. They also mentioned Staal-

  73. they have really talked positive about all of them.

    How is Pock playing on the first pair???

  74. Nice call, Rosen. :)

    “Avery got sandwiched by Tkachuk and Kovalchuk.”

    *switches over to Jim Ross voice, from WWE*

    “And then he his body slammed by Kravchuk and chopped down by the goalie stick of Malarchuk! Oh my!”

  75. I am so sick of those selfish pigs Jagr and his posse staying out for all but about 5 seconds of the PPs, hogging the whole damn thing, and giving the 2nd unit absolutely nothing to work with.

  76. Longtimerangerfan on

    We don’t have a chance on the PP…the circlers are all out there for most of the time. Jagr is invisible on the ice, why is he getting all the ice time?

  77. czechthemout!!!!! on

    thats not why.he is just a shitty coach. he is playing the first line and straka to death.they will be the ones who are tired in the third instead of a team who played last night.when will mara play the power play? like i’ve said many times before on this blog,renney’s in game coaching is what costs this team more points than anything else.

  78. Longtimerangerfan on

    Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney musRenneyRenney must go! must go!t go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney musRenney must go!t go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!Renney must go!

  79. czechthemout!!!!! on

    just once can he please put callahan with jagr and mr.ice capades.sit shitsbister who has done absolutely nothing today,just like every game he plays.

  80. czechthemout!!!!! on

    actually,the reason renney won’t play dubi is becuase he is playing too well and their would be too much pressure on him
    not to send him down instead of shitsbister who should never have been brought up.

  81. bets on the game winning goal tonight? — i say malik in our own net, since thats been popular lately.

  82. czechthemout!!!!! on

    oh by the way pock sits monday for strudwick,even though he is our best dman tonight.

  83. I figured out why Renney cant see how bad the powerplay is….He had to clean his glasses. He is really a good coach

  84. this PP has to be real low over the last 2 months. Is there a statician in the house?

  85. liffiton looks pretty good, but callahan is playing real well, and when dubi gets the ice time he’s been solid too.

  86. czechthemout!!!!! on

    very little ice time but not bad.relatively speaking,better than malik!!

  87. You know, the Atlanta announcers aren’t all that bad. I think they’re actually pretty good — not obvious homers.

  88. The Atlanta commentator is driving me nuts. If someone keeps the puck in the zone he goes crazy and it makes me think someone scored! I’m going crazy… damn Knicks are on MSG…hope they are losing.
    But you gotta love this guy’s enthusiasm!

  89. toronto lost & montreal is trailing 3-5. the rangers could really use a win here. lets see if they can pull through…

  90. calhob,

    I agree that he gets a little too enthusiastic, but I appreciate that his enthusiasm isn’t one-sided.

  91. Not playing like a #2 though. I think all goalies LOVE to play the Rangers… to get a thrill from beating them. Seems like we ALWAYS run into hot goal tending.

  92. NumberOneNothing on

    I’m listening to the atl nhl radio feed (cause for some reason the nyr one is featuring basketball…?), if we go to shoot out I’m not going to have any idea what happened with this guy screaming about every move.

  93. exactly


  94. that was another disgusting one– major discipline problems tonight.

    i dont care how bad the PP for atlanta’s been, when you have players like atlanta does on the ice, you cant hold off 7 penalties. not acceptable.

    and cullen runied a semi-good game by himself by taking that penalty, cause it was an awful one.

  95. this loss is renneys fault….

    1. It is his fault they dont shoot on the power play
    2. It his his fault jagr and the passing bunch play the entire powr play
    3. It is his fault Mailik is on the PP and pock and girardi are buried
    4. Its is his fault that isbister even sees the ice
    5. It is his fault that the team doesnt finish their checks
    6. It is his fault we are undisciplined and take stupid penalties.
    7. It is sathers fault that renney still has a job(believe it or not sather has assembled a pretty good team with good promising prospects as well)
    8. It is his fault they play for the point in the final minutes of the third and for a shootout while in OT.

    Moral of the story he needs to go now. NO ifs ands or buts

  96. when are they going to fire this cottonhead coach, the loser has done nothing to change what is wrong with the team.

  97. where is the scoring from Mr. “I’ll carry this team”. Mr. bullsheet Jagr. that is 7 games without a goal, and THAT is what is costing them. the team defensive play and the goaltending has been mostly good for a long stretch, but the lack of scoring is the problem. the PP and the Jagr failures are the prime reasons.

  98. Maybe we’ll get the REAL HMO line tomorrow

    Not Hollweg – Betts – Orr
    but Hollweg – Betts – Ortmeyer

  99. Longtimerangerfan on

    6’6″…240# and all he can do is hold the guy in the crease and help screen Lundqvist!!!!!!!

  100. what happened to the idea that the rangers play the OT “passively”? cullen wasnt looking so reserved when he took that penalty.

    i’m sorry, i just cant get over that penalty he took. the rangers have stayed away from those sort of crap plays this year for the most part.

    and the guys in front of lundqvist still wont put pucks in the opposition’s net, thus henrik will have to wait to get those 30 wins.

    callahan deserved at least a goal or assist b/c he had a very strong game. (and watch, he sits b/c hollweg comes back tomorrow)

    and why is it that seemingly average goaltenders become saviors when they play the rangers? the offense has just been horrible this year. very frustrating to say the least.

  101. the problem is renney overplays him and burns him out. This team has talent and renney doesnt put them in a position to succeed. Look at prucha, even he didnt get a chance until injuries. renney sucks and has no feel for the team. He sucks

  102. Terrible penalty.

    Jagr needs to step it up. Without him, this is an average hockey team. With him, they are an elite one. His play in the next 11 decides this thing.

  103. HMO’s right, the team defense has been really good despite playing a number of prospects. Jagr’s gotta pick up the slack.

  104. Longtimerangerfan on

    Jagr’s invisible this year and he still sucks up valuable ice time…let someone else play that isn’t so fragile.

  105. Now I know why refs wear stripes, because they should be in jail. Considering how hard a game it was I’ll take the point.
    NJ MARK- There’s one. NEED 2 TOMORROW.
    King stole us a point because until the thrid We were out played.

  106. to say the team defense has been really good is a complete understatment. its been so good that the only reason why the rangers cant win is because of offense. this is the 22nd one goal loss this year, and they havent been 6-5, 5-4 losses for the most part, but 2-1, 3-2, 1-0 losses. when youre holding the opposition to such few goals, you HAVE TO score to win.

    the rangers should have won this one. they were dominant in the third, but the lack of f**king discipline kills them! and that penalty, and goal totally overshadowed the fantastic play of lundqvist. if henrik were on a better team(that can SCORE!) i’d bet he’d be top contender for vezina.

  107. czechthemout!!!!! on

    0 for the last god knows how much on the pp.mara doesn’t see the ice on the pp.stuborn bufoon coach plays malik on the power play.pock sits,he was the best dman today.not malik,not rozy,but pock do you hear that you jerk of a coach.plays for the shoot out every game.what a schmuck he is really.shitsbister should never see the ice as well.how impressive were cally and dubi again tonight?the king is the team mvp not mister jagr.i think ice capades man nylander was benched in the third.need two points tomorrow.oh and if they play atlanta in playoffs they will win.

  108. “”and why is it that seemingly average goaltenders become saviors when they play the rangers? the offense has just been horrible this year. very frustrating to say the least.””

    that is the obvious sign that there is more wrong with the Ranger shooters than anything else, when backup goalies look like world beaters against the Rangers.

  109. onecupin67years on

    The rangers get a pt.and give pt. a bad habit ,all they seem to do is tie and go into o.t. and hope that they get that pt. in the shootout.I don’t know what their mindset is going into a game ?They play for a tie every night ,the D cant shoot for shit (sorry Sam)
    Do they and most people think that if they make the playoffs this is the style of hockey which wins cups ?
    The team is inept ,the only players with spunk were Avery and the 2 rooks,Rosivall started to hit after and only after he was whalloped in the face by a stick .There are too many Soft europeans on this team ,techno dancing, music listening excuses for hockey players.

  110. I would ALMOST bet my life that Callahan plays tomorrow. You can never be too sure with Renney, but if he doesnt play (I have said this before but did not keep my word) I swear I will not watch anymore Rangers hockey. If he does not play you wont see me until next year… Of Renney is no longer hte coach. there is no chance you dont see Callahan tomorrow. Is he eligible for playoffs?

  111. As a Hartford fan, you can see what good talent we have there and the good coaching Shoenfeld has been doing for a couple of years to get these kids ready. They know the system, they play the system, they shoot, they rush the net, they cover the D zone. Why can kids do it, but the high priced players can’t? Maybe the coaching has something to do with it.

  112. rosival plays 30 minutes…. mailik 24. girardi 18. pock 16. DUBINSKY 8 ………What are u thinkin shit for brains renney? You passionless,emotionless,clueless bastard.

    Jagr is still productive just not as much as last year. His dropoff combined with henriks first month of the year is why we are not cemented as a playoff team. Their start to finish superb seasons lasty year covered up renneys lack of a clue. But ultimately it is renneys fault that everytime jagr sets his off winger up, that offwinger is isbister who misses the net. Isbister could miss the ocean from a boat. What a scrub he is.

  113. czechthemout!!!!! on

    go nyr-you are dead on.cally should never play for the pack again.he is a gamer.dubi was good also today.they both have proven they belong here.hollweg should be in instead of orr tomorrow,bruins have know goons on their team.shitsbister should sit the second shany comes back to play.

  114. onecupin67years on

    well thats one loss ,two more to go for 3 losses out of the next 5 games chechman

  115. brad

    You’re right on the passionless part. The only emotion Renney feels is fear — fear that if he does what any coach in pee-wees would do (bench a pathetic first team PP unit) he will get Jagr pissed at him and lose his job when Jagr goes to Glennie and complains. It is just that simple. The man is terrified, and his players know it. That’s why their record in one goal games is so bad.

  116. scoring 1 or 2 goals is not cutting it unlessl they can shut down other teams completely. The King is being asked to do a little too much. He’s doing a playoff performance to keep them in it. But they are giving it alot better effort than pre all star break disasters.

  117. Right on to all of you who think Jags is sucking and right on to anyone else who wants to shoot their TVs when other teams’ goalies turn into Patrick Roy against the Rangers. Sickening.

    And the PP? Both Ps are for “puke.”

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