Is it just bad aim?


The problem doesn’t lie with games like these. After giving up the tying goal tonight, I dare say the Rangers were actually fairly impressive the rest of the way.

The problem is when you give up two-goal leads to teams like Columbus, fairly impressive doesn’t cut it on the road in Atlanta, or anywhere else. And it doesn’t matter how badly you outshoot a team, if only one of those shots finds the back of the net, then something’s amiss.

That part I just don’t get. The whole theory that the Rangers’ renewed emphasis on defense has cost them at the other end doesn’t make too much sense when they still consistently generate plenty of chances.

Is it confidence? Bad luck? I’m sure you all have theories. I’m still scratching my head.

The good news is that Ryan Callahan and Brandon Dubinsky were both stellar tonight. And so, for that matter, was Dan Girardi.

Now if they can only Jason Krog back, things would really be looking up….

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  1. Longtimerangerfan on

    They were stellar but rest assured that they will sit now as Renney MUST play veterans.

  2. Longtimerangerfan on

    Renney must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. is is true that callahan was brought up only for hollweg, meaning if hollweg plays tomorrow callahan cant? cause that would be just awful. callahan was pretty good out there for only his 3rd nhl game. he doesnt deserve to be sent back to hartford.

  4. Part of it is that every game the opposing goali, no matter if he is horrible or not, seems to stand on his head. Like Hedburg tonight, Marc Andre Fleury, Nittymaki, etc. Back up goalies look like brodeur against the Rangers all the time

  5. bringbackleetch on

    with the D we had back on the blueline, to only hold the “big 4” players on atlanta to 1 goal is unreal. give credit where its due to guys like girardi who definitly picked it up & pock who had a nice game. malik looked like he was in another world out there and roszival was no better. henrik, of course stood on his head but JJ and his PP buddies where of no help. not enough shots to the net and took up way too much time on the PP. what did the guys practice on the day off? how to take blatant penalties and not to shoot on the PP?

  6. How about these lines

    Prucha Nylander Jagr
    Straka Dubinsky Callahan
    Avery Cullen Ortmeyer
    Hollweg Betts Orr/ Anyone butIsbister

    Pock Girardi
    Rosival Malik
    Mara Liffiton

  7. I mean cmon now, if you were in the middle of a playoff race like this would you throw in a team of inexperienced players? I dont think so….I know renney has been making me scratch my head about a lot of things but all the bashing about him not playing all these young guys i just dont understand. If the Rangers were where Philly is right now or something then of course you should do that but we need these vet guys. At least in my opinion.

  8. REPOST, just because I’m pissed.

    Right on to all of you who think Jags is sucking and right on to anyone else who wants to shoot their TVs when other teams’ goalies turn into Patrick Roy against the Rangers. Sickening.

    And the PP? Both Ps are for “puke.�

  9. czechthemout!!!!! on

    because renney is an a—-hole.his in game coaching has cost the team 12-20pts this season.

  10. I think its more like the other goalies LOOK like Roy becuase the Rangers shoot pucks into them….oorr they hesitate waaayyy too much with the puck and give the goalie a chance to get over or set up. Well of course thats when they actually hit the net

  11. Since the rangers have last one the cup look who has won. Devils and red wings 3 times, Avs twice, Dallas Carolina and Tampa all once. What is the one common denominator, all these teams had a good infusion of young homegrown talent. They give teams the extra umph because they are hungry because they re fighting for their jobs. You know what malik is going to give you, you know he has limited upside if any. You need to give the pocks and girirdis a chance to prove their worth.

  12. Mixing lines and trying to set it up the way to score more goals doesn’t make sense as far as Tom Renney is the head coach of this organization. We have quite impressive players but there is no man to show them how and what to play. I finally lost my faith in Renney. Have you seen him “discuss” Cullen’s penalty after Zhitnik scored? Disgusting. This guy has no balls.

  13. renney is colin campbell. He hates youth. he plays them when he has to, never cuz he wants to. He makes it very hard to be a ranger fan.

  14. Robby Ftorek was fired when the devils were a playoff team because lamiorello thought he couldnt get the job done and replaced him with Robinson and the team went on to win the cup. Renney should go now because even if they get in, i have no faith that he can get them anywhere. He has no fire. He cant motivate. Remember who the two finalists were before we got renney as the full time head coach not interim. They were laviolette and Nolan. Both would of been far better and this team would have a lot more guts.


  15. if i wasnt mistaken, it was the vets who gave up the puck for the first atlanta goal.

    people act like these rookies have never played hockey before. like they were never put into a tense situation. but trust me, they have. they’re professionals, just like the vets. they grew up in the juniors and most likely played some sort of playoffs. a hockey game is nothing new for them. stop expecting them to throw a puck right up the middle of the ice for a horrible turnover. they’re not idiots. if anything, i’ve seen more of those plays from the vets, like malik, roszival and ward(when he was here). the kids have been nothing but a plus to the rangers, and not keeping them up here would be a horrible mistake.

  16. excellent point leetchy2 …..the kids you might be able to make an argument are just as well if not better prepared because they are DEFINITELY BETTER COACHED. YOU CANNOT EVEN QUESTION THAT.

  17. onecupin67years on

    Unlike Isiah thomas who got a new contract ,Renney will be toast .I dont think Sather is going to be the scapegoat for this mess although Dolan should shitcan them both if he has the balls .
    The Devils have lou ,probably the best GM in hockey ,what do the Rangers have ?
    And Pulease no messier.

  18. onecupin67years on

    Was it me or did it look like the rangers were on the PK when they were actually on the PP in the second ?

  19. I regret asking the question (for fear he may reappear), but where has Dump…dope gone? Has he finally been banned?

    As far as Renney goes, I am all for articulate hockey coaches, but the man is clearly not a coach. A coach rights the ship and that means policing/motivating those who make the same selfish mistakes, such as two and half minute shifts and not getting back to play d. What’s more, what kind of coach plays the same people in situations in which they have failed repeatedly (Betts in OT on any faceoff etc)? A coach who was in player development, or put another way, a liaison between a player and a coach.

    Heartbreak coming.

  20. If Ryan Callahan or Brandon Dubinsky get sent down I am seriously done with this team.

  21. i know i might be crucified for saying this on here but i do not blame sather at all for this. Neil smith left him with nothing. He has rebuilt this team and more importantly stocked us with prospects. We have lost 22 1 goal games and blown 11 2 goal leads. that means with any sort of good coaching we should be a playoff team. If we had lindy ruff, ted nolan or ken hitchcock with this same roster does anyone even doubt we would be in much better position? This falls squarely on renneys shoulders. Sather has done a solid job.

  22. onecupin67years on

    Maybe Sather will consider trading them for an “experienced ” euro winger or d man ,maybe from Edmonton their farm team.

  23. Na man, but look at all the players comin up and contributing. Glen drafted or acquired them. He had nothing to start with when he got here bro. He has built us up very well.

  24. I’m tired of the kids vs vets argument. How bout just play whoever’s going good. Right now it aint JJ and he logged over 24 min tonight. In keeping with the theme of the other comments, it all comes back to the coach. Renney’s gotta do what’s right. He seemed to finally start getting it at the end of the game when Cullen’s line got more ice time. Let’s hope he has finally started seeing what we all have.

  25. Avery – Nylander – Jagr
    Straka – Dubinsky – Callahan
    Prucha – Cullen – Ortmeyer
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr

    Malik – Rosival
    Mara – Girardi
    Liffiton – Pock

  26. Longtimerangerfan on


    But Sather hasn’t done anything about Renney has he? Oh, maybe that’s not his call. Besides, Sather was quoted when he was with Edmonton that if he had the money the Ranger’s had he would win the cup every year…something to that effect anyway…and how long has Sather been here? Plenty of time to stock the farm club AND the big club!

  27. Sam,

    Please ask Renney why he puts Rozi and Straka on the point night after night on the first unit, when neither can shoot? When that unit is dying for point shot? Is it because Jagr tells him to, and lil Tommy can’t run his own squad?

    Renney seriously needs to what’s in the best intrest of his team not the Czech mates, like it or not Renney the Czech mates will not be here for very long.

    One more thing ask him what the definition of insanity is? I bet he really doesn’t know!

  28. The thing he has been terrible at is hiring coaches…. cant debate that but I am saying that it takes years to stock a farm team through the draft and he has done that. Thats where I give him credit. Ron Lowe, Trottier, Renney are all awful hires. that is on him as well.

  29. What is the point in playing a man for his size in front of the net on a line in which no one shoots? Am I crazy or has this been completely overlooked by all of us?

    and where, for that matter, has Jagr been since his “ride with me” speech? I am sorry to say the man seems to have little drive right now. I don’t care that he is not a leader, that he shouldn’t wear the C, but when he stops scoring (you stats people better not tell me he has ten assists in the last month because ten assists is nothing for a man of his talents), what exactly is his worth?

    I think I am having a meltdown. This is all so puzzling.

  30. Longtimerangerfan on



  31. Heres a suggestion. If renney insists on playing malik on the PP how about in front of the net, we al know how great at deflecting pucks in and screening the goalie he is. It couldnt be worse than him on the point.

  32. the PP has become a major concern. after the loss of shanny & hossa on two seperate ones its been dreadful. the PP once again lost it for them when they had, what, 6 chances? not exceptable to have a crap PP when the “new nhl” is built on special teams. to not have a stead PP by this far into the season is just a big insult to the coaching staff.

  33. what about the first 4 years by Sather? he did the exact same thing, throwing money at washed up big names, and his coaching picks were disasters, and he did nothing with the farm system UNTIL, yes UNTIL, they hit rock bottom in spring ’04.

    THEN, out of more desperation than anything else, he started the purge, was benefited by the upcoming lockout, and started to finally do what he should have started 4 years earlier, that is bring in some kids.

    but, he still doesn’t fully trust the kids, see Krog and Isbister and Strudwick, and he still has a puppet coach, and he still wants to placate Jagr with his posse rather than cut bait and let the future begin.

  34. He drafted prucha and henrik and callahan and all these guys years ago. It takes time for them to develop. And even if he did a bad job then he is getting us good talent now. The isbister and krog and jason ward moves to me are more to placate the coach than anything. He trys to give renney what he wants instead of telling him that he is his boss and this is his roster. He trusts renney too much and allows him too much input

  35. Longtimesufferingrangerfan –that’s too bad. I was just starting to come around to your position on jj.

  36. DanTheRangerFan on

    Let’s look ahead enough with vets/and youngs war…We have some good players here lets let this play out and see what comes of it. Shannys back soon…and we arent far out of a playoff spot. This last stretch predictions need 8 of 11 to get in. Rangers havent benn playing bad so there is no reason to think they cant do this, they just need to find the back of the net it is easier said then done but faith goes a long way…..Get into playoffs we get shanny back and hossa, we could all be suprised

  37. What is the present goalie depth on the Rangers? They could make it to the playoffs with a little luck and better offensive accuracy. Is Weekes out for good? If H.L. gets injured who will be the backup? Valiquette does not have the experience, does he? Why not call up A.M. now and give that red hot dumby a shot? He has made good in the Pack net recently. Valiquette worries me. He is a soft spot in net during a playoff scenario even though he comes through big sometimes. Valiquette plays from the bottom up and during the playoffs you have to play from the top down. I have noticed he (Valiquette) hustles when the chips are down and not the other way around. He simply is not NHL material. Why is he in net during this critical period? He is a good AHL goalie. The Rangers have to make contingency plans now if their luck changes quickly and other teams begin to lose to give them a playoff spot. What is your opinion out there? Go Rangers Go! THE DUDE

  38. Brad must be going out with Richtersgirl, they are both drinking the Kool Aid.

    Sather sucks as a GM. Seven years is plenty of time to build a winner. You are definitely out of your mind Brad!!

  39. Can we even call this a “playoff race” No one is going anywhere fast and whoever gets in is gonna lose first round anyways

  40. Crazy Ukrainian on

    Anybody else tired of seeing JJ shaking his head and looking like he’s about to cry? How many shots on goal did he have tonight? It’s great to see the guys from Hartford come up and look like guys who WANT to play…hustling and shooting…too bad it took this long to get some help! Somebody better wake up and start winning or the Rangers will be playing golf next month.

  41. Richtersgirl don’t waste your time trying to get your opinion across to these guys they all have one track minds. They think they have all the answers and know everything.If you disagree with them they just insult you and accuse you of drinking the Kool-Aid .

  42. tomorrow is a game we should win and have to win. Tom Thomas blows, it would be awesome to generate alot of offense tomorrow….we’ll see…

  43. If it’s not Malik scoring an “own goal” its Roszival committing a turnover that leads to the one goal that Henrik can’t stop. And the PP once again looks like they think it’s a skills competition for creative passing.

  44. Tough loss…Jagr has no jump, and the first PP unit is real bad when they stand around. Renney has to be held accountable for that by NOT playing them AT ALL unless they move the puck, AND their feet. I’m certain that a PP Unit anchored by Colton Orr could go 0-5 just like Jagr’s unit. Here’s a suggestion; have Mara play with the first unit…He LIKES to shoot..

    The kids have jump and guts, and offer a bright glimpse of the future..If Hollweg is healthy, who sits tomorrow? Is it Orr because Liffiton can fight? If that’s the case the lineup should be:



  45. If this orginization had any real balls they would’ve fired Sather back in 04 and hired Dean Lombardi who puts a good on-ice product year after year. They would’ve also got Bob Hartley back then or Andy Murray this year. Murray is fearless!

    But despite that, they have the tools, units one and two on the PP need to be mixed and matched.

    Jagr and Nylander remind me of someone like Jeromy Burnitz when he was on the Brewers or Sweeney on the Royals; great, you hit 35-40 homers or hit .300 but how much of it was done early in the season and how much of it in the clutch? These older finesse players can’t carry a team this time of the year.

  46. And, btw, WTF was Renney complaining about re: Cullen’s penalty in OT??? . . . IMO, it was a clear infraction, but this, of all things, caused Coach Harvey Milquetoast to show a pulse and ask the ref for an explanation, when night after night of bad calls and blown leads doesn’t faze him. They can’t fire this comatose empty suit soon enough to please me.

  47. Gumper-
    Even though I do agree, it was a clear penalty, you don’t see anything good in that he even checked it out? Its a start and it is better than nothing said at all. Thats part his job, even though he should be focusing a bit more on the other crazy calls the refs have been making. Oh well.

    Even though its been said many, many times before the last few games, they better win tomorrow….

  48. Brad – re all the cup winners – all had at least 1 top 3 pick in the draft leading the team (except the Devils who had Brodeur, the system and Lou L). I don’t think we can compare our youth to people like Vinny L, Joe Sakic or Steve Y. Nor can we compare them to the Pens youth (like has been done here at times)

    THE DUDE – if HL gets hurt its over this yr.

  49. It is good to hear so many of my Ranger frustrations being expressed for me.I agree with a lot of what Philbo, Brad, Releg, etc. are saying.It is too frustrating seeing “The Professor” unable to get the players to follow his stated coaching goals. He talks a good game, albeit, in such arcane sentence structure, that it is hard to “identify myself with what the hell he is articulating and attaching himself to!” He says he wants the PP to shoot more, so why don’t they? Why doesn’t he stop letting Jagr coach the team and take charge. Tell these circling Euros to keep their shifts short, don’t put injured or non-shooters on the PP point,don’t have Malik/Rozsival on the ice 4 on 4, don’t put heart and soul guy who couldn’t score a goal into an empty net Ortmeyer on any line but the 4th.

    I hope we trade Malik/Rozsival next year before others in the league realize that the +/- stat is one of the most misleading in sport.Nylander, as great as he is, is just too frustrating to watch.

    I disagree with many on another blog who say we shouldn’t keep the sensitive Jagr during his lame duck year. I think he will be stronger, healthier, and much more productive in his contract year.It was a mistake making this sensitive 90’s Euro Man the Captain.

    I am surprised I haven’t heard more about how trading Aaron Ward has vastly improved the chemistry of the team.

  50. I’m pretty sure that Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan Callahan and Liffiton are all called up on an emergency basis, which means once we get healthy they’re gone. Does anyone know what the Rangers are waiting for to make actual call ups?

  51. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on


    The Rangers are waiting for Renney to get canned before making ACTUAL, REAL, BONAFIDE call-ups.

  52. Longtimesufferingrangerfan on

    BTW, I’m a senior citizen and am pretty sure Malikenstein couldn’t outskate me! Someone else wondered why he was on the ice 4 on 4 in the OT and I, for the life of me, can’t figure it out.

  53. Jagr is constantly blamed for everything on this site while the rest of the team is let off the hook because its more convenient. I haven’t seen Ortmeyer or Cullen or Hollweg or Isbister or Orr or Betts scoring any goals at all recently, but “it’s not their job to score.” Yes it is their job to score. People who cannot score should not have jobs on NHL rosters. Our problem all year long has been that while it’s OK to have a few players who are “offensively challenged” we’ve had too many of those players. Thankfully Hall, Ward have been unloaded and replaced with younger players who will hopefully start to score as well. Jagr had assists on both goals against Ottawa. He also set up Prucha beautifully for the game winner late in the third, and although all credit was given to Hedberg the fact is that Prucha settled the puck, giving Hedberg time to get into position, instead of one-timing it like he should have. If there’s any blame here, it should go to Prucha, who had the game on his stick and didn’t finish it, and Cullen, who took an atrocious penalty in OT. That penalty was inexcusable.

    Personally I think this team is better than anyone gives them credit for, including themselves. I thought they’d have been completely out of it by this point. Toronto blew 2 points to the Caps last night, and the Habs are circling the drain with the Islanders. The Rangers are better than all of those teams. If they don’t make the playoffs, so what? They’re not going far in them anyway. And again, now we have Dubinsky, Callahan, Girardi, Pock, Tyutin, Hossa and of course Lundqvist as a youth movement to really build around for the next few years. I think in the next 2-3 years you’ll see the Rangers really come into their own as a force.

    Big picture, guys. It always could be better. But in the past, it really has been so much worse. At least they’re moving in the right direction.

  54. i watched the replay late last night, LOVED CALLAHAN…michelleti was raving about him…the kid was all over the ice, nailing sutton, whose a monster, he can skate, and has great hands…i can’t see how the brass can send cally ans dubi back after the way they have been playing…when shanny comes back, i sit either orr or isbister, depending of the other team has a heavyweight…side note, another win for ORR, he is really becoming one of the better fighters in the league!

    shanny – nylander – JJ
    avery – cullen – callahan
    straka- dubinsky – prucha
    Hollweg – betts – ortmeyer

  55. i watched the replay late last night, LOVED CALLAHAN…michelleti was raving about him…the kid was all over the ice, nailing sutton, whose a monster, he can skate, and has great hands…i can’t see how the brass can send cally ans dubi back after the way they have been playing…when shanny comes back, i sit either orr or isbister, depending of the other team has a heavyweight…side note, another win for ORR, he is really becoming one of the better fighters in the league!

    shanny – nylander – JJ
    avery – cullen – callahan
    straka- dubinsky – prucha
    Hollweg – betts – ortmeyer

  56. Peter,

    Not until they get rid of Renney.

    Jagr is coping with a bad shoulder, mediocre lines that allow other teams to double up on him, playing with a center who hogs the puck too much and will only shoot in the shootout (Nylander) and a defenseman (Rosival) with the pass pass pass my ass routine, plus using the injured Straka when he should be out of the lineup to heal.

    Who is putting Jagr in this non-productive position?? None other than Tom Renney who should be driving a bus instead of coaching an NHL team. Renney uses Isbister and Betts (ughhhh) and Brad’s disciple, Sather, gives Betts a 2 year deal??

    More Kool Aid please for Brad.

  57. Peter,

    Not until they get rid of Renney.

    Jagr is coping with a bad shoulder, mediocre lines that allow other teams to double up on him, playing with a center who hogs the puck too much and will only shoot in the shootout (Nylander) and a defenseman (Rosival) with the pass pass pass my ass routine, plus using the injured Straka when he should be out of the lineup to heal.

    Who is putting Jagr in this non-productive position?? None other than Tom Renney who should be driving a bus instead of coaching an NHL team. Renney uses Isbister and Betts (ughhhh) and Brad’s disciple, Sather, gives Betts a 2 year deal??

    More Kool Aid please for Brad.

  58. Sam has it crossed your mind more than a dozen times, that maybe it’s mostly Renney ?

  59. How to replace when poeple come back:

    When Shanny comes back you sit Isbister
    When Hossa comes back you sit Betts
    When Tyutin comes back you sit Pock

    I’d rather have Dubi over Betts at this point. The dilema comes with Holloweg and Orr. I would love to have them both in the lineup but someones got to sit somewhere.

    Can’t wait til Nylander is a goner.

  60. hockeymanrangers on

    Hey if ever the Rangers needed a break it was last night. Their playing last night was (dare I say) pretty awesome. And like I said if ever they deserved luck to go their way it was last night. Calahan, and Dubinsky looked steller, I know for a fact now if we had these guys 2 or 3 months ago we would not be in the shape we are in now. HOPEFULLY THEY CAN KEEP PLAYING THE WAY THEY DID LAST NIGHT, IF THEY DO THEY SHOULD SNEAK IN THE PALYOFFS. BUT THEY WILL NOT GO FAR UNLESS JAGS, STRAKA AND NYLANDER OR SOMEONE CAN GET HOT AND PUT THE PUCK IN THE BACK OF THE NET.

  61. new Coach Jim Schoenfeld on

    Jagr to Sam Weinman on Jan.25

    “”even more noteworthy are the remarks made by Jaromir Jagr just now.

    The message? This is all on him.

    “I think when your top guy and your captain does well, the team does well,� Jagr said. “I understand it’s a team game but when the game’s on the line, the individuals have to make a difference. That’s what I truly believe. If you want to be the special guy, you have to have those special moments. That’s what I play for, that’s what I live for.�

    While the Rangers’ captain still made it clear that he didn’t consider himself above the team, he also emphasized that it’s up to him to to get the Rangers out of their current rut (in fact, Jagr was so concerned about making sure that message came across correctly he actually turned back to us after our interview just to clarify. “Did I answer everything right?� he said. “I don’t want to sound like the team isn’t important.�)

    “I’m not going to sit here and talk about how the team should do. I have to be the first guy to do it. I don’t play good, the team don’t play good. That’s how it is. I’m not saying I’m the team….But I don’t think I’m going to help anybody by talking about how the team should play if I don’t play good,� he said.

    fyi, peter, none of those other players you mentioned went bragging to the press that THEY would carry the team on their back to glory. Jagr DID.

    and he has FAILED MISERABLY.

    besides the no goals in the last 7 games , the PP failures, the fact that he gets way more ice time and chances and opportunities than anyone else by far. and the fact that despite being out injured for many weeks, Shanny is STILL the leading goal scorer on the Rangers.

    Jagr as a leader is a joke, only affecting the posse of slobbering sycophants that he influences.

    and his PP circling circus ringmaster tactics are disgusting to Ranger fans who made it well heard in recent games.

  62. new Coach Jim Schoenfeld on

    they are still in the playoff race for 2 reasons. (1)the other teams have faltered and sputtered, and (2) Henrik has given them a chance despite the lack of Ranger goals.

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